Beelzebub (2011) s01e17 Episode Script

How About Some Demon World Homework?

I screwed up again! I just can't get this rhythm here right! I lo~ve noodles! Or something like that Oh, that's right! Is it summer vacation in the Human World? That son of mine Send him some summer homework, would ya? Um, homework? Yeah! I mean, summer vacation always comes with homework, right? One of those, full-set thingamajigs Anyway, make it so! And there you have it.
And there you have what, exactly? What the hell? Summer vacation homework.
He's an infant! Infants don't have homework! You should be thankful for this homework sent by the Great Demon Lord.
Most gutter trash would never set eyes on a bounty like this.
Get down and kneel before it.
Shut up! Send it back this instant! Call Alaindelon and stuff it in his stomach! What am I to do with you? You are such a vulgar boor.
You want me to pin you up as a summer vacation sample, eh? It's too late.
The master has unsealed the wrapping.
Wait a sec, Baby Beel! See, I told you.
It's already too late.
Yes When opened, the wrapping naturally disappears.
Environmentally friendly.
There's way too much packaging! This is a Demon picture diary! A Demon morning-glory planting kit And a Demon gathering kit, too.
As expected from the Great Demon Lord He thinks so much of the master! Um, no, Hilda-san.
I have not the tiniest, slightest intention of accepting this.
So might you send it back without delay? What are you spouting? Look at how the master's name is written Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV Look at how the master's name is written Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV Haven't seen the full name in a while Anyway, it doesn't matter if his name or whatever is written on it! Call Alaindelon That was fast! Oga-dono As you requested great haste, I have used a smidgen of force.
I have brought Furuichi-dono with me! I didn't call for Furuichi! He didn't even call me! My epic highlands tale! Thanks to someone, my epic beach tale was ruined, remember? So I thought, "this time!" and went to the highlands with my family! And yet This! Yay.
Where did you come from? Call Alaindelon and stuff it in his stomach! In that case Take responsibility! Take it, okay? Cut it out! Once upon a time, in a land far far away there was a barbaric, ruthless, defiant, demon-like bastard who thought nothing of his fellow man.
Hey! How About Some Demon World Homework? So heavy! I can't handle it! Oga-dono, I give in! I said I can't take it! Unless you write Unless you write who it's addressed to Send it to that Great Demon Lord in the Demon World, you bastard! You're pushing it too far! But I like how you can get rough with me Shut up! Enough of this.
You think I'm just gonna let this be dumped on me? I do not think you comprehend what "homework" really is.
Not to brag, but I have never done homework once in my entire life! It's not something to brag about.
Listen carefully.
This is what Demon World homework is: Work that will challenge your very limits, and squeeze out every last drop of your life! With homework, it's eat or be eaten! Survival of the fittest to the very end! Once your name is written, there is no longer any escape.
You have no choice but to try and get through it! And if you do not Hey hey, Oga Our Hilda-san is acting really scared! This is way too dangerous! Not to mention this is homework handed down directly from the Great Demon Lord himself! If, by some chance he were dissatisfied, his anger would be truly great! He would this And he would that! I'm mad! We have to complete the homework no matter what! We have to obtain the Great Demon Lord's words of praise! Understand, plebeians? You will squeeze you meager knowledge out of your heads and help the master with his homework! She's great at demotivation If I meet this Great Demon Lord, I will so punch him.
OMG Notebook? Each page of the notebook must be filled with a drawing or letters as you see fit.
It's popular homework lately that reflects the lack of preparation and creativity of the homework giver.
Wonderful! Hilda-san So basically we just need to write something on each page? Then that's a cinch.
Okay, Baby Beel! Write whatever you like! W-What's this? It's a cat! My, what a cute cat! Impressive, Master! You are so good at drawing! You lie! How exactly is that a cat? It's a cat! Yes, master? Master said it is a cat, so it is a cat! Right-right A cat, of course.
Get it off! I said get it off! Furuichi-dono? I see.
It seems like anything drawn in this notebook gains actual form.
It is indeed an OMG Notebook! Something thrilling and new! For example Here, master! It's milk! It seems drawing the taste is beyond me.
Let me try! Like this.
Hot guy ("ike-men"), come out, come out! "I" "Ke" "Me" and "N" These are letters! Now, Baby Beel Draw whatever you like! Me, me, me! Allow me to draw just one mere page, dear sir! You won't draw anything worth crap.
And who was it that dragged me away from my lovely beach adventure last episode? And who was it that dragged me away from my lovely highlands adventure this episode? Can't you at least let me use one little page? The absolute worst.
The worst.
You are truly horrible, yes You're no better! Why? A collection kit Will something like whatever that is, count? It's a cat! Oh yeah, right.
A cute kitty cat.
For your information, cats in the Demon World are 8 meters tall and destroy an entire village before breakfast.
The cat that the master drew unfortunately lacks power in comparison.
This surely won't impress the Great Demon Lord.
We must collect larger, stronger, and rarer prey of greater variety! That creature is surely not enough to be recognized as sufficient for the master, heir to the Demon World.
Well, sure, but this is the Human World.
Is there a place with things like that? I mean Large Strong Rare And plenty of variety We have that place, do we not? That place? What the heck is that? It's that cat-like creature.
It seems to have taken a liking to the big guy's head.
Why is it coming with us? What else can I do? If my sister sees it at home, then Your sister? She'll be fine.
That's why I'm scared! If she asks to keep it as a pet, then Yeah, that might be a problem.
We're here.
This is the hunting grounds.
Hey, hey, hey! Why do I have to go to school during summer vacation? If you need a place that has a great variety of large, strong, and rare things, this is the only spot.
Why the hell are you coming to school during summer break, huh? And so, why are you here? Because I was lonely at home, duh! And maybe I missed you a little, huh? That makes sense.
Don't swallow that explanation! Now, capture them! Capture them? The wrath of the Great Demon Lord is a fearsome thing indeed! I'm afraid to even put it into words! I can barely imagine it! He would this And he would that! I know already, sheesh! Master, over here.
It's pretty simple, actually.
Can we do this? Now, on to the next! Good Nice shot.
Hey, did you hear? The rampaging Ogre's started hunting humans! If he finds you, you're in trouble! Oh, we've collected quite a few.
But they're kind of, plain.
We need like a rare one like a "horned beetle".
Baby Beel, wait here a bit.
I'm gonna go find us a real flashy Hey, hey, hey, Oga! You're sure doing whatever the hell you want, aren't you? Coming to school during summer break? You sure have a lot of free time.
A cicada and a pillbug? Needs a little more.
Don't you think this is plenty? If you will pardon the interruption, Oga-dono, in my opinion, a butterfly will truly complete the collection.
Butterfly? Yes.
For example, like that.
That is indeed the butterfly which flutters through the halls of Ishiyama Queen Kunieda! Ah, well.
Guess I have to.
Oga? Sorry, but can I catch you for a bit? What? C-Catch me? Catch me? How? Like, capture me? Rope? Trap? A love trap?! Like, fall in love?! Wait a I'm not ready for love I just can't! Hey! Why? Why am I running? My heart screams out to run in the opposite direction! She's not so easy to catch.
Oga-dono, how about slathering honey on this pillar here? Yes.
And we should mix in numbing drug with the honey.
Oh, that's it! Don't approve of that! W-What's this? Master? Are those the Demon morning-glory seeds? With two leaves and a high growth rate, they are definitely from those seeds, yes.
What is it? Master, when did you do that? Here we go! Demon morning-glory? It sounds dangerous just from the name! Oh, it's perfectly fine.
A Demon morning-glory by itself is nothing to worry about.
Demon morning-glory's distinguishing feature is the fact that they're carnivorous.
I think that's plenty a big problem.
Really? As long as you feed them enough, they are quite well behaved.
Had I not seen a Demon noon-glory, I would have thought Demon-World plants were much like Human World plants.
Um, I'm not asking because I care in particular, but what's a Demon noon-glory? That is a good question.
When you compare it to the Demon morning-glory, the noon-glory is somewhat smaller.
But it is faster and more violent to compensate.
The flower's color is usually light pink, and as they eat people, they get deeper and deeper red.
Sometimes the seeds can accidentally get switched for the Demon morning-glory kits.
But if they are only noon-glory seeds, there shouldn't be a problem.
Oh, I see Then, that's probably it, right? A Demon noon-glory What? It can't be! It ate the Principal! No! Our Principal! Let's get revenge! What a beautiful color! Um, you said that the morning-glories were fine just as long as we didn't get a noon one What happens when they're mixed together? When a Demon morning-glory and a Demon noon-glory pollinate each other It grows into a giant.
And it can walk.
As expected from cross-breeding Nothing can likely stop it here in the Human World.
Hey, hey, hey! What should we do? It's capturing everyone! It probably will carry them to its roost where it can slowly savor Delinquents vs "Morning and Noon"-Glory! What kind of program is that? Delinquents vs "Morning and Noon"-Glory! What kind of program is that? Burying Punch! Kick! Damn It's no use.
Hey, isn't there some way to calm down this flower? True There was some kind of support pole in the Demon morning-glory set Pole, pole This? No, that's not it Hey, what's going on here? Is this your doing, Oga? This ain't cool at all, man! Shut up and help search! I'm looking for a stick, or something.
A stick? Uh, how about this? That's a Demon fly-swatter.
It can also swat things other than flies.
Me? Sorry about that.
Why am I doing this for that bastard Oga? Is this it? Close.
That's a Demon Tasty Stick.
Tasty Stick? It'll force you to eat it until you say, "Tasty".
Give me a break here! This, right? There's one of those? Unfortunately, no.
That is a Demon yam.
Yam? You mean like the vegetable? Yes.
But Demon yams are carnivorous.
Screw this! Are you sure it's even in here? Look carefully.
It should be here.
You! Leave this to me! I cannot forget the debt I owe for being given life in this world! I will show you a little of my pride! I shall never forgive the likes of you.
Master, what a truly regal presence! You are indeed the heir of the Great Demon Lord! I shall never forgive the likes of you.
Don't cry, don't cry! Baby Beel, real men don't cry 'cause of a little pain! Show it the pride of the heir of the Great Demon Lord! Monja Anger Punch! What? Why was I sleeping here? What the hell are you doing napping next to me? Why am I here? What was with that giant morning-glory? They said something about a Macao morning-glory? Macao must be pretty crazy if its morning-glories are that big.
I'm totally gonna wallop that Great Demon Lord Hey, Oga! I know the song in my head, damn it! Pardon the interruption, Great Demon Lord, but your son in the Human World has sent back his homework.
Huh? What's this? Homework? Oh, did I send him that? I did? Oh.
Then give him one of those "Prize for Best Effort" things, or whatever.
Right Why is this the only realistic part? Here you go, Master! Good for you! A-A night-glory! The master is acting strange.
He's just got a summer cold, is all.
No, I think this is serious.
The Zebul Spell is disappearing.
That's proof that the link between you and the master is vanishing.
Seriously? Then does that mean I'm finally free of Baby Beel? On the next Beelzebub: I've Quit Being the BoB Brawler! Are you really okay with that?