Beelzebub (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

A Disciple was Gained

What? Somethin' ain't right here.
Where's Mom? Shopping.
Oh? Even you're not looking so good, Hilda-chan.
Tatasumi, what have you done this time? Baby Beel looks seriously peeved.
Oh, shut it.
None of your business, lamebrain.
Your ever-so-kind sister is asking because she is worried about you! I know, I know! The ice cream bar is A little cat? What's with this guy? You picked him up? What, what? Huh? What? This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby.
However that baby is no ordinary baby.
It is a baby Demon Lord! A Disciple Was Gained Let me explain.
It all started on the way home from school today.
Ah, please don't come any closer with that kitty, okay? Uh, sure.
But, what are you doing under our table, big fella? And who are you? My name is Alaindelon.
I'll just be setting up a flashback now Righty then.
Pardon me.
Hey! Pardon me.
Hey! Off we go! Fujino's Meat Off we go! Fujino's Meat Lady, gimme a fist croquette! Fujino's Meat Fist Croquettes Lady, gimme a fist croquette! Here ya go! Thanks, as always.
Fist Croquettes Buying one, again? Is it really that tasty? What a stupid question.
Fujino's croquettes have been there for me ever since elementary school.
They're basically the taste I grew up with.
Oh, you want some too? Here.
Oh, a stray cat Looks like it's quite happy with its catch Cat I'll steal your very soul! Stop following me! I think I've heard this plot before.
Are you scared of cats? Yes-yes My head has been bitten countless times before That cat has become extremely attached to Oga-dono.
Please Don't come near me.
Of course, the Master is not amused.
Hilda-sama attempted to appease him, but Master A Demon Lord must grow into a person of great caliber.
If your ire is raised each time you lay eyes on that minor annoyance, you can never become a great Demon Lord.
Master! Anyway, here Hilda has made you croquettes instead! What? You're giving it to me? What is the meaning of this? You want to eat them? And that is what happened.
Whatever shall I do? I see Raising a kid is tough, that's for sure.
Don't just stand there chatting about it, do something! But I'm scared of cats, so Cats are so very fearsome! How the hell is that a cat?! This isn't funny anymore.
Listen up, Baby Beel.
This ain't about becoming a great Demon Lord or whatever It's just not manly, that's what! If you got somethin' you wanna say, then say it loud and clear! Uh, he's a baby, lamebrain.
Right? Anyway, Tatsumi, don't you even realize why Baby Beel's angry? Huh? How should I know? He's just fussy all of a sudden.
You're so dense.
He's jealous, got it? The green-eyed monster got 'im.
Aren't you Mr.
Popular? B-Beelze-sama! As you wish! Open, me! Letter of Challenge Ah, it came out! How useful! The whenever-wherever-whomever letter of challenge! Are you sure you don't want to stop them? Don't want any part of it.
Fightin' a cat! How childish! His weakness knows no bounds So pitiful I don't recall you asking permission to have a fight here From now on, please enjoy cat-language I don't recall you asking permission to have a fight here This here's our territory! Get out! They're totally scary! Master! Wait.
Be-san! Be-san = Baby Beel (presumably) Be-san! Be-san = Baby Beel (presumably) This will be like taking candy from a baby! Literally! It's a demon! A demon! That's the rampaging Ogre that even threatens meowing kittens! Eeek, beat it outta here! He's gonna eat us! Don't look into his eyes! Not in his eyes! Hey, good going there.
Very manly of you.
Let's go home.
Master, that was splendid earlier.
Now, I remade them, so Be-san, I can't compete with your manliness! Please allow me to study with you here! Thank you very much What's going on? Well, they seem to be communicating.
Master? So hot! What the hell did you put in these? The color and aroma of this "tabasco" product, resembles that of the blood from a live cockatrice, one of the master's favorites I used a good amount.
Baby Beel, don't! You're a man, right?! That wasn't any good? Oh, I see Like this, right? Well, I'm glad they get along now, but what the heck do they do everyday anyway? He has gained his first underling in the Human World, so the Master is surely pleased.
Underling, huh? Hey Tatsumi! What the hell is it now? What? A children's playcenter?! That's right.
A cat is fine, but he should make friends of kids his own age! I told you before, remember? At the children's playcenter there are plenty of kids Beel-chan's age! Can he even make friends? No backtalk! Stop lounging around at home and just go! Sheesh, fine I get it already! Tch.
Damn it.
Stay safe.
What, you're not coming? Wait, don't tell me you've got more soaps to watch Today is a recap episode, so there's no reason to watch.
That's not the reason Hilda-chan, we're going to practice making croquettes! Huh? Okay, coming! Crap, why's it always gotta be me? Shut the hell up, you two! This is no good What'll I do? Maybe I should help him No, but asking them to be his friends wouldn't Why is he here? Oh, it's you! Wait, this is risky! Oh, it's you! Oh, it's you! I'm in my different outfit, thankfully.
We met at the park before, right? Long time no see Still draggin' the kid with you, I see? We sure got it tough, don't we? This is great timing.
I brought him here and all, but I was thinking I wouldn't have anything to do.
H-He hasn't noticed? Let's chat.
H-He hasn't noticed? Let's chat.
Actually, he's a lot nicer than when we met at school.
Okay! You guys, get in there and play.
W-What's with the cat? Yeah, he's really gotten attached to me.
Baby Beel's taken a liking to him too.
They think we're a couple! C-Could this be considered a date? Hey, what about becoming friends? F-Friends? Friends, and from friends to How far beyond friends does he mean? Man, my mom keeps telling me to hurry up! What a nag.
Hurry up and what?! Get married, right? He's going so far! Things are progressing way too fast! I wish I'd studied Bessatsu Margaret and not just historical fiction! Hey, you okay? I am fine! Nothing is wrong! Be-san, go for it! But, it's all just so fast, you know Huh? What is? You know the becoming friends, and then taking it all the way That's what's so sudden, I guess All the way? Ah.
Well, I guess if there's a spark, it might last a lifetime But sure.
That'll probably happen.
I mean, I think I see a spark.
S-Sure, that's true.
He said we've got a spark! I mean, we're definitely talking friendly feelings here Or, wait Was that just a propo A pretty good combination, yeah.
Was that just a propo A pretty good combination, yeah.
sal! Hey, are you sure you're okay? I-I'm fine! Be-san! Be-san! Angry? Go for it, Be-san! It's fine! You don't have to be angry for me any more I I Be-san! If things keep going well R-Right! I have to make sure U-Uh, Oga-kun What is it? You have someone else you're raising the kid with, right? Ah Yeah, I do, I suppose.
What do you think of that person? What do I think? I think she's a demon.
I've heard that before Er, I mean Do you love her or not? Huh? I was just wondering if leaving him in her care is the right thing to do? I see.
I didn't realize you had such strong feelings.
For Baby Beel, that is.
Not just Kota You want to be Baby Beel's lifelong friend too? That saves me a lot of time.
Kota and Baby Beel Start off as friends Have a spark You were talking about them?! Huh? Well, duh.
What are you saying? Earlier there was this broad waving a wooden sword around that Baby Beel liked too I really do think women are better for Baby Beel, you know? Hmm, what was her name again? Let me think Ku Ku Ku I think you mean Kunieda! Oh, that's right! Kunieda, yup.
How'd you know that? Be-san! Hey Making an utter fool out of me! Ko-san, amazing! Ko-san = Kota (presumably) Baby Beel, you used that? Make a run for it! What the You make friends with Kota? I see.
It looks like that girl will be your lifelong friend too.
Now I can live in peace without my mom nagging me.
What's this? Some damn strays trying to show us, huh? Don't go putting on such a brave face in someone else's backyard! Ugh Playin' dead, playin' dead Who the hell are you? W-Who is he? He's not just some cat! He's a demon! A demon! He's gonna chomp us to death! Run away! I-I guess I'll let you live for now Be-san You and Ko-san were so cool back then! I think I'm going to try and make a friend for myself just like you two are! I am sorry for being so selfish as to beg your leave But, please Thank you so much! Bro, they were so scary! The real deal sure are different! Bro, they were so scary! The real deal sure are different! Knock on wood The real deal sure are different! Knock on wood Now, Master, eat up as much as you'd like.
I have plenty more.
Eww Money makes the world go round.
There is nothing that money can't buy.
That's not true! There is something money can't buy! Like Hilda-san's wonderful smile or Hilda-san's gigantic boobs! Fine, then we'll just test that theory.
I'm looking forward to next week.
Seriously, Himekawa-san? I should be looking forward to it, right? On the next Beelzebub: There was something money couldn't buy! Oh, sure! Just spoil it why don't you.