Beelzebub (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

I Became a Gang Leader with a Child

Once upon a time, there was a barbaric, ruthless, defiant, demon-like bastard who thought nothing of his fellow man.
Let's begin.
What the hell is Oga doing? Who cares? This is our chance! Oga punch.
Come here, Baby Beel.
Now, Baby Beel Which one do you like? Figures.
What do you mean? Then This side? Or this side? Which do you like? This baby only likes things that no normal kid would like! Looks like he's into them.
I'll leave the rest to you.
Wait! This is the story of a juvenile delinquent who, through some strange circumstances, is raising a child.
But this is no ordinary baby It is a baby Demon Lord! Say Hi to the BoB Brawler! My body's not gonna hold up at this rate.
Why are you bringing him to school anyway? Shouldn't you just leave him at home? My place is off limits It's been taken over by a demon.
And there's no escaping him.
Huh? My place is even more off limits! The day before yesterday you half destroyed it! Just listen, Furuichi! Starting today, this baby and I will be living here in your care.
My name is Hildegarde.
Please think of me as your new daughter.
Whoa! Hold it there! Don't you think people might take that the wrong way? Is there some problem? Hell yeah there's a problem! Everyone's already frozen in shock! However, I heard that was customary in this country Says who, damn it? Your assumptions are all wrong! This country? She's from overseas? Tatsumi brought a girl home with him? And she's a blond beauty, to boot! Her boobs are huge! But wait, what is the baby doing I told you already! I haven't accepted that I'm the father yet! Father? Even after all that you did He did what?! He did it It was amazing He did it It was amazing What?! Tatsumi! A punk like you doing those kinds of things to a beauty like her And you still refuse to accept her even after you got a kid?! W-Wait, that's not it What's not it? Look at that kid! He's yours, now matter how you look at it! He's got your eyes! He ain't got nothin'! Are you blind? Yes! He's the spitting image.
Let me see here Oh, and such a daring little boy He makes me remember when you were little, Tatsumi.
What country are you from? I'm from Makai (Demon World).
Macao? Wow, your Japanese is really good.
I do so apologize! I will make sure he takes responsibility and raises him! Hey! Show some damn respect! I thank you so much for joining our family Whoa Dad did a sliding grovel He's had lots of practice.
No, it is I who should be thanking you.
Please, call me Hilda.
And that's how it was.
H-Hold it a sec.
So you're living under the same roof? With that goth-loli busty babe? What the heck? What kind of romantic comedy setup is this? Why is it only you, when it's my house that's half destroyed?! That's what's eating you? That's what's important! My life's on the line here! This ain't some pleasure cruise! Your life? That's enough, damn you! How dare you confuse my family like that! You seriously plan on living here? What the hell? There's nothing to be done about it.
The Master chose you, after all.
Also, dinner was delicious.
Stop making yourselves so damn at home! However, if I take the Master and leave, it will be you who is in danger.
Why's that? The Master requests that you carry him.
Get offa me! Such insolence How dare you! If he is separated from you, the Master throws a tantrum.
The shock wave from the Master's crying contains considerable destructive power.
A precaution.
When the Master gets 15 meters away, you should be warned that the electric waves from his voice rise to a fatal level.
That's seriously dangerous! And that's how it was.
Anyway, Oga Where did Hilda-san sleep last night? Furuichi, you idiot! But Whoa, you kiddin' me? He's really got a kid with 'im.
What a piece a work! See, what'd I tell ya? If we're gonna get Oga, now's the time.
This distance 13, no wait, 14.
5 meters! Oga-kun, ya gotta be more careful.
This distance 13, no wait, 14.
5 meters! You have to watch the baby real close or else Don't move! Don't move a step farther away! You move, and I kill you! How many meters do I got, damn it? Hey look Oga's breaking into a sweat.
Still scary as heck though.
Move it, chumps! You guys are It's the Twin-Headed Dragon of Ishiyama, the Sanada Brothers! We'll be the ones to do in Oga! Who? Idiot! Those are the second years Hey, now! No running away.
It's Abe, the Killing Machine! Oh, you did a good number on me before.
Hey, don't go forgetting me.
Even Good Night Shimokawa! What the All the leaders of the second year are here! Oga, this is lookin' dicey.
What a pain Hey, you jerks! Stick closer! Right! I'm headin' out! Have a nice day! Get over here, you! You chicken? Come here! Oh, yeah? Oga "barely 15 meters" punch! Hey? Not bad, rookie.
I'll saw you completely in half! With my secret technique, the Texas Chainsaw! Die! Then I'll use Ground pound! Punch! A two-fer! Uh, we're sor Daddy's home! Welcome back! Next time you make off alone like that I'll stomp you flat! God damn it.
Oh, you're home Tatsumi? We already started eating.
Welcome home, Dear.
Why are you all calmly sitting around the dinner table? Don't chow down on curry like we're one happy family, damn it! Hilda-san made this curry! We've got dinner for you too, Beel-chan.
She's even good at cooking She's totally wasted on you, Tatsumi.
She's a de-mon! Yes, that's right.
She's the one to be your wife Let me fill you up, Father.
By the way, when is the shiki? "Shiki" = Ceremony By the way, when is the shiki? Shiki? Are you sure you want to know? "Shiki" = Time of Death Shiki? Are you sure you want to know? Whoa, whoa, hold it! Tatsumi, don't be so cross.
How about taking a bath first? I'll look after Beel-chan for you.
Do not worry.
It is 14 meters between the bathroom and the living room.
As long as you don't go beyond that line, you should be fine.
That's cutting it damn close Sheesh Ciao! What that hell are You forgot me already? I am the dimensional transference demon, Alaindelon.
That ain't what I asked! What are you doing in here? I was asked by Hilda-sama To report the current distance between you and the Master.
Ooh 14.
3 meters Oh, oh! 14.
5 meters! How am I supposed to relax in the bath like this? Finally asleep That is how it seems.
You're still here? What are you doing here? He was loitering around in front of the house, so I transfered him.
I was worried about you, see Are you really okay living under the same roof as Hilda-san? Be quiet! You will wake the Master.
When you look at him like this, he really doesn't look like a baby Demon Lord.
No need to worry.
As he grows up, he will gain the power to destroy humanity.
Oh, I'm worried all right.
Wait, so does that mean like the future of humanity rests on your shoulders? Haha? Shut up! And hey, why does it have to be me? There's got to be plenty of other people out there.
Oh, I wouldn't say that.
As we discussed the other day, the Master is a Demon Lord, you see He only cares for those with great strength.
Well, I suppose I fit that Oh, that he likes.
And in addition to that, barbaric, ruthless, and defiant bastards who think nothing of their fellow man are perfect.
The stronger and more ruthless the person is, the more the Master takes a liking to them.
Wait! Then that means If I can find a person more brutal than me, then Baby Beel will get attached to him! I'll be free! Such idiots! My pitiful ones! I will scramble you good! Destruction! Total annihilation! He's kind of annoying Why does he only rant during our games? Oh, my bad.
I ain't slept for a week, so I'm kinda hopped up, ya know? I'm real sorry everybody! But you'll forgive me 'cause I'm the Great Demon Lord! Great Demon Lord Yo, wazzap.
How's the child rearin' coming? My son looking like he'll destroy humanity? Well, for the time being, this man has become Lord Beelze's father.
He's got a pretty barbaric face there.
Ooh, ron! I gots a three closed triples with straw dolls, 5 nails, and hammers! Oh, yes My son's favorite toy.
I totally forgot to hand it over.
Can you send it DeadEx? Where Where is he Where's a bastard that's stronger and more brutal than me? Is it you?! No way, man! How 'bout you? You bad? N-Not at all, dude! Look at that! It's the Rampaging Ogre! No! I mean, on top of him! Ewwww! Something smells He didn't.
That ain't somethin' you do on people's heads, god damn it! Hilda-san! What brings you here? I received an express delivery from the Demon World, and have brought it immediately to give to the Master.
Where is Oga Tatsumi? Oga's off searching for someone strong.
That man has a hard time giving up.
Hey, girly How'd you like to go a round with me? Who the hell are you? I say, Good Night to those eyes of yours Good Night! What was that? Too strong! That one's brutal! There's someone strong over there? Oga Tatsumi So that's where you were.
What the hell is this all about? Well You've decided to take him and leave, right? Wait a second! Don't cry! Don't do it! It sure makes an awful racket.
What nonsense.
It's a lovely sound that pleases the Master.
Anyway, have you found someone stronger and more brutal than you? No, not yet.
Isn't there some Great Demon Lord that rules this god-forsaken place? That's it! If you're talking about the Lord of a school, then you mean the Principal! I see! I suppose you could think that way.
I dunno what the guy's like, but if he's the Principal of the worst school in the country, he's gotta be strong! I'm sure that Baby Beel will take to him! In here Who knows how frightful this Principal will be? Here I go, Furuichi You're the Principal? Yeah, in a way, you gotta have balls to be the Principal of this school wearing that What is it now? The Master is hungry.
I believe I prepared lunch for him.
Where is it? It was in the classroom you destroyed! You left it there? Hold it! This is where you nurse him with those The Master prefers the milk from the nine-headed King Hydra, who took the lives of 6.
6 million residents of the Demon World.
Yeah, I don't got that.
The closest thing in the human world would be Move it.
The Milk Cow's milk? The Milk The Milk I gots it! Hold it, you! Listen up, Baby Beel.
A man can't go crying so easily.
Plus, you're a Demon Lord! No, not "da".
Do you really understand? The tougher it gets, the less a man should cry.
Do you know why? Because tears wash away the pain and suffering.
But those emotions become weapons when you truly need them.
So that's why you can't just go off like that.
When you want to cry, laugh it off! That's what being a man is, got it? Baby Beel! We gots yer kid! Why, you If he gets more than 15 meters away, I'm dead meat! No way! We're going 50 kilometers an hour! This guy's unreal! Don't cry! You have 3 meters! What are you doing here? Please, use me! Now! What the Dude, the big guy's messed up Pop! Pop? Nice one.
Seems like you didn't cry.
Oga, you bastard We won't forgive you! Here we go! Demon Lord Punch! Let's go home.
I am so gonna stick him with someone else! He's still got a lot to learn.
Damn it all I'm stuck with him.
What's so bad about it? You get to live together with Hilda! I wanna live with Hilda! If you are really so envious about that, I'll think about it.
Really, Hilda-san? Next time on Beelzebub: "Are there any strong, ruthless bastards around here?" Are you talking about me? Who?