Beelzebub (2011) s01e21 Episode Script

Who Do You Think Is Ishiyama's Strongest?

You're this baby's parent, aren't you? Why, you See? You're totally his parent.
Ah, so his name is Baby Beel.
Great Now, Gohan-kun Use your special move, the Croquette Block! Furuichi-dono! Don't, Gohan-kun The way you dug out that spike plays right into Count Poo's Please wake up, Furuichi-dono! Furuichi-dono, we must make haste! What is it? Morning already? Bravo! 'Tis a battle! Bravo! Now, here.
Guts You do suit the part.
Guts Guts Let us depart, Furuichi I mean, Adviser Furuichi! The enemy is at Ishiyama! Shut the hell up! Okay.
Transferring God, this sucks.
Why is it always me that Who Do You Think Is Ishiyama's Strongest? Oga and Tojo? Baby Beel! He's back to normal! What the heck's been going on while I was dreaming about Gohan-kun? Late, aren't we, Furuichi? Hilda-san! To think you would be the only one to sleep through this important event! Didn't you disappear? Simpleton.
I simply returned to the Demon World to bring back a doctor.
Doctor? Then, that girl is also a Demon? Quite a little lady Demon, I'd say So this is Beelze-sama's servant in the Human World? Gross! This guy's been ogling your thighs the whole time, Miss Hilda! So much for the "lady" part! And what do you mean, servant? When exactly did I fall that far, huh? You've got it wrong, Lamia.
He is not a servant.
Yeah! You tell her, Miss Hilda! He's a slave.
Ohh Hey! Anyway, can you explain to me, Hilda-san? What's going on here? Well, just watch.
That's why I called you here.
Around here will do, yes? My, my Tojo-san sure is a pain, sometimes He says "the one standing at the end is the boss.
" but he wants a 1-on-1 with Oga, so we have to clear out the distractions.
So, you sure? Didn't you come here to fight Tojo-san? Indeed, we will bust up Tojo.
Right after we tear your guys apart.
Well that Oga guy ain't got a chance against Tojo, but he could at least drain his stamina, I suppose.
Then you double-team Tojo after he's been weakened That's not very sporting.
Hey now Please call it, "Using one's head".
Fine, then you used your head.
But the plan is fundamentally flawed.
You two combined couldn't beat me alone.
Get it? Let's hurry up and start fighting! I'm itching to fight you again.
Put that guy down already, Oga.
Listen up, Baby Beel.
This is a 1-on-1 battle.
No one else can interfere.
You understand this, right? Right! Now sit there and watch closely.
Here we go! You don't learn, do you? Gonna test your strength with mine head-on again?! A backfist? Seriously? Nice! You're the best, really.
Is it over? Wow, they're really amazing! Madame Aoi's awesome, sure But Nene-san is starting to feel like she's in command too! Man, I can sure count on them! Thanks, you saved me back there.
I had planned on coming alone, but I was reassured when you all came with me.
You shouldn't overdo it, Madame Aoi.
Remember, I haven't accepted it yet.
I haven't accepted you leaving the Red Tails.
Nene Now then, shall we go watch Oga vs.
Tojo? Yes I wonder how that's going? Why, you Kanzaki-san! Stay back! This is between me and him.
I won't forgive you for butting in! Enough already.
You two are weak.
Just accept it and take it easy You have to realize it yourselves.
People without any real power are set up at the top as figureheads.
That happens all the time.
Nothing will come from being stubborn about it.
Yes, yes It's actually a chance for you! No more targets on your backs any longer You need to be thankful to Oga-chan for scraping off that false coating You bastards! Shiroyama! It's you assholes who don't understand! Indeed.
Our stubbornness is what's gotten us this far! Having a target on you makes you a bigger man.
Although we both had parental connections Very melodramatic.
When did you two get so passionate? I took a look around everywhere, but this was definitely the most interesting.
Natsume? Now Shall we start the counterattack? So these are those "fireworks" things they used before I wish Beelze-sama could see them now that he's feeling better.
What? There's still one shot Madame, hurry, quickly! Over here! Right.
What is this guy? Come on! He's not just strong He's almost like some beast! Don't get ahead of yourself, you jerk! That was Zebel Crap! Watch out! Oga! Whoa What the hell are you? That mark Baby Beel! I told you not to get in the way! What the hell.
You kiddin' me? You think I was gonna lose? I ain't gonna lose.
No matter what.
What are you saying? Are you some kind of idiot? Whose sake was it for that we came all this way, huh? Don't go cutting the link we worked so hard to reconnect! How dare you! Who are you? And besides, you were getting the snot beat out of you back there! This isn't a bragging competition! Without Beelze-sama's power, there's no way you can win! She's right, Oga.
You should've realized this the last time you fought.
Tojo's a monster! He ain't someone you can beat fair and square! Well, I don't think telling him will change anything.
How long has it been since I've seen Oga like this? Don't make me say it again.
This guy is mine.
I don't want you butting in.
Besides Even without this, I'm not going anywhere.
Incredible! Is something like that even possible? This is unexpected.
For Beelze-sama to erase the Zebel Spell of his own free will, means that the Master is taking a terrible risk.
In other words, they've gone beyond a contract between the two, and now have a relationship built on trust.
Master But wait, wait! What about Tojo then? I saw it back then I'm pretty sure that was a Zebel Spell! Don't tell me that he's got his own Demon with him, right? And is that thing on Tojo's shoulder even still there? Maybe it disappeared? Which is it? Sorry for making you wait.
Now, let's continue! That mark from before That explains it.
It's proof that you're strong.
Just talking to myself.
Right! Let's finish this! Damn him After all this, he's taken his power to another level He was about to keel over before Where the hell is he getting the energy? But even so I'll be the one to win! I won! I looked up to him.
I was raised in a dump of a city, surrounded by human trash.
Tora, don't go underestimating us adults now.
Grabbin' our shop's money, are we? I told you, it wasn't me! It was you! Who else would it be, huh? A world where power was everything, and the weak were crushed underfoot.
That's why I felt like I had to get strong.
Fighting a kid? That's not cool.
Like him H-He did it! Oga beat Tojo! Finally, he's risen to the top of Ishiyama! Why? After you talked to that baby, and the mark disappeared, your punches suddenly got heavier.
It shouldn't be like that.
That's a mark that proves you're the strongest.
I can't believe that having it vanish could make you stronger.
I don't know what you're talking about, but I promised him that I wouldn't lose.
That's all.
A promise? Tora.
Listen up, Tora.
True strength isn't about beating someone.
It's about protecting someone.
You said you wanted to get strong like me one day No matter how strong you get or how many battles you fight, without that, you'll never win a true battle.
No matter what.
The difference is what we were trying to protect I won.
My, my I suppose we've reached a new milestone.
Aren't you going to go bandage his wounds, Madame Aoi? What are you saying? Of course not! All that matters is that he won.
I'm going home.
Hey Because If I went to him now I'd just be in the way, you know? What a woman.
Oga! What is it, Furuichi? You came? Anyway, as you can see, I paid him back.
Are you a complete idiot?! What the hell were you thinking? Haven't you forgotten something very important?! The Zebel Spell! Tojo-san, may I ask you about the mark on your shoulder? You're the idiot.
Let's go.
A long time ago, I had a man I looked up to.
I copied him and got this tatoo trying to look like him.
Then that means There's someone else other than Oga who has a contract? I remembered when I saw that mark glowing on your fist.
It was just like him.
He also did some crazy unbelievable stuff.
You're different than me.
You're the real deal.
Oga You're the strongest at Ishiyama! So Oga is Ishiyama's strongest I guess that's a good thing.
Although my arm feels like it's going to explode! What the?! Eww! Stay back! Oh, no! The master is over-excited! He's injecting all that magic power he's built up into that right arm You must hurry and release it! It'll burst open! Release the energy? Whatever, just punch something! God damn it! Um I am now standing before an unbelievable sight.
This is Ishiyama High School, famous locally as a school for delinquents.
Or rather, this was Ishiyama High School.
What in the world could have happened here the previous night? According to neighborhood witnesses, a number of delinquents gathered here last night.
That school you now control is being shown.
You finally did it, Oga Tatsumi! Yes, I finally did.
But our battle has only yet begun! I must undergo special training to prepare for my next battle! That's right, Baby Beel! We'll slather honey on a chestnut tree and lie in ambush! Your next enemy is a stag beetle? On the next Beelzebub: Secluded Mountain Training! Secluded mountains At a temple that my grandpa knows?!