Beelzebub (2011) s01e52 Episode Script

And Then There Were No Delinquents

On that day, ominous, dark clouds descended since morning upon Ishiyama We're gonna be late if you don't hurry Master, the weather forecast said that today would be the coldest day this winter.
You will surely catch cold if you persist in wearing nothing at all! What's the big deal? Baby Beel doesn't like it.
Let him wear what he wants.
Master! Even on such a frigid day as this, your obsession with letting it all hang out is Understood! Hilda shall no longer stand in your way! At the time, we hadn't realized An incident so fearsome it would chill us to the very bone was awaiting us And the crucial role that Baby Beel's full frontal would play in it And Then There Were No Delinquents What the Why's it snowing out of the blue? Straw Hat Wearing Jizou Statues Hey, calm down, Baby Beel.
This ain't time to be makin' a snowman.
And wait, what month is it? Was it the season to be snowing like this? Now that you mention it, the morning news said something about Jack Frost or a Siberian front The Siberian Front? What territory are they from? Us Red Tails should already have control over north and south Kanto! Yeah, Siberia ain't in those.
We've got trouble, everyone! What is it, Madame? There's no one in the teacher's office And that's not all It looks like we're the only ones in St.
Ishiyama! Huh? Say what? Sounds like we've fallen into someone's trap.
Maybe it's that Jack Frost from the Siberian Front! I thought you said we were the only ones here I dunno who it is, but fine by me.
If they wanna fight, I'm game! Brother! Good mornin'! The weather report said that there'll be a violent, out-of-season snowstorm today, so St.
Ishiyama is having an emergency snow day.
We ain't heard 'bout that! Just like I thought They didn't bother to contact you guys, did they? We figured as much, so me and Kazu-kun came here to tell ya! What the hell is Saotome doing? He was going to train with Tojo and Izuma, or something Train? Come to school! You're the damn teacher! Sorry to have you come all the way here in this snowstorm.
Naw, it's okay.
But Don't look like we can go home now Hey you! Don't open that! God damn This is a pain in the ass.
I can't even get a helicopter to pick me up.
Good night! W-What was that? It came from the bathroom! T-This is Shimokawa He's had a number done on him What could this be? Goodnaito? You see this all the time in mystery novels It's one of those "dying messages"! Hey, isn't that spelled wrong? Oh, I know! The culprit must be Mr.
Naito! Naito? Was there a character named that? No.
And besides, in that case, the message would mean that Mr.
Naito was "good" Again?! This time, he's covered in udon What an incredibly thick udon noodle! What's the matter, Baby Beel? Shrimp tempura and wakame? W-Wait, could this be What is it, Kazu? This situation is exactly like what's described in the counting song, "100 Delinquents" which was passed down ever since St.
Ishiyama's founding Legendary counting song? How does the song go? out on cleaning duty! One of them was beat to a pulp, and then there were 99! wakame udon at the cafeteria! One of them was beat to a pulp, and then there were 98! the home-ec classroom after school! One of them was beat to a pulp, and then there were 97! to the nurse with the E-cup boobs! One of them was beat to a pulp, and then there were 96! Five of them were beat to a pulp, and then there were about 91! About 91? This counting song ain't exactly precise, is it? And hey, the tempura udon, E-cup boobs, and lavender are pointless, right? Everyone gets beat up anyway! That's right! Every delinquent is beat up! A long time ago, when this school still had delinquents, it's a song that was created by the original 6 Holy Knights.
The delinquents would hear the 6 Holy Knights sing this song and be scared stiff.
Ever since then, there has never been a single delinquent in our school! Which means the culprits are the 6 Holy Knights! I'll teach them Time to beat the crap outta 'em! Hold it.
We've already finished our fight with the 6 Holy Knights with volleyball.
I don't think they'd do something like this.
Then, could it be Behemoth's work again? Behemoth? Uh, he's From that Akumano Academy, see But those guys would do things in such a roundabout way Then, who could it be? It's obvious, right? Kanzaki, do you know who the culprit is? Yes.
The culprit is Jack Frost of the Siberian Front! Crazy! You're awesome, Kanzaki-senpai! Crazy, man! Who you gonna call? We figured it out, so now all we gotta do is find him and beat the crap outta him! Let's go, Shiroyama! R-Right! Wait! It's dangerous to split up from each other! There they went So, is this Siberian Front powerful? I'm telling you, you got the wrong idea! A Siberian front isn't the name of some gang! It means cold air that's come down from Siberia! It's talking about the weather! Kanzaki! That's one big yogurty! This is A special, limited time only Hokkaido Furano, lavender flavor the home-ec classroom after school! One of them was beat to a pulp, and then there were 97! Shiroyama If it follows the song, then next is the school clinic! Love Letter: I've always loved you! to the nurse with the E-cup boobs! Love Letter: I've always loved you! to the nurse with the E-cup boobs! One of them was beat to a pulp, and then there were 96! Cruel.
That's a big love letter Why? Furuichi Why couldn't you have been the one to go instead? Letters slathered all over your naked body If someone's gotta be attacked like this, I'd much rather it be a girl than some shabby guy! Shut the hell up! Well, it's followed the song so far What was the next verse? and then there were about 91! So that's Save us! We haven't done anything! Why do we have to get beat up? Why?! We're screwed! MK5 - Beaten to a pulp We're screwed! We're screwed! Seems like we're up against someone serious.
We can't just sit here, doing nothing.
Well, duh.
We're gonna find this guy and beat him up.
Wait! This enemy isn't going to show themselves if you go.
Then what? We need a decoy.
A decoy? That's right.
Someone will be a decoy, and act just like the counting song.
Then we'll catch who attacks him and beat them up.
Who will be the decoy? Furuichi! Me? It'll be easy for the guy to let down his guard and attack Furuichi.
No way! Not a chance! Why do I have to be the decoy? What's the next verse of the counting song? the girls' locker room, put on tendo equipment, and blew into a recorder.
Leave this to me! Just as long as the recorder I use is Kunieda-senpai's! Saw it comin'! Please, use this.
Oh, thanks Azusa-chan! On Back: Yamamura Kazuya I'll be gentle with it.
On Back: Yamamura Kazuya On Back: Yamamura Kazuya But will the enemy really come? Whatever, just shut up and wait.
When the culprit appears, we'll all jump out and grab 'em.
Wait, is this okay, Furuichi? Wearing the girls' kendo equipment, and blowing a recorder? What ever happened to human dignity? No This is to lure out the enemy! Here I go! Wait If I take off the mask Hey, Strategist! That's Kazu-kun's, you know.
Looks like they didn't show after all.
Furuichi must have been too creepy for him! Where's Himekawa? Himekawa, what are you doing? Your plan failed That's a big recorder! What? We were watching Furuichi here the whole time No one got anywhere near Himekawa's locker That's it! The Strategist has had an epiphany! I have completely solved this mystery! The culprit is him! You know one of the 6 Holy Knights What was his name again? You know, the amateur wireless radio You mean, Go-senpai? Right! Go! And how did he get Himekawa when we were right in front of his locker? He is extremely un-notable.
Even as a member of the 6 Holy Knights, his presence is barely noticeable! He uses that to his advantage, and committed the crime right in front of us without us realizing it! No, I can't believe that! Shizuka Gozen! When did she It looks like you've gotten wrapped up in some terrible event.
So, you're behind this? Don't be foolish! What would be the point of doing this? Our battle with you ended with the volleyball game.
And that's why Go is getting revenge after that loss I'm telling you, I can't see that being possible.
No matter how un-notable Go-kun is, he couldn't do something like that without others noticing! And besides, Go-kun has been gone Since yesterday No, since three days ago! Or wait Or maybe for like, a week and a half? I think it was some amateur wireless tournament Wait, wasn't that last month? Even you forgot! Seriously, that guy barely has a shadow If Go isn't the culprit, then The Strategist has had yet another epiphany! The culprit is Alaindelon! He can easily move back and forth in this snowstorm, or directly into a locker! Furuichi-dono How dare you suspect me! When did you I'm afraid for your health in this snowstorm, Takayuki! I told you not to call me by my first name! So much for the tension How long will this idiotic game last? If the culprit is serious, he'll continue beating up delinquents until all 100 are gone But there weren't 100 of us to begin with! It's impossible to follow the song exactly.
No The next verse goes like this: fought among themselves.
About 75 of them were beaten to a pulp, and then there were about 9! "About"? That's too imprecise! And it doesn't even add up! And wait, how is this even a counting song now? That's just what makes the song so scary! Speaking of which Kazu-kun! Furuichi, too Is this what they meant by about 75? That's pretty slipshod fought among themselves Split up The big guy is split, just like the song No looking! This is just a dream! A dream! Now then, hurry back to the classroom! Finally, we're the only ones left If Nene and the others are done in, and Oga and I are the only ones left You don't have to worry about a thing.
I'll protect you.
Oga-kyun! What am I thinking in such an emergency? But if that really happened No, no! I must act like a former leader of the Red Tails! What have you been muttering to yourself lately? Oh, nothing! What's wrong, Baby Beel? He must have noticed something! Maybe he knows who the culprit is! What? Baby Beel? He's just a baby! Beel-chan looks like a baby, but he's got the brains of a Demon, right? Hey! Oga, hurry up and translate! I can't understand him either, duh! Fine then! For Baby Beel to speak human, I'll have to do that again! Got no choice! Super Milk Time?! Right! And if Baby Beel and I switch bodies Wait, Oga! Doing that isn't going to That'll just have you switch bodies! The one speaking will still be you! Oh? You want a taste of my fist? Did I Oh, right.
Damn it, that's not obvious! What? I'm suddenly sleepy Oga? This isn't milk, it's yogurty! Someone switched it out Seems like there was a sleeping drug in it You'll die if you sleep there.
The snow is getting worse and worse outside Cold Now that you mention it The power's out? The heater's stopped, too! This is bad! Run for it! What the hell is this? It's a super freezing phenomena! It's so cold out, even the school building is freezing solid! I-It's cold We're gonna die! Baby Beel Don't worry, Baby Beel If I hold you like this, you'll feel a little warmer I'm sure someone will come to save us So cold I was born in the tropics! I'm a short-hair! Ah, so cold At this rate, I'm going to freeze! What in the world shall I do? That's it! I have a great idea! That thing you do when trapped on a snowy mountain: Body heat! And, thankfully, all the men are gone There's no need to hold back! All you girls can strip, and warm each other up with your naked bodies! Oh course, I'll be right in the middle There you go.
All the clues have been presented.
Now then, everyone, can you solve this mystery? Who in the world could be behind this frightful turn of events? It's you, isn't it?! W-Wait, Aoi-chan! Why in the world would I do something like this? Now then, hurry up, get naked, and warm each other up! That's why you did it! I'm gonna get it, aren't I? Countless Petals, Scattering Sakura Blossoms! See? I will not waver, I will not falter, I will not give in! I will grab happiness with my own hands! But for now, I've been beat to a pulp And that's how the incident that chilled us to the bone was resolved.
A lot of things happens in life, you know? There are times when nothing seems to go your way But Never give up on your dreams! Now then, what's on the next Beelzebub? It's Koma-chan! It is a season of helping out love! Children go head-over-heals for it Climbing a snowy mountain with the girl they love, they wait for rescue by warming each other with their naked bodies You pervy dog! On the next Beelzebub: Baby Beel's First School Uniform Furuichi Falls in Love.
It's a two-fer! Don't learn from your mistakes, and watch next week! S-S-So tight!