Beelzebub (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Are There Any Strong, Ruthless Bastards Around?

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a barbaric, ruthless, defiant, demon-like bastard who thought nothing of his fellow man.
Crap, you're growing by the day What? You're hungry? Damn, not again I'm sorry, Sir! But you can't bring that Demon Lord in here What? You're kiddin' me No.
I'm not.
Please Anything but that Demon Lord Here, too? What? A Demon Lord? Not a chance He'll scare aware all my customers! Oh, yeah?! What's that noise? W-What's that? It's an earthquake! Watch out! Run for it! Hey, what about his grub? Hey! Wait, damn it! Wait! Totally wiped out! Phew, a dream Or wait, a premonition of the future? I gotta do something, and quick! I'm dumping this little guy onto some barbaric, ruthless, defiant bastard, who thinks nothing of his fellow man! This is a tale of a delinquent high-school student who, through some strange circumstance, is raising a child.
However that baby is not a normal baby, but in fact a baby Demon Lord! Are there any strong, ruthless bastards around here? Look here.
Did you really understand all that? Yeah Feed him five times a day, right? This is 3 portions worth.
Don't forget it.
Milk those udders of yours? It is powdered milk suitable for royalty.
So your boobs are all dried up? Listen up.
The milk should be the temperature of the underarm of a wyvern that lives on Midloche lake in the Demon World.
How the hell should I know that? Oh? Then perhaps I should come with you? Idiot.
Just leave it to me.
I'll trust you at your word.
Powdered milk? I can handle that no sweat.
Ain't that right, Baby Beel? If you're hungry, just say so! Here.
Taste good? What is that? Drinking milk on the ground like that? That's just unheard of Well, excuse me.
Damn, you sure wasted a bunch of my time here.
Now then, off we go! Listening? No more crying, 'kay? Maybe I should ask Are you okay there? Okay? Do I look okay? No, you don't.
Hilda said 5 times a day was enough, but it's not even close! What are you doing? Looking for Baby Beel's food Gone! What? I'm tellin' you! It's the powered milk for royalty! Don't cry! Hey! I'm gonna search for milk! Rock Baby Beel in your arms for me! In my arms? But I've never looked after a baby before Looky! Doodleoodledoo, and to you! How was that? Why are you here? About that Have a listen.
So you see, starting today, I will be living here in your care.
My name is Bathym de Alaindelon.
Please think of me as your new son.
Wha? Hold it! You just showed up out of the blue What do you mean "so you see"? Even after all that you did, you're still You did? Did that? Did what? That's totally not it! Stop imagining something so horrid! No, you see I must find a home to take me in like Hilda-sama did.
Although I am greatly concerned about living in the same house as them.
So, when I thought to myself I should borrow someone's house, I then chose my mark Your mark? I felt it the other day when you were inside of me.
You are a man with a hot, burning passion! Yes! If it is him, I can give myself to him completely! Felt inside of him? Burning passion? Nooo! Takayuki, explain what's going on! Son, you disappoint me! Head upstairs now, Dear.
Aww I wanna hear more! It's funny.
What a lovely family you have! This is no time for laughter! And, well, that happened, see.
Shit! I totally dropped them or left them somewhere! At least pretend to listen.
Whatever! What am I gonna do about the milk? Oh, this will not do.
How about I, Alaindelon, be of assistance! As if! Oh? You are going to take up the challenge yourself, Furuichi-sama? Here, yes? Or perhaps here? Maybe here? Why isn't Hilda-san here when we need her? I really don't feel right here in the Human World.
I hate how stiff my shoulders get.
Hang in there for a little bit longer! I'm sure the vending machines had The vending machine corner Please let there be normal milk Yummer's Milk Bingo! Sold Out There's got to got to be something instead of milk! Coffee? Fruit drinks? Lamune? Green juice? Green juice! How about that, Baby Beel? Ack! Don't cry! Don't cry! Something else kinda like milk Something milk-ish What's with you? Oh, sorry.
It's an emergency.
Emergency my ass! There ain't none for you, punk! I said it was an emergency! All set? What? You want more? I gotta do something quick, or it's not just my body, but my wallet that'll be in trouble.
Oh, you've done it now, buddy.
Buyin' out Kanzaki-san's yogurt like that? You won't walk away with just a couple of bruises this time, idiot.
You know how many people Kanzaki's kicks have put in the hospital by now? And there were guys who had their face bones so shattered they came out lookin' like an entirely different dude.
If there's a guy more barbaric than me who Baby Beel can get attached to, then I'm free! Would you tell me where I can meet this Kanzaki-kun fellow? So, you guys were easily shaken down by this Oga fellow? It wasn't that simple He's a damn monster! He can run faster than 50 km/h! And he's friends with this weird big dude.
Plus, he's got one scary chick with him.
Enough, I understand.
Then We can go now, right? You second years are all worthless cowards! He's strong Yup, he's a third year He's worse than Oga Good night Oga, huh? Huh? Look at that! W-Why is that guy here? He's a first year, right? N-No way He's on a roll after wiping out the second years and come to beat the crap out of the third year class? That ain't good, man! Idiot! Does he think the third years will let that stand? He's comin' this way! Crap! Don't make eye contact.
Hey, there! Sorry 'bout this Yes? Where's the class with this Kazaki person? I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Sorry! Are you sure about this, Kanzaki-san? About what? This first year kid, Oga, has been goin' around askin' who the strongest is in the school, or so I hear.
I think maybe it's best to crush him quickly, or else Amazing A drop kick? On that giant Shiroyama-san? He's strong He's way too strong! Good night Look, Shiroyama.
You think I'll lose to some first year? That's right, Shiro-chan.
Natsume Kanzaki-kun isn't going to lose.
You know that.
And there ain't anyone that'll challenge him in the first place.
Now then, I have to clean up the trash first.
Just one kick And we're all Whoa Goodnight.
There you go again, Kanzaki-kun.
And anyone who picks a fight with Kanzaki-kun picks a fight with the bulk of the third years, you know.
Only a completely hopeless fool would do that.
Even in this school, no one is that Howdy there! Even in this school, no one is that Is Kanzaki-kun here? I stand corrected.
He's the one the rumors Oga? Why is he here? This is Kanzaki-kun's class, right? I got the wrong room? That's Kanzaki"-san" to you, little first year.
Oh, so you're Kanazaki-kun? I mean -san? Yes.
Jackpot! Just look how evil and dangerous this guy is! I bet this guy He's fricken smilin' His expression is creepin' me out That's some confidence he has.
Kanzaki-san, this bastard cut in line for the vending machines! Of your favorite, "Yogurty"! He bought all of them! That's some guts you got.
You tryin' to piss us off or what? "I have no use for small-fry like you.
Beat it," he said.
Say what? You little Shiroyama-san So you're Oga? I've heard the rumors.
What do you want with Kanzaki-san? What do I want? Well, I Wait.
How should I go about this? I can't just be all "Here, have this baby!" Em Here! Thank you! How should I do this? U-Uh I What are you blabbering on about? We apologize! We actually came to offer our services to Kanzaki-san, who is known for being so super strong! Right? What? Oh, don't mind him! What? Oh, don't mind him! Are you completely dense? Can't you sense how dangerous this is? We gotta at least say something like this for now! You want to offer your services to him? Really? Uh, well Sure, whatever.
Be polite! That is the case as it were! Work for Kanzaki-san? Yeah, he's powerful, but Can we trust him? And he calls that being polite? Interesting.
I always welcome the strong.
Yeah, that! Wait! We can't just believe him And besides, we can't know if he's really strong just from what those second years said.
Then you can prove it yourself, Shiroyama.
Proof? I have no need for someone not even strong enough to beat you.
There you have it.
You'll believe me if I beat you, then? What are you up to? I've crushed countless people like you! Punks who tried to get close to Kanzaki only to turn on him.
And you'll be no different! You'll be You be? Not a hint of holding back, as always.
One sharp punch to the jaw acted like a lever, using his forehead to send a shock to the brain.
He won't get up anytime soon.
And that proves it.
You really are strong.
Fine then.
Welcome to 3-A.
Please, wait! I can still fight! He's got some willpower I haven't lost yet As Kanzaki-san's bodyguard I-I'm Cool story, bro.
But I got no more use for you.
Beat it.
How cruel! They're on the same side! Ooh, nice! Eeeevil! K-Kanzaki-san He's hiding something.
I can tell He's dangerous! For you, Kanzaki-san, I'll do anything Oh? Can you stand? O-Of course! Good, looks like you can stand.
Now, jump out that window.
Everyone, give him a round of applause.
Applause! There you go.
Everyone's waiting, my pretentious pal Shiroyama-kun.
Come on That's just What's the matter? Can stand up but can't walk? I For you You're my personal guard.
Get to it.
I For you You're my personal guard.
Get to it.
Too bad, then.
Hey, Oga! I got you your first job.
Clean up the trash.
Don't you get it? I told you to throw this punk out the window.
No, it isn't you after all.
You, take a flying leap! Oga Vortex Punch! Hey, Oga Did I get 'im? How dare you Yeah, uh, you see I think his hand slipped, and You aren't getting away with this! Poor first year kid You can't dodge it.
Ah, yes.
You said to clean up the trash, right? Oga Hell Throw! Take a flying leap! Happy? Crap Another failed attempt to dump the baby My big chance, ruined again.
Well, it was for the best.
At least you didn't end up that guy's lackey.
This "yogurty" is quite exquisite! This is no time for taste tests! Oga-kun, huh? He seems more interesting than Kanzaki-kun.
However I can't think the third years will just stand by and let this go.
I wonder what they'll do? Baby Beel has been quite exited here It's milk time! God damn it! I'm gonna dump him on someone, somewhere, somehow! In life, there are three kinds of hills.
There's uphill, there's downhill And then there's over-the-hill! Good one.
Anyway, Baby Beel won't stop wetting the bed! On the next Beelzebub: There Is 1 Second Before the Demon Lord's Floods Burst Forth Guess I have to high-tail it to Macao.
You wouldn't! Come on