Beelzebub (2011) s01e14 Episode Script

Is there a Special Move?

Hell Throw! Take a flying leap! This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby.
But this baby is no ordinary baby.
It is a baby Demon Lord! Is There a Special Move? Ishiyama Park Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a barbaric, ruthless, and defiant, demon-like bastard who thought nothing of his fellow man.
And that man's name was Oga! Kanzaki-san! I brought you supplies.
So? How is it going? I've come up with my new special move! T-That's Twice the power of my old heel drop T-Twice?! Double Heel Smash! Kanzaki-san? I thought I could double the power by dropping both heels, But, how do I do it? Uh So, working hard? Natsume! What are you here for? I thought you were hanging around Oga lately Now, now I've been collecting some useful information.
I secretly filmed how Oga-chan fights.
Just look at Oga-chan go T-That's! I've figured it out, Kanzaki-san! I've figured out the secret to Oga's strength! What?! What do you think? You'll carry a baby on your back, which will help polish your balance, and by adding weight, you'll train your body to be more powerful! That's the secret to Oga's strength! Sure But this What are you saying? Don't you want to beat Oga? F-Fine This will be perfect.
I'm sure Oga's raising a baby just like this, and undergoing harsh training every day! The master is saying he wishes to go outside somewhere.
What a pain.
Maybe some other time.
What is that? I'm scared, Mom! Shouldn't we call the police? Hey.
Shiroyama Don't you get the feeling people are looking at us funny? No, it's your imagination.
I-Is it? Anyway, Kanzaki-san What is it? The head fell off.
Hey, Kanzaki-kun! I don't think doing only that will give you a power wrist effect.
I bought dumbbells.
I see! This ain't nothing.
Nothing! Nothing at all! Then a little more.
More! Put in more! More Kanzaki-san, look what I found! There's more?! Kanzaki-san! Oh? Kanzaki-san The problem was that we were using a fake.
What do you mean? Basically, if it were a real baby, instead I see.
But where are you going to get this "real" baby? W-Well Just leave that much to me.
What's this thing you wanted to talk with me about? I have a favor to ask, Pops! A favor? Make me a little brother, right now! Kanzaki Kanzaki-san! Kanzaki-kun's old man is quite scary, isn't he? Damn you, Pops! Not even listening to the requests of his own kid! Maybe it doesn't really matter if it's a baby What do you mean? Right For instance Wait! Wait there, cat! This is for Kanzaki-san's training! How'd the cat idea go? No use! I-I'm sorry! It definitely needs to be a human! So, about that weird big guy at your house, Honoka Who is he? That guy named Dron-dron or something? I don't really know myself.
My brother just brought him home one day.
You three! Please! For Kanzaki-san's sake, will you ride on him?! Yeah, can't get around that A doll isn't going to work.
Neither is a real baby.
Cats and middle school girls are also nixed.
All that's left is Kanzaki-san Shiroyama.
Where did you go? U-Um Please, make use of me, Kanzaki-san! You are I know that I'm far bigger and heavier than a baby.
But even so, I want to be of assistance to you, Kanzaki-san! Yeah I see your point, but Kanzaki-san! Don't you want to beat Oga? A-All right Kanzaki-san Wait.
That's not going to work.
It's not just your size and weight that's different.
There's also a crucial difference with Oga's baby.
Crucial difference? Could you mean Yes! The baby on Oga-chan's back is always naked! Naked! Naked? Naked Naked! Don't do it, Shiroyama! You really don't have to go that far No, I'll do it! If it's for you, Kanzaki-san, I'll How about this? U-Uh Now hurry up and put me on your back! This sure is tricky.
Anyway, what should we try next? Enough.
Kanzaki-san! Leave me alone.
Kanzaki-kun's all down in the dumps.
Natsume! This is all your fault! Ow! That hurts! Shit! Is it impossible for me to beat him? Oga! I told you.
The master is bored.
There is time before dinner.
Take the master and go play somewhere.
Can't I at least relax on Sundays? Look now The master is about to cry Fine, I'll do it! Take you to play somewhere, huh? Guess an arcade isn't gonna work.
Maybe that park again? Hey, Oga.
Where are you going? Taking baby Beel to the park? I wish Hilda-san would come.
Naw It'd be a pain if she got in a fight with the other moms.
Other moms? Yeah Are they young? I guess so.
They're at least younger than your mom.
How old are you? You're cuter than my son! Why don't we play together in the sandbox? Okay, let's go to the park! Leave everything to me! Ishiyama Park Kota! Ishiyama Park Ishiyama Park Kota! Where did you go? What'll I do? Hey! We sure meet up a lot.
With the kid again today? Actually That's the guy who's always sticking to Oga! Y-You're Crap! He's probably figured out my disguise, unlike Oga! I can't believe this! Well, sure it's unbelievable.
Me dressing so plainly and taking a kid to play in the park What a What a super-cute and young mother! Huh? If someone said you were in high school I wouldn't bat an eye! I would never think you had a kid! Um, that's not it Yes! That's not it! Kota's missing! Where're you from, kid? You wanna get on the swing? Hey, you okay? What, you want me to swing you? I suppose So, having fun? Sheesh I don't have time to be playing with this kid.
Oh yeah Did you see it on TV yesterday? That's That's the violent man from before! You lost sight of him around here? Yes.
I took my eyes off of him for a second Oh, that's right! My little sister said there was a suspicious person around here! O-Oh no! He's probably just playing around here somewhere.
Oga Are you saying that to calm me down? He's so much kinder than he looks.
I wish someone suspicious would just kidnap 'im.
Hey! What do you think you're saying in front of this young mother! Uh, like I was saying Do not worry! I will find him for certain! U-Um I see now! When I have a real baby on my back, my reaction time and movements are all on another level! As I am now, I can beat him! Wait, it's no good.
Before I perfect my new secret move, beating Oga would be Kids Not a care in the world.
T-That's it! Eureka! Sorry 'bout that.
Just wait! I'll find your mom soon.
Kota! Oga?! Wait, aren't you Why does Kanzaki have Kota? And Kota's crying? Aren't you Is my cover blown this time? After a closer look Well, it's only normal.
We're both part of the TKKH So, the jig's finally up? You are quite the young mother.
Perfect timing.
I've been looking for his mom.
No You can't! You don't just want the baby but the mother too?! Huh? You kidnap the cute kid, and on top of that, you're trying to lay hands on his cute, young mother! Even for a member of the TKKH, that's low, Kanzaki! What did you say? Oga! Do it! Do what? He's a kidnapper.
Do what you always do and blast him.
It's not what I always do W-What's this? It's dangerous, Madam! Don't get close! I see.
I see.
You want me to defeat Oga, yes? All right, then.
Our real battle starts now.
I can't have you getting hurt.
Don't worry about me.
I'm a different man than I once was.
Here I go! Hey! Wait up! The hint that kid gave me for my special move Oga! That technique! Double Heel Smash! I've got it! Yo.
Yo So What? I see.
You kept Kota company when he got lost.
I figured you were the weirdo my sister mentioned.
I'm sorry for the mistake.
It's fine.
By the way Have I seen you somewhere before? H-Huh? Just your imagination! Definitely! I'm not sure, but that's definitely it! Fine, whatever.
Anyway Oga! At this kid's request, I'll let you off today.
Uh, let me off from what exactly? But the next time we meet will be your last.
Remember that well! Don't cry, kid.
Oh, yeah That "Double" something or other.
That was pretty surprising.
But seriously What? Kanzaki-san! You did the double heel smash! For Oga-chan to say it surprised him, that's really something! Wait, Kanzaki-san! We brought you yogurti since you're likely tired out.
You guys Fine, then Follow me! We're going home! R-Right! That's how it's gotta be! Kanzaki-san! He's finally showed up! Who has? Tojo, man! Tojo! Tojo, of the TKKH! The strongest man in Ishiyama! Ooh! Baby Beel's also feelin' it! On the next Beelzebub: The Delinquents have Changed into Swimsuits! I see! Tojo was working at a beach house.
Let's go, Furuichi! Wait a sec Did you say, the beach? Which means Hilda-san in a swimsuit!