Beelzebub (2011) s01e19 Episode Script

The Doctor has Arrived

Now, you there Tell him this: "It was fun.
" The Doctor Has Arrived Listen up! Until you bring them back, I'm not letting you into the house! I'm home.
You're late! Where in blazes have you been tramping about all this time? While I traversed the four corners of the world in service to my master! Were you having fun playing "beat 'em up"? Hey! To think you would slink home after leaving the master stuck on that man's back You're pathetic! W-Wait, how do you Anyway, I'm not his parent anymore, right? Fool! Answer me: Who other than you would be the master's parent at the moment? What? As I could not determine the master's illness, I decided I had to bring back a specialist with me.
Watch your manners.
This is a well-known doctor in the Demon World.
Doctor? This guy? He looks easy for a level-1 character to beat.
What are you doing? Hurry and get in here! Sheesh I can't believe that Beelze-sama is being raised in this cramped little house.
I'm flabbergasted.
Who? Wait, wait, wait Don't tell me this little brat is the doctor? Dang, you're tiny What are you, a 4th grader? And wait, she's a Demon too? She's not just some lost little girl? Insolence! Ah, I see.
You're Oga? Just as useless a man as I've heard That hurt worse than Tojo's Why, you! What the hell was that for? And you stink of poverty! I feel sorry for Miss Hilda having to live with you.
And you smell like a swamp! About that last part, Lamia, he smells like that because he fell in the river.
That's the only part you correct?! You little brat! Get over here! And really, the Great Demon Lord never changes either! Why, you No human is fit to be parent of a Demon Lord Too slow, too slow! Speaking from my position as a doctor I'm starting to see what's wrong here! Be quiet for a bit.
Let me introduce everyone again.
This is the Court Physician Doctor Furcas Rachmaninoff and his assistant, Lamia.
So that thing was the doctor! Sheesh, be more obvious about it! Say something first! And anyway, what's with this character? This design has got to go.
It's totally winged! I am not winged! And it can read my mind! I am not reading it! Okay? Let me say this first.
I am actually extremely cool.
Doctor has an extreme hatred of humans, see.
So he uses a Mu-mu body instead.
Oh, this is a Mu-mu.
Now then, I've come rushing here, but I don't see the patient? How should I know? He was gone when I woke up this morning.
Well, after listening to Hilda-dono, I believe I have a grasp of the situation.
Beelze-sama's illness is Royal Fever.
It is common for royalty with large amounts of latent power to succumb to it.
Sort of like a teething fever.
Teething fever? Yes.
It is a fever which occurs when a baby grows.
I'm sure you've experienced it with Beelze-sama a number of times by now, yes? Perhaps that is why Hilda-dono was caught off guard But this time the situation is a little different.
Why? Because this is the Human World.
Human assistance is required for Beelze-sama to unleash his magical power.
Therefore, Beelze-sama's growing magical power has become too great for you to handle.
In order to prevent a such a great magic force from flowing out into you, Beelze-sama subconsciously cut the link between you.
For if he did not, he would have surely killed you.
In other words, this is all your fault for not growing fast enough to keep up with Beelze-sama! Get the picture, half-wit?! Stay silent for a little longer.
So Baby Beel went looking for a new parent and found Tojo No, that's not the case.
If that man has what it takes to be the master's parent, the master would have already released his magical power, and his fever should have gone down.
And besides I could not sense any malice from that man.
I have no complaints about his strength, however.
You were watching? It's probably a temperament issue.
Wait Then What was that? But it is true Why is the master sticking to that man? Man, it's damn hot today too.
Here kitty kitty, no need to be afwaid Yes-yes, come here What are you doing, Tojo-san? Hurry and carry these boxes! It's your job, remember? Man You call me all of a sudden, and it's to help you clean up after the festival? I'm not your little helper boy, you know.
Shoji You're gonna get it! Wait! Man It's really gotten late.
I can sense an animal.
A dog? A cat? This guy There! It's a baby Hey, this ain't good, man Don't tell me that it's been abandoned Come 'ere, come 'ere! That's a good boy Wait, you're treating him like an animal? You're not a dog or a cat! Yes, that's right Come up 'ere How cute! H-He likes him! Shoji I'm keeping him! No-no-no You don't "keep" some baby! I'm totally keeping him! This isn't right, Tojo-san! Anyway, the most important thing is to improve your growth as his parent.
This time only, I am 100% on your side, you bastard.
If you're a man, then suck it up and win! Take the master back! Those who seek to be the Demon Lord's parent will not be forgiven for crying themselves to sleep after losing! What the hell are you deciding for me? I ain't lost yet.
The fight's still on, idiot.
That'll do.
It seems like we've come to an understanding.
Then, shall we start? It seems like we've come to an understanding.
Then, shall we start? Yes.
Now shoot him.
Wait, wait What's starting? And what the hell is that you're holding? Hey! Cut the noise! Quiet! Why, you Don't worry.
Just a little shock therapy.
This is to repair the link between you and the master.
Give me a break! When did I say I was gonna get linked with Baby Beel again? I don't give a crap about that! I just want to beat that jerk, Tojo! I said to be quiet.
I shot him with the spirit drug made from Uroboros's bones This is the best thing for the growth of the Demon Lord's parent.
With this drug, he's been thrown into a world that's a fixed loop within his mind.
The only way to escape is to restore the link with Beelze-sama.
But one false step, and he can never return.
It is a dangerous gamble.
Never return? And that means? Right! He'll die! W-Where is this place? The inside of your mind Furuichi And you're stacked! I am not Furuichi, I am Montesquieu! Three Branches of Government! Wait, wait What the heck kind of attack name is that? You just hit me 'cause you thought you could, right? I did not hit you! You did too! Don't deny it! Listen well, dear friend.
You are currently in an extremely dangerous situation.
To put it in terms of farts, you've let out sort of a juicy, silent one.
Why in terms of farts? And that's not dangerous at all.
The Uroboros that girl shot you with is a snake that eats its own tail.
Do you understand? The world you are in now is the same way.
To escape from here, you must search for the key.
Key? Yes.
Search for the thing you need most.
What's that supposed to mean? Explain it in a way I can understand! In other words Oops, time's up.
In other words what?! Hey! What the hell Um So basically, um I was shot by that Lamia girl, and now I'm in some kind of deep sleep? Then all this is inside of my head? What the hell am I thinking? Hello, lovely lady! Going for a walk? Himekawa and Kanzaki! Yes, it will be a brilliant gold afternoon, and we can't wait! It can't be You guys are my No, that can't be.
Not a chance.
C-Calm down That's One such as you cannot overtake me! A-Are you an idiot? Can you even follow me to Lord Haptom Oggah's heart? A-Are you an idiot?! Are you an idiot?! W-Wait a second Furuichi showed up, then Kanzaki and Himekawa Then there was Hilda and Kunieda and Alaindelon Which means, if it follows the pattern I knew it Me! Yup.
Called it.
This is totally the pattern where I end up having to defeat myself in the end.
No! I don't like violence.
Nothing comes from violence.
People have the power to talk things out.
Using words instead of fists to bridge one's differences is the first step to world peace! Um, then what should I do? Isn't it obvious? We shall have a long conversation together.
Both laying our feelings bare to each other, we shall have a lively exchange of ideas.
We take our time finding each other's negotiating points, and one by one our doubts Sounds like a pain.
Since my left cheek was punched, please do the right one now! Since my right cheek was punched, please do the left one now! Shut up! Since my left cheek was punched God damn it! Please do the right one now! Why, you Since my right cheek was punched, please do the left one now! Move it! Damn it I Why, you Baby Beel? Baby Beel It looks like he's found him.
Yes, but the issue begins now.
The rejection has begun.
Hey, Kaoru.
Studying for entrance exams again today? Seems tough.
What is this? I have no clue.
What is it? Come with me.
I fought with Oga.
It's rare that someone injures you.
He's got backbone, just like we thought.
I may have bashed him good, but he'll be back.
Actually, Tora, I have something I need to mention to you.
It's about that baby that's sticking to you.
Do you know the other name for the Rampaging Ogre? The BoB Brawler.
But lately it seems like his Baby ain't on Board any more.
So, Tora Is that Oga's That sounds like an interesting story.
Let us join in the fun, Tojo.
It has been 6 hours since we injected the drug.
If, after waiting this long, he doesn't wake up It failed? It didn't work? Yay! G-Good morning! I caught you, you little brat! I'll teach you some manners, I will! Let me go! Let me go, you perv! Go ahead and yell! It looks like you passed through the crisis.
All that's left is to take the master back.
How do you feel? Let me go! I feel awful.
Whaddaya expect? Hilda-chan, welcome back! Your cousin? She's so cute! What's this? A pet? It's a Macao pet! Is this okay? I mean, seriously now What's with this house? Three Branches of Government! You're still doing that, Furuichi? I am not Furuichi, I am Montesquieu.
It seems like you have escaped the danger.
But I haven't settled things with Tojo.
I-It's not like I'm doing it to get Baby Beel back, okay? On the next Beelzebub: Everyone Assemble! Although it's not at 8 AM! Brush your teeth! You finished your homework? See you next week!