Beelzebub (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Baby Beel's Assessment Test / Hilda: Dear Great Demon Lord

Ishiyama High, a den of delinquents.
to this school just as any other Attention! Tomorrow we will hold Ability Assessment Tests! - Teacher Ability Assessment Tests? Did we even have tests in this school at all? My ability to stare people down ain't second-to-none! Don't underestimate my evil-eye ability, buddy! Ability? Is that the kind of ability it means? At our school? I can believe it.
Furuichi, you fool! Look at the subjects for the tests! There are four of them! Japanese?! Arithmetic?! Science?! Good night I mean, Social Studies! The teachers are being serious here! Uh, aren't those elementary school subjects? Well, I suppose we've got to do it.
After all this is Ishiyama High, where everyone hates studying 180%! I guess I might as well try to study a little bit.
Let's do this "studyin' for a test" thing.
Oh! You may be a baby, but you are a baby Demon Lord.
Do you understand how to study? This ain't time for foolin' around! This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a Eww, it smells like burnt toast! Baby Beel's Assessment Test Uno! Great Demon Lord, I am afraid that is a different game Oh, is it? I ain't been asleep in like, forever! My head's all spaced out like Perhaps it is time to call it quits? Anyways What about my son? He growin' up nice 'nd all that? He should be showing his ability as a Demon Lord 'bout now.
The Zebul Spell has appeared on the arm of the human who has become the master's parent.
He seems to be progressing steadily.
For reals!? Kickin'! Whoa there It's just, man, wish I could see 'im, yeah? How much has he really grown? I know! Let's do that! By that you are referring to? You know That An assessment test! and that's how it is.
Good luck! - Great Demon Lord and that's how it is.
Good luck! - Great Demon Lord He's got a test too? And sheesh, this Great Demon Lord's just as loopy as ever.
The master needs to defeat 100 humans within the next week.
You get 1 point for each one you defeat.
Less than 30 points, and you fail.
That ain't somethin' to get excited about! Oh, but if the master isn't enthusiastic about this, it will be you who will suffer.
And what do you mean by that? If he fails Hellish remedials await him in a special room in the Demon World.
Failure And as the master's parent, you will join him, of course.
Failure Failure Anyway, are you gonna be okay? Nope.
I'm not okay, not by a long shot.
By the way, 10 cats gets him one point, it seems.
I-I gotta do something! I gotta dump him off on someone quick, or else Sure, but we've got our own tests this week.
We don't have time for that! That's it! Those tests! To be the parent of the Demon Lord requires being strong, brutal, and having brains! The reason Baby Beel didn't latch on to any of them was because they were all idiots! Whoever gets the best marks on this assessment test will have the perfect combination of brawn, brutality, and brains! If I dump Baby Beel onto that guy, then Isn't this right? Good night, my little kitties How about I give you some private lessons? We don't want any.
Get lost.
We're totally great at Japanese.
See? You do know some pretty difficult kanji, yes But how about English? I'll hold your hand as I step you through it They told you to get lost.
Now get! Good night He can't even spell "good night"! Oh, are those the right kanji? It's like he's got eyes in the back(ushiro) of his head.
(U-"Heavens" Shi-"Death" Ro-"Dew") The next day(yokujitsu) the weather will be lovely(kaisei).
(Yo-"Night" Ku-"Suffering" Ji-"Path" Tsu-"Pain") (Ka-"Beauty" I-"Intimidate" Se-"Height" I-"Intimidate") Everyone's seriously dumb, like really dumb! Cry (nakuyo), ye bush warbler: Heian Palace.
Mnemonic for remembering years: i (ichi) = 1 yo (yon) = 4 ko (go) = 5 ro (roku) 6 na (nana) = 7 ha (hachi) = 8 ku (kyuu) = 9 Cry (nakuyo), ye bush warbler: Heian Palace.
Create a nice box(ii hako): Kamakura Bakufu.
Mnemonic for remembering years: i (ichi) = 1 yo (yon) = 4 ko (go) = 5 ro (roku) 6 na (nana) = 7 ha (hachi) = 8 ku (kyuu) = 9 Mnemonic for remembering years: i (ichi) = 1 yo (yon) = 4 ko (go) = 5 ro (roku) 6 na (nana) = 7 ha (hachi) = 8 ku (kyuu) = 9 Awesome, Shiroyama-san! Mnemonic for remembering years: i (ichi) = 1 yo (yon) = 4 ko (go) = 5 ro (roku) 6 na (nana) = 7 ha (hachi) = 8 ku (kyuu) = 9 So that's how you remember them? Mnemonic for remembering years: i (ichi) = 1 yo (yon) = 4 ko (go) = 5 ro (roku) 6 na (nana) = 7 ha (hachi) = 8 ku (kyuu) = 9 So that's how you remember them? Well, Shiro-chan, "Create a nice box" is nice and all, but do you know what year it stands for? "Ii hako tsukurou.
" I I Ha Ko Tsu Ku Ro U It was in the year 18,596! I'm like, moved! That's waaay into the future! We got trouble! Kanzaki-san's havin' a showdown with Suppon High by the riverside! Oh, yeah?! Let's go, boys! Don't seem much like test studyin' around here Is this gonna be okay? FYI, you get 1 point for 100 camel crickets.
Good night I don't have a clue! But this isn't the real issue It doesn't matter if I get a good score myself.
What's important is when they announce the results of the test! I'll dump Baby Beel off on whoever comes in first! Oh, it's a pill bug this time? Let me see It says that 1000 pill bugs gets you 1 point.
This is no time to be tallying! I'm screwed at this rate! I'm totally heading to the remedials in hell! I've gotta dump him off on someone before that, or Kawahara Sho You're cheating on filling in your name?! "U" "U" As long as I got my secret weapon That's not how you use it! Are they really that stupid? No, no There's got to be one decent guy in the entire school! At least one who can study normally! Oh, no! Suppon High's invading! What?! Oh yeah I heard that Kanzaki did a real number on them earlier They came to pay back the favor? Alright then! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Oga? Leave this to me! The rest of you, finish the tests! What's Oga so revved up about? I've got to let them finish the tests in peace! In order to find out who is the smartest guy in Ishiyama! I ain't lettin' you set even one foot past here.
I will fight you! Who the hell are you? You gonna take us on by yerself? Let's do this, Baby Beel Zebel Blast An excellent combination technique.
It looks like the master is well on his way to a passing score.
Several Days Later Well, at least you avoided remedial lessons in hell.
It's not any good.
This can't continue on forever.
I'm gonna dump Baby Beel off on the smartest guy in Ishiyama right away! Test Results How many points was this out of? High Score Furuichi Takayuki Y-You're the top?! Dear Great Demon Lord, Have a lovely day, Master.
It has been more than a month since I started living here in the Human world, and I have grown accustomed to life here.
Hilda: Dear Great Demon Lord Take it like a man! Today, with the assistance of Alaindelon, I have obtained the master's favorite, freshly squeezed milk from the King Hydra.
Good morning, Hilda-san.
Good morning, Father.
Sorry, but could you pour me a beer? Yes.
Do you not have work today? I thought I'd maybe take an early summer vacation.
Sorry 'bout this Whoa there This is the person acting as the master's grandfather.
He may be the father of the one who is the master's parent, but he does not seem to even possibly be related.
Perhaps there is some hidden brutality somewhere? You know, there's something I haven't really introduced myself to them, but is your family doing well? They're in Macao, yes? Well, I haven't seen them in a little while.
You haven't? Why is that? Why, you ask? It's because I am a demon maidservant(jijo) to the Great Demon Lord.
Second daughter(jijo)? Oh, so the eldest daughter(choujo) takes care of the parents, then? Chou jo? Hey Dear! What are you doing drinking beer in the morning?! I'm sorry! Sliding Grovel I'm sorry! Sliding Grovel Of note is his "sliding grovel".
This technique is the only one which piques my interest.
His instantaneous reaction time and speed are not used for attack but for defense.
Honestly speaking, it is not something I could have imagined.
The other day, I tried to teach such a technique to the master, however Oh, I'm sorry! Forgive me, Mother! It was just on a whim! It seemed simple enough at first glance, but it requires a very high level of technique, and he was unable to master it.
Notes on the "Sliding Grovel" Name: Sliding Grovel Command: ↓ ↑ ↖ Press (△◯) at once and he was unable to master it.
Notes on the "Sliding Grovel" Name: Sliding Grovel Command: ↓ ↑ ↖ Press (△◯) at once Perhaps it is the precise angles which are crucial? Notes on the "Sliding Grovel" Name: Sliding Grovel Command: ↓ ↑ ↖ Press (△◯) at once Notes on the "Sliding Grovel" Name: Sliding Grovel Command: ↓ ↑ ↖ Press (△◯) at once This will require more research.
Notes on the "Sliding Grovel" Name: Sliding Grovel Command: ↓ ↑ ↖ Press (△◯) at once Notes on the "Sliding Grovel" Name: Sliding Grovel Command: ↓ ↑ ↖ Press (△◯) at once Hilda-chan! Yes? Would you help me out with the shopping? I'm really sorry about that.
Making you serve him beer so early in the morning This is the human who is the master's grandmother.
If you were to ask who Oga Tatsumi most takes after, it would be this human.
He didn't used to be like that, you know.
Marriage(kekkon) ain't easy(amai), you know! Bloodstain(kekkon)? Sweet(amai)? That's right! You and he still have it easy! Welcome, welcome! Always with low, low, prices! This place is called a "supermarket".
Focusing mainly on food, all manner of things are sold here.
Oh! This split mackerel is a bargain! I think I might decide on this for tonight's menu.
The master has challenged quite a number of different foods from the Human World.
But they proved to be quite tough.
Master! Master! Humans are so voracious though.
The eat everything, from plants to animals Almost as if they think they are the top living creature to roam the earth.
No being is more full of themselves as the humans.
That is the Human World, yes But there are also good aspects.
This is something called a "Soap Opera" which I have been enjoying lately.
This week is a fateful match between a younger sister's former boyfriend, and his older long-lost brother, taking place in the sumo ring You could never have foreseen them locking arms in combat! The master also enjoys television.
He especially enjoys the anime called "Gohan-kun".
You've had about enough! Seconds helpings, that is! Damn you, Count Poo! Gohan-kun! Today's toppings are Soy-boiled Sweet and Spicy Bonito-kun and Seaweed Flakes-chan! Leave it to us! Now, sprinkle me! In this country, it is said that 1 in 3 eats dinner while watching "Gohan-kun" each Sunday at 6:30.
And 1000 Extra Helpings! Poop-poop! This institution is known as a "school", which the master's parent attends.
Hey, you.
I ain't seen your face around here.
Who the hell are you? Hey.
That's Oga's wife.
Hey, you.
I ain't seen your face around here.
Who the hell are you? What's the matter, Kanzaki-san? Hey, you.
I ain't seen your face around here.
Who are you? Hey, you.
I ain't seen your face around here.
Who are you? K-Kanzaki-san? What the heck's with that baby bottle? Is she purposefully bringing that to school to get all the "new wife" appeal? All of these people are ones who failed to become the master's parent.
A number of violent humans are gathered here, but all of them are lacking when it comes to being the master's parent.
Hilda-san! Why are you here? This is also a human who is significantly lacking.
Is Oga Tatsumi here? If you want Oga, he went to fight with Suppon High.
Just as usual, I see.
If he returns, give this to him.
The master's milk.
B-Breast milk?! Just joking! Oh, no! Hilda-san Oh, Hilda-chan! Welcome home, Hilda-chan.
This is the master's aunt.
In the Human World, it is common for families to all share one living space, and to eat together.
Look at this, Hilda-chan! These are battered cod cakes! Bacalhau croquets! And I made these egg tarts for dessert! Doesn't this Macao cooking remind you of home? Macao cooking? I heard from Dad that you haven't seen your family for a long time.
So I changed plans, and tried my hand at some Macao cooking! It's our first time, so we can't guarantee they'll taste right, though.
And you! Don't just drink beer like a fool! Help out! Sorry! What am I to do with you, Dad? How about get me another beer? What're you doing? Want a croquet? This man is Oga Tatsumi.
He is the man that is the parent of the master.
Huh? What're you smilin' at me for? Nothing.
We're going home.
Today it seems like we are having Macao cooking.
What's with her? Great Demon Lord, I think I will stay with this man for a little while longer.
Royal Straight Flush! Great Demon Lord, I think you have the wrong game again Oh? That so? My head is huuuuge Dear Great Demon Lord, It has been more than 1 month that I have spent in the Human World, and I have not gotten used to living here at all.
To get off those tough oily spots, all you need to do is sprinkle some leftover flour from the tempura, and they'll come right off.
You totally fit right in! I am Kanzaki, of the Ishiyama TKKH! I've finally realized what I lack I lack a special move! Like shooting lasers from your eyes? That's not humanly possible.
The, shooting yogurti out of your nose? Oh, it burns! It burns It's only a matter of time before you cower in fear! I'm gonna find an awesome special move! On the next Beelzebub: Is There a Special Move? FYI, my special move is the "Lovey-Dovey-Dewy-Eyed Wink"!