Beelzebub (2011) s01e15 Episode Script

The Delinquents have Changed into Swimsuits

Who's that? No way Is that a girl's silhouette? Furuichi-dono, shall I wash your back? No, thanks! Oh Then, if you'll pardon me.
Don't you dare blush! This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby.
But this baby is no ordinary baby It is a baby Furuichi-dono! Get out! The Delinquents have Changed into Swimsuits So you see, I can't bear the big guy's SH any more Furuichi-dono So you see, I can't bear the big guy's SH any more Furuichi-dono Sexy Herbal Supplements, huh? Sexual harassment Well, what's so wrong with being loved? Plenty! He's a demon! And he's a old dude! Until you hurry up and find someone to dump Baby Beel off on, he'll be squatting at my place forever! But there aren't any more strong guys at Ishiyama No.
There's still the final member of the TKKH.
Tojo Hidetora! The rumors claim he's the strongest in Ishiyama.
Like how he wiped out 350 people from Suppon High all by himself Or how he beat the leader of the most powerful JD school in Hokkaido, Kegani High, in only 2 seconds! Anyway, he's got plenty of legends about him.
Let's go check this guy out.
But he's always doing odd-jobs and hardly ever comes to school, I hear.
Go find him, Furuichi! Oh? Oga-chan is looking for Tojo? I guess the last battle is finally here.
I don't care how strong Oga is, I don't think he'll be able to beat Tojo.
Either way, neither of them have any interest in uniting Ishiyama.
It'd be best for the two of them to crush each other.
That'd be nice.
Himekawa! Yo Oga's searching for Tojo, is he? How do you know? Well, I'm looking forward to it.
I'm sure Oga will beat Tojo for me, no doubt.
Part Timers Wanted Salary: 830 yen+ Qualifications: 18 and older Time: 5 hours+ a day Special Note: Travel Expenses Paid Looking Especially for Energetic, Cheerful Workers I did some searching.
Part Timers Wanted Salary: 830 yen+ Qualifications: 18 and older Time: 5 hours+ a day Special Note: Travel Expenses Paid Looking Especially for Energetic, Cheerful Workers Part Timers Wanted Salary: 830 yen+ Qualifications: 18 and older Time: 5 hours+ a day Special Note: Travel Expenses Paid Looking Especially for Energetic, Cheerful Workers Beach House Fujitsubo Ishiyama Beach This is where Tojo is working part-time now.
Tell Oga for me.
A beach house? Beach house?! Girls in swimsuits! No, more importantly If Baby Beel comes with him, then Hilda-san will, too! In that case I'll get to see Hilda-san in a swimsuit! A Demon World swimsuit I'm sure it'll put any swimsuit in the Human World to shame! What kind of swimsuit? Seashells? Coconuts? No, no, no It's from the Demon World, so it wouldn't be a wimpy swimsuit like those! It's gotta be a sexier, extremely dangerous swimsuit! Himekawa-senpai, thank you very much! S-Sure The beach, the beach! Swimsuits, swimsuits! Hey, Oga! I know where Tojo is! Is he planning to get Tojo to beat Oga? It has nothing to do with us, Madame.
Tojo or whoever, they can crush each other all they want.
I don't care how strong Oga Tatsumi is He can't beat the Tojo I know.
Unsatisfying Isn't there anyone that's a real challenge out there? You sure did a real number on them.
And thanks to it, I got fired from my hard-won beach house job.
Well, we can just search again.
I had hoped you'd score me some free yakisoba.
Sorry 'bout that, Kaoru.
Anyway, isn't there someone out there that's a match for me? Well, about that, Tojo-san There's one guy that's promising.
Oga Tatsumi.
He's a first year at our school, but he's beat Kanzaki, Himekawa, and even Kunieda.
Oh? The beach.
Yes, the beach.
Wait, isn't this the shore where we got rid of Baby Beel's "monsoon"? Yeah Maybe I'll pass on taking a dip.
But anyway, we didn't come for a swim! We came to look for Tojo! Plus there's one more important thing Erm Did Hilda-san bring a swimsuit? Oh, yeah She said she brought some kind of amazing Demon World swimsuit Hilda-san amazing swimsuit Do not stare like that.
It is embarrassing My dreams are ever growing.
So, let us change into a swimsuit.
You're going to change there? It's unacceptable? It's totally fine! Rather, it's the perfect place! Do not stare like that.
It is embarrassing.
It's you? Furuichi-dono, if you want to stare What are you doing? Let's go, Furuichi.
Beach house Fujitsubo This is it.
Hey, you! You have to get in line! Uh, we didn't come to buy Yakisoba.
Wait, are you the new part-timers? I've been waiting! This way! Hurry up! No, that's not it! Papa How much longer? Just a little longer It'll be weady wight away! Wait, what are we doing? Why don't we just wait here until Tojo comes? After all, we don't know what Tojo looks like Here, thanks for waiting! Who's next? Hold the ginger on mine, please! I'd like an extra large! Coming right up! Ooh, how cute! It's a baby! Uh, is this gonna be okay? I'm in heaven I've got a harem! What is he doing? I thought I'd finally gotten Tojo and him together It seems like Tojo's been fired.
What? Then what did we come here for? Kanzaki-kun, they have some amazing yogurti! Look, it's squid-flavor! Shiroyama, try a little.
Kunieda? I ended up being worried and coming here You alone, Miss? Wanna play with us? Great work! You guys are great! A big success! Um When will Tojo be coming? Tojo-kun He was fired yesterday.
Fired? He fought with some customers.
See that? Did Tojo bend that? Well, I called them customers, but they were a bunch of thugs.
What, are you friends of his? Oh? You're with Tojo, are ya? They're back! You did a real number on us yesterday.
Where're you hidin' Tojo? Bring him, or we beat you in his place! Shut up.
W-Why you Well, I guess this was a swing and a miss Hey, Ishiyama's Queen showed up over there! For real? That spells trouble! Better than trouble, I hear she's in a dangerous swimsuit! The Queen is here? And in a swimsuit? Hey Oga, hurry up! Off we go! Indeed, you are Ishiyama's Queen.
Everyone is staring at you, Miwa-san.
Definitely dangerous, all right.
Let's pretend we didn't see that.
I do believe everyone has arrived This could get quite lively.
I have no interest in weaklings.
The issue is with this Tojo person.
Arm Wrestling It seems that Oga person has shown up on this beach.
Oh? Things are gonna get fun.
Starfish shuriken! Sea cucumber kunai! You have skills, sir! As do you! What is this? Take that! Queen? Oga Tatsumi Looks like you burn easily Sheesh Why? It's the beach! If you're gonna come, you could show a little more skin than that! You over there, young man Yes! Young man here, at your service! This is from Hime-chan.
Hime-chan? You mean, Himekawa? Electric jellyfish? That's where Tojo is.
You're really good at this.
What am I doing? Why are you so good at caring for a baby? T-That's not true Oga! I know where Tojo is! You do? All right! Let's go, Baby Beel! What's wrong, Baby Beel? You wish to do that next, young Master? Do we have a watermelon? In that case, I will become the melon.
Actually, splitting you here would be a problem.
Then perhaps I shall split myself from the start? Don't split yourself! What in the world are they doing? Kanzaki-san Perhaps we shouldn't expect much here.
Store closed Look at that bastard Oga Not bad, I say.
Electric Jellyfish Tojo? He finished up just earlier.
Electric Jellyfish Electric Jellyfish Crap There's never gonna be an end to this.
I know, Oga! Write him a letter of challenge.
Then deliver it to Tojo.
Letter of Challenge I'll be waiting in front of the two rocks tonight at 5 PM.
This'll do? Sure, although you write at an elementary school level But we don't know what Tojo looks like.
How should we pass it to him? In that case Hey, Kunieda! Here.
What? Wait at 5 PM by the two rocks? Could this be a confession? Confessing under the sunset sky? What'll I do? In this outfit Maybe I should have brought a swimsuit after all But I don't want to be thought of as a woman who seduces men using sexy swimwear Would you find Tojo and pass this to him? Letter of Challenge He left me with this Letter of Challenge.
What am I doing? Hey, Kunieda.
What are you waiting for? Hurry up, find Tojo, and hand him that Letter of Challenge.
I'm not going to join in on your schemes.
It's too dangerous to let those two fight.
What the hell are you saying? Well, the rest is up to you.
G-Good luck with Tojo.
Is that a Letter of Challenge to Tojo-san? It's almost 5 o'clock.
Yeah! I can't wait to fight.
Just you wait, Baby Beel! We'll meet Tojo soon! Wait, Oga! Who are you? MK5! The MK5! What do you want? I'm in a hurry, you know.
Why don't you join us? We'll welcome you as our sixth member.
As the MK6, we'll crush Tojo together! No one will be able to stop us! Out of my way! He ain't coming.
Is he scared? It's best if he doesn't show.
Demons, Catapult, Bremen Looks like all the gangs have joined up to settle things.
Payback for yesterday and today? Ah, well Guess I'll crush them instead of Oga! Damn, I'm already really late.
That's Tojo's already left.
You didn't seem like you were coming.
Did Tojo do this? Yes All by himself.
He's a monster.
He's not someone you can beat in a fair fight.
Interesting Perfect! I can't wait 'till I meet the guy! Oww! Well, I did get a nice tan.
What the Aloha! Furuichi here! It's what we've all been waiting for, summer vacation! Next week we'll present you with an adventure love story from a tropical island! Woohoo! wait, what? This is the municipal pool! Why?! On the next Beelzebub: You're not a bad specimen of a man! Wait, I can't give up yet! This time, I'll see Hilda-san in a swimsuit, and the Queen in a swimsuit There might even be a wardrobe malfunction! If you wanna see that, take a look at Baby Beel.
He's already lettin' it all hang out.