Beelzebub (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

The Demon Lord makes his Park Debut

Keep yer paws offa my get-well basket, four-eyes.
What? How could you be so stingy Kanzaki Hajime Himekawa Tatsuya What? How could you be so stingy You could at least spare me a banana.
Kanzaki Hajime Himekawa Tatsuya Huh? As if Kanzaki Hajime Himekawa Tatsuya I'll crack your friggin' skull open, baldy.
Kanzaki Hajime Himekawa Tatsuya I'll crack your friggin' skull open, baldy.
I'm not bald.
Look at my lovely do, buddy.
Yeah, I am.
And a Duck's Ass ain't somethin' you wear in a hospital, idiot.
Don't you have any common sense? How much? I asked you how much for you to give me a banana.
Huh?! That's extortion! Hell, no! Shut it! The son of a company president ain't got no right to complain! And why are we in the same hospital room anyway? Oh, my And why are we in the same hospital room anyway? And why are we in the same hospital room anyway? Kunieda? That woman's back? Yes.
She finished her takeover of North Kanto yesterday.
I hear she's even more powerful than ever.
It's just a gaggle of girls in the end.
She ain't takin' Ishiyama.
Now, now Kunieda is no easy pickings.
She's strong and has deep support.
She had the charisma to unify all the girls at Ishiyama when she was just a first-year.
You got a point.
If it got serious, you couldn't beat her.
Huh? Did you forget the time you got beat yourself? I know about that.
That's just because I'm a feminist.
I can't fight seriously against women.
The rumors all say you got your ass handed to you.
Oh, yeah? Yeah! Anyway, leaving that aside It doesn't seem like Toujou's group has any interest in uniting Ishiyama at the moment.
I guess we're in good little Oga-chan's hands for now Screw that! Anyone but that first year punk-ass I'll heal! I'll heal in 3 days! Hey, you two! Fighting again? I told you to quit it! This is gonna be fun.
Natsume You're such a This is a story of a high school juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a baby.
But this baby is no ordinary baby.
It is a baby Demon Lord! Even The Demon Lord Makes his Park Debut Look at me! It's Grampa! Peek-a-boo! Beel-chan doesn't smile that much.
After staring at Tatsumi's face all the time, his grumpiness must be contagious.
Would you quit it? What am I gonna do about this? It's even gotten bigger Actually, you don't smile much either, Hilda-chan.
Is that so? If that's the way it's going to be, I'll show you what it means to be a man! Look at this, Beel-chan! This is a man's secret weapon, the sliding grovel! Oh, I know! Why don't you take him for his Park Debut? Oh, that's a great idea! He should definitely make some friends about the same age.
Park debut? "Park Debut" It is when one first joins the community of children and their parents at the park.
And, if you screw it up you'll never live it down.
Swapping information, asking for advice Also, he can make friends near his own age! It's very important, you know.
Of course, thanks to you, my Park Debut was a giant failure.
Get it now? Ow! And you don't have any friends since you came from Macao alone, right, Hilda-chan? Go! Take Beel-chan to the park.
Ooh, sounds nice.
A Park Debut! Have fun.
Go! Shit What? Make your debut.
It seems this Park Debut is indispensable for the young master's development.
Take him, you bastard.
Hey, hold it right there.
Why won't you go? I Sister Sister? You have a sister? She made a play for her younger sister's husband But it turns out that he used to be her boyfriend, then the little sister realized, she might actually be in love with her half-brother You see I must watch this closely.
Starting at 1:30 PM.
A soap opera!? And? Why did you call me out here, exactly? Huh? 'Cause I felt like it.
You felt like what?! Why do I have to take a baby to the park with another guy in the middle of the day? I had to, okay? I gotta Park Debut him or somethin' Park Debut? Park Mothers Young mothers Another man's wife In the early afternoon Thank you, Oga! You are, and will always be, my friend! Now then, I have a rendezvous with a 17 year old high school mother who just might be a witch! Hey! God damn he's useless.
Baby Beel.
Yuuka, upsy-daisy! Baby Beel? Fine, if you insist.
Take this! Upsy-daisy! Crap! If he's more than 15 meters out, I'm a dead man! And that delinquent is always carrying around a baby Oh, yes! I've heard this as well.
For some reason, the baby's always naked, right? Naked? But, why? How should I know? Isn't that child abuse? It's been happening more and more lately.
Frankly, it frightens me Oh, look! Taking a walk again today, Aoi-chan? You're such a good girl Hello.
Who's that? She's the daughter of the temple priest in 5th block My, she's young Only 17 years old! I can't believe it! Honestly, young people these days I can hear you, damn it! Kouta isn't even my kid! He's my little brother! Um, just so you know, he's not What the A shooting star? That's A baby?! Outta my way! That was close.
I wasn't really thinking back there.
I was this close to 15 meters Upsy-Daisy's a game of life and death.
That's him! That's the delinquent the rumors are about.
The naked baby! It's child abuse, definitely! Better not get involved He totally just threw his baby.
This is my chance to make my Park Debut! I have to do something to make a good impression.
Baby Beel, smile.
Hello! Nice to meet you.
This little guy's Baby Beel Howdy.
Huh? That didn't work? W-Wait, could he be Maybe we need to be more friendly Baby Beel, smile more.
What lovely weather we're having today! Huh, that's odd.
H-Hey Please, do it with me! Uh Was I just confessed to? But, I can't just, like that He looks serious The kid's totally glarin' at me! Um I don't really know anything about you Yeah.
And I don't know much about you.
That's the point.
You know, the Park Debut thing.
Park Debut? Park Debut.
"Do it with me?" Was that what you meant? What else would it mean? What a jerk You can't have a Park Debut like that! But I don't know what I should do! Idiot! Don't go thinking a Park Debut is so easy! It's not something a novice should approach lightly! So, you've done it? The Park Debut thing Me? I was planning to today.
Sure, I'll go along with you! You and me.
Oh, that'll really help me out! Sorry 'bout this.
I can't tell him that I never actually spoke with anybody yet But Maybe I'll try using these notes.
We'll start with the introduction.
Or not.
Casually bring up some mutual topic of conversation, like baby supplies.
All I have are these diapers and the pacifier.
Oh? That's all? Well, if that's all, it'll do.
W-What brand are those? Daipies.
The ones called the mystical diapers?! We can do this! Did you just say those are the "Diapies" everyone is talking about? Wow! Amazing! Daipies? No way! Amazing! Where did you buy them from? All right! They're totally hooked in! You see, at the drug store in front of the train station these bank robbers happened by After I put 'em all down, the manager there gave me a life-time supply.
Robbers? All of them? Put them down? Um, next Get the children to play together with a toy.
Toy? I didn't bring any.
I didn't bring one either.
I guess that one won't work.
Are we having a quandary Monsieur et Mademoiselle? What the hell are you here for? It is only chivalrous for a gentleman to help those in need.
Uh, that's not what I meant.
Who is he? He's You know That.
Baby Beel's I am related to the child, and my name is Alaindelon.
At your service.
Um At your service, too? Now, please use this toy, if you'd like.
Thank you very much.
Wait, did he have a toy? If you'd like, why don't we let them play with this toy together? What is with these weird people? Sorry.
It doesn't look like anything worked Aren't we forgetting something more important than toys? But We just met, and I don't know much about you at all Um, I There! Baby Beel! Yeah, that's the way, Baby Beel! W-What are you doing? You know the Park Debut match? I think you're confusing this with K-1 Hey, Kouta! Don't fight back! Do it, Baby Beel! Master! Kouta, you can do it! Baby Beel! Weak.
Ah When Master Beel isn't attached to Oga, he becomes so weak! It is unavoidable, I'm afraid.
Don't just blab on like it's not your problem! Don't cry, Baby Beel! What's this? I sense that Furuichi-dono is in trouble elsewhere! It is only chivalrous for a gentleman to help those in need.
If you'll excuse me! Hold it right there, big guy! I almost forgot, Oga-dono Here.
Now, squeeze this part Nice and tight Nice and tight.
if you do that it'll explode, so be careful.
That bastard Huh? Baby Beel? Kouta? Crap! You! Search over there! Right! Man, where the hell did he go? Getting colder.
Oga-dono, that is the way.
a candle flickering in the wind! Shut the hell up! T-There you are! What the hell have you been doing? Makin' me worried like that Did you find them? Oh He's not really such a bad guy.
Officer, he's over there! This way! Hurry up! Aoi-chan, are you okay? H-Hold it That's him over there! A big guy that was with him just split open! A strange doll tried to eat my baby alive! Really? I think your eyes must have been playing tricks on you Of course not! I'll sue you for dereliction of duty! Anyway, there's clear evidence of child abuse right in front of you! Crap, I don't get this I wanted to get home early and get to my video games A perfect 10! This is my lucky day! Sometimes this thankless job has its perks.
Goin' along with those old broads ain't so bad! He's alone? That "big guy" they mentioned don't seem to be around, lucky me.
You there, is it true that you scared those women over there with something? And they also said something about child abuse? Now that I look at him, he's not wearing anything Oh, yeah? Don't screw with me, buddy.
If anything, I'm the one bein' abused by him! Damn it, what's the punk starin' right at me for? All these damn delinquents in town Let me teach you a thing or two about being polite.
I'd like you to come to the station for now.
W-Wait, please! Without any proof Hey, why are you covering for him? I see.
So that's it.
You're the same as him.
Ah, there goes my fantasy I had hoped you'd be a better girl than that.
Oh, yeah? Man, you human trash just go stickin' together so soon How old are you? You should really get better taste in guys.
Goin' out with a guy like this is a total waste! Delinquents like him are society's trash, and they always will be! And anyway, he's got a bastard kid already! If you brats keep raising more brats, the country's in big trouble! That's my line! You bastard! You think you'll get away with that? That's a serious crime! Assaulting a police officer! I'll throw you in the slammer! I'll lock you up and throw away the key! Hey, look what we got here! W-What are you gonna do? Let me down! I was also thinking about slamming you into something.
Gotta throw out the trash! Laters! He ran away! Get back here! Why, you He stopped me from hitting him? It couldn't be Let's go home, Kouta.
I forgot to ask him his name Yo Yo Welcome home, Madame Aoi.
I have returned.
You went to the park in that outfit again? Kunieda I have no choice.
You can't have the leader of the Red Tails, Kunieda I have no choice.
You can't have the leader of the Red Tails, the strongest ladies of Kantou, seen carrying around a child.
As expected of you, Madame.
Madame, it is time for the general meeting.
I'm coming now.
Violent Anger Empress Lapis Kunieda Aoi Ishiyama's Queen has returned! And I hear she's a real beauty! Queen? You mean Ishiyama wasn't an all-boys school? Oga Tatsumi, prepare yourself.
Your evil ways end here! It's Queen Kunieda! Ooh, Baby Beel likes her! Okay, then! She's your new mother, starting today! On the next Beelzebub: We met again.
Huh? You mean we met somewhere before?