Beelzebub (2011) s01e50 Episode Script

Today I'm Different On The Inside

It's time to start the Pudding-Pudding Exercises! Puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, pududing! Doskoi! Now I feel like eating! Now I feel sleepy! Caramel blankets! Puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, pududing! Doskoi! Now I feel like drinking! Puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi! I knew I'd choke! Bukkubuku! Bukkubuku! Sticky caramel! Puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, pududing! Doskoi! Honestly, I'm sick of it.
Puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi! I went and bought a cake! Bukkubuku! Bukkubuku! But after all, a hamburger! Today I'm Different on the Inside How are you doing, everyone? Furuichi here.
Now then, we are returning to our usual broadcast this week, but I am facing the greatest crisis of my soon to be short life! This is no time for Journeys toward any direction! Please listen to me! It's time to start the Pudding-Pudding Exercises! From some twist of fate, I have ended up picking a fight with demons! Super Milk Time! Here it comes! Snake Dragon Palm! Thanks to Oga going even more "battle mode" than usual, we managed to win somehow But Run! We're going to be caught up in it! This means all-out war! I am going to kill you, especially, myself! Mark my words! Why did I end up the one he's trying to kill?! Someone explain! Hilda-san What should I do? What is with this idiotic character? Doskoi? Listen to me! Is Lord En gonna do something to me? Yes.
But that is your problem.
It has nothing to do with the Master.
No Miss Hilda! Beelze-sama has woken up! Well, he woke up, but Oh, it's you two.
So, I beat them, right? I feel like I've slept for days, though What?! You wanna go, buddy? Wanna taste this fist o' mine? Yeah? Me? W-What the hell?! My hand is tiny! What is this? What's happened? If I recall, Baby Beel's power flowed into me, and I kind of passed out When I up, I Wait, don't tell me I switched bodies with Baby Beel?! O-Oga-kun, is that you? W-Wait! What happened? Just wait.
I I'm not ready for this yet Amenbo akaina, aiueo! Note: These are Japanese vocal exercises Amenbo akaina, aiueo! Kakinoki kurunoki kakikukeko! Note: These are Japanese vocal exercises Okay, bring it! Um, it's me.
Slow on the uptake In other words, as an aftereffect of the fusion you performed at noon, you and the master have ended up switching bodies.
Seems like it.
Now that I think about, beard-brain said something about not using it for too long I didn't think it'd be something like this, though.
Well, we can't change what's already happened, so the issue is how long this is going to continue, I suppose.
Honestly, this is the first time I've ever encountered a case like this.
How should we go about correcting it? Same for me What if they stay like this the rest of their lives? Hey, don't even joke about that! My whole life? I can't even play the piano with these hands! Like you've ever touched one in the first place.
Idiot! And you expect me to serve that filthy sewer rat over there?! M-Master? Baby Beel Wait, wait, wait! Please don't, Master! Until we get you back to normal Please, anything but that! This situation is so screwed up I hear Baby Beel's back? Gwampa's here! P-Pardon us Well, um, I guess Wait, wait! You're not interrupting! No! This is unfortunate.
Stop it, Oga! I mean, Baby Beel! Hey, sewer rat.
Stop it, Oga! I mean, Baby Beel! Stop it, Oga! I mean, Baby Beel! I mean, Master sewer rat.
Master sewer rat? No! This can't go on I have to find a way to turn them back on the double That man knows something, doesn't he? Let's go ask him.
Go where? So we're going to school after all? We have no other choice.
Even Alaindelon said he couldn't trace that man.
Thank goodness we managed to get Baby Beel to wear my school outfit.
It wasn't easy, though.
Hey, Baby Beel! Don't! Look, I'll just say this once.
Behave yourself at school.
Oh, Brother! Good morning! And good morning to you too, Mrs.
Ooh! Beel-chan's wearing clothes! I heard that you went for special training, Brother! Yeah, basically.
Is your voice different? I-It is? My apologizes, but we are in a hurry.
Let's go, Oga! Hey, Brother! That was Oga-san, right? Ooh, it's the BoB Brawler and his wife! Hey, don't you think we're sticking out a little? They sure get along Hey, don't you think we're sticking out a little? Hey, don't you think we're sticking out a little? We don't have a choice! Right now, we have to get to that man straight away! The teacher's office, right? Master? Get off it already! P-Please stop! You can't! Don't! What the hell are you doing bright and early? By force, and at school? You're scum.
I've got so much I wanna say to you right now! Did that kid just talk? Somethin' ain't right here.
This is way fishy, that's for sure.
H-How could they tell? Oga! The MK5 is here! We heard you're havin' a war with Akumano Academy or something, Oga! Then shouldn't you be tellin' us, the top of Ishiyama? Where'd he go? Way to kill the mood What the hell was that about? Such a pain.
Master? Maybe he's tired? He has been running around since this morning.
We have no choice then.
Wait, wait! Let me down! Why? Why?! You can't seriously think of taking us to the teacher's office like this! I'll do something! Something? Are you sure about this? It's 10,000 times better than being carried by a woman! But Hey, we're in a hurry.
I know! Heavy I'm a lot heavier than I thought.
Please! Stay still! You're already standing out enough! I don't want to get involved with anyone else annoying! Good night, good night! Great, here comes someone super annoying.
Should I run? Crap! Damn it! Oga! Oga good night! Good night Oga! Wait up! Good night! I heard about it, Oga! I heard that you and Aoi-chan stayed overnight "training"! What's with that?! You have such a cute wife already! Baby Beel, plane! Stop, Oga! Go Good night Saotome-sensei? He hasn't come today yet.
And what exactly are you making this child do, for goodness sake? Been a while since I've come to school.
Maybe I should have cut my hair.
Fold your legs all cool like! Flip your hair back, gently! Then, make the face! No! Not that face, duh! Kinder! Like a gentleman! Good, good.
That's the way.
You're good! Very much like the real me.
What the hell? Did he eat something he shouldn't have? What the hell are you doing? What? That Saotome bastard ain't here yet, so we're waiting patiently.
That's not what I meant.
Idiot! It'll be bad if the other people realize that I've switched bodies.
So I'm teaching him to act like the usual me.
That's not even the same character design! Yo, Oga.
You took all the good parts yesterday without even saying a word.
Let me just say this: The fight with those guys is now a problem for all of Ishiyama.
So the next time you go a round with them, you'd better pass it by me, the top Hey! Don't, Oga! That's I said that hurts! Oga, you've done something which mustn't be done.
It seems like the time to settle this has finally come.
Stop making that face! W-What? When Kanzaki-san gets angry after his chain is pulled, he gets 3 times his normal strength! Who comes up with this crap? Here I come! Idiot! Don't run away in my body! Wait, is he okay more than 15 meters away? The link's been cut.
Who cares about that? After him! Who knows what he'll do in my body? Teacher's Office Actually, I've heard from Saotome-sensei.
Teacher's Office Hospitalized with acute gastroenteritis, then? Sounds tough.
Oh, so that's the excuse Yes, sorry for worrying you.
Well, at least things will calm down for me now.
I wonder about Oga, though? He could have at least contacted me.
I should have asked for his phone number.
Cellphone number Wait, it's not O-Oga? Hey! You could have at least What are you doing all of a sudden?! Are you an idiot?! N-No way! O-Oga? No? Wait Beel-chan? Found him! Over there! Oh, Kunieda-senpai! Kunieda, catch that guy! Damn it, why'd you let him get away? I told you to catch him! Oh, I see.
I understand the situation, but Honestly, if it's not one crisis it's another Do you enjoy tricking me like this? What? I'll help.
Let's split up and search.
No one asked for your help.
I can capture the Master all by myself.
What? Don't get so full of yourself just because he hugged you.
Oh? What about you? You're a Demon Maidservant, so you should have watched him more closely! Beel-chan! So this is where you are! Now, let's go! Master! Over here! Come down off there with me, Hilda! The Master loves me! Get back, Kunieda! What? Beel-chan doesn't seem to like you.
I'll take him, so you stand back! What did you say? Hey, guys? Interesting Then how about we have a battle to determine which one the master chooses! The hell.
Don't ask me.
Peek-a-boo! It's Hilda-wilda! Over he~re! You're so good at walking! Beel-chan It's time to start the Pudding-Pudding Exercises! Puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, pududing! Puddi, pududing! Puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, pududing! Doskoi! Now I feel like eating! Puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi! Now I feel sleepy! How about this? Every kid knows these exercises! Kouta made me do them so many times, I can do it perfectly through the 3rd verse! Bukkubuku! Bukkubuku! Hilda shall dance as well! Doskoi! Hey, what are you doing? Now I feel like kicking! That's not the type of dance it is! Wait! Now I feel like throwing! Don't you remember? The master will, in the end, choose the strongest.
Since he is a Demon Lord, after all.
Then what was that peek-a-boo for? Hey you people! Haven't you forgotten the basic problem here? We're talking about how to turn us back to normal, right? Why are you two fighting? Shut up, you! If that's how you want it, I won't hold back.
As you wish.
Now, woman to woman Let's settle it this way.
Amazing, Kunieda-senpai You can actually follow Hilda-san's movements? Even though those 3 Demon Maidservants couldn't? I see.
Your skill with the sword has improved considerably from before.
It seems you really have trained.
And I'm relieved for you, as well.
That wound from before is all healed, isn't it? But I haven't even begun to show you the results of my training.
I sense Demon Power That's what it was before.
The Master was led away after he smelled something.
She, just as I thought M-Master! H-How about t-that? I-I guess I w-win, huh? Stop that, Baby Beel! Get away from my master! Kunieda! I'm sorry, Beel-chan! I can't take it! Huh? W-What? Master? Master! T-They're back! Master, you're back! Hilda is so happy! Teacher's Office Aftereffects of Super Milk Time? Teacher's Office They'll go away after a little while, duh.
T-Tell me that ahead of time Puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, puddi, pududing! Doskoi! Now I feel like eating! What the hell are you doing? Doskoi! Man, I wish I changed bodies with Baby Beel and could do all those things to Hilda-san and Kunieda-senpai! But why has Baby Beel gotta so attached to Kunieda all of a sudden? And Kunieda-senpai was crazy strong during the showdown with Lord En, too.
Could it be that Kunieda also formed a contract with a Demon?! On the next Beelzebub: Komainu-sama is Watching You.
Finally, the fearsome Demon who Kunieda will finally be revealed! What kind of fearsome beast could it be?!