Beelzebub (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

We Meet Again

Will you do it with me? What a strange fellow Well then, Kota I'm heading out now.
'Morning, Madame Aoi! Now, about this Oga Tatsumi and the trouble he's caused The second years Abe, Shimokawa, and the Sanada Brothers, plus the third years Kanzaki and Himekawa It seems he is so violent he defeated them all in one hit.
And for some strange reason, always on his back is a It matters not.
Anyone who might pose a threat to the women of Ishiyama I will bring the iron hammer down upon them! Your technique is impressive, as always! Just you wait, Oga Tatsumi! This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby.
But this baby is no ordinary baby.
It is a baby Demon Lord! We Met Again So? Tasty? You've quite gotten the hang of it.
That's excellent.
After getting shocked each time he cries because he's hungry, heck yeah I got the hang of it! And isn't this a woman's job, anyway? Oh? Men and women have equal rights in the human world.
I hear that men are now playing active roles in child-rearing.
That's out there! But this is my house! Oga-kun! Let's go to school togethers! What are you, 12?! Until now, you have been trying to push the master onto someone else, you fiend.
The master choosing you is proof of your strength.
You should take some pride in that.
Hurry ups! Shuddap! What're you on cloud nine for? Because the Queen has returned! Who? The Queen! Ishiyama's Queen! Queen? Hey, look What is it? Whoa! There are girls here! Hey, go try talkin' to 'em! No-no, you go.
No need to be shy! There's no need for you to be shy either! What, you scared? Say that again, punk! You wanna go, huh? Welcome back! That's She's back after conquering all the Ladies of North Kanto! Our Ishiyama's Queen! Queen Kunieda! Queen Aoi! And Nene-san looks even more gallant than before! Chiaki-san's just as cool as ever! Oga, look at this! Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! Thanks to Ishiyama's Queen returning It's like late sakura are blooming in this decrepit Ishiyama! You want some? Oga! Even after looking at that group of girls, you still don't understand the gravity of the situation? Well, I know there aren't many girls, but we're originally an integrated school, right? No one actually knew that! Most people totally thought this was an all-boys school! Seriously! It was cold Oh, so very cold My drab-gray colored high school life, surrounded by idiotic male delinquents But, now Things are going to be different! Say Oga Is it okay for me to fall in love? Ugh Ooh! My babe-sense is tingling! Here we go! That's Hold it, Furuichi! That quite large, solidly built body! That firm ass! What do you think of her? Furuichi-dono! There you are I was so lonely during the day not being able to see you, Furuichi-dono, so I've come to the school! What do you think of my school uniform? Anyway, the person at the pinnacle of all these girls, is Ishiyama's Queen Kunieda! Queen, huh? So, let's go! Let's check her out! Let's go now! Don't pull my hair, damn you! Furuichi-dono! Whoa.
What the hell is that? Ew Some old guy? Making the rounds so quick after your return? Get off yer high horse, girly! Put on a skirt, would ya? These boys are always so annoying Madame Aoi, tell 'im who's boss! Don't let them walk all over you! Ignore them.
They don't actually have the guts to do anything.
Now that pisses me off.
Leave this to me! It's Abe, the Killing Machine! What're you gonna kill? Today's prey is there! Whoops! I accidentally slipped! Chiaki, that's enough.
You're going to kill him.
Ooh, how scary.
I had heard that highly pressurized water blasts can even cut through metal, but actually seeing them in action is quite frightful, yes.
Oh! Good night.
Are they all like this? It's morning, though.
That's just harsh of you.
So, have you thought about my deal? What do you mean? You promised, remember? If I fought you and won, you'd go out with me.
Oh, yeah I think I did promise something like that.
That's the look I like.
You wanna do it with her, you gotta beat me first! Fine, but I'm not going to date you, got it? No need to worry about that, you freaky man! Nene, quit it! Come on.
I'll put you out in three seconds.
Good night! Then I'll do you in one! I told you to quit it.
Wait That's a wooden sword, right? And? You were saying something about, "if you beat me"? Uh, right Maybe another time Good night! Whoa How did she do that with a wooden sword? Where? Where is she? Where's Ishiyama's Queen? Someone Call an ambulance Scary Was there a fight? Hey, I need to feed Baby Beel soon It doesn't look like she's here.
On to the next! But I'm trying to tell you Mirror, mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in all the land of Ishiyama? Actually, it seems she's come back to school now.
Always breaking the mood, you are.
Who came back to the school? Right.
Ishiyama's Queen, Kunieda.
What did you say?! Let me ask you one more time Mirror, mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in all the land of Ishiyama? T-That would be you, Miwa-sama.
Well, it seems you finally went with the mood.
There isn't room for two Queens in this school! Listen.
I want you to keep tabs on this Kunieda Aoi person.
Report her every little activity! If you accept every challenge to a fight with you, there won't be any end to it! Yes'm.
We only have one enemy.
Tell me who it is.
Oga Tatsumi.
That's right! While we were gone, there have been 13 incidents at the school that sent more than 50 people to the hospital! Even though he's a first year, he's already taken on the second and even third years! That man's like some sort of demon! If things keep going like this, Ishiyama will be demolished.
I don't care about the boys, but in order to protect the girls from his poison claws We have to bring down the iron hammer on Oga Tatsumi! Right.
How fearful an opponent must this Oga Tatsumi be? I will definitely Where? Where's the Queen? Damn it, I can't find her! You call her Queen, but she's just a delinquent, right? Oh, no According to what I hear, she's the perfect woman! And she protects the girls of Ishiyama from the delinquents! So you're the first one she'd skewer, right? And the rumors are that she's stronger than Himekawa or Kanzaki.
A cold? Someone was sayin' stuff about me.
Anyway You get the picture, right? Yeah.
We can't let that Queen get the upper hand while she thinks we're gone.
Thwack her down hard.
Gotta keep the nails from poppin' up.
Kanzaki and Himekawa Weren't you two in the hospital? Money solved that.
Anyway, we have something to say to this lady here.
Oh, what? H-Hey You tell her.
Uh? Uh Uh You get the picture right? While we're gone W-While we're gone Good work in conquering North Kanto And Welcome back! What was that? Leave them alone.
Let's go.
I don't care about those small fry.
More importantly, where's Oga Tatsumi? Queen! We need to feed Baby Beel his milk! Hey Isn't that Hey! Where are you? Let's do it.
It's time to pay him back, huh? Where are you? Queen! After we heal up.
Right? Yes.
Anyway, how about a banana? Sure.
Queen! Where in the world could he Queen! Furichi-dono! Where are you? Madame Aoi, nothing is going to be settled at this rate.
Queen! Madame Aoi, nothing is going to be settled at this rate.
Let us Queen! Queen! Give me a break here, okay? What are you talking about, Oga? You want to meet the Queen, right? That's He's coming.
He came to us? You want to meet the Queen? I see.
After Kanzaki and Himekawa, I'm next, huh? You're underestimating me, Oga Tatsumi! Prepare yourself! Your evil ways end now! Could this be Kunieda Aoi? Ooh, nice! Navel exposure! Y-You're Oga Tatsumi? Yes.
And? Um I've totally seen him around before.
Look, over here! Whoa! The Rampaging Ogre and Queen Kunieda are going at it right off the bat! Seriously? Which one of 'em will win? What'll I do? Thankfully, he doesn't seem to have realized yet.
Anyway, I'll just pretend like I've never met him before Could it be He noticed? Uh He definitely knows! That kid has noticed something! My imagination? I knew it, he noticed! No? He totally noticed! No? Which one is it? Oga! What is it now?! What? Look! The two behind her are serious keepers as well! Can I go home now? Come on, man! Why you gotta be like this? The Queen called your name herself! Well, it sounded like she's picking a fight.
But, he's in high school.
And wait, is the kid from some relationship? He takes care of him, even taking him to school.
Is he really such a bad person? Hey-hey! What're you doing? Arranged marriage? You ain't scared, right? You're called the Queen, but in the end you're just a woman! Is that all you got, Kunieda? Madame Aoi? Put down the baby.
You can't fight seriously that way, right? Whoa, hold it She cut that with a wooden sword? Baby Beel? And isn't this a woman's job, anyway? The master choosing you is proof of your strength.
Oga? Come at me.
I'll fight you like this.
H-Hey! Oga Tatsumi Using a baby as a shield.
You really are a total bastard.
Or is it that you are underestimating me, perhaps? He dodged! Even at this distance? Not bad.
But, this will end it.
Yes Here it comes.
Shingetsu sword school, second style.
Its name is Countless Petals Scattering Sakura Blossoms! Oga! You've got to be kidding me Scary! What are you, Hilda? He dodged them all! Both of them are amazing Now look what you did to the school building Uh, you're not one to talk.
Oh, right! You like her, huh? Okay, righty then.
She's a woman, and she's strong too! Hold up a sec What power! He's going to kill me! Madame! If you're going to do it, get it over with Take this baby and be its mother, please? Huh? W-W-W-W-What are you saying? You're kidding, right? Y-You big fat idiot! I don't even wanna fight anymore! I'll let you off for now.
You stupid stupid-face, Oga! See you later, 'kay? Ah Oy! A oi? Aoi? Don't just call me by my first name like that! You stupid jerk! You stupid, stupid, stupid jerk! Madame, wait! Please wait, Madame Aoi! What was that? I was searching for you, Furuichi-dono! When did you Stay off of me! That guy's the worst Using such cheap tactics.
It's so obvious he was just trying to get to you.
Isn't that right, Chiaki? Madame Aoi Please, don't fall for such dirty tricks, okay? Madame? I wonder if he's divorced? M-Madame Aoi!? I see So Kunieda Aoi has such a crucial weak-point Then it's finally our turn, yes? I'm counting on you.
We will definitely take down Ishiyama's Queen, Kunieda Who did you call the Queen? Next time, read the mood, okay? Damn it all! Why is that bastard Oga so popular? He lives under the same roof as Hilda-san, and now he's even being crushed on by the Queen! W-When did I have a crush, huh? Anyway, it seems like a bunch of people who don't read the mood have started something.
I feel a storm coming On the next Beelzebub: Love is a Hurricane! Anyway, are you sure this is gonna be okay? This is seeming less and less like an academy just full of delinquents.
W-We aren't all bad apples!