Beelzebub (2011) s01e20 Episode Script

Everyone Assemble

Everyone Assemble Fufufu In that case, we'll decide this with volleyball.
But instead of a ball, we'll use this! W-What did you say?! And it just ends there?! What happens next? What will they use instead of a ball? Crap I lent the latest volume to Oga, and he still has it! It's already late.
But I won't be able to sleep unless I know what happens next! That's it! Alaindelon! Would you dimensionally transfer me to Oga's house? I wonder if he and Hilda-san also cleared out when Baby Beel left Oga's place? Furuichi-dono, please use this when you just can't bear with my absence any longer.
A discount coupon for the municipal pool?! What's with that?! That was pretty horrid Damn that shitty brat, Lamia And now it looks like that brat Lamia's here again! I'll kill you, you You have strange way of trying to get rid of me, Lamia.
No I'm Shiroyama.
I was going to ring the buzzer, but it's very late.
While I was trying to figure my next move, I heard your voice from the bathroom.
You're creepy.
What do you want anyway? Where are you leading me? Kanzaki-san and Himekawa-san are waiting for you.
They want to go at it again? No.
They want to talk about Tojo.
Tojo? Yeah.
You see Tojo Let's mix it up.
Uh Kanzaki and Himekawa.
Oh, right.
Hey, Kanzaki and uh, Himekawa, right? What's up? It's like we don't even exist? Damn, you piss me off.
Stop playing innocent! We know all about it! It? You've taken all of our followers! No clue.
It is true that the balance of power at Ishiyama is rapidly changing.
Is it? Yes.
Since these two were beaten by Oga, most of the rank-and-file have proclaimed themselves as being "with Tojo".
Perhaps they believe you're the only one able to beat Oga.
But that's simply because they decided to give up on you two.
It has nothing to do with us.
Why, you Fine, whatever.
You got a problem with me, come and fight! You're on, asshole! They are no opponents for you, Tora.
And so, we're here.
We don't like it, but we'll let you join us.
Let's go beat the crap outta Tojo.
Huh? Huh, what? You heard us! We told you to help us! Now, let's go! Huh? Listen! Don't get the wrong idea.
We want to beat you up, too.
But Tojo comes first! Yes.
We have to get rid of him immediately.
For the time being, let's fight on the same side! Um, thanks but no thanks.
I'll do it myself.
Listen! Don't get the wrong idea! We want to beat you up, too! But Tojo comes first! Yes! We have to get rid of him immediately.
For the time being, let's fight on the same side! They're stuck in a loop?! Sorry They want to ask for your help.
What the heck? You've gotta be kiddin' me.
They should beg! Maybe I'll squeeze out where Tojo is and bury 'em.
Well, my main objective today is Tojo.
Okay then.
If you really wanna come, stick with me.
I'd rather not, but Just this once, got it? What's the matter? You don't seem well.
You'll never survive like that.
Hold it right there, thief! Right! Times like this, there's only one thing to do! We'll set things off with a big bang! The school? Now? Fine, I don't really mind, but Talk to you later.
Hey, Oga-chan.
What're you doing here this late? Aizawa.
Plus, you've got quite the odd group with you.
Was that Tojo you were speaking to on the phone? And what if it was? Perfect.
We'll have you lead us to him.
Hold it! Aizawa-san, please leave this to us.
When we win, you'll recognize us officially As Tojo-san's underlings! Uh Who are you people? Hold it! In that case, let us join in as well! Everyone should get an equal chance! Idiots You don't have what it takes.
Hold it, hold it! We'll be the ones to get Oga! Me, me! You're a cheat! The hell? This is gonna be annoying.
Do you know what time it is? Please think of the trouble you're causing the neighborhood.
Wait, you! Our fight isn't over yet! Beat everyone there, and I'll fight you.
They don't think much of us Yeah, seriously.
Bring it on, Himekawa! What's the matter, Kanzaki? Do you realize who you're barking at? Looks like you need to be taught a lesson.
What? Over already? Next! What're you doing? Let's go.
R-Right Hold it, you! We're not your lackeys, got it? You shouldn't be walking in front! God, they're a pain Hold it, damn you! Oga! It's been almost 3 days since the master became ill.
Do we really have time to be taking things slowly? True But haste must be avoided.
The cure we are pursuing is to restore the lost link itself.
The only one who can recover it and restore the bond is that man.
In other words, unless that man, of his own will, goes to get Beelze-sama back, there is no point.
That man should just drop dead! Lamia What? Still angry after he spanked your ass? I don't know what you're talking about! Don't say "ass" in front of a lady! And besides You can't show favor to one prince only! Sorry, Lamia.
Well, I like you a lot, Miss Hilda, so I don't mind.
Master Go on, Aizawa-san.
Go right ahead.
Huh? Who are you people? We'll cut off their advance here! We said not to run out in front of us! Hey! Hold it, Oga! Cut off their advance? Look here, people, this isn't a war.
It is a war! A war for Ishiyama's honor.
We can't let some first-year walk all over us.
Pretty much every student is gathered here now.
Oookay Well, don't overdo it.
Tojo-san is calling for me, so I said, wait! You're the one who'll be waiting! You don't seem to get it! Sheesh This might be a little much Beat 'em to a pulp! What the? What's wrong? What happened? Honestly You make me laugh.
A single first year surrounded by every student in the school? And you call that a war of honor?! Have you no shame?! Kunieda! Kunieda The Red Tails! Kunieda You? Why? Go.
I'll handle them here.
Seriously? The Queen The Queen's got the Red Tails with her! They're all siding with Oga? I'll say this: Don't misunderstand me.
I owe you one.
That's all.
Kunieda Don't go cracking up just 'cause Kunieda's bunch showed up! Do your homework, brush your teeth, and then start over again! The MK5 is here! The MK5! The MK5 is here! The MK5 is here! What's with the pose? Are they screwing with us? You're killing the mood! Look, we've got another over here! Who is it? I recognize him Good night! Aoi-chan, you look lovely in your Hakama Good night? Now that I think about it, we still need to settle things, don't we? Could I at least get to fight Aoi-chan? Good night! You're bein' too friendly, Creepokawa.
You're pretty strong.
But you don't think you'll be able to beat us with something like that, right? What was your name again? Shimura or something? ShiMAmura! Behind you.
Quadruple pistols?! We suck! Wiped Out Instantly We suck! Wiped Out Instantly Wow.
As long as they have their weapons, those girls aren't losing to anyone.
Now, stand back.
I will create a path.
Shingetsu sword school.
First style, reformed! Mountain Shatter, Chrysanthemum Cut! Chasing Flash! What is it, Kaoru? Yeah There was just a strange explosion Explosion? But I ain't lit 'em yet.
No, not those.
Man, what a shock! You said there were gonna be fireworks, so I came around, but what's with the crowd so late? Crowd? You didn't know? W B Huh? Fireworks? You meant real fireworks?! And where did you get them? I swiped 'em from my job at the festival.
That's a crime, you know.
Stop grinning like a fool, damn you.
I was thinkin' that if he saw some big fireworks, it might cheer the little guy up.
Anyway Shoji, what did you mean by a crowd? I think, like, all the students are here.
They're tryin' to make a name for themselves and become your followers, Tojo-san.
Every student in the school? That's ridiculous.
Who spread that bogus story around? Oh, that was me.
It was you? Well, they were all so annoying trying to be my lackeys So I was like, "do a good job, and sure.
" And he wasn't hardly trying! Why not? In the end, it's how this school works.
Everyone gets together, fights, and the one standing at the end is the boss.
What's wrong with that? Let's make a nice big boom With both fighting and fireworks So, Oga Tatsumi I've heard about you.
You're this baby's parent, aren't you? That explains why you were unsettled back then.
Why didn't you tell me? Whatever.
I'll give 'im back to you.
I want to fight you for real.
Look, it's daddy! I don't wanna hear, "I went easy on you 'cause I was worried about my kid.
" Or maybe you'd fight even stronger if you had to take him back? Sorry, but neither.
I'm fighting for myself.
In the first place, that ain't my kid.
Just like you, I've been caring for him after picking him up.
That's all.
Whether he comes back to me, or sticks to you That's something he'll decide for himself.
Baby Beel Why, you You Don't underestimate me! You cut the link for my sake?! Who asked you?! Your tantrums to me, they're no worse than a static shock! Baby Beel Looks like he's completely back to normal.
But that man He opened Beelze-sama's eyes just by calling out to him.
He's really taken to him, I see Don't pull on me! You're gettin' annoying, Baby Beel! Let go! I'll kill you! Hey, come on! What're you doing? See? You're totally his parent.
Hey, come on! What're you doing? See? You're totally his parent.
Ah, so his name is Baby Beel.
Good for him, the little bugger.
Now then, let's hurry and start this fight.
I can hardly wait to fight you again.
Put him down already, Oga.
Hey, come on! Tell me what happens next! Huh? I can't wait until next week! Uh? I wanna know so bad I can't sleep! What does Count Poo intend to use instead of a ball to play volleyball? Oh, about that?! Please, Oga! Hurry and get your fight with Tojo over with, so I can read the rest of Gohan-kun! On the next Beelzebub: Who do you think is Ishiyama's Strongest? Alaindelon My room, with you absent, suddenly feels so big and roomy What the hell was that?