Beelzebub (2011) s01e55 Episode Script

I Have Lost My Pompadour/The Great Demon Lord Has Come

It is a bright and refreshing morning! Righto! I'm going to do my best again, today! Something amazing is coming! Who might you be? I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? Who might you be? I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? I Have Lost My Pompadour Special Class Who's that guy? A transfer student, maybe? I haven't heard anything about that from the teachers.
Anyway, he's one crazy hottie! What? Have a problem? How about I ask who the hell you are? I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? He said that before, but he's definitely a completely different person.
Even the size of his eyes is completely different.
He's so crazy he's like, a completely different crazy person! Say what? If you got a problem, say it so I can hear it! I'm gettin' scowled at by a hottie! This is surreal, man So? Why'd you quit the pompadour? Changing your image? Finally realize how lame you looked? Huh? Of course not! I'm all out of the Pomade I usually use.
What's Pomade? Huh? It's hairstyling gel for fixing my pompadour.
Stop making me explain common knowledge.
Anyway, what's with this look? Trying to be some Hollywood star? Huh? You can't tell? It's a disguise, see! My face would stand out too much, otherwise! It's just making things worse! Oga-san! We're here to hang out Who might you be? I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? Seriously, this is screwed up right here.
Looks like the rumor's starting to spread.
"There's a super hottie in the Special Class.
" Idiotic.
Oh? Kanzaki-kun, could you be jealous? Huh? No way! I just hate how he's lookin' like he's a winner all of a sudden! Kanzaki-san, do not worry! No matter how much of a loser you become, I will always be your ally! Shiro-chan, you bring a tear to my eye.
You two are gonna eat a heel drop.
Anyway! This is all because of your freaky hairstyle! Shut up.
Now watch carefully.
This is normal Pomade! Unless it's special Pomade, my hair is too smooth and it flows apart! You're doin' this on purpose, jerk.
Huh? But I'm telling you, I'm in trouble.
Then hurry up and get some of that special Pomade! Don't get your feathers ruffled.
My butler is heading to Pompadour Isle right now to get some.
Pompadile? Not Pompadile! There's an island in the shape of a pompadour that my family owns.
That's where the special Pomade is created.
I'm not even going to act shocked anymore.
Well, whatever.
It'll be a pain if I make more of a scene than this.
I'll be heading right home! Um, are you a model? No.
I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? Thank you very much Um, could I have your name? I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? Himekawa-san! Please, do that thing! I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? I'm really tired for some reason Hey, you! You know where Himekawa of the TKKH is? What is it now? Damn it He's rich, and beautiful? Life ain't fair, man.
Kanzaki-san, isn't that a compliment? Kanzaki-kun is a tsundere, after all.
Okay, I got it I'll kill the both of ya.
What, he forgot it? Hello? That voice You're the schoolfriend of my Master Kanzaki-sama, yes? And you are? Pardon me.
I am Hassui, a butler for the Himekawa family.
Butler? The one heading to Pompadour Isle to get Pomade? Oh, you're quite informed.
I am now returning from Pompadour Isle with the Pomade in a helicopter.
There's actually a Pompadour Isle? However, Kanzaki-sama, I am checking out the Master's situation now via satellite surveillance camera And he seems to be surrounded by those who would do him harm.
Huh? But he should be able to handle that many.
The problem is that, without my Master's pompadour, his stamina is decreased by half! Seriously, who comes up with these random rules?! So, I have a request for you, Kanzaki-sama.
What? And? What do you want with me? We told you! We're lookin' for Himekawa! And I'm telling you, what do you want with me? Not you! Himekawa! And I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? What the hell? If you're talkin' about Himekawa from the TKKH, then you're talkin' about a guy with a pompadour! He looks like a turbo cooked in its shell! If you're gonna try and pretend to be someone, try doin' some research! Okay, so can I go home now? Of course you can't! Shit This guy's pretty strong! He's a hottie, and he's strong! I ain't gonna let that go! Hey, call for backup! Backup! This is a problem.
Would you please save my Master? Huh? You crazy? This ain't my problem.
You handle it yourself.
Kanzaki-sama, please wait! There's nothing to be done.
All I can do is hurry there with this Pomade! Kanzaki-san? Where are you going? For a little walk.
A walk? Yeah A super walk.
I can't get any power without my pompadour.
So Feel like telling us where Himekawa is, now? I'm telling you, I'm Himekawa, damn it! What's that? H-Helicopter? Master, I apologize for taking so long! It's no big deal! Anyway, did you get the Pomade? Yes, right here! Good! Now drop it! Roger! Dropping Pomade to point R! Drop! Shit, it's out of reach! Himekawa! Kanzaki! Take it! Stop making me trouble, damn it.
Yeah, this is definitely the way to go.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I'm Himekawa, didn't you know? That pompadour! Himekawa! Shit, he thinks we're weak! Just because you've got a pompadour now, you think you can win against these numbers? You don't get it, do you? It's all about being motivated properly! Set, Stun Baton! Pompadour Charge! Take this! Devil's Shock, Pompadour Special! Man, this guy's nothing but trouble.
Sure was a shock yesterday No more weirdos showing up today, I hope? What? You decided this was cooler after all? Hell no.
I just wanted to try it, that's all.
Come on You want to know the secret of my strength, don't you? I said, hell no! Then, you want to try some of my Pomade? I told you I don't need any! Hey, you next to Himekawa Who are you? I'm Kanzaki, didn't you know? Finally, a day of paid vacation! Nobody at home Time to kick back and relax! Who could that be, sheesh.
Finally, a vacation, and now Who might you be? I came! Who might you be? Me? I'm Daimao (The Great Demon Lord).
The Great Demon Lord Has Come Daimao-sama? Right! This person named "Dai Mao"-san.
He came here all the way from Macao to visit you, Hilda-san.
Stay calm.
Daimao-sama is an extremely important person in Makai (the Demon World).
Please try your best not to offend him before I arrive! He's a VIP? So if I screw up, it'll be some kind of international incident? Hey! Ain't you got any snacks to go with this booze? C-Coming right up! Anyway, hurry home! Sounds rough.
You sewer rat! If you hadn't forgotten things, I wouldn't have left in the first place! What the hell? The Great Demon Lord is here? Whatever! This will be a time to test my prowess as a Demon Maidservant! And you bastards are going to help! No way.
But How can I entertain a person from overseas? No! I am a man who can do it when it counts! Now is the time to test my entertainment skills polished in the world of Japanese business relations! The fundamentals of relations are: Drinking! Golfing! Shopping! These things are true around the world! First is, drinking! Here, here Oh, whoa there.
Thanks, buddy.
No, no, no It's not a problem! Good, good.
All according to plan.
How about this? My favorite Dried sea-urchin eggs! Pops, hate to be a poopy parter, but I gots the gout so that urchin ain't gonna fly.
S-Shoot! Oh, no! It is my fault for not realizing! I am sorry! I am sorry! Anyway, like You a duffer? A duffer? I got plenty in the tank, so how about it? I'm quite the wiz on the links.
Oga, I think you may be aware of this, but we Demons value ritual extremely highly.
The prayer before meals is quite the pain, indeed.
And this time is definitely no exception.
We must present an offering to the Great Demon Lord, and a proper ritual is required.
And what should we be doing, exactly? I need two things.
The ultimate feed, and the ultimate Demon Beast that will be the offering.
For the ritual, you must defeat the ultimate Demon Beast who has eaten the ultimate feed.
We will present that to the Great Demon Lord.
Honestly, it will be an all-out-war.
Search out for humans who will serve the various roles.
Understood I will capture the Demon Beast which will become the offering.
I'll leave you fools to gather the people.
So, what'll we do? I guess we should try the Ishiyama guys Huh? Entertaining someone from Macao? Furuichi, are you screwing with us? Why do I gotta entertain some old fart I've never heard of?! But, he said something like "I want to meet the ultimate delinquents in Japan.
" Ultimate delinquents? So the first people I thought of were you two! I see.
Well, I suppose we have to in that case.
It's the last thing I'd wanna do, but I'll help you anyway! These guys are so easy to read Wait, Oga Is this related to those Demons? Nope, doesn't have anything to do with them.
Actually, I suppose if it's Baby Beel's dad, then it's not unrelated.
Beel-chan's So if he acknowledges me, this is my chance to get in with the family! Hey, what am I thinking? I shouldn't be thinking like some conniving woman! I've got to just help him out, that's all! We've got the people, so how about you? I've prepared the raw ingredient.
Now, the next step! Furuichi, you will act as the person helping to feed the Demon Beast! M-Me? Two! By! Four! Nice shot! Impressive as always, Mao-san! Naw, just a fluke.
Your turn.
Show my your super shot, Pops.
Anyway, don't be too good! Don't be too bad! Normal, totally normal! Groveling! Lookin' good! Redible Inc.
! I never seen someone get wrapped up in the flag before! S-Shoot! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I overshadowed you! So, Oga? You think it's finally my time to be popular? Is it finally time?! Who knows? But I don't think a guy in his skivvies is normally so popular.
You don't get it, do you? This is how Demons express that they love someone for themselves, without fancy accoutrements! First, you will strip.
I think she's expecting good things from me! Seriously, you're a freak.
Hilda-san! I've stripped for you! Furuichi As I thought, you're better when naked.
Don't make me say it I'm saying that I just wanted to see you naked, Takayuki Yes.
You definitely have an extremely attracting scent.
Yes, here it is! I am being sniffed! Yes, there is no mistake! I am finally super popular! I will do my best to procure feed.
Your conviction is laudable.
Then, for the final touch, I will spread this perfume all over your body.
T-This is so erotic! Erotic! I-I'm so happy! You are? Is being the feed really something to be happy about? Being the feed? It looks like my eye did not deceive me.
You definitely look like the most delicious feed.
What about me being popular? Takayuki! When did you get here, big guy? I-It's coming out! Wait! What's coming out? What the heck is this? Now, Demon Hog-Nosed Butting Dragon! Have at your favorite meal! Enjoy yourself! I knew it! I'm feed! Furuichi, your running is incredible! You have never shone more than you have today! I'm not happy about that! Okay, Oga.
It's your turn now.
Right! Leave it to me! Now is the time to complete the ritual! We're goin' all out, Baby Beel! Zebel Blast! Now that's what I call a pork roast.
And with that, the ritual is a success! All that's left now is to head to meet the Great Demon Lord! Ishiyama Shopping Street Sorry, dude Didn't mean for you to buy all this stuff for me.
Ishiyama Shopping Street Didn't mean for you to buy all this stuff for me.
Oh, as long as you are happy! It looks like I might actually get through this without causing an international incident! Oooh! It's a drawing! I wanna try! First Prize: 100,000 Yen Voucher Second Prize: Matsuzaka Beef Third Prize: Massager Forth Prize: Beer Ticket Fifth Prize: Tissues It's a drawing! I wanna try! Of course! First Prize: 100,000 Yen Voucher Second Prize: Matsuzaka Beef Third Prize: Massager Forth Prize: Beer Ticket Fifth Prize: Tissues Welcome.
Congratulations! You win the third prize, a foot massager! Ooh, that's what I wanted! Lately my blood circulation's not been so good and my footsies gets the chills.
Isn't that nice, Mao-san? Okay, now it's your turn, Pops.
If I draw tissues here, everything will go smoothly.
Tissues, let it be tissues! So bright! Congratulations! First prize, a voucher for 100,000 yen! Whoa, it's gold! I've never seen this before! S-Shoot! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! What should we do next? Listen, peons! We will now hold a grand banquet for the Great Demon Lord! The Great Demon Lord is very hard to please, and this banquet will be extremely difficult.
But there is nothing to fear.
For tonight, I have prepared the ultimate lineup! First, the ultimate maids! Um, what's goin' on exactly? Like, a Macao-style birthday party, kinda? The ultimate hosts! Entertain The ultimate hosts! Entertain Entertain The ultimate hosts! Seriously, what's with this role? Entertain Entertain Entertain Seriously, what's with this role? Well, I think we're suited for it.
Entertain And the rest, manual laborers! Hey, hold it! We're just being used for odd jobs! The feed the Demon Beast ate! I think I'm being used even worse! The ultimate meal! The prideful parent of the Demon Lord! And the great, wondrous son of the Great Demon Lord! Now, the die is cast! It is now the time to greet the Great Demon Lord! We have come! Oh, the gang's all here U-Um, where is Daimao-sama? Mao-san? He just left a while ago.
H-H-H-He left? He had a nice time.
N-No Well, he is the Great Demon Lord.
Great Demon Lord! We have finally found you! By mad! By mad! I was just about to head back.
And, you met with Hilda-sama? I totes forgot! What-evers! There's always next time! Anyway, I'm off first.
W-Wait a bit, Great Demon Lord! Don't eliminate the circle! Oga and his friends have been acting strange lately.
They must be plotting something nasty.
That is most definitely not the case.
Is it, Baby Beel? You're obviously acting weird! On the next Beelzebub: "Are you a Traitor?" "Is This a Job for Men?" It's a two parter! Even the Master is going to betray me? In that case, I must learn a new exercise in place of the Pudding-pudding exercise! Ha-hahaha.