Beelzebub (2011) s01e47 Episode Script

Sorry to Have Kept You Waiting

That's strange I wonder if they went out? Tengu Daimei Shrine The person who's in charge of this shrine? Tengu Daimei Shrine The person who's in charge of this shrine? And wait What's enshrined here anyway? Looks like they're back.
Who? I do not recall allowing any human other than Isafuyu to enter here.
Who are you? Her name is Kunieda Aoi-san! Please listen to what we have to say! Tengu Daimei Shrine She came here to learn how to fight Demons! Tengu Daimei Shrine She came here to learn how to fight Demons! The punishment for your insubordinate actions has been decided upon.
Insubordination? That's unexpected.
Everything we did was for Lord En.
We weren't thinking of claiming the glory of victory for ourselves whatsoever.
I have no doubts about that.
The fundamental problem is the fact that you failed.
The contract holder himself was nothing special.
If that man hadn't shown up About that Sorry I took so long.
Naga The Transfer Jewel! I will now tell you exactly what Captain Behemoth said: "If yer gonna lose, don't come slinkin' back! If yer gonna do it, then follow through to the end!" is what he said.
Thank you I'd expect nothing less from the Captain.
Gather the troops! We'll soon have our revenge! Sorry to Have Kept You Waiting A cold? Wouldn't surprise me We've been playing games through the night three days in a row Must be hard for the kiddies.
But how did this happen? We won, didn't we? We did.
And then they were all like: That didn't count! Let's play a different game this time! Best outta a hundred! He's always like this I'd forgotten.
There's no way he'll accept that he lost at a game.
Until we lose, he'll keeping going "One more time!" for eternity.
Whoa there So, what was the point of this again? I quit.
I'm out.
So, you two have played games together before? Back then, till I was sick of it.
If you're so close with him, why don't you call him yourself? It's an online game, after all.
Uh That's It might be a little problem "It's been so long, Lord Enny-wenny!" "It's Lamia, tee-hee!" Send And wait, what the hell is that message?! Do you think I'm an idiot?! Don't you think it requires a bit more oomph? You mean, something more real? I totally hate girls who put lots of heart marks in their messages.
I'll type it myself! I'll type it myself, damn it! He's already responded.
Let's see here "Oooh, Lamia! Lamia, is it? Why are you here?" "Where are you? Are you coming here now?" Hook, line, and sinker.
Yup, this is our ticket! "Oh, my! Tee-hee, likes, whoa! I'm so there! There like a square! I've been searching for you likes, forever! Let's To Love-Ru Darkness!" And, send.
Please, stop! That was fast.
He totally has a thing for you.
"You've always held a special place in my heart.
" What's this?! What's this?! He's your boyfriend? Looks like this one's hooked, too.
Kanzaki-senpai, let me! Let me! Furuichi Hey Stop it, for real! Don't you worry.
"This is Furuichi.
Lamia really wants to meet you, Lord En.
We'll take her to you, so please tell us where you're at?" And suddenly there's no response again.
Please come again! And I'd thought this was our big chance I'm sorry It's okay.
I can't really handle him.
Honestly I'm relieved that I don't have to see him.
It's true that being so one-sided is a little But man, Lami-tan, you're a smooth operator.
Lami-tan? Anyway, what'll we do? We're seriously outta options.
It's that career woman Yolda! Wha Wait! Hurry! Hurry and open! This is The floor we've been on?! Yolda, do you have those potato chips I wanted? Master, please don't come outside! There he is! And He was next door! What's all the ruckus about, Furuichi?! Sorry about this We've finally found a game partner for Lord En, so you won't be stopping any time soon.
He's been in the room next door the entire time? Living in here for an entire week? Well, thinking about it, there'd be no better place.
There's plenty of room, and it has every game system you could want.
And man, this room's a mess! What the hell are his three Demon Maidservants doing?! You're the slave of Beelze-sama's contract holder, That human named Oga, yes? Um, I wouldn't say slave Your name is Furuchin! Wait, that's not it? Excuse me What was that again? Furuchin! Um, say that once again.
Once more! And put more feeling into it! Stop this.
Lamia It's been quite a while.
But man, sure found us quick.
I told you to disguise yourself more carefully, Yolda! I did! The mustache glasses just make me stand out more, you know? And change over there! Oh, sorry about that.
I suppose this might come to too much of a shock to that boy over there.
No, I do not mind in the slightest! Please, proceed! Wait, what's with this "whatever" attitude? We've found them, but they don't seem upset in the least! What are they planning? By the way, where is Lord En? He was just here before, right? The Master might not seem like it, but he is quite shy.
La-Lamia? He's all fidgety! Lamia! Lord En is such a pain! Furuichi, I think we should get out of here for now.
It's dangerous for us to continue these negotiations on our own! Hey you, Human! Don't get so friendly there with my wife! I'll burn you to a crisp! Your wife my butt! You're an annoying, prissy worrywart! You big dummy! Are you sure you should be speaking to royalty like that? Not good! This is not good at all! Lamia, let's go.
You were totally right.
Let's go back, and Now now, don't be like that.
Now that you're here and all Let's play a game or something Yes.
That's right, Human.
That's the only thing left to do You and I will do battle with games for Lamia's hand! Why are you betting me?! Are you an idiot?! Are you a total idiot?! Shingetsuryuu Sword School, Second Style Demon Clad Countless Petals Scattering Sakura Blossoms! Wow, Aoi-chan Oh? Didn't Furuichi-kun and Lamia-chan come back? I thought they were with you.
Um, we were together for a bit, but They went chasing after this career woman.
You guys Hime-chan? I've figured out where the person we've been playing is.
Seriously? It wasn't much Once I researched the terminal they were using to connect to the net, I got a hit.
So, where do you think it was? You're gonna have a laugh at this.
You're shittin' me.
And wait This is your room too, isn't it? Hiding in the shadow of the lighthouse, is it? Wouldn't you normally realize this? Honestly, it's my fault here.
I underestimated him.
I don't know what this Akumano Academy is or whatever But it's time to finish this! Wait, Furuichi! What are you trying to Let me down! Shut it! We've gotta run! Hey! That's far enough! Huh? It's no use.
This room is now in a separate dimension, cut off from the outside.
You can't escape, nor will help reach you.
It's true.
Yolda is the same as Alaindelon.
She's a Dimensional Transfer Demon.
Oh, please don't put me in the same boat as that old man.
I mean, I'm clearly on a whole different level.
No Let's go for broke and jump in.
If luck's with us, it'll connect to somewhere.
I really wouldn't recommend that.
I won't take responsibility for what happens to you And besides, it's not like we're trying to kill you or anything Let's have fun playing games together Sorry to break the news, Yolda.
But you should not underestimate Alaindelon.
This is Miss Hilda's communication device! When did it Besides the favor I asked you, it's only natural to have a little insurance, yes? Miss Hilda? Stand back, you two.
Impossible Transferring a living body through a communication device?! That's Yes.
Quite well done for the first time.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Lamia.
Miss Hilda! Hilda-san! I was so scared! So very scared! Are you feeling better now? Yes, no need to worry.
As you can tell, I am at full health.
G-Good thing Hilda! How in the world Isn't it obvious? I used Alaindelon's power.
He trained a little bit himself.
And he managed to discover a new transfer technique.
Barisan! Scattering Burrs It went well, somehow Scattering Burrs Scattering Burrs My underwear shredded, though.
Scattering Burrs It's a bold new technique that uses extra-dimensional Demon Electromagnetic Waves, allowing dimensional transfer through communication devices.
What? So you're trying to tell me that you're superior? That's what I've always, always hated about you.
And besides, the thing I hate the most is how you copy my character! It's true.
I fully agree.
Maybe you'll get a bit more serious now.
Next time, how about I chop off all of that hair for you? Awesome, Hilda-san! Well, you're pretty excellent yourself, Yolda-san! And I prefer you with your hair down! Yo, sexy little Demon! What's his problem? Fine, enough.
It's true my weapon is at a disadvantage here in this narrow hallway.
But, you see how about now? She can do that, too? Lower your sword, Hilda.
You are most definitely trespassing into Lord En's territory.
Any further and we will consider you an enemy, and eliminate you by force.
Enemy? Don't misunderstand me, Isabella.
I simply came to speak with Lord En.
The Master is currently occupied! If you have something to say, schedule an appointment and come back later! Enemy? Don't make me laugh.
You put my master in danger! It's I who should be angry! It was your retainer who first drew arms against Beelze-sama! And the person in the position to stop it does nothing, all the while pretending to know nothing and feigning innocence?! Not my enemy?! Incredulous! Lord En has been endlessly spoiled His frivolous attitude aren't you ashamed by it?! Strong I didn't think she'd come this far What changed since she came to the human world? Is there really a human out there strong enough to change her? Hilda-san! You're the best after all! I never doubted you! I believe I told you to stand back, Creepichi.
This is nothing but the opening volley.
That's The warping of space from the transfer jewel! So, they've come Okay, people.
That's all for your training for now.
You did well, you piece of crap.
I'll give you this present as a reward.
Tada! It's the special Saotome School Gi! What do you think? Pretty awesome, right? I've got one for the baby, too! No thanks.
Hey! Put it on! And respect your master! You don't have to do that for us to thank you.
What's important is in here, right? What's this? That's being pretty serious for a change.
Well, just get out there and give 'em hell.
Yeah! With Yolda's power eliminated, have they finally found this place? Here they come.
This is when the real battle begins.
Good going there, Demon Maidservants.
Your role has now ended.
This guy is Behemoth? Are you Beelze-sama's contract holder? No-no-no-no He's not here.
I will be your opponent.
Beelze-sama's Demon Maidservant? I thought you were done in by Hecadoth He had taken a human woman hostage.
That's what gave him the opening.
I won't let the same thing happen again.
Don't belittle me, you puny Demon Maidservant! I don't regret a single thing in my life! An attack? Wow Miss Hilda! Wait! Hey, that's far enough! You're the bastards from Akumano Academy, aren't you? Nice way to trash someone's house, don't you think? What the hell do you Humans want?! Shut up, you! W-Wait just a second! These people aren't from Akumano Academy They're one of those "Ah, Kuma!" guys, right? Let's finish this Where's the bastard from before? We're in trouble, Madam Aoi! We're in Himekawa's apartment building right now The bastards from Akumano Academy have come to attack! Akumano Academy? That's right Himekawa and Kanzaki are facing them down now, but You guys can't go fighting with them! Wait until I arrive! Go But, how? I won't make it at this rate.
Wait, aren't you Alaindelon's daughter? Kunieda-san, was it? You see, my father was training at this temple And I have accompanied him.
Alaindelon's daughter That means you're also a Dimensional Transfer Demon, right? Please, Angelica-san! Transfer me this instant! Damn you It's my turn.
You can't handle her.
So, you've come as well? Don't push your luck, girly.
Three versus one is not a fair battle! Hilda-sama, I shall support you.
You've finished with your training? Yes, just as you can see.
I'm ready to go! Now then I'm going to beat the living crap out of you! Sorry to keep you all waiting.
I'll beat the crap outta you all! Oga, what in the world special attack is Kunieda, you seem stronger somehow, too.
But this is a fight for me and Baby Beel.
Don't interfere! On the next Beelzebub: I Am The Parent! Now then, Baby Beel It's milktime! Wait, Oga! That technique It's too dangerous!