Beelzebub (2011) s01e22 Episode Script

Secluded Mountain Training

I'll be the one to win! Although my arm feels like it's going to explode! It'll burst open! God damn it! Shiroyama Jinno Kanzaki Aizawa Himekawa Hey.
Shiroyama Jinno Kanzaki Aizawa Himekawa Assholes.
This is my hospital room, damn it! Shut up.
I'll kick your ass.
I can't believe you brought your beds in here Shit I was so close to winning What the hell was that explosion? Close to winning? Talking in your sleep, are we? People are free to dream.
I'll let him have that much.
Oh, yeah?! Now, now Shouldn't we be thankful? Everyone came out alive Why the hell are you the only one barely scratched? Just lucky, I guess.
Ah, yes It was Tojo who saved you all and called the ambulance.
What?! It was him? He was all beat up but even more full of energy than me.
I thought to myself, "Say what you will, but he's the real big boss" Although it looks like he lost to Oga-chan in the end.
That bastard won? What? You didn't hear? It also seems like Oga-chan was the one who destroyed the school.
Secluded Mountain Training Look at that, Baby Beel.
I've perfected an awesome punch.
I call it The Oga Ishiyama Total Destruction Punch! Good.
Not good at all! What'll we do?! It's only summer break of our first year, and look at the building! Tell me what we're supposed to do now?! Sure, it's a crap high school filled with delinquents, but we're in trouble if we can't go to school any more! And that's not all! This causes all kinds of other problems! I could list like 100 of them off the top of my head! I doubt there's 100 Yes, there are! First, there's the croquette bread, yakisoba bread, and bean-paste bread That's 3 right there! A cicada? First, there's the croquette bread, yakisoba bread, and bean-paste bread That's 3 right there! A cicada? Baby Beel, you've defeated a camel cricket before, right? And pill bugs are a cinch, right? Cicadas are no different! They're no match for you.
And finally, the girls' smiles! Okay, that's 100! What are we supposed to do when the next term starts?! Seriously, what'll we do? What'll we do? This isn't good.
Now you understand! This isn't how it should be! Even if you are some Demon Lord, you're still a baby.
But What are you going on about? What am I supposed to do if a cicada can make you cry? A Demon Lord is less than a cicada?! Um, that's not what we were talking about.
Sure, you're gonna be startled when the thing suddenly moves like that.
But even so! Being startled isn't an excuse to have you cry and shock me every time! Hey "Au" my butt! What the hell is with that "Damn you, cicada! I'll get you next time!" pose?! U-Um Oga-kun? In that case, it's time for some serious training! That's it! Let's go on a training camp! Let's go right now, immediately! Hey! Are you running away? Oga! Don't yell like that, it's pitiful.
It grates upon my ears.
Quite an impressive sight, no matter how many times I see it.
The master's power is growing.
That is beyond doubt.
At this pace W-Well Um, Hilda-san About Baby Beel, actually What? T-Training, you say?! We're here! The mountain air sure smells fresh Isn't that right, Kota? Aoi! What are you doing? Let's go.
Coming! Check it out! Wait up, Bro! My, my This place has also gotten so busy lately.
What's wrong with it being lively? Don't be silly.
The highest peak of Mapputatsu used to be a training area where people feared to tread.
And yet What's with that giant pile of poo? Poo? The shape's a bit similar, sure But that's soft-serve ice cream.
It's all the same to me.
Shall I carry that for you? It's an important package for the head priest.
I can't trust others with it.
Sheesh That Aoi is too slow.
She still needs more train There's one here too! It's a giant stag beetle! We can sell that for a bunch! Yeah! And I bet there's still plenty more! You, young people over there.
What do you want, old man? This is a fearsome mountain where Tengu dwell.
Bare your base desires, and you'll be punished.
Tengu? After we turn these into cash, we'll have big wallets, not big noses! Little scamps What's with that old man? It's my 2nd-year Summer vacation! The prime of my youth! Why am I with Grandpa?! After all that, I haven't heard from him once.
What am I thinking? Who cares about that! But he beat Tojo Amazing I wonder what I should say to him the next time we meet? Baby Beel-kun Hurry up and escape! If you don't, the insects will come one after another, see? It'll be a grand parade straight to that honey I spread on your forehead! I wonder what I should say to him? Listen up! This is most definitely not child abuse! It's training! Training, I say! Oww You're Kota! And Kota's older sister! So I'm playing second fiddle to Kota We meet again! Bringing the kid with you up into the mountains? We sure have it tough.
But it's just like before Oh, I know! It's hot out, so want some ice cream? I knew it He's so much more friendly than when we're at school! Training? Yeah He's scared of insects.
It's just pitiful, so I came here to fix that.
This is like some unexpected mini-date! Man, now I'm all nervous.
By the way W-W-W-What? What was your name again? W-What'll I do? Maybe I should tell him the truth But wait If his attitude toward me suddenly changes What did you say?! You are actually Kunieda Aoi? You have been tricking me all of this time.
No! Wait, wait! B-But Continuing to lie like this K-Kuni-e Aoi! What are you doing loitering about in a place like this, Aoi? Grandpa! Aoi? Kuni? Uh, um That's it! Kunie! My name is Aoi Kunie! And this is? Let me introduce you! They come and help play with Kota in the park a lot.
I'm Oga.
Oh? Another person from the town? Pardon me asking, but what is your relationship with Aoi? We're both raising kids is all! Don't ask such strange questions! Oh? A fellow child-rearer You seem quite young to have a son, yes H-He came to this mountain for training! Training? That's the spirit.
Oh, I see Yes, yes Let me shake your hand.
What's with this old Hey old man, what the hell was that for? You came here for training, yes? How about I show you a little something? Come at me.
Wait, Grandpa! Fine by me.
You'll regret it! I don't mind.
Um, what is with the baby? You know, training.
What's the matter? Come at me.
Old man Grandpa, would you stop meddling every time you see me with a guy? What are you saying? All I am doing is testing him to see whether he is a man worthy of you.
I will blow away anyone who is weaker than you! I told you, he and I aren't like that! And you too! Don't start fighting.
Not like I want to.
It ain't my style to beat up old people.
But I ain't gonna leave it be after that.
Don't worry.
It isn't my style to beat up young people, either.
You're on, you bastard! Don't blame me when you're begging for mercy! You big stupid face! A-A kid? Are you coming or not? You're gonna cry! I'm gonna make you cry for sure! You've got a nice spring in your step.
But your movements are too repetitive! Why, you You have excellent reaction time.
You're flexible and also have explosive power.
Your fault lies in too much wasted movement! Stop dodging, old man! Those wild swings aren't going to hit me.
Let's see I'll teach you how to use power! Shingetsu school, unarmed style! Wait, that technique Nadesico! You didn't exactly disappoint me, but at your current level, you are not fit to be Aoi's husb You idiot! What are you doing? That's my line! Don't you think you've gone too far? I made sure to hold back.
Well, duh! If you were serious, Grandpa, things would get bad real quick! After all Wait What happened to the package I left over there? Over there! You won't escape! Grandpa! U-Um Wait for me, Grandpa! Old man Where did you go, Grandpa? Oh? Why would we steal that dirty cloth box you were carrying? We came here to be like kids again and collect stag beetles, now you go makin' accusations! You got some beef with us? If he's this upset It's definitely gotta be worth something.
Take that.
This is what you get for lookin' down on us before.
So, you'll keep playing dumb? This'll get interesting Grandpa! That's dangerous, I said! Let go of me, Aoi! It could make a man cry Always being suspected of things 'cause we look like this.
Everyone's always mistaking us for some delinquents.
Isn't that right? Grandpa I see.
I'll be taking a careful look.
I bet you hid it around here.
I-It's dangerous over there! Looks like I got just the spot.
Here? Is it around here? Grandpa?! There's a sudden drop in that direction! See, that's why I said it was dangerous! You tricked him, didn't you? Is this what you're lookin' for? Toodles, toots! Hold it! Stay there barking all day long, bitch! Oga? Get out here, old man! I want a rematch! That was unnecessary! Oww! Let go of us, sheesh! But that fist of justice there was pretty impressive.
Owww! Let us go! Let us go please? We're uh Grandpa, you're safe! You think I'd fall for that trap? Honestly Your name was Oga, yes? I'll remember that.
If you wish to become stronger, come to my place whenever you'd like.
Grandpa gave his approval! As a prospective grandson-in-law.
G-G-G-G-G-Grandson-in-law? Wait, what? It's nothing! Don't worry about it.
Wait, Grandpa! But what about our rematch? Damn it! How dare you What the Okay, Baby Beel! It's your turn next! Go! Your very future depends on you crushing those stag and rhino beetles! Man, that was one weird old man.
Did I come way out here just to get shocked? Nothing good came of today.
Oga! Furuichi, why are you here? What do you mean, why? I heard that you were passing time up in the mountains in the middle of summer, so I came to piss you off! And what's the fun in that? You got in the way of my wonderful tropical resort, remember? Anyway How goes the master's training? You still up for more, buddy? You wanna continue, huh? Yeah? Baby Beel, you did it! The training has generated excellent results, Baby Beel! Explain yourself.
It was quite difficult to transfer the food as well.
Great idea, big guy! It was me! I used my allowance to buy this barbecue because I wanted to have fun out here in the mountains! This meat's really tasty! That was the most expensive stuff! Look at this, Beelze-sama! It's rare to see you wearing clothes from this world.
Your sister let us borrow them.
Since we'll be parting soon, I wanted to at least make some memories of the Human World.
Parting? You're going back?! Fool.
I meant Dr.
Furcas and Lamia.
Oh But I'm praying that the situation doesn't get so bad I have to call them here again.
Hilda-san, let me take a picture of you in a yukata! For the memories! Oh? The visage of me in a yukata is something to see! Uh, not you.
Then, how about me? The silent treatment, Furuichi-dono?! Crap, Oga, I don't have a passport! Why do you need one? Because we're heading for a trip abroad! To Macao! Nope, not Macao, but Makai, the Demon World! We're barging into Baby Beel's homeland! Just look at how happy he is! Seriously, not Macao? So no spending quality time with sexy, pretty girls at the casino with the million-dollar night view? On the next Beelzebub: You Kidding Me? The Demon World.
We're seriously going to the Demon World?