Beelzebub (2011) s01e56 Episode Script

Are You A Traitor?/Is This A Job For Men?

Huh? You don't need them? Yeah See, we're bored of training for Super Milk Time.
Today I figured we'll just relax and read manga or something.
Then what about all these bottles and powdered milk I bought using all of my meager allowance because you told me you needed them? Yeah Forget about it.
Ooh, this new serial is hilarious! I'm never coming back, you hear! Oga-san, mail for you! Oga-san, mail for you! But, I don't live The Oga Family For Hildegarde This is The Oga Family For Hildegarde Hey, Ickichi! Reading other people's mail is a crime! A crime! No, but Oww Shoulda seen this coming I heard someone say "crime" and looky what I find What? You're still here? Taka-chin, I know you're unpopular But an underage girl? Follow that path and you'll find nothing but trouble N-No, that's It's not what it seems! Whatever, just get off me already! Happy Birthday! Happy birthday? Are You a Traitor? That store only allows a customer to buy two packs of eggs at once I can't get enough of them! Next time, I'll make sure to use Akubaba and settle things.
I have returned.
Hilda-chan S-Sorry! Here are the things you asked for.
Right! I'm really sorry about having you buy stuff for me! Just take the rest of the day to relax, 'kay? And the other things you needed help with? Bye-bye! Well, as you wish.
If there is nothing you need my help with immediately, then I'll enjoy myself doing the Pudding-Pudding Exercise with the Master! Or perhaps we can have bath time, for a change! Master! What? Annoyichi isn't a surprise, but Lamia, you're here as well? Yes, Miss Hilda! Oh, we're not plotting anything suspicious or anything! That's right! That's definitely right! Isn't that right, Nogoodichi? Y-Yeah, of course! Isn't that right, Oga? Oga! Oga! Oga! Yeah.
God, he's terrible! Come on, man! Roll with it a little! Fine then.
At any rate Master! Would you like to join Hilda in the bath for a change? Master? What is the matter, Master? Come on, it's Hilda! Master, come on! Miss Hilda? The Master The Master He hates me! Master Something is wrong There is no reason for the Master to hate me, is there? In that case We sure bought a lot It's those girls For now, we've got all the things Lami-tan asked for.
It's quite a lot.
Yeah, we bought all we could carry.
By the way Oga-chi's house is this way, right? Yeah.
It's just beyond You people What are you planning to do at that man's house? Nothing Nothing at all.
What Akichi said! Hey! Me? You're hiding something, aren't you? No! Um Well And besides What is with all the stuff? Um Um We're sorry! They are definitely plotting something behind my back.
Is this something they dropped? Suspicious looking candles, and some kind of Human World weapon?! And these! These are the Edmond Selection Gohan-kun Biscuits that the Master is so fond of lately! I-It couldn't be! All the preparations are complete.
Beel-chan is completely distracted by the Gohan-kun Biscuits So easy to distract.
We have obtained Baby Beel, the son of the Demon Lord! Now is the time when we, Humanity, invade the Demon World! We gots plenty of weapons! Hilda Nee-sama, I'm sorry! Lamia has changed sides! Good going, my pretty baby.
And when we control the Demon World Oga! You will be the Demon King of the Demon World! And I will be the Demon Queen! Then I'll be the Demon Prime Minister.
Demon Gamer.
And I'll be the Demon Angel-chan! Everyone Let's go! Yes, Oga! What is the meaning of this? At this rate, the Master Dimensional Transfer Demon, Alaindelon! I summon thee to my presence, this instant! Yes? Um You called, Hilda-sama? Yes.
We are going to break the Master free from his captors! You will help.
Yes, but I kind of promised Takayuki-dono You what?! Well then, if you'll excuse me In that case Akubaba! What's wrong? Enough already.
The only one I can count on is myself! Master, please bear with it a little longer! I, Hilda, shall free you! This, I swear! Master! Happy birthday! Congratulations, Miss Hilda! Well, what a cause for celebration! You're all Come on, Hilda-san You shouldn't have hidden it like that.
We've even got a cake all ready! Do it, Madame Aoi U-Um It's nothing much But we all chipped in to buy it.
Yes, but Come on.
You say something too, Oga.
You helped pay for that present too, you know.
Well Uh, I guess Good for you? What're you being all embarrassed about? I ain't embarrassed! You worked pretty hard though.
For you.
Now, once again! Happy birthday! Pardon me for asking But whose birthday is it? Whose? Yours, Miss Hilda My birthday isn't today.
What's going on? But, this is addressed to you, Hilda-san Happy Birthday But, this is addressed to you, Hilda-san Happy Birthday Feelin' G-G-G-Good! G-san, you're incredible! I've got chills! Oh? Yeah? Well, yeah I really put on the hustle since it's Sayaka-chan's birthday.
I'm so happy you remembered my birthday, G-san! Of course I did! I sent you a birthday card, too.
You read it? I didn't get one.
Hold it! You there, aides? Yes, right here.
You know that birthday card I asked you to send? You get that done right? Y-Yes Yes You said to send it to a Demon Maidservant We made sure it was sent by Demon World Post.
You kiddin' me?! Not a Demon Maidservant (jijo)! A Demon Beauty (bijo)! So? Who'd you send it to? Hilda? Yolda? Asada? Ooh! I'm singin' this song! Where da mic, da mic, da mic, da mic, da mic? Mic? Mic! Mic.
Mic! And now: I sing! Look carefully.
It's true that the envelope is addressed to me.
But the on the card is written: "Congratulations on your birthday! *kiss* My cute Sayaka-chan!" Honestly What a stupid thing to get worked up about.
O-Oh So, how are you going to make this up to us after getting everyone so excited? You're saying this is my fault?! Fools Well, I suppose I might use it sometime.
Hey, Furuichi! Dance more! Dance! R-Right! Having a party like this once in a while is fun, too! Is It A Time For Men? Himekawa! What is it, Kanzaki? You know why I called you here today, right? Of course.
Let's do this! So basically, let's start planning how to get stronger! Yeah! Well, Oga-chan's powered up, so this is the usual pattern.
But, how exactly can we do it? That's why we're gonna think about it! Something funny? I've already been thinking about it.
What?! First thing is this! Cool Second Name this! Cool Second Name What?! I mean What does "Second Name" mean? I think he means like, a nickname.
Like Kan-chan, or Zakki Oh, I see.
Well, it can mean a nickname But here it's used more like a second name of someone that's really strong.
You know, like the Rampaging Ogre Or the BoB Brawler.
Those are all for Oga! By the way, I am a man with countless battle plans: Furuichi, the Strategist! Strategist Embarrassed General Furuichi, the Strategist! Embarrassed General That's the wrong kanji for the first part! Embarrassed General That's the wrong kanji for the first part! So, we should try out some cool second names.
Hmph! That's simple.
cried Scary Pierced Man Kanzaki Kanzaki the Heel Drop Kanzaki the Yogurty "Oh, my! Don't touch me there-zaki!" How about these? Incredible, Kanzaki-san! Yes, those do sound strong.
Well, maybe we can come back to the second name part You think? Anyway, next is A group name! Huh? We ain't becoming idols, here.
No, I think we might need one.
After-School Yogurty Time? No, no, no.
What all delinquents want to start A cool rock band! Oh, in that case I get you.
I'm actually pretty confident in my singing! Want me to sing? Sing now? Yogurty! Maybe he meant more like "The Four Heavenly Kings" or the "Twenty God Generals" Yeah, like that! Wait! In that case, we already have the name the Ishiyama TKKH! Idiot! Think about it.
Tojo's gone missing.
Kunieda is head over heels for Oga.
The two of them are useless.
Yeah, you have a point.
And that's why We're going to decide on a name just for us! Wait, then does that mean me, too? Kanzaki, Shiroyama, Natsume, Himekawa Take the first letter of each and get the KSNH? Or maybe simply the 4 Generals of Kanzaki's Army? Or maybe Kanza' Kids? Has all my effort finally paid off for me?! Looks like he's already started, though Super Hell Brothers Himeshin of the Darkness The Bungling Duo Kan-chan and Hime-chan Death Brothers Hmm, I'm not thinking of something good Super Hell Brothers Himeshin of the Darkness The Bungling Duo Kan-chan and Hime-chan Death Brothers U-Um I'm not part of the group? Too bad! What do you think of these? Enough Let's leave thinking of group names for now, and move on.
Yeah? What else is there? Next is Special moves! Special moves, you say? For example, the Something-school, Something-style attack that Kunieda uses! Hey! Wait right there! Oh, this? It's called Shingetsu Sword School, Nadesico.
But I've already learned a new special move.
Indeed! After hard training that almost killed him, Kanzaki-san overcame all the common wisdom, and taught himself a super secret special move! You what?! I'll show you.
Special Move! 100-Fold Heel Drop! Shiroyama! How many have I done? Right! Wait! After tumbling a hundred times, I'll have charged up all that power and my heel drop will be one hundred times more powerful! Wow, that's an amazing technique Shiroyama, how many is it now? Hey Are you people all just screwing with me?! By the way, Shiro-chan What time is it? It's just about 5! You idiot! Natsume's playing around with you! Crap! You idiot! This is tiring, you know! I'm sorry! Come on! Listen when a man is talking, damn it! Make sure to conserve energy, 'kay? S-So this is Himekawa's new Special Move N-Not bad You perfected such a special move without us noticing.
Um, that wasn't really.
So, what's its name? Huh? The name of that special move.
With a move like that, you could fight Oga on his level! Y-You think? Don't be coy, tell us! Yeah, let me see Himekawa Lightning Hyper Electric Demon Shock? Himekawa Your something-or-other Electric Shock That's an incredible name! I misjudged you, Himekawa! Yes, yes Very impressive.
Really? Yeah! I-I see! So you finally understand how awesome I am? Okay, then let's move on! Yeah! Cool battle costumes! I can feel power welling up within me! I paid a company that makes costumes for Tokusatsu movies And next, a cool signature pose! L-Like this? Just like that, Kanzaki-san! Plus, a cool catch phrase! My name is Hyper Cyborg Himekawa! Next week, join me again and I'll show you another bloodbath! Good, good! Excellent line! I am Kanzaki the Hellhound! If I get a bite of you, you're dead.
Kanzaki-kun, that's awesome, too! I'm Dodongo Shiroyama! Everyone, let's go to that planet! Oh, Shiro-chan! Yours is good, too! Y-You think? It's almost like you are reborn! Dodongo! Dodongo! We're not gonna get upstaged by him! Hell Attack! Hyper Devil's Shock! Devil's Shock! You really are the best! What the heck are they trying to do? This is way beyond "crazy" or "not crazy".
Let's go, everyone.
Right, Madame Aoi.
I don't get how boys think.
But, this is quite the bold gift.
Now then, let me try it.
It's hard to take the sword out from this umbrella! If an enemy was attacking now, I wouldn't be able to react fast enough! Miss Hilda! What are you doing up there? Everyone's looking for you! Oh, it's nothing.
What?! Hilda-san won a trip to an onsen in a lottery? A family trip? What a pain.
A pain? But they have mixed baths at that onsen! I wanna be in a mixed bath with Hilda-san And the next Beelzebub: "Won't you Eat a Manju?" "Won't you Get in a Mixed Bath?" It's a two-fer! Kunieda-senpai and Koma-chan switch bodies after using Super Manju time? I wanna switch bodies with Kunieda-senpai!