Beelzebub (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

There was Something Money Could not Buy

There was something money couldn't buy Yo! Good night! It's morning! Himekawa Tatsuya One of Ishiyama's TKKH and the son of the head of the Himekawa Group, he lives by the motto "There ain't nothin' that can't be controlled by money.
" Himekawa-san, the thing you asked for.
Ah, I see.
Good work.
But lately, he's been in a fierce battle with one who won't be swayed by money.
Ah, yes.
That's the way.
Get around Don't worry, I'll pay.
I might have gotten beat by that bullishly honest dolt, but not this time I'll work behind the scenes, find out your weakness, make careful preparations, and this time for sure, box you into a corner! I have something you don't that decides everything in the end That's right! The ultimate weapon called money! Oga! I'll send you to the pits of hell, so you can never make a fool of me again! School Shop Oga! I'll send you to the pits of hell, so you can never make a fool of me again! School Shop Hungry, Baby Beel? Not yet(mada), then? I see Lady! Right, that'll be 150 yen.
Huh? Where's the usual lady? Oh Sato-san's caught a cold today.
I'm her replacement.
So you are hungry? Sheesh, fine then The shop lady's sick? A cold that can take her out's somethin' serious.
Lucky you.
"Stupid people never catch colds.
" I'm not stupid! I'm the Strategist, remember?! I've worked my magic behind the scenes at the school shop I needed the lady to stay quiet for a little while.
Now bite into my trap, Oga! There's all kinds of stuff you ain't never supposed to eat in that sandwich! I don't care what you are, Oga, ain't no one that can withstand an attack from inside your stomach! Hey.
You forgot the master's lunch.
What?! Oh, my bad.
And your lunch as well, knave.
My lunch? I've been told to make you eat food from the Demon World.
Huh? This is a Macao-style lunch I made together with Hilda-chan.
(Lunch from your love! Ufu *heart* ) "Ufu" my ass! This is really creepy, damn her! Damn you, Oga's wife! What?! Man, I'm jealous! A lunch made special by Hilda-san! Damn you, Oga's wife! Man, I'm jealous! A lunch made special by Hilda-san! You want it? What? Seriously? Hilda-san, can I? Suit yourself, Annoichi.
I already bought a sandwich.
Here you go, Annoichi.
Don't mind if I do! Good job, Annoichi! This is Hilda-san's handmade lunch! It's a lunch of love! I depart now, my cute wife, Hilda.
So long too, Akbaba Jr.
W-Wait! Furuichi-san, here's your lunch! Now now, Hilda I've told you to call me Takayuki-chan, remember? You silly thing.
I put in your favorite fried egg, Takayuki-chan! Well, I'll look forward to it.
You're so cute, Hilda I love you *smooch* Furuichi, you're makin' a Demon quiver Y-You disgust me.
O-Oga You can hear what I'm thinking?! Sure, since you said it all out loud.
Anyway, thanks for the food! I figured.
What'd you put in there today? Fried pieces of silky Demon manjuuheel, stewed Demon eel-mushroom, and Demon black widow omelet with green onions.
Are you trying to kill me or something? Here, master Man Okay, all filled up! How's the taste of the Demon World, Furuichi-kun? Why? Why isn't he suffering? You actually ate this stuff? And thanks to it, my stomach's stronger than ever! That stomach of yours ain't normal, man! Whatever On to the next plan.
Himekawa What the hell have you done? Ishiyama Market Street.
What's this? There's a ton of costumed animal characters He'll actually pay us that bonus, right? That's right! Whoever catches Oga's brat gets their pay plus a bonus! I'll catch him, even if it costs me my life! Mr.
Rabbit! Mr.
Bear! Mr.
Kappa! Shoo! Seriously.
You're so not a cute baby.
You wanna go, buddy? It's Gohan-kun! You know who that is! You know that! Eat Rice! The world-renown shounen manga even you read Eat Rice! The world-renown shounen manga even you read The immortal, legendary work that's passed its 50th anniversary! With an anime that gets TV ratings higher than Said to be nothing else like it ever created in the entire world Why would a costumed character of Gohan-kun be here in Ishiyama Market Street?! Oga My target is that baby stuck to your back.
If I could take that baby hostage, even you wouldn't be able to act! I don't care if you call this underhanded I'll use whatever methods I can! That's right! Take the bait! While the baby is distracted by the character A pen, a pen! Where'd I put it? That damn Gohan-kun He found them first! Hold it, Gohan! Wait right there, you bastard! This way, Gohan-kun! Your autograph, please! Oga Explosive Uppercut! Oga! What the hell have you done?! He was a fake.
The real one's chopsticks are red on the ends.
But his were yellow.
Man, he don't spare anyone.
Damn, I underestimated him.
I still have more plans Two fist croquette, please.
I'll have one.
Sure thing.
Here you go, fresh out of the fryer.
Hot! We'll wait for them to cool, so hold on a sec.
Hey, young lad.
That baby is so cute May I hold him for a moment? If you let me, then next, I'll hold you, my strapping young man Y-Y-Y-You'll hold me?! The previous two plans failed, but this one's foolproof! A dynamite body even better than Oga's wife, overflowing with maternal instinct! A baby can't help but be completely entranced! Ma'am! Furuichi-dono! Even though you have me, you would obsess over such an odd creature as this?! Stop, please! For god's sake please stop showing up out of the blue like that! And hey, that's rude calling her an odd creature! Then look at this! It's a delinquent dressed up like a lady! Too bad we were found out.
I guess we'll just crush everyone at once then! Since it has come to this, Furuichi-dono, enter my body once again! Comeback Salmon! What the Transfer.
We should be able to eat 'em soon.
Ah, well.
Hey, lady! Give us two that aren't just out of the fryer! Why me, too?! Now, let us return home, Furuichi-dono! Transfer! Whoa, there What the hell is this Remaining Balance: 0 yen I'm out of money.
Remaining Balance: 0 yen I've never been out of money my entire life.
Maybe I did use a little too much Allowance: 10,000,000 yen.
Maybe I did use a little too much Information Gathering: 10,000 yen.
Allowance: 10,000,000 yen.
The fees for the extras this episode: 300,000 yen.
Store Lady double: 30,000 yen.
Costume Character Setup: 4,200,000 yen.
Plus the pay for the performers inside: 250,000 yen.
The pay for the guy dressed up as a girl: 30,000 yen.
Cost of escape from deserted island: 5,000,000 yen.
Plus miscellaneous expenses: 180,000 yen.
Remaining Allowance: 0 yen Plus miscellaneous expenses: 180,000 yen.
Remaining Allowance: 0 yen Until I get my allowance next month I'm gonna have to get by with no money! This is all that damn Oga's fault Screw him! I'll never forgive this! Perfect timing.
You, go to Oga and Sorry about this, Himekawa-san, but can you pay up front? What did you say?! Well, I've been thinking a lot, see I really need to think more about compliance and risk management issues.
This is a dangerous bridge to cross, so considering the actuality of risk, a PDC cycle would I don't know what you're talking about! This is a dangerous bridge to cross, so considering the actuality of risk, a PDC cycle would I don't know what you're talking about! Well, not like I was planning on hiring you anyway! Crap Hey, you! Oh, Himekawa-san You, there! Go to Oga and Hell, no, man.
I'm so scared of the old lady at the shop that I can't buy from her anymore! What am I supposed to do for lunch until I graduate now? You're annoying.
Why don't you just order delivery? Sure thing.
Right after you hand me cash for it.
Sheesh, they're all such Hey, Hime-chan.
Whatcha doin' here? It's rare to see you alone.
Oh, shut up.
So, why do you guys follow an idiot like Kanzaki? It's a long story.
This isn't the place to tell you.
I've decided to stick with him, no matter what happens What about you, Natsume? A guy like you doesn't have to follow someone like Kanzaki For me, it's because I find it amusing.
I want to be wherever is most interesting to me.
Kanzaki-kun is really active, so it's fun.
Some extra activity, and you'll be more fun too, Hime-chan.
If there is ever a time you feel you've lost your way, you must ask your heart once more Now, Shiro-chan, we need to go buy that yogurty.
If there is ever a time you feel you've lost your way, you must ask your heart once more Now, Shiro-chan, we need to go buy that yogurty.
So, should I just go crush Oga myself, then? But, I don't have any money.
So for now I'll throw everything I got left at him! Even Oga wouldn't be able to Well, Oga's stomach is bearishly strong, after all I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.
Didn't you see? I was in big trouble! Here they come Okay.
If it hadn't been for them noticing this small difference This time, I'll get that baby! Explosive Uppercut! Hey, two cooled fist croquette, please.
I'll take one.
You two come every day.
Thanks a bunch.
These are cooled down.
T-This time I still got this left! That damn Oga We're gonna bust him up good! Don't feel you gotta hold back! We're all his victims! Who the hell are you?! Hey, you.
What the hell do you think you're trying to do on Ishiyama's turf? H-Himekawa! Crap What? You alone? Where's the posse you always have with you, huh? They run away, eh? Your pals all ditched you, huh? What a loser! How 'bout you join our team, Himekawa-san? Well, he can't do nothin' by himself.
That might be true.
But I'm not a member of the TKKH just from the power of money alone.
Why, you Take that! This is what you get for buttin' your head in where it don't belong! Die, all of you! Damn him You bastard This bazooka was for our anti-Oga plan, but too bad This is Oga's job It ain't my style, damn it! What was that? Yo.
You awake? Have a drink? I don't feel like drinkin' your backwash.
The vending machine broke, so two came out.
I was just gonna throw it out anyway.
This is why you weren't raised right Don't waste food, you! Oh, yeah? I think you'd make me a pretty nice trash bin.
This ain't bad.
See? Go buy me some every day.
How about you apologize for gettin' a big head, huh? Why don't we just find out who should be apologizin'? Oh, yeah?! Nothing's happened lately, you know? Well, as long as you can call picking up a baby Demon Lord, having a demon maidservent show up, and having a burly transference demon squat at my house "nothing".
Baby Beel, let's go buy one more croquette.
You guys are real gluttons! I don't like bein' in anyone's debt.
For you, penniless little fellow, a one year's supply of yogurty.
What the hell is this?! Kanzaki-kun, all of these have expiration dates a month from now, so please be careful.
Why, you Natsume, Shiroyama Do something! Let me outta here! Baby Beel's crying so loud at night, I can't sleep! Then we'll use a home remedy! Drink a glass of water while holding your nose! That's how to stop hiccups! On the next Beelzebub: I won't let you sleep tonight! Then should I go with the old standby of counting camel crickets jumping over a fence?! Camel crickets? Scary!