Beelzebub (2011) s01e51 Episode Script

Komainu-sama is Watching You

See what I said? And besides, that's not even something I'd call a "technique".
Do you remember what happened when you drank Baby Beel's milk the first time? Uh Sure? If you don't remember, then say so! Wait, it's cooling off now.
What, you want some too? Don't fight, damn you! Listen you two! If you two won't get along, then I'll drink it myself! Enough! I'm drinkin' it! It kind of went like that.
The next thing I remember, you'd stopped me.
I can't believe you actually used that in a real fight.
Well, you were actually wounded for a change, so I thought "Hey, this might work.
" This is no time for chuckling! Komainu-sama is Watching You Whatever.
From now on there's only one thing to do.
You have to perfect that Super Milk Time of yours.
Yeah, I know.
Next time Behemoth is going to be back with his entire army.
We can't have you losing consciousness each time you fight.
And besides Tojo and Izuma are preparing themselves with the power to fight Demons.
They are, too? You dilly-dally, and they're gonna pass you up.
But man, it's not just Black Baby Beel, but everyone that's doing things however they damn well please.
All you students don't listen to a damn thing I say.
Makes a man wanna cry.
Oh yeah, what happened to Black Baby Beel after that? Did he disappear? Huh? He's right there.
What is he doing? Shogi.
That's not what I meant! Why is he here? What else could I do? I couldn't exactly leave him up on the mountain, so I brought him with me.
Bored with it I couldn't exactly leave him up on the mountain, so I brought him with me.
For real? Bored with it No need to worry.
He's completely obedient to me.
Doesn't look that way to me.
Look, he's happy to see Baby Beel, too.
Doesn't look that way to me, either.
Madame Aoi! Good morning! Madame Aoi! What's wrong? Just A lot happened, and I'm tired.
M-Madame Aoi? What in the world She looks like you did when playing video games.
Me? By that, I mean "useless".
Say what? It is true that you couldn't figure out the controls and just ran in circles.
You were no better! Killing your allies with a grin on your face Yeah, it was a splendid team kill.
You guys! I guess in the end, I was the most helpful! No, I wouldn't say that.
Kanzaki-senpai, that's mean! Well, the next time we play, I'll show you my triple heel-drop! Except there won't be a next time.
He can't exactly have his apartment building be blown up again What's going on? When did everyone get so friendly? Because they all played video games together? We didn't, though.
Don't complain.
We should be happy we even show up.
What happened while I was training? And wait, am I the only one being left out here? Madame Aoi! Next Sunday, we're having a Red Tails general meeting! So, is it okay to have it at your place? Well, we've done them at my place up until now, but I'm retired from the Red Tails, so But it has to be close or it's a real pain! Please! Fine, okay.
But I'm just lending you the place, that's all.
Thank you! Get Madame Aoi to rejoin the Red Tails? Didn't you all see how she was acting today? Wiped out.
And she seemed quite emotionally unstable.
That's why! That's why we, the Red Tails, are going to support her! I see! I get you now! See? We're going to use a general meeting as a front, and while she's still out of it, drag her back into the Red Tails! Yeah! Another shake, please.
Have a long day? Not really.
And I've told you not to come out on your own how many times now? You are a secret! Ooh, scary.
I know.
That's why I made sure to keep quiet at school.
Now then, my friends are coming here tomorrow.
Don't do anything fishy, got it? Welcome home, Aoi-chan.
I'm sorry, Isa-chan.
I know you came all this way, I'm sorry for leaving you alone.
No, I was worried, so Don't worry, it looks like I can use him.
Really? That's amazing, Aoi-chan.
I never thought anyone could tame him.
What are you saying? This is all thanks to you, Isa-chan.
Her name is Kunieda Aoi-san! Please listen to what we have to say! She came here to learn how to fight Demons! I dunno, and I don't care.
And besides, Isafuyu, if you're not going to obey my orders, you're not different.
I'll be damned if I ever lend you my power! Huh? Hey, hold it! What does Isa-chan have to do with this? I made her bring me here! Oh? You can hear my voice? Then why don't you try answering a few of my questions? He's testing me? I accept.
Well then The first question! What are your measurements? I asked you, what are your measurements? You know: bust, waist, hips Maybe I could guess Let's see, 70 cm bust? Hey, that's rude! Don't just go making me in the 70 cm range! Now now, Miss.
There's no way you're breaking 80, that's for sure.
Pride Sure I am! I just look smaller in this outfit! For real! Don't worry.
I love 'em equally, big and small Pride What the hell is this, Isa-chan? Yes The master of this shrine always asks kind of sexual questions before he'll lend you his power.
What are you, just some old man sexually harassing people? You're not a very nice person.
It's actually quite a unique condition.
You can receive the power of a god without any payment in return! Fine then.
If you won't answer that, then I'll ask something else.
Of course! What kind of underwear are you wearing right now? Shingetsu sword school, second style.
Countless Petals Scattering Sakura Blossoms! Countless Petals Scattering Sakura Blossoms! Countless Petals Scattering Sakura Blossoms!! Aoi-chan? Get the hell out here! If you're what they call a god, then I'll destroy gods and demons alike! W-W-Wait a sec! I understand, I understand! I lose, okay! See how I look? Just stop swinging that thing around.
Please? You're the master of this shrine? Stop looking at me like I'm some piece of rotten garbage! I got power, seriously! Then, you'll help me? Well, it's just Just what? For now, as like, a ceremony Like I was thinking you could, you know, give some kind of offering An offering? For example For example? The panties you're wearing? Please give them to me! Anyway, putting aside all that, it's all thanks to you that I've turned that stubborn fool into an ally and he listens to what I have to say, more or less! It's the least I could do.
Don't worry about it, I'm just glad to be of help to you.
Innocent fools.
You'd better not think I'll just do what you say like a good boy.
I dunno! How am I supposed to perfect Super Milk Time? What are you sprawling on the floor for? Perfecting that technique of yours? It was quite the pain when you switched places with the master the other day.
Don't worry! I'm just about to perfect it.
Right, Baby Beel? Fine, then.
Damn it, she can totally tell I'm lying.
Man What should I do? I guess using it so long really did a number on this guy, too.
Guess we should go buy a new one for now.
They should be here soon.
With Ishiyama High in its current state, we haven't had a general meeting in a while, but I suppose there should be about 300 people coming.
Madame Aoi, good morning! Here they come, 300 Madame Aoi, I'm always in your debt! Uh, sure Where are the other members? They're not here yet? Where? About that, Madame Don't tell me Crap Madame Aoi has noticed our plan to bring her back.
Don't tell me there's a whole lot more members that have fallen into romance?! Listen! It's traditional for all romance to be forbidden in the Red Tails! Forbidden, damn it! Forbidden! Madame Aoi You're tearing up You really aren't emotionally stable Um, it's not romance or anything.
Since you retired, Madame Aoi, everyone What the hell is that, Yuka? S-Somebody just brushed up against my butt! D-Don't tell me And so you interrupted my lovely plan to stay home this Sunday, and called me out here all of a sudden to do what? You're telling me to drink milk? Well, 'cause if I drink it some serious crap happens.
I was thinking of using a new milk bottle, so So? Why? Why me? Why do I have to drink milk in the park at noon on a Sunday? 'Cause you didn't seem busy.
That again, huh? Furuichi-dono! Spin, spin, spin Furuichi-dono's bold challenge! Even if you didn't call me, I shall come to your assistance! H-Help me do what? I'm asking you Thanks a bunch, big dude.
Um Pardon me, but is there, perhaps, a large shrine near here? Sure.
Just turn right and go straight over that way.
Thank you for your kindness.
Oh? Look at that, Shino.
It is a cute baby.
Oh, it is! Let us go, you two.
Yes, Madame.
If you will excuse us.
Furuichi-dono! Why do I have to wear this?! Everything begins with the right outfit! Now, drink my hot milk while laying down on my lap! U-Um, this is Now then Have a wonderful day.
Seriously, I would rather they scream "Kya!" and run away.
Are those what you call true high-society women? Come now, Furuichi-dono! Right.
Tell me what you think of the new milk bottle.
You people! I feel something strange on my thigh! Something's breathing into my ear! Akichi, what's the matter? I've been touched.
What the hell has been going on? Nene-san? What the Could it be a ghost or something? This is a Shinto shrine, not a Buddhist temple! I knew it.
Hey, what the hell are you doing? I told you, don't come out unless I tell you to! M-Madame Aoi? Oh, nothing Damn it, I'm the only one who can see him! He's having a field day! Greetings! My, what a wonderful day it is.
We have finally found them, Madame.
Wait, aren't those They're the Taniyurikai from St.
Marian Girls Academy, who took control of west Kanto.
You are correct.
We have looked for you for quite some time, members of the Red Tails.
Finally, we have caught you.
It is quite premature of you to think too much of yourself after taking control of North Kanto.
We will defeat the Red Tails, and unify control over the entire Kanto region! We the Taniyurikai! Here they come! These guys Doing whatever the hell they want, the prissies! Too bad for you, however.
We heard about a general meeting of the Red Tails, so we brought a considerable number of members But now that we're here, there are only six of you.
While on our side, we have Greetings! That's some crazy numbers they got! This is bad No matter how strong they are, against so many Sorry, I think I'm going to have to help out here.
You can't, Madame Aoi.
Nene? We current members of the Red Tails will handle this ourselves.
I'm seriously scared here.
We finally get some screen time, and it turns out like this? Hey, it'll be a good chance to shine! Everyone My, my That is quite saucy of you.
Maria-sama is watching us, you know.
We'll have you defeated in ten seconds.
Look, this is a Shinto shrine, damn it! Now then everyone, if you please.
Yes, Madame! Got it, everyone? Show 'em just how stubborn the Red Tails are! Yeah! Now Get 'em! Have a wonderful day! It's no use, Nene! Madame What has happened? Something is tickling me near my butt! Butt? How vulgar, Madame! W-What? I feel something quite eerie near my ankles! H-Hey! This is very uncomfortable! All my strength is being drained! Is this From before The poltergeist? That is not fair.
Red Tails, I do not know what has happened here, but you have used one terrible weapon against us! M-Madame, I'm all tickly, I can't get up any strength.
I cannot stand, either So, clean things up in ten seconds, was it? Well then, have a wonderful day! Madame, wait up! Maria-sama! Sheesh.
You did well, Nene.
It was that poltergeist who let us win.
It wasn't our doing Well, it turned out all right.
But you didn't back down, even when it looked hopeless.
That's the most important thing for being a leader.
You are now really, truly, the Madame Aoi So you don't have to lie about there being a general meeting any longer.
Crap, you knew! Yup, figured it out a while back.
Well, what a happy story! Such a touching moment there.
But those St.
Marian Girls Academy girls Such youth, such irreplaceable treasure Seriously You haven't repented one single bit since the very beginning! Hey wait, just a Wait, wait I say! Countless Petals Scattering Sakura Blossoms! Repent for you sins! 'Kay! St.
Marian Academy was pretty nice.
But those Red Tails girls weren't bad either.
I wonder if they like stuffed animals? Then, I'll pretend to be a stuffed animal, and Um Did you just hear me? Yes.
I heard everything.
How could you hear me? So, what were Aoi-chan's measurements again? Such up, you perverted dog! Anyway, next time is a serious mystery! St.
Ishiyama Academy is shut down in a snowstorm.
The delinquents, just like the legendary counting song, are beat up one by one.
Who could be the culprit? Everyone watching at home, try and figure it out yourself! On the next Beelzebub: And Then Next Beelze's Hint: Super Freeze Phenomenon!