Beelzebub (2011) s01e49 Episode Script

Beelzebub's New Year's Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West!

May we wish everyone a happy New Year's! From every nnnook and crrrany, we give you our very most and greatest thanks! Beezelbub New Year's Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West! I-I can't go on Everyone, do your best until we make it to Tenjiku.
Wait, what the hell is this? Can't you tell? It's Beelbeel Journey to the West! No, no, no! We just had this little brat named Lord En show up! And three beautiful Demon Maidservants showed up! And my life is in extreme peril by being targeted by Behemoth's 34 Pillars Division! And the "piece of crap" teacher Saotome showed up! And Hilda-san was injured! And Kunieda-san and you went training together like some newlyweds! But thanks to your Super Milk Time, you switched places with Baby Beel, and it was looking pretty dire there where we'd left off! But you gotta do a special for New Year's.
A special? How is this special? Don't you people have an inkling of creativity? This is as cliché a New Year's thing as you can get! Face reality, damn it! Shut it.
Damn you, Oga Wait, isn't this what Goku has on his head? Wait Don't tell me I'm Son Goku?! It's here! My time hath come! Hold it right there! We won't let you get any further.
Okay! I'm all excited about this! What? You wanna do that? If we have to, I suppose Sanzou, the Monk! Sagojou! It's here! It's finally my time! Chohakkai! What?! I'm Chohakkai?! Son Goku! Wait, that's it?! C-Cho Right.
I'm Sanzou, Kunieda is Sagojou Baby Beel is Goku and you're Chohakkai.
Don't say it so casual-like! In what version does Chohakkai wear the band, huh?! I'm Goku! The one wearing this is obviously Goku, right?! Right?! What a stickler Note: In the story the band is worn by Goku to restrict Goku's powers.
Sanzou can tighten the band to keep control of Goku.
But if I did that, Baby Beel would cry, you know? Note: In the story the band is worn by Goku to restrict Goku's powers.
Sanzou can tighten the band to keep control of Goku.
Then just don't do it! Enough! I've had enough of this! Oh, how cute.
Lookin' good there, Baby Beel! By the way, Furuichi I mean, Pig.
Note: Chohakkai literally means Pig of the Eight Prohibitions Don't call me Pig.
You'd better call me Great Monk.
Note: Chohakkai literally means Pig of the Eight Prohibitions So yeah, what's this Tenjiku? Is it powerful? Note: Chohakkai literally means Pig of the Eight Prohibitions Man, what an idiotic Sanzou! O Great Monk, Tenjiku is an ancient name for present day India.
We are on a journey to retrieve the blessed sutra from Tenjiku.
Thank goodness! We have someone here who's playing it straight! And she's stylin', to boot! Oh I was just worried about getting sunburned But what are we doing heading to Tenjiku in these getups in the first place? Well, you see Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a handsome, cool, and popular young monk whom everyone looked up to and admired.
One day, when the monk went to the river, from upstream came floating a big old guy Floating, floating After splitting the big guy in two, out came a healthy little Son Goku Like that.
That's identical to the first episode! You don't know anything, as usual! Ack, save me! Great Monk, I'm being chased by evil monsters! Goku, have at him.
W-Wait, you've got it wrong! I'm just a woman from the village! Don't talk to me like you know me.
You failure of a character.
You are Sanzou the monk, right? Shut up! Get him, Baby Beel! I thought we might fool you for a little while longer.
Good job in noticing us.
I suppose we should say "As expected from the Great Monk Sanzou" now What a tweest! I am Kinkaku! I am Ginkaku! If we're doing Journey to the West then that means we're Demon Lord brothers! We haven't decided which one of us is the elder brother yet so don't ask! We hear that anyone who eats the flesh of the Monk Sanzou will never age We're gonna eat you and become immortal! And they kindly explain everything! Great Monk, I shall handle this.
Oh, Sagojou Kunieda.
No Underage Drinking! You there! No Underage Drinking! You think it's okay to drink sake when you're underage?! No Underage Drinking! Spit it out! No Underage Drinking! Um, Kunieda-senpai This isn't really about that.
No Underage Drinking! Fool.
Inside this little guy is yogurty! What?! Whatever, just spit it out! No! It's not! I don't have a bald spot there! Note: Sagojou is bald in the original story That's not what this is! D-Don't look! Note: Sagojou is bald in the original story Now! Let's go, Gin-san! Yeah, you rich four-eyes! Crap! What'll we do? I can't fight! You ready, Gin-san? This'll be the end for you! Just do it! Ready, set Goku-san Goku? Hey, Goku's asleep! He's already bored with this? Hey! He's not responding.
Idiot, stay calm! We'll do that guy next! Sagojou-san No, no, no! I can't right now! She's no good either In that case Pig-san I'm not a pig! I'm Chohakkai! Anyway, what the heck are you doing with that? This Benihyoutan When we call your name, and you respond: "Yes, Master! Moe-moe Kyun-kyun! I'm your slightly clumsy Maid girly, Master! *sticks out tongue*" then you'll be sucked up into it, no matter who you are! It's one fearsome gourd flask! Who the hell would respond like that? And what's more, anyone who's sucked up turns into yogurty! That's also yogurty? Man, what a useless bottle! Shut up! It also acts as a thermos! Okay, we'll try Sanzou next! Monk Sanzou-san Namuamidabutsu! Note: Literally Amitābha Buddha, a common repeated chant in Buddhism.
Namuamidabutsu! Sanzou did a drop kick! Note: Literally Amitābha Buddha, a common repeated chant in Buddhism.
Note: Literally Amitābha Buddha, a common repeated chant in Buddhism.
I knew this but I have point in being here! Wait, what's Tenjiku?! Could they have gotten there ahead of us? That's heaven (Tengoku).
And so the Monk Sanzou's group continued their journey to find Tenjiku.
We're going to keep this up through part B? Hurry up and get here Goku, Sanzou They're currently here Tenjiku The road to Tenjiku O Great Monk, let us stay the night here at this village.
I suppose.
Hey, Goku.
Go check it out with your Kintoun.
Note: Kintoun literally means somersault cloud Go check it out with your Kintoun.
Note: Kintoun literally means somersault cloud Nice It's really got that Journey to the West feel to it Oh? Now that I think about it, Oga Since we're doing Journey to the West, does the setup where Baby Beel shocks you when he gets more than 15 meters from you not apply? If you can't do it, say so in the first place! Now, now Too bad, then.
You there, Pig.
Go check it out.
Look, I'm Chohakkai, not Pig.
Fine, I'm going.
On foot.
Now that I think about it, Hilda ain't here.
T-That's right Hilda-san isn't here like she usually is! Which means, I-I'm alone with Oga?! And wait, hold it hold it hold it! Staying overnight at a village?! Being under the same roof together?! Well, whatever.
We've got trouble! What is it, Pigichi? Not Pigichi, trouble! This village is facing a terrible crisis! To think the greatly revered Monk Sanzou would happen upon our little village.
Village Chief Shiroyama To think the greatly revered Monk Sanzou would happen upon our little village.
To think the greatly revered Monk Sanzou would happen upon our little village.
It's rural and we don't have much, but please eat your fill.
Villager 1: Shiroyama Chief! Villager 1: Shiroyama Villager 1: Shiroyama Villager 2: Shiroyama We've prepared the guest house! Villager 2: Shiroyama Villager 3: Shiroyama Villager 16: Shiroyama Villager 37: Shiroyama Villager 53: Shiroyama Villager 191: Shiroyama Villager 218: Shiroyama It's a Village of Shiroyamas! I bet you had a tough time getting here.
Please, rest easy tonight.
Um Is he your father? Oh, my! We don't look a thing alike, damn it! Um This village? Yes, we're a small village.
As you can see, though we all look nothing alike, we support each other like we were family.
Chief, we have trouble! That band from the Ox King are back! W-What?! Ox King? Yes Lately they've been going around this area doing all sorts of evil deeds.
They stole our village's well known crop of octopus.
Oh, did they? I'd like seconds of this meat.
It's embarrassing for me to have to speak to travelers like this But we villagers are outmatched and can do nothing to oppose them! Rice, please! Sure wish that maybe some talented folks might happen to stop by or something Oh? This is good! Is there no hero that can beat this Ox King said to be the strongest in the world? Because if they did win, our village would give them this legendary armor of ours! Chief, that's not how this story is supposed to go.
Well, my stomach's full.
Let's go for a super long walk! Right, Goku? Then I shall also go for a super long walk! Then I'll go on an actual walk.
Knew it! Good night! Get with the program! Hey there! You look like you're having fun! Sanzou, the Monk! Sagojou! Chohakkai.
Son Goku! Altogether we're: The Party of Great Monk Sanzou! He's Known far and wide as the Rampaging Monk! Monk Sanzou, is it? Nice of you to come to us! We'll crush you and present you as a tribute to the Ox King! This seems like it'll be a pain Fine, whatever.
Everyone come at us at once! What? You're saying to leave this to you? Are you sure about this? Oh, wow! Hey! Think before you do stuff, damn it! This time I'll be fine! Really? Now that's more like it! Yeah, this might work! Wait, huh? There's too many of them! Um Well, we did end up beating them all.
O-Our fields! Our fields! Sanzou's party asks about where the Ox King's castle is.
And with Sanzou proclaiming he's going to go in search of stronger opponents, they set off in search of the castle of the Ox King.
What about the sutra? Sounds interesting.
Let us go with you.
Huh? Weren't there six of you? Oh, Gou-kun? He was out of radio contact.
That's why?! Gathering companions along the way Beelze-sama! Where's Miss Hilda? Oh, she hasn't appeared yet.
What?! Why is Ickichi here while Miss Hilda isn't? I'll go search for her with you! Madame Aoi! What's up? Going somewhere? We shall accompany you! Gathering companions, they finally arrive at the castle of the Ox King.
I wonder what kind of guy this Ox King is? Okay, we're going in.
Wow, that's quite a crowd you've got there.
Yolda-san! Fine, come on in.
Wait Are you sure you should just let us in? We're here to Play with Lord En, right? Huh? Such a party right after New Year's? Man, I'm so beloved! Actually, we're Shh! Don't say it! Lord En has never had many friends, and around every New Year's he sulks and gets pouty We're already in the danger zone.
One wrong move and he's gonna cry big time! Who knew the world was on the brink? And anyway, what's with this Ox King? Is it this brat? No.
Lord En is playing Kougaiji.
Kougaiji's father is the Ox King.
I will now tell funny jokes! When you've got two monks There are 2 Buddhist priests / New Year's (Oshou ga 2 / Oshougatsu) Impressive, Master! What an incredible sense of humor! Hey.
Who is the Ox King, then? Osechi is nice and all Note: Osechi is traditional Japanese New Year's food Osechi is nice and all but I could go for curry! Note: Osechi is traditional Japanese New Year's food Go get 'em, Lord En, joke genius! That's just a line from Now tell me who the Ox King is! Verrry intereshtink Not only does that have nothing to do with New Year's, I don't even get the reference.
Now then, after my gags were all such big hits, let's all play a game! Yes, Lord En! If it's New Year's then it's gotta be Karuta! Those are big cards! Now, everyone to the edge of the room.
Oh, Lamia! Lamia, you stay next to me.
Karuta, start! Let's see "I don't think that, even if you break them in two, the deer will eat the blood covered crackers from Nara.
" Huh? Is this supposed to be Karuta? Whoa, crazy! "Assault The 8-fold cherry blossoms of Nara The Great Sakura Gate is fearsome.
" Was Karuta this kind of game? What's that, Shizuka-san? Where'd you get that from? From an alcove.
"Often dreaming The master from Nara gazes briefly upon the maiden's body.
" This card This card will be mine! Often dreaming? Oh, this one! Ooh! This is the first one I got! That card Every time I can never Never Lord En! Oh, crap! Lord En! Lord En, I've got melon soda! Melon soda! What are we supposed to do now? It's so hot! What the hell? Madame Aoi, are you safe? That kid's got issues.
Everyone, leave the room! See?! This is why I can't stand him! Hey, you! The only thing that can put out Lord En's flames now is the Ox King's bashousen fan! As if we're gonna stay here and get roasted! Where's the Ox King?! Hey, Oga Lord En is the Great Demon Lord's son, right? Yeah, it does seem like he's Baby Beel's older brother.
Then that means the Ox King might be I see! Then that being the strongest in the world thing might not be an exaggeration either.
T-There! Here? What an oppressive presence! What are you guys doing here? Tojo! The Ox King is Tojo? That's it! Hey! Huh? That's not it! It's this guy! Bashousen! Ow! Stop causin' me trouble, you! Hey people! Wanna have some of this takoyaki I'm grilling up? Yeah! I feel like I'm forgetting something.
Whatever! They aren't coming at all Master! Tenjiku Hilda is so very lonely! Tenjiku They're still here Hilda is so very lonely! Tenjiku Tenjiku They're still here Wow, that Ox King was a pretty decent guy! Yeah! But the road to Tenjiku is still a long one! Next episode, the Great Buddha finally shows up! Uh no! The special was only for this episode! Next time we're back to normal Beelzebub! On the next Beelzebub: Today I'm Different on the Inside.
What?! Baby Beel and Oga switch bodies and Oga lets it all hang out?! Don't wanna see that, thanks! But Kunieda-senpai's cheeks getting instantly red after seeing Oga's junk I totally wanna see that! Shut up, you!