Beelzebub (2011) s01e16 Episode Script

You're Not a Bad Specimen of a Man

Everyone, I hope you are all well.
This is Furuichi.
Summer vacation is finally here, and I have been released from that school full of delinquents.
Currently, I have come to this tropical island with my family.
Where's Oga, you ask? Don't know, don't care.
I'm sure you can do without all the pointless fights among delinquents, yes? Honestly, I had just about enough of it Hey, Bro! These girls said they also came from Tokyo! I'm glad you've made some new friends.
Kids should play toge And so, this episode, we'll change things up a bit.
Furuichi Takayuki, 15 years old Summer.
An Adventurous Premonition of Romance Presented by myself, Furu This This This big old guy Dear Mom Oh, look who's here! Let's head to the public pool! Who needs friends, anyway? This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby.
But this baby is no ordinary baby It is a baby Demon Lord! You're Not a Bad Specimen of a Man That's quite a crowd.
Let me ask you again, Oga What kind of torture is this? What? Summer means going to the pool, you know? Yeah, I'll agree to that.
But I was poolside at a fancy resort.
I was asking why I have to be crammed in like a can of sardines into this bug-infested pool? Huh? 'Cause it kinda pissed me off.
Throwing straight balls at me, huh? And wait, do you enjoy this? Well, you know As long as I can see your dejected face, I'm all good.
What the hell is he saying?! I went to your house, but there wasn't anyone there.
Furuichi-kun! Let's go out and play! Whatcha doin', big fellow? You see, Furuichi-dono and his family have all gone on vacation to a resort.
And they have left me behind.
I am now sitting here waiting for Furuichi-dono to return.
See, this is why they call this a class-based society, Baby Beel.
Well, the big guy seemed lonely, and I couldn't let you hog all the fun, so I had him do a little job for me.
Um And you never considered coming to the resort yourself instead? What are you talking about? That's just Just go somewhere and die How sad is it for two guys to take a baby to a public pool If Hilda-san was here at least Chiaki, we got a table over here! One just opened up! Your're Oga's lackey.
God really exists, you know? Wow! What a coincidence! Yeah Sure And why is he sitting with us? It looks like you're all here, but where's Kunieda-senpai? Madame Aoi's been training ever since summer vacation started.
Training? Could she be A bride-in-training?! She said she wasn't good enough as she was now, and wanted to start over from square-one.
And man, your reactions are just annoying.
I see I wish I could have seen Ishiyama's Queen in a swimsuit.
This bastard doesn't beat around the bush.
I thought that just training all the time would be depressing We had to force her to come.
Then, she is here? W-Where is she? He sees a bush, he heads straight for it Well, we were together before.
Anyway, weren't you with Oga? Yeah.
He took a shock, he's spaced out around here somewhere.
Tropical Tropical island Welcome! Ha-ha Aloha What'll I do? I never thought he'd show up in a place like this! Isn't this swimsuit a little weird? It's my swimsuit from middle school Maybe it's too plain! So should I call him over? There's no need for that.
I'd rather not see the guy who caused Madame Aoi to quit the Red Tails.
Nene-san Scary I see.
Well, so be it.
Let's have fun chatting then, no Ogas allowed! Are you even listening to me? Sure.
Would you like some ice-cream pops? There's a guy over there selling some.
Oh, if it isn't Furuichi? It's been a while, hasn't it? Those are guys from my middle school days Still chasing the girls, are you? Introduce us, will ya? Four of us, and four of you.
Perfect! Well, not including you! Friends of yours? Well, he was an upperclassman in my middle school Name is Takashima-san.
Hey, what's with that? You can introduce me a little better than that, don't you think? Like thanking me for the favor I did you You better watch out.
This guy's a womanizer to the core! Yeah! He looks at you and only thinks about sex! Um What's with these guys? They are really creeping me out.
Ignore them, they're small-time.
Uh-oh, uh-oh! You're in trouble when pervy Furuichi-kun's got his eyes on you! Well, don't you worry.
He won't go against us.
Playing around with us is much more wholesome and fun.
Look here, you guys Excuse! I need a swimsuit! Yes? What kind of swimsuit? Whatever! A cute one! With this, I'm sure Baby Beel, you know what? Our summer is over, yeah Baby Beel, I ain't doin' anything today.
Gonna take a nap.
Aloha Aloha on a tropical island Welcome to a tropical island Aloha You bastard What are you trying, huh? It's like an oven here, Senpai.
Did I cool your hot head? Furuichi, you bastard! You wanna get the crap beat out of you? Wait.
Takashima-san! You haven't changed, Furuichi.
You still act all cool in front of girls.
Don't tell me you forgot about the time that got you in deep shit, right? What a piece of work I did on you back then You're pathetic.
This is what happens when you act all tough in front of girls.
If you get it, then grovel and beg forgiveness.
Did you hear me? I said grovel! Stop it, you Why, you What have you done to Takashima-san? You got nerve for a weakling! We could beat you any time we wanted! Yeah, no kidding Ow! Dang, headbutting hurts As you say, I'm seriously weak, so I'll run.
Adieu! Damn him After him! Don't let him get away! R-Right! Wait for us! This has gotten kind of serious.
That Furuichi guy should have just let it go Oh? Not a bad specimen of a man Yakisoba Is he over there? He's underwater! Damn it! There's even more people! I can't find him like this! That little shit thinks he can get the better of me? I'll find him and beat him good! Hey, it's me.
Bring everyone who's free to the public pool now.
No, not for picking up chicks! We're gonna beat the crap out of a pervert! Next Hey, lifeguard! What is it? A friend of mine hasn't come out from under the water for a while.
He might be drowning! Please, save him! What?! Fools They'll never find me in this crowd of people.
Keep on searching all you want.
Next, I just need to find Oga, then beat it outta here.
Huh? Where'd everyone go? I found a Furuichi-kun! Didn't you have a friend that was drowning? Now, now Just be quiet and watch! Furuichi, resign yourself.
You ain't got nowhere left to run.
All of a sudden there's a lot more of 'em.
You've been taking trash to the head of West High, Takashima-san! You better be prepared to accept the consequences.
Don't think you can escape! Things have gotten dangerous.
What should we do? Just watch.
But we're also kinda involved Yummy This is bad What'll I do? Oga?! All right! With you here, we'll manage somehow! Go get 'em! Ha, no Aloha Tropical island Aloha Ha, ha-ha Get yourself together, Oga! A gang with boards and bats are coming to get us! A board in each hand, all aboard! Big guy, all aboard to aloha! Looks like you can't rely on Oga like you always do! It's over, Furuichi.
Or maybe you'll grovel down in the pool! For about, 10 minutes, say?! There it is! Takashima-san is seriously twisted.
I can't wait to see it! What a show, baby! Sorry Huh? You gonna apologize, now? I didn't want to have to do this What's that supposed to mean? Are you an idiot? You trying to bluff? Now?! What a show, baby! No, it's just I'm sorry about using this really underhanded move.
I'm counting on you, Baby Beel Cry for me! Super Special Move! Furuichi Rolling Thunder Blast! What just happened? Furuichi-kun A word? Oh, you're awake? Furuichi, you idiot! I knew it! Madame Aoi! What have you been doing? We were looking for you.
Oh, well Anyway, I heard that he's here? He? Yeah.
Oga? I never said anything about Oga He and Furuichi were kicked out by the lifeguard a moment ago.
Madame Aoi That swimsuit No! D-Don't look! I said I wanted something cute, and this was all they Cute! Damn that Furuichi! He can't have gotten far! Takashima-san Maybe we should just give up? Shut up! We were all burnt pretty good, right? Ice-cream pops! Get your ice-cream pops! We were all burnt pretty good, right? You just wanna let him go? Ice-cream pops! Get your ice-cream pops! Ice-cream pops! Get your ice-cream pops! Hey, you! Did a brat with straight hair and a guy with an evil look and a naked baby on his back pass by here? Ice-cream pop? Here you go.
Did you hear me? Hey! It doesn't look like you're going to purchase some of my precious wares.
You're Ice-cream pops! How about some frozen ice-cream pops? Frozen and sweet ice-cream pops! This time, it's my stomach That's quite a tan-line you got.
Hilda-san! You're coming back already? Yeah.
Thanks to a certain someone, we got kicked out I see.
And after I went all the way to the Demon World to bring back a swimsuit Too bad.
Swimsuit? Wait, this happened before.
Oh, I know For Baby Beel, right? What are you talking about? This one is for adults only.
What?! I understand, Hilda-san! Then let's go to another pool straight away! Okay, okay?! I will not let you! What do you, ah, think? It looks good on you, so go away, 'kay? The Great Demon Lord has sent a wonderful present to the Master.
Now accept it gladly.
What's this? A Demon morning-glory seed, Demon insect collecting kit, and seething notebook? It's summer homework.
Baby Beel, you're excited about this? On the next Beelzebub: How About Some Demon World Homework? By the way, Demon World radio exercises go from 1 to 362509048.
Will you do them? Hell, no.