Beelzebub (2011) s01e18 Episode Script

I Quit being the Baby on Back Brawler

How are you doing, everyone? Furuichi here.
Today I have come to the city and am spending a lovely time here.
"Where's the big guy that's always around?" you ask? I'm nobody's fool! That's right! I won't make the same mistake again.
Right about now he should carrying all the shopping! Now, it's time for city-boy Furuichi Takayuki's wonderful Furuichi-dono What do you think of this bed? You see, I mentioned that the bed we use at the moment is a tad narrow to your mother, and she went and bought this for us! The two of them? Wow Kids these days sure have different tastes! Now, let us try sleeping together on it! Furuichi-dono! I've Quit Being the BoB Brawler! What the hell? Please, make us your underlings! This first-year, Oga, has been on a tear lately! The other day he used Macao power to go on a rampage! It was horrible, man! The combination of Macao and morning-glorys was horrible! So it was Oga that did this? Let's join together and take down Oga! Sorry, but I'm not interested in having underlings and stuff.
Try someone else.
Please! You're the only one left, Tojo-san! Fine, I get it.
Do your best.
Do our best? At what? Whatever, just Try hard at stuff.
Now scram.
Right! Hot Hot, hot, hot What the hell is with this freaky heat? The air conditioner isn't doing a damn thing.
Is this that global warming thing? At this rate the world'll be destroyed whether or not I deal with this Demon Lord thing.
Good morning.
It's hot! What the hell's with this room? Good morning.
Whoa, it's hot! A summer cold? That is how it seems.
It's his fault? Hey, Baby Beel You hot? Have an ice cream pop Well, damn.
Kids these days sure get all fired up.
Did we have an ice pack somewhere? Hey, is this gonna be okay? The city isn't gonna end up flame broiled at this rate, right? No need to worry.
It is likely only temporary.
It will pass if we cool him.
However, the season is somewhat curious Season? Furuichi! You came just at the right time! I was just going to call you over.
Look, Baby Beel's got a summer fever.
Go find Tojo! Tojo? I'm about to go over the edge! Like, in all kinds of ways! My My youth! My very character! Oh, if it isn't Takachin! Long time! Didn't have an ice pack, but I did find this.
An inflatable pool.
We can cool him down by giving him an ice bath in this! Wait, that's just weird, Sis.
I mean, it's not like we can use just anything to cool him down It's hot out, so maybe I'll get in myself.
Hilda-chan, did you have a swimsuit? No, I do not.
Oh, then I'll lend you one of mine.
But look, wait I'll blow it up! Hey, Furuichi Shut up! How could you understand my suffering? The beach is out, the highlands are out, the city is out If you destroy my reputation any more, I can't be held responsible for my actions! Sheesh What happened to the Tojo thing? What are you doing, Oga? Help me! What happened to the Tojo thing? What are you doing, Oga? Help me! Just as one-sided as ever Well, these few aren't going to be a match for you, Tojo-san.
What about the part-time job? Well, after pinning 10 guys' arms down, they all came after me.
Arm Wrestling Well, after pinning 10 guys' arms down, they all came after me.
You seem happy.
Were they actually decently tough? No, that's not it.
It seems like Oga was making trouble again, Shoji.
Just like the rumors say, he's tough.
I can't wait! It's almost ready, Tatsumi! Sure.
Boiling it instantly? Sure there's fired up, but this is ridiculous! He's not going to cool off like this No, no, no Not going to happen! Please, wait! Even if we can't cool him down, we could at least use it as a hot tub! You wish for a hot bath, do you? He's here! Then why don't we go to our house's bath? I'll scrub your back for you! What was that about? Anyway Is this really gonna be okay? Hey, what are you doing? The floor's sopping wet The milk boiled instantly The room isn't hot anymore, yes? It seems like the heat is no longer escaping his body.
It has heated the inside of his body to incredible temperatures Is that a bad thing? I don't know.
This has never happened before.
He's telling us that he's still got another round in him! Master, I knew you had it in you! You do the name of Demon Lord proud! He jumped! What flowing footwork! Hey, is he really okay? Something is obviously wrong.
This is The Zebel Spell is Master! His condition is far more serious than I thought.
Serious? Look at your right hand.
The Zebel Spell has disappeared.
That proves that the link between you and the master has disappeared.
In other words, even if he wanted to let out magic power, it has no where to go at the moment.
Wait, seriously? Perhaps this high fever is because of that.
That means no more god damn annoying shock sessions! So, can we cure him? I don't know.
Without understanding the reason for it Huh? It's not a summer cold? That's what I had thought, however Will it get worse if we don't do anything? I don't know! Well, it's not like he's gonna die.
He's a Demon Lord! I told you, I don't know, damn it! Why're you yelling all of a sudden? But, wait Doesn't this mean? Does this mean I'll be okay farther than 15 meters from him now? Go off somewhere and vanish from this world! What the hell was that for? Get out.
You disappoint me.
Never come back here again! That bitch, what the hell is she telling me to leave for? That ain't your house, you idiot! I mean, what's it to me if a Demon Lord or two kicks it? And wait, isn't this is a good thing? I feel so refreshed! Master Even if it costs me my life, I, Hilda, will Damn it! Yo.
What? Is that all you got, Oga Tatasumi? That's not going to satisfy Tojo-san Who the hell are you? Did you just say Tojo? Oh, you can stand? That's good, good It wouldn't be any fun otherwise, Oga-kun.
That was close.
Not bad, but you got a long way to go.
That's it? He's strong! Yes, this is Aizawa.
How do you do? Yes.
Yes Seriously?! Roger that.
I'll be right there.
Sorry, I've got an emergency here Let's play again sometime.
Wait! What's your relationship to Tojo? His number one man, I suppose.
See you later then.
I'm home That stupid woman Where the hell did she go, leaving Baby Beel here? Man And after she made such a fuss.
Baby Beel? Baby Beel and Hilda-san are gone? Yup.
When I woke up this morning, not a sign of them.
Not a sign? What are you going to do? Huh? Nothing in particular.
I mean, I'm better off without Tatsumi! What the hell did you do? Hilda-san and Baby Beel are gone, you say? You'll never find a wife as good as her anywhere else! Sis You understand? I'm telling you You obviously did something stupid, and she got fed up with you! That's not it! Hurry up and apologize! Why me too? Listen up! Until you bring them back, I'm not letting you into the house! She's as tough as ever Damn it I'm finally free, and Who the hell would go searching for them? It's hot! Let's go to the river or something.
The river? So he is searching for them Tojo-san, speak of the devil.
Oh, so you're Oga.
You're thinner than I thought.
It's finally time! Let's fight.
That's Tojo And wait, isn't that Baby Beel? Why is he on Tojo's back? Oga's getting pissed? No, I can't tell This is basically like our wish come true He'll probably say something like "Lucky!" Lucky! Check it out, Furuichi-kun! I don't know exactly why, but that brat is latched onto Tojo, my lad! My lad? Now we're saved the trouble of pushing him off onto someone.
We're going back! Go back where? I mean I'm going home, of course! That's the river! Idiot! The river is home! What the hell are you? You're one funny bastard.
This guy's a real piece of work, Shoji.
I wonder I'm not going to stop you, but I don't think he's really a person that'll be a good match for you, Tojo-san.
Well, I look forward to finding out.
Just calm down, okay? You have to make sure first! Is Baby Beel really with Tojo now? If you wanna freak out, do it after you've made sure! I'm not freaking out, okay? Tojo-san, can we ask you something? Sure.
Is that baby on your back yours, Tojo-san? Or did you just pick him up somewhere, and he's stuck to your back? Oh, this guy? Yeah I'll tell you if you beat me.
I can see it in your eyes.
You're like me.
You just like to fight.
You're itching to fight with your full strength, yeah? But you're surrounded only by weaklings.
There ain't anyone who could take you on at full power.
That's how it is for me.
Come at me however you want.
You're a crazy bastard Here I come! Hey, what's wrong? Don't tell me it's over already Oga got beat? It's over.
No one could stand after taking a full-on hit from you.
Wanna do it again? Tojo-san! Don't get excited.
This has gotten interesting.
Seriously? Tojo-san was knocked down? I've never seen that happen before.
You're the same, right? You're pissin' me off Stop copying me! Oga, right? What's your first name? Tatsumi! What's it to you? I see Oga Tatasumi, is it? The kid ain't mine.
I picked him up yesterday.
Dunno what happened, but he seemed lost.
I figured I'd to look after 'im till I find his parents.
I didn't ask you.
Why are you answering? Don't tell me that you're his father? I told you I didn't ask! That's Zebel Spell! I've gotta thank you, Oga Tatsumi.
Thanks to you, I think I can actually go all out a little bit! Here I come! That's all he's got? No-no-no That was amazing, Tojo-san! You punched him into the air like in some gag manga! Don't worry, he just fell in the river.
Now, you there Tell him this: "It was fun.
" Shit! Your pits sweat like I've never seen And there you have it! Baby Beel's new dad is Tojo from the TKKH! Isn't that nice, Oga? No, it's not! I'm not going to let it end here! I'm gonna beat the crap outta this Tojo guy! There is only one way to save the master! But it is a way so dangerous, it risks your very life, Oga-dono! Fine by me! On the next Beelzebub: The Doctor Has Arrived.
Wait a sec If a doctor is here, did he bring a pretty nurse?