Beelzebub (2011) s01e53 Episode Script

Baby Beel's First Conquest/Furuichi Falls In Love

Darts! Darts! Darts!! Perfect, as always, Great Demon Lord! Call 911, 'cause I'm on fire! Maybe I should quit this Great Demon Lord thing and go pro at darts! Of course, sire! Okay, it's decided then! I'll quit being the Great Demon Lord! But, you mustn't, sire! Psych! I be spittin', not quittin'! I'm parched Hey, you new here? Yes, Great Demon Lord.
Swuch a cutie pie! Then, would you make me a dry martini? says me.
And, with that, the eldest son of the Dragon King, Tatsuo-kun, safely conquered Cerberus's den It's a wonderful show.
I really love it.
You can't help but respect the people who created it.
Oh? Then, maybe I'll make one.
For you says me! Baby Beel's First Conquest Huh?! Baby Beel's going on a journey?! Please, keep your voice down! You'll wake Beelze-sama! We've got a request from the Great Demon Lord.
My First Conquest Dear Hilda, My First Conquest You know the TV program, "My First Conquest," right? My First Conquest You know the TV program, "My First Conquest," right? Don't you think it'd be good to have my son do that? And don't forget to film it.
There you have it.
Prepare yourself.
I don't get it! What conquest? Our role is to support the master from the sidelines to protect him from danger.
And do it so that the Master doesn't notice.
Are you even listening?! And wait, conquest? We ain't gonna let him do that, damn it! And it's clearly something this Great Demon Lord pulled out of his ass! Oh? Not planning on helping? Of course not! Perhaps you've forgotten, but you cannot be more than 15 meters from the Master.
That's just low, you! Well, I'll be going now You're doing this too, got it? Okay Understand, Master? Go conquer this area.
You are going to conquer all by yourself.
Be careful, and get out there.
Make quick work of it.
You're a man, remember that.
Master, go for it! Yes, he got it off! Oga's brat? Where's that bastard Oga, then? What the hell's he doing here? And ain't he cold, being naked? Y-Yo You all awone? The police box! I should take him to the nearest police box in situations like this No need to be afwaid What the hell are you doing? It's a Demon Blowgun.
I mean, he was trying to kidnap Beelze-sama! Don't worry When he wakes up, he won't remember a thing.
Demon Kanzaki-san! Wake up, Kanzaki-san! Who was it that did this to you?! Oga's kid? Don't tell me Oga's kid did this to Kanzaki-san?! And you are You're Oga's Don't shoot them right off the bat! W-What else could I do? Great, now Baby Beel's all scared.
After him! What's he doing? Maybe he's thirsty after running around? W-Wait, he's going to buy a drink? He ain't got any money! Hey, why won't it open? 'Cause he's too dinky? Why won't the clerk notice him? Oh, the clerk there's got a terrible attitude.
Master What's this? Thank goodness, Master Hey This is something Baby Beel has to do himself, right? Aren't we helping a little too much? Fool! Do you feel nothing when you see the Master's saddened face? And how much longer is this going to take? The more we go on, the more victims are going to pile up Worry not Turn that corner and Miss Hilda! Turn that corner and Miss Hilda! You got somethin' tasty there That mongrel! Trying to take something of the Master's?! Wait.
Oga? Shoulda done that from the start Make quick work of it.
You're a man, remember that, remember that, remember that Master! Incredible! Excellent work, Baby Beel.
Come on, just a little further Yes.
What a pain What are you doing? Get over here already, Creepichi! Sure, sure what?! Furuichi He's finally arrived.
Yes It's my house! This is obviously my house! Would you calm down? This is obviously my house! It's going to be conquered by the Master.
You couldn't ask for a greater honor.
Please, give me a break here! B-Big guy! Thank goodness! Please stop this! Takayuki, please forgive me Demon Sword Alaindelon Hey! Hey! Alain, launching! And, like that, the second son of the Great Demon Lord, Beel-kun, safely conquered the Furuichi House.
Hey, you'd better pay for this! You're paying for this, damn it! Great Demon Lord, I'm moved! Yes, but perhaps you'd better call 911.
Should I just quit and become a pool pro? That's what I think! Think it! My feelings ain't gonna change on the matter! A toast to me and how awesome I am! Congratulations! I present to you a year's supply of total babes! Really? Are you sure about this?! Congratulations! Oh, thank you! Thank you! Congratulations, really! Furuichi-dono What, is this a thing now?! Oh, you are awake, Furuichi-dono? Look, I told you not to come into my room without permission! But, Furuichi-dono, the recent disturbance has caused your room to be O-Oh, right.
I'd forgotten Man, what a dream.
Have you been having nightmares often lately? Well, they're mostly all your fault.
What is the matter? Maybe it's because I slept on the couch, but my body's all stiff W-We can't have that! I will massage your entire body right away! No, stop! Don't, please! Bro, you're too loud Honoka really hit me damn hard! I mean, why do I have to put up with this crap? This is screwed up in all kinds of ways! Okay, I've decided! I'm not going to get mixed up in strange stuff like Demons any more! I'll change! A new me! Um, excuse me Would you mind if we talked for a moment? Furuichi Falls In Love Man, guess this stuff happens, y'know? God works in strange ways, y'know? Oga! I'll forgive you for destroying my house the other day.
Did you eat something weird? I have been reborn! Finally, spring is here! Anyway, I have a stomachache, so off to the nurse's office! Spring? It's not spring.
What are you talking about? "Spring is here" means he's got a girlfriend.
A girlfriend.
A girlfriend? Him? Oh, you came again, Furuchin-san It's Furuichi, okay? Yuko-san, how are you feeling? Same as ever.
I see.
But We meet again! Yuka, this ain't proper.
You're here too, Nene-san! So, you take care of the baby together? No Well, kind of.
You're so kind.
By the way, when did you move to this town? You aren't from here, right? No, I've been here all my life.
You have? Longer than I thought Really? Oh, sheesh Time sure flies when you're having fun.
Um, would you come back tomorrow? No.
I'll come here after school! Wait, this is serious! You've got a girlfriend?! Well, we're still only friends.
She can be a little flighty, but take that away and she's a perfect woman! Takayuki! Even though you have me! Takayuki? Do you have a cold? Maybe I'm not feeling so well Well, good timing, I say! Maybe stay home from school? Idiot! Skipping school just from a cold? I don't think so! I feel bad! I'm heading to the nurse's office! The Next Day I feel bad I'm heading to the nurse's office The Next Day And the Day After That I feel bad I'm heading to the nurse's office And the Day After That Furuichi You should take a look at your face.
Are you eating? I'm fine Spring is here, remember? What a pain this is What? I told you not to come out at school, remember? Yeah, but Aoi-chan That boy's in trouble.
That ain't a cold.
He's possessed! Stop spouting nonsense And possessed by what? I wanna possess these thighs Stop it! Not the head! Furuichi's being possessed by a ghost? Yeah, and it seems to be true.
I'm s-s-sorry S-S-Sorry Furuichi is being possessed? Y-Yes, by a ghost! I'm pretty sure of it.
And what's gonna happen to him? Well, I could tell you What? Is it dangerous? Well Maybe try wearing black underwear instead of white and I'll tell you Seems like his life will be in danger unless we do something! Sheesh First Demons, and now ghosts? It seems to be a ghost that can't pass on.
That can't pass on? People that die who still have lingering regrets in this world and can't pass on If it weren't for this body of mine, there's a lot I wish I could do.
Like what? Promise not to laugh? I promise.
I'd like to date someone.
Strange, yes? I don't think it'd matter one bit! What does your body matter? You'll support me? Support you? S-Sure! I-If you're okay with it Furuchin-san! So basically, what do we do? Should I go punch this ghost in the face? Um, no.
If we clear up those regrets, they should be able to pass on Either way, we'll have to tell Furuichi the truth He was so happy I feel bad about this.
Oga? Okay.
Then, I'm going to get up the courage and say it.
Furuichi! Oga! Kunieda-senpai! Furuichi, get away from her.
Huh? You see, she's like, a ghost! Oh, I think you haven't met This is the ghost, Yuko-san.
Oh, you're Furuchin-san's friends Nice to meet you.
You knew she was a ghost? Well, duh.
Take a look! She's floating.
Then, why were you so happy that "spring is here"? Beauty knows naught of ghosts! You Oga, you wouldn't understand.
While I keep being swept up in weird crap again and again All that's by my side is that big dude haunting my dreams! Think how I feel! This time I I'm going to be happy! What's wrong with you? A-Anyway, you're being possessed by her.
If you continue to stay together Oh, no! I'm not possessing him at all! That's right! Yuko-san isn't that kind of ghost at all! I'm just asking him for some love advice But, I've finally got the confidence I love you Yuko-san! Johnny-san! J-Johnny? Yuko-san My name is Johnny.
Nice to meet you.
Johnny-san, from the first time I spoke with you, I've been interested in you, who are haunting Furuchin-san.
You're bashful, so you didn't show yourself, but thanks for letting me talk with you! And Furuchin-san said he would support us! By the way, when did you move to this town? You aren't from here, right? No, I've been here all my life.
Been here more than 20 years.
You have? Longer than I thought.
Yuko-san, I was thinking I'd like to date you.
Maybe me and you can build it together A future filled with peace and love Yes, Johnny-san! Furuchin! The time I spent possessing you wasn't so bad! Johnny! Yuko Johnny! Yuko Johnny Yuko-san? Thank you very much, Furuchin-san! Thank you very much, Furuchin! You have a thing for getting haunted by old men, don't you? What the hell?! You look like a ghost.
No kidding.
If I was, maybe I'd have had a better chance What the heck are you talking about? Nene-san? I hear that Madame Aoi's gone to a lot of trouble 'cause you're all depressed after being dumped.
Don't go hurting yourself again, and causing more trouble.
Nene-san! What? If you're going to give me one, can it be the one you've already sucked on? Go die in a ditch, you perv! Argh, so annoying! I understand that you wanna do the preview, but no one can understand what you and Black Baby Beel are saying! In that case, I will explain.
Next time something takes Black Baby Beel, and on a southern island, he somehow turns into a giant, you piece of crap! On the next Beelzebub: Black Baby Beel Grows Up! So what did you feed him to grow so big anyway?