Beelzebub (2011) s01e48 Episode Script

I'm His Parent

Don't belittle me, you puny Demon Maidservant! Hey, that's far enough! You're the bastards from Akumano Academy, aren't you? Nice way to trash someone's house, don't you think? They're one of those "Ah, Kuma!" guys, right? Let's finish this Where's the bastard from before? The bastards from Akumano Academy have come to attack! You guys can't go fighting with them! Wait until I arrive! You see, my father was training at this temple And I have accompanied him.
That means you're also a Dimensional Transfer Demon, right? Please, transfer me this instant! Look, this is the form you use for humans to utilize Demon's power.
Transform Demon Power And of course, the more in sync the human and Demon are, Transform Demon Power the more Demon power they can draw out.
Transform Demon Power But there is something you need to be careful about.
A higher synchronization rate means you're getting closer to being a real Demon.
You had the mark cover your entire body once, right? Yeah.
That's a major warning sign.
If you continue the Demon transformation, you won't be able to go back to being human.
The "Seal Technique" I'm going to teach you is basically to prevent that from happening.
Um, we're talking about something important here.
You two, go play over there.
But man, you sure did befriend the guy.
I told you to defeat, remember? What the hell did you do? What did I do? Uh Well, I thought after he suddenly sprouted wings and a tail, if I ignored him You ignored him? And he got like this.
I Am The Parent! What's wrong? It's nothing, Master! Please, continue with your game.
What the hell are these guys? Move it! And check out my special move! Ever since I was beat by Oga I doubled the thickness of my ceramic plate! And I tripled this guy's output.
I trained by fighting bears bare-handed! With real bears? Is he an idiot?! Are all these people idiots?! Where is that bastard from before? Get 'im out here! Our fight ain't over yet! Let me fight him again! It seems like we underestimated you, since you were humans I don't mind if you kill them! Now do it! Interesting It's dangerous here! Wait up! Angelica-san? Looks like I'm a little late.
Leave this to me.
Seems there's a strong-looking opponent out here, too.
Hilda, stand back.
Let me handle the rest.
Hilda-san, Oga! Alaindelon's actin' like a weapon! Oh, Furuichi! What are you doing up here? What am I doing, you ask?! I've had it seriously rough while you've been gone! And what the hell's with that? What kind of training did you do, exactly? Huh? What kind? I was taught how to use Demon power.
Use it like that? A Demon as a wooden sword? You needn't worry, Furuichi-dono.
It was I who requested it.
I wished to be of some help And even if my body is no more, my heart will Here I go! Demon Sword Alaindelon! It hurts! Chiaki, keep playing the game.
Madame! Get back.
Right! Shingetsuryuu Sword School, Second Style Demon Clad Countless Petals Scattering Sakura Blossoms! How dare you do that to Alaindelon! This farce is stupid.
Get lost.
I have no business with you anymore.
I told you before, I can kill someone like you whenever I want.
I'll start with the Demon Maidservant.
Now I've paid you back.
You've come? Hecadoth, don't lay a hand on my prey! Hold it.
I'll be the one who fights you.
I've come to finish what we started before! Calm down, Baby Beel.
You too, Tojo, Kunieda.
Sorry to say, but stand back.
I'll fight them all myself.
Screw you! Tryin' to hog all the fun for yourself? Let me mix it up! Please, I gotta do this Tojo.
Master He's suddenly looking so gallant and brave.
Fine, I get it.
But just this once.
You owe me one.
Next time, let me fight! As you wish.
Give them all a thorough pounding.
Yup! Idiot I'll end this crappy little play in an instant! Sorry to say, but you don't get a turn this time.
What? That's That's the technique that Spell Master used before.
That thing marks the spot.
The spot I'm gonna punch like there's no tomorrow! What are you I'm not done yet! Special Technique: Zebel Emblem.
Let me explain! The Zebel Emblem is a technique where you place the Zebel Spell on someone you want to punch, and beat the crap out of them! Plus, mysteriously, the more you punch the bigger the explosion! Just splendid! How frightful! It's impressive he is able to use the Master's power this well in such a short time.
This man truly defies judgment.
Now then, you're next.
The Water Dragon King Naga.
Be careful.
He's a Pillar Master.
He's a whole other league than Hecadoth and Graphel, Pillar Generals Yo.
If you're the bigshot of the three, then are you the leader? No.
Killing you is the will of the entire Pillar Division.
Which means that when I beat you, the next ones will come for me.
Yes, that's right.
It's not going to end 'til I beat the head honcho, then? That's how it is.
What'll you do when you kill me? I'll take Beelze-sama back with me.
And after that? Nothing.
Lord En will destroy humanity.
That so? Yes.
Baby Beel isn't going to destroy humanity.
Do you know why? Because I'm the parent! I won't let him do something so stupid! You're getting way ahead of yourself! Tell this to your boss.
I don't care so much what happens to humanity.
But if he wants a fight, I'll give it to him.
Tell him to bring it on! It's decided! Now die! Move it, Graphel.
This man is dangerous.
We must crush him now.
Let's go, Baby Beel! We'll do the technique we figured out when we fought with Black Baby Beel.
It's Super Milk Time! A milk bottle?! Did you just say Super Milk Time?! Man That Oga came up with a crazy technique Can't believe I got so beat up just stopping him.
But it's best to only use that thing once, Oga.
Are we done yet?! Not yet! I have to wait for it to cool to room temperature! What'll I do if it burns?! Don't get swept up into your opponent's pace, Graphel.
It's a bad habit of yours.
But, Naga Sorry, but it's almost ready Oga Somehow you've really grown as a parent What? You're the one drinking it?! Ew! Baby Beel-kun, please No more! I'm gonna puke! I'm gonna puke so, please! What in the world is this? This It couldn't be Here it comes His maximum Demon power is rising Could he have forcibly removed the limiter? I'll make you puke it all out! Oga? What kind of fighting is that? It's crazy and wild Like a child! Oga's become Master Beelze himself! It's not just that he's strong Baby Beel himself? What do you mean, Hilda-san? Perhaps that milk has broken down the boundary between Oga and the Master! Boundary? They've been in sync before this at some percentage But this is incomparable to that! Right now Oga can pull out the unlimited power flowing from the Master's body at will! It is indeed the Great Feast of the Demon Lord Super Milk Time! But, this is You've got five minutes.
After that, not only will you not be able to become human your body itself will crumble.
And don't use it more than once at a time.
Hey, are you listening? Sure, yeah.
Interesting Water Ash Flow Snake Dragon Palm! Oga! Again? It's rising further? You can't, Oga! Any more and That's The Lord of the Flies' wings? Could they have fused? That Demon power There's no mistaking it That's Beelze-sama borrowing a human body! Baby Beel? Yes.
He's become the Master, completely.
Kinda, like, ew.
He's trying to take off his pants! You mustn't, Master! P-Please stop! Letting it all hang out is so important to you? That's far enough, Human! Nice, Gill-Dude! Yes! I see you're still alive! Oh, no! You made a big mistake not finishing me off, Human.
Do it now, Naga! As long as we defeat this human body, Beelze-sama should return to normal! Good job, you two.
I'll end it with this! Graphel! You'll die as well! If it gets rid of this guy, that's all I ask for.
He's Run! We're going to be caught up in it! Here it comes! Here it comes, Satura! I've finally torn off the King Bimbo! From now on, I'm gonna explode on the scene! Are you unharmed, Master? What kind of insane battle are they having? Who?! Who interrupted my game?! I finally tear off the King Bimbo and now He used up all his power, and returned to normal, is it? Baby Beel isn't going to destroy humanity.
Because I'm the parent! Damn you, Oga That was just nuts Um You're kinda heavy No, no! This is not right! Not right! Whatever, just get off me! Move it! Furuichi, was it? That's my wife, you bastard! This means all-out war! I am going to kill you, especially, myself! Mark my words! This is a misunderstanding! Totally a misunderstanding! Please, stop imagining such weird things! That's right! Furuichi was just protecting me from the falling rubble! Don't think I owe you for this, Hilda.
Listen up, Furuichi.
I'll return shortly, leading my entire army.
You can have Lamia until then.
Yeah, that was pretty damn cool right there.
Let us go, Lord En.
Hey, whoa They all jumped! They disappeared! That's nuts Sheesh I suppose we've settled things for now? Settled things how, exactly?! He just said he was going to bring back his entire army to kill me?! It should be Oga, right? Why me? Tell me why! Poor thing, Takayuki Why are you calling me by my first name? Don't get so close to me! Man, somehow we won! And wow, Super Milk Time is an incredible technique! And heading with that theme, next time me and Baby Beel switch bodies! Um, wait What's with this preview? It doesn't look like your usual Beelzebub! Oh, I forgot.
Next time is Beelzebub's New Year's Special: Beelbeel Journey to the West! What?! Beelbeel Journey to the West?! Think of it like a hidden talent competition.