Beelzebub (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

I Won't Let You Sleep Tonight

Huh, lighting? What was that at such an hour?! Hey, Baby Beel You like scary things, right? Take a look at this.
Oh, I know.
Peek a boo! All right! This is it! Peek a boo! What are you trying to do, scare him? Sis! What's with the sneak attack?! What are you showin' him? Baby Beel's crying! You idiot! Baby Beel likes this sort of Run for it, Sis! This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby.
However that baby is no ordinary baby.
It is a baby Demon Lord! You won't get to sleep tonight What is wrong with him?! This has been going on three days straight! It is clearly a case of night crying.
Night crying? What are you so worried about? It's a natural thing, not unlike the occasional wetting of the bed.
Previously, during his periods of night crying, the sound was so great the people of the surrounding countries could not withstand it, and came begging, "We'll pledge our obedience, just make it stop, please!" Well, I can't stand it anymore! One who is to be a parent should be able to withstand a little night crying.
Get off your high horse! His night crying ain't your normal version! And, look outside! Oga-san, this is a problem.
Can't you do something? Me? Do something? I understand.
I can do only this! Sliding Grovel! I am so very sorry! I apologize from the bottom of my heart! What beautiful groveling form! My heart is being healed Thank goodness With this, everything will be right as I don't think so, buddy! We told you he's too damn loud! I'm sorry! We're gonna get kicked out of the house at this rate.
That won't do.
The Master has just gotten used to this place, after all.
How about I take on the whiners and quickly silence them? Hold it, hold it! Don't make things more difficult than they already are! Anyway, how can I stop him from night crying? Fundamentally, you need to get him to relax before putting him to sleep.
Then How about this? A bath? But, you see What? Once, when the Great Demon Lord stayed sitting too long playing games and developed back pain He took the Master with him to the Magma Valley for some therapy, but Got it? Until 100 Wait What was I at again? Ah well, I'll start back at the beginning! Ever since, the Master has had a deep hatred of being soaked in hot water.
This Great Demon Lord of yours is screwed up, you know? Anyway, I get it.
"Don't stick him in the bathtub", right? Hey, is he shaking? Master, it's okay.
It'll be fine! It's not hot Why, you Baby Beel! Cut it out! As you can tell, the bath time plan was a failure.
But seriously, we're in trouble if this night crying continues.
What's the usual thing to do for this? It's easy enough to tell when they're crying because they're hungry or wet themselves But for Beel-chan, it's not so clear-cut.
I guess the obvious thing would be to play with him a bunch during the day and tire him out so he sleeps soundly at night.
Well, it's Sunday, so why don't we all play with him? It's not like you have anything to do either, Dad.
Why are you just assuming that?! What does Baby Beel like? Let me see He's royalty, so he prefers a position of overwhelming power.
Ah, he wants to feel powerful.
Then leave that to me! P-Pops I will be his horse and let Beel-chan feel what it's like to be a king! Now, Beel-chan, onto my back! No Master, you're very gallant.
Your tea will get cold.
Beel-chan didn't even smile I guess Dad's better than Grandpa, after all.
Damn it Why do I have to do this? Stop complaining.
We have to entertain the Master.
Come now, hurry up and move! Why you Just you wait until his night crying stops! Hey.
Speed up! The Master is getting bored.
If that happens, what is the point? God damn it! He likes it.
This is kind of nice, you know? It feels like "family".
All the women in my family He said "Full speed ahead," I believe.
Now, go! Pitiful.
And you call yourself his father? Stop talking like it's nothing! Do you know how many hours I've been on all-fours? But you must play with him as much as you can, or there is no point.
I-I know! Wow, look at Dad go! I learned this for business parties! How do you like it, Beel-chan? Finally, my honored place as a grandfather will You want those? He likes it! Come on, Tatsumi! Don't just lay there! Do something.
Look at how hard Dad tried.
Sure, but This is all I got.
Peek a boo! I told you, what's the point in scaring him?! No! Baby Beel likes this! Stop spouting nonsense! Huh? You like this? What a funny little guy.
Oh? Worked up an appetite? Mom, Baby Beel's hungry.
Okay What is it now? Like the kanji for river (川) Babies love to sleep snug between mother and father! Okay, good night, Hilda-chan.
Good night.
Is this river character some kind of spell? I don't know if I'd call it a spell It looks like all the playtime this afternoon has had its effect.
All right! Finally.
Bathroom What are you doing? Y-You demon! Oga-san, a word?! Can you cut it out already? Jumping Spin Turn Rolling Grovel! I'm so super seriously sorry! Whoa, he spun! Can you even do that? To go so far Maybe we should It got through? Truly, the power of groveling knows no bounds! The power of groveling My Grovel Power Level has saved my family from this crisis! Did you seriously think we'd forgive you? Spinning ain't gonna cut it! We didn't come here to see your one-ring circus act! Must I train to grovel even more penitently?! Stop talking like it's some sport! We were so close Thanks to you, it's blown up again! Fine, then I have no choice.
There is a toy that the Master enjoys, you see If we use that, then perhaps If there was something like that, get it out here now! It's in the Demon World! While I am away, please take good care of the Master.
Man Tatsumi! I know, I know! Hey It was Baby Beel, yup Are you taking proper care of him? Do you have any idea how hard it's been? I haven't slept in four days! He ain't that easy to please.
He went nuts in the bath with Hilda, and wouldn't sleep together with the two of us Wait a sec! You slept together?! You took a bath together with Hilda-san?! No, no You make everyone around lose sleep while keeping all the good times to yourself! I said, that's not it! Damn it all! And I've got Mr.
Mustache crashing at my place! Shut up all ready! I'm tired, man! I gotta take a nap while Baby Beel's asleep Wait up! I'm not getting any closer O-Oga? Is he asleep? This is I-I did it! A dream? Or maybe Kanzaki-san? Hey, Shiroyama We're heading to see Oga.
Huh? Why now, all of a sudden? I had a vision.
What's the matter, Baby Beel? Food? Hold on a sec.
H-Hold it! I'm sleepy You! Perfect timing.
Come with me! Huh? H-Hey It's gotta be you! Where are we going? Where else? O-Oga-kun! I-I see We're getting married! Park Debut Goal! Madame Madame Aoi Sorry, I fell asleep.
Uh, we were sleeping too, so no worries.
But you were thinking about Oga again, weren't you? Of course not! You were talking in your sleep.
So cute Anyway, I don't approve of him yet.
Don't let your guard down near him.
But, he's not dangerous! Do you understand what I'm saying?! I do she says, but I ran into him earlier.
Well, I got the wrong idea back then, but when I think about it, we were talking just the two of us.
And it was a pretty good mood, too.
Hey, is it true that "Rampagin' Ogre" takes baths with his wife? Seriously! This morning that guy who's always with him was prattling on about it.
His wife's that platinum blond bombshell, right? I'm so jealous You! Rampagin' Ogre! Perfect timing.
Come with me! Hey, you! Yogurty's all sold out, and the shop lady's asleep.
Anyway What kind of vision? Just come with me.
Oga should be collapsed somewhere around here.
You've got to be kidding me! W-What was that? The Queen? O-Oga? See? Just like it was in my vision.
S-Sure Shit, what's with her? Right Then, I Huh? You know how tired out I am from lack of sleep? What the hell are you doing?! Uh? Rampagin' Ogre don't hold back, do he? I wish he and Tojo would hurry up with it.
No one else is a match So, you're Oga? I heard I'd get a bonus if I beat the crap out of you.
Let's fight.
Who are you? Yes Crush each other! Crush each other nice and good H-Himekawa-san? What? A dream? Man, if only they'd beat each other up like that He's a wreck! Did he go at it with Tojo just like in my dream? If that's the case, then Let's go, you guys! This is our chance! It has to be now! Yes, yes Nice and gentle How do you like it? You bastards Stop comin' out of the woodwork! Huh? Baby Beel? Don't pull that! I'll bring you something soon, really! Oga I'm home Oga Oh, you're back? How'd it go? Did you bring it back? Sorry about the trouble.
That toy was nowhere to be found.
I consulted with the Great Demon Lord, and the way to stop his night crying is to take him back to the Demon World.
S-Seriously? Your formal thank you will come at a later date.
H-Hey! Baby Beel Baby Beel A dream? Baby Beel Yes, I'm sorry.
Hey Tatsumi, you need to put Beel-chan to sleep.
You're a wreck! Did you get into a fight again? Not like I started anything For some weird reason everyone just came at me Sheesh You gonna be okay? Maybe I'll have Baby Beel sleep with Mom tonight.
Look at him.
He's getting ready to cry again.
I don't think so.
I'm the only one who can deal with this guy.
Don't pull that! Now, go to sleep! You're back? Uh, sure, but what the hell is this? I told you, it's a toy that the Master enjoys, remember? The cries of the Demon World's Great Sea Serpent.
While its cries ring out It's obviously even louder than his night crying! W-What was that? What is it now? Hey, Tatsumi! Don't ask me! I got nothing to do with this! And hey, you! Don't just sleep like a log! Oga Master, you mustn't enter there! What? You want me to board as well? Oh, this is actually quite nice.
A dream? You?! So, what is in store for next week's Beelzebub? I am Oga Tatsumi's father.
It's my first preview, so I'm a little nervous Ah yes, I suppose I don't have a name yet.
Even Furuichi-kun's little sister, Honoka, has a name Oh, right! Next week's Beelzebub: Baby Beel's Assessment Test, and Hilda: Dear Great Demon Lord.
It's a two parter.
Please watch next week as well.
That's all, folks.
Stop right there!