Beelzebub (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Love is a Hurricane

This isn't good.
The way Madame Aoi acts toward Oga Chiaki, what do you think? She's completely head-over-heels.
Losing her self-control like that You stupid, stupid, stupid-face! Don't tell me she's forgotten our vow? I feel a storm brewing.
This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby.
But this baby is no ordinary baby.
It is a baby Demon Lord! Love is a Hurricane! You You two-timing bastard! Huh? Don't play dumb, you philanderer! You've got Hilda-san, and at the same time you laid hands on the Queen! Idiot.
Don't take me down to your level.
Then what was that, huh? Didn't you see it? That Kuneida chick was seriously powerful! Baby Beel was even actually impressed for a change.
I'm totally confident he'd fall in love with her! I'm gonna shove this baby onto her if it's the last thing I do! Then I'll say, "See you later, alligator!" to this life I got now! That's some life-goal you got there Sheesh.
Who? What are you going to shove off, did you say? You forgot his milk again.
Madame Aoi! W-What? Answer me straaaaaaaight out.
What do you think of this Oga guy? T-Think? Nothing much.
You're lyin', ain't you? Haven't you been totally off in another world since yesterday? Please don't tell me You've actually fallen for him, for real?! O-Of course not! Well, I mean When he said that to me, I was really surprised And I don't actually think he's all that bad a guy And that baby is kinda cute, you know? Put a fork in 'er.
She's done.
B-B-B-But I can't just become a mother, right? I'm still in high school.
There's a proper order to these things.
Madame, don't tell me you forgot our vow, right? Acquire no man! Passed down for two generations, the tradition of the Red Tails When you get a boyfriend, you quit! That is the one-and-only rule which has kept the team together.
You won't be able to give orders to the lower-ranks like this.
That's why I told you It's not like that.
I can believe you, right? Yes.
I see A woman, is it? It is true that the master will take to anyone who is strong, be they man or woman.
Yup! I am surprised there was a human of such caliber still in this school.
I'd like to meet her once.
Now, now, Master You're spilling it.
Aww I want to be pampered, too! Who was that?! Don't break my mood! I spot me an Oga-Wife! Sure you wanna have happy family time in a place like this? You've let your guard down too much, Oga.
Ikari You've let your guard down too much, Oga.
Ikari M MK-5! They're so cruel, no one will even get near them! They're the guys you don't wanna get anywhere near! The group of five Major Mood-Killers, MK-5! Ishiyama ain't all about the TKKH, you know.
If you value the life of your wife and kid It's you who should value your life Tell me your name! Ikari Chato! Shimamura! Nakata! Bu! Nakata! Bu! I-Instant defeat! And what kind of a character introduction was that? Whoa, Oga's wife don't hold back! Y-You've got to be kiddin' me! Get with the mood! Ain't happening! The two of them seem more and more in sync.
Looks like Oga did in the MK-5! Seriously? Those guys should've read the mood! Oga again? What a little troublemaker he is! Madame Aoi! Cute W-Who is that woman? The woman took out most of 'em, right? Yeah They're one seriously strong husband and wife team.
Husband and wife?! What do you mean by husband and wife? I mean, that blond girly is Oga's wife.
Nice, huh? wait! It's Kunieda! So that's how it is Not once, but twice? Looks like we've got to do something.
So, Oga? How exactly are you going to shove Baby Beel off onto the Queen? It's true that Kunieda is strong, but she isn't evil.
Did you think Baby Beel would just take a liking to her on his own? Furuichi.
Men are all about guts! So basically you have no plan? Idiot! She's the Queen! The Queen! A Demon Lord is sure to fall for her, you betcha! It's a nickname, you know! Oga-chan! I hear you went a round with Kunieda? Over so fast? I wished I could have watched Whozat? You know, the guy that was with Kanzaki.
But you didn't actually decide the winner, right? She's pretty strong, yeah Oga Tatsumi! You're coming with us.
Hilda-san! Their leader just said something about Huh? I see.
You are Kunieda, yes? I could tell just at a glance.
S-She could tell? Don't tell me his wife knows about that! You definitely sound like you could do it.
No! Not at all! I mean, it wasn't like I was trying to Shall we dispense with the long-winded speeches? Let us get on with this, already.
It doesn't seem like talking's going to accomplish anything.
From above! You have excellent reaction time.
Shingetsu sword school, third style! Interesting! You should feel honored to have forced me to draw! She just barely dodged, from that position? She is strong.
But unfortunately, not at his level.
Madame Aoi! Nana-san and Chiaki-san have been They've been treated just now.
Who did this? Nene-san said she and Chiaki-san were gonna talk with Oga.
Hey, you here? Oga half-killed two of Kunieda's girls! You kiddin' me? He don't hold back, even 'gainst girls! Kunieda's seriously pissed! They're facing off on the roof! Oga Tatsumi I won't forgive you.
They say Oga and Kunieda's facin' off on the roof! I totally wanna watch, but the thunder's so scary, I can't go outside! Hey, you came to me? Better than I could ask for.
So? What won't you forgive me for? You're aiming for me, right? Then come to me first! Aiming? Oh, you knew? Then that simplifies things.
Anytime you're ready.
At a time like this, you still hide behind your baby? You fiend! What? You won't take him for free? What did you do? What did you do to them? For them to be so beat up Those two? I don't got any use for weaklings, see.
I just blew them away real quick like.
You villain! Nene-san, you're awake? I Baby Beel! Let go, you wicked cat! Uh Can we fight or something? It's not the time for that! Don't cry, Baby Beel! It's only a light cut! Hey! Wait! Don't cry, Baby Beel! What, not gonna? What was with him? The cat was cute.
Man Looks like he gave us the slip.
But He really didn't look like a bad guy.
Chiaki, you too? That's right.
Oga is the pinnacle of evil! Madame Aoi! Don't worry! She said she was going to get revenge for you! On the roof against Oga! This is bad If the two of them fight now, it'll go exactly as they planned it to! MK-5! Dead end.
You guys really do kill the mood.
Oga and Kunieda are facing off? Seriously?! Yup, sounds like it.
I head Oga beat some of Kunieda's girls to a pulp! Kunieda ain't gonna stand for that, no way.
Beat up? Crush each other, do it! And then we'll finish off whichever one's left! It's going great, isn't it, Miwa-san? Who'd have thought it? Rough her girls up a bit, and she plays right into our hands.
I can tell precisely what that woman is thinking.
Kunieda Aoi Suffering from having to fight the one she loves Savor it.
You're really perceptive noticing Queen Kunieda fell for Oga like that Who did you just call "Queen"? I said: Who did you just call "Queen"? Killing the mood as always, damn you! I apologize Miwa-san, sir! That's right.
There's no need for two Queens.
I see.
Miwa's the asshole who did this! Bingo.
I ain't gonna let you guys do Hold it! You aren't escaping.
Why? Why won't you attack? I don't know what you're thinking, but you haven't suffered near the pain those two did! Shingetsu sword school, first style! Rock Shatter! Chrysanthemum Cut! Madame Aoi! Sounds like it's over.
Time to finish up here too! I'm sorry, Madame Aoi I was always acting without your orders I figured as much.
I'll be up shortly.
What the hell are you doing? Well, you see You guys aren't fun at all.
Madame Aoi! You're mistaken! It wasn't Oga! This was a trap! The one who beat up Chiaki and me was Checkmate! Miwa! What is going on? It was all a trap to make you and Oga fight each other.
And thanks to that, you're barely standing That's dangerous, you know.
Could you beat me like you are now, I wonder? Do you have any idea how hard it was to sit back and take all that?! Get the hell outta my way.
Ah, that hit the spot.
Now then How are Oga-chan and the others doing? What have you done to me, you jackass! And what the hell? Seriously?! Weren't you all beat up like a second ago? Get with the mood already, jeez! We were about to have a battle to decide who's Queen! Don't you see how these things go?! Damn it all! I can't believe you! How dare you do this to my beautiful face! I am so going to Say what? Hey! What have you done to my girlish face?! Come on, people are still Shut up! Finally, peace and quiet.
Oh? Feeling better yourself, Baby Beel? Good.
I spilled a little blood for you, so no more crying, 'kay? Now then Let's continue where we left off.
I've lost.
Or, well That's not right.
I apologize.
What should I say? Oh? Then, here.
If I withstood your attacks, you'd agree to take him, right? Where'd that rule come from? Man, that was pretty tough.
I wasn't able to jump in before, but this is dangerous! Their misunderstanding is cleared up, and they're making up! The two of them'll get really close! Crap! Why is it always Oga who gets the chicks?! Indeed.
I'm highly disappointed in that man.
And I had thought his ruthlessness was his one redeeming value.
So he won't fight a woman, will he? Worthless piece of trash.
Um Were you behind me the whole time? Yes.
Your hushed whispers of "Yes, that's it! Do him harder!" stirred my heart.
Please don't! And that's that.
Hope you enjoy him.
W-Wait a second! Take him? But he's yours, right? He's not my kid, duh! I've just been forced to raise him, that's all.
Then the blond woman She's not your wife? Not even close.
Then who the hell is she? How should I put this She's a total demon.
A demon!? a devil woman! How much longer are you going to waste spouting nonsense? We're going home.
That woman will not become the parent.
But Now, Master, let's go home.
Hey! Hold it! Wait! Aren't you embarrassed? Forcing another person to care for your child If you have a problem with it, train yourself and come at me again.
So in the end, this time was no use either.
Don't worry, Furuichi.
I'm not giving up.
Wait a moment, Madame Aoi! What are you saying? Isn't it obvious? My head wasn't on straight and I ended up causing everyone trouble.
But, you don't have to quit Come on, Chiaki, say something! I like your new look! Chiaki! And besides, I've been thinking about it for a while.
It was about time to leave the Red Tails to you, Nene.
Madame Aoi! So don't be getting any strange thoughts! Next time we settle this! Madame Aoi! Every night, when the clock strikes 8, It's 8 o'clock! MK-5.
It ain't 8 yet! Well then, what is on next week's Beelzebub? Hello, I am Oga Tatsumi's father.
It's my first preview, so I'm a little nervous Ah yes, I suppose I don't have a name yet.
Even Furuichi's little sister, Honoka, has a name Oh right, next week's Beelzebub: Baby Beel's Assessment Test, and Hilda: Dear Great Demon Lord.
It's a two parter.
Please watch next week as well.
That's all, folks.
Stop right there!