Black-ish (2014) s04e02 Episode Script

Mother Nature

1 Dre: New life.
A miracle.
One cell becomes two, then four, then boom a baby.
As proud as we are as dads, it can't compare to the way a mama feels about her baby.
Being a new mom is the happiest time in a woman's life.
Mother Nature has given women everything they need to sustain life with comfort and ease.
And Bow was no exception.
Her time with her new babies was always magic.
Until now.
Dre: Say "Jumpman.
" Say "Jordan.
" Come on, DeVonté.
Say "Jordan.
" Hey, babe, look.
His first Jordans.
[All talking baby talk] Huh? Cute.
Yep, something was off with Bow, and it was starting to make me nervous.
It was starting to make us all nervous.
So we all know that Dad is an unreliable parent.
- Inept.
- Useless.
And we've all noticed - that Mom's been a little off lately.
- A little? I've noticed it, too.
Zoey! Freeze! Where you going? A party.
Here's a fun idea.
Take your brother.
Have fun.
I don't know, guys.
She seems fine to me.
[Sobbing] That's why it's so important we help Mom get back on her feet.
We can't let Dad be DeVonté's sole provider.
- God no.
- Nightmare.
- Doomed.
- Se we all need to help out.
Make this house warm, nurturing, and safe.
Right now, it's a death trap.
I don't know, guys.
It seems fine to me.
I can do "thank you" notes for the dumb baby gifts we got.
Zoey? I'm thinking my role is gonna be more like his cool aunt.
How about I skip this and let him sleep on my futon after he gets a girl pregnant? Um okay.
I guess this means I need to nurture this baby myself - [Gasps] - Oh, my God.
by giving him as much skin-to-skin contact as possible.
He's not right.
I don't know, guys.
He seems fine to me.
Bow was so down, I resorted to an old move straight-up lying.
There's my radiant queen! How are you, beautiful? Fine.
I went to the store today.
[Sobbing] But I don't need this many potatoes! [Sobbing] That's great, you know.
They 'Cause you've, uh You've always been a good shopper.
What's that you now you say? 77 degrees? 77 degrees.
That seems warm.
Is that too warm? Is 77 too warm? Babe, if it is, just just turn it down if you're worried about it.
Well, I can't turn it down, Dre.
I got to dry the tubes.
- I got to dry the tubes, okay? - Okay, okay.
You know what? You want a massage? 'Cause I can call Yvonne, and she can come by and give Is he breathing? I can't tell if he's breathing.
Is he breathing? - Um - Let me go check.
I can't see.
- Okay.
All right.
- He doesn't look like he's breathing.
Uh, b-babe, you're you're glowing! You're glowing, babe! Mm.
- I'm worried about her.
- Yeah, you should be.
Clearly, she's cheating on you.
No, this is what new motherhood looks like.
She's just weak.
Look, I don't even recognize her.
She's not acting like her normal self.
And And I don't know what to do.
This never happened when any of the other kids were born.
Well, the twins were born a long time ago.
Earl was still on his original Social Security number.
1 6 4 Mm.
It's nice to know that I can always come talk to you guys.
- Uh-huh.
- We're always here for you.
Appreciate it.
No, Jack, if something has a skull and crossbones on it, it's not for pirates.
It's poison.
Sorry about that.
The kids are trying to help out by babyproofing the house.
Back in my day, "babyproofing" meant demanding proof the baby was yours.
[Laughs] Zingo! Mm-hmm.
Uh, but, seriously, though, why are we so overprotective? You know, when do we stop babying the kids and just let them fend for themselves? Bup-bup-bup! Did you clean your hands? - Yes, Papa.
- Mm? - No, Papa.
- No.
Here you go.
All over.
In between.
There you go.
Back of your neck.
Good boy.
Remember when we were young, and you'd ride around in the trunk with your air hole, hoping that they remember to let you out so you could see the fireworks? Mm.
Luckily for our kids, we know better.
Yeah, I never threw Eustace in the trunk and drove to Tulsa for Fourth of July weekend, so stop asking me about it! Uh Dre, why are you making your kids babyproof the house? Oh, I'm not making them.
They want to help.
Bow's been having a hard time since the baby.
You know, anxious, not sleeping, crying a lot.
This may help.
It's my divorce attorney.
She's super hot.
You know what I'm saying? - Call her.
- Oh, my God.
Um, Dre, it just sounds like Bow's got the baby blues.
- Mm.
- What? Cat Stevens got it after she had her litter.
Been there.
My wife, she had it bad.
For two years after Eustace was born.
Booked a trip to Acapulco with my brother.
Hard seeing her like that.
Dre: Yeah, I just wish there was a way I could find out what's wrong with Bow.
Y-You know, I-I keep asking her, but she just keeps saying she's fine.
Well, as someone who hates talking to women, I find that reading ladies' magazines is a great insight into where their heads are at.
- Really? - Josh: For sure.
I took a Cosmo quiz once to find out if I was a wallflower or a night-blooming jasmine.
- Mm-hmm.
- But I got kicked out of Curves before I could finish it.
Oh, I'm done babyproofing.
Shh! [Whispering] Let's have a look.
You call this babyproofing? Loose Legos? Do you want him to choke? Or get strangled? Is this broken glass?! Is this a joke to you people?! I locked the cabinets.
Look at this open pen, just sitting here for anyone to grab! Babies don't have control of their arms! They just wave them all around, like [Giggles] [Pen clatters] See? That could've easily been the baby.
We can do better.
I can do better! Then show me.
In my good eye.
I listened to my co-workers and read a bunch of women's magazines.
Some of them talked about postpartum depression.
It sounds like it might be what was going on with Bow.
And they also said a lot of women don't realize they have it, so I had to be gentle.
There's my blushing bride.
Dre, that's very sweet, but could you please stop looking at me? - You okay, babe? - Yeah, I'm I don't know why my eyes won't stop watering.
I'm sorry.
You know what might be fun? What? If we take this postpartum-depression quiz together.
[Sighs] Dre, I don't want to do that.
I'm I'm okay.
But I think we should we should take it just in case one of us has a debilitating mood disorder, okay? So, I'll go first.
"Do you feel sad, hopeless, overwhelmed, empty?" That's a "nope" for me.
How about you? Uh well, I don't know.
I feel sad.
[Voice breaking] And I feel hopeless, and I feel overwhelmed, but I don't feel empty, so I guess it's a "no" for me.
This is fun.
- Yep.
- All right, number two.
"Are you crying more often than usual?" I'm just gonna put a "yes" for you.
Dre, I'm fine.
Okay? It's just, the baby came early, and he's not sleeping, and he's not eating.
I just I think he might be cursed.
Ah, that takes us down to question 17.
"Do you think your baby is cursed?" "Yes" for you.
49, 50.
Wow! 49 out of 50.
[Chuckles] Babe, you still acing quizzes.
According to this, you just might have postpartum.
Dre, I don't have postpartum.
I am a doctor, and I would know.
But maybe we should talk to another doctor to confirm that you don't have it.
If that's gonna make you feel better, fine.
Maybe you just need some help.
All right.
And that's what we're gonna get you.
I Hey, and you don't have to worry.
I'm not gonna leave you.
[Stammers] Well, I hadn't thought of that.
[Scoffs] Me neither.
Ha! Okay, so, the anxiety and the insomnia and the crying and the, uh constant insecurity, that's all postpartum? Most likely.
I mean, that's exactly what the quiz said.
You want a copy of this for your files? We actually have our own clinically tested and approved diagnostic protocols, but thank you.
Um, postpartum manifests itself differently in every mother.
Some women even have trouble bonding with their baby.
Really? So So bonding is a part of it? Mm-hmm.
'Cause I've been been feeling really guilty 'cause I can't seem to connect with DeVonté.
That is very normal.
But it didn't happen with any of my other kids.
W-W-Well, w-with Junior, it happened with me.
Well, every pregnancy is different.
And every treatment is, too.
The sooner we figure out the right medication for you, the sooner you will start feeling like yourself again.
[Sighs] No, you know what? I-I can get through this.
I d I don't want medication.
Obviously, the decision is yours, but postpartum depression is a mood disorder.
It's not something you can just power through, and it is nothing to feel ashamed of.
Can I still breastfeed? 'Cause that's really important to me.
Plus, breastfeeding helps her lose the baby weight, and we want to make sure we keep that going.
- What? I'm your advocate.
- My God.
Nursing's completely safe on the one I'm thinking of.
It takes time to find the right dosage of medication, but this is a good first step.
Uh So, does this mean that she'll stop crying every time she sees me? I'm not entirely convinced that's the postpartum.
How are the "thank you" notes going? Good.
"Thank you for the dumb wood thing that has already been thrown away.
Regards, Rainbow Johnson.
" [Sighs] Okay.
Are they all that harsh? No.
- Here.
- [Sighs] "Babies hate pewter spoons.
Kill yourself.
" That was my gift! Oh, then you saved me a stamp.
Hey, babe.
You look great.
How you feeling? It's been two days, okay? So I know you mean well, but you have to stop asking.
Cool, cool.
I totally understand.
- Okay.
- Hey, how about we take a run together? You know, because the doctor said it might make you feel better if - [DeVonté cries] - Please stop trying to fix me.
Okay, I'm I'm gonna go get the baby.
[Crying continues] Are you sure you want to leave her alone with that child? They left me alone with you for years.
Yeah, well, I didn't go to some quack doctor because I was mentally ill with some made-up disease.
It's a real thing that lots of women get.
And Bow is taking medicine to get better.
Wait a minute.
She's doing drugs and nursing my grandson? - She's not doing drugs.
- Dre, a lady at church nursed on drugs, and her son can only make friends with loose dogs.
Her milk was poison.
So you're a doctor now? Because you were smoking a cigarette while I was being born.
[Scoffs] So was the doctor! We finished babyproofing! Yeah, the house couldn't be safer.
DeVonté isn't gonna get into anything.
[Door bangs] [Groans] [Grunts] Wow.
Well, I'm glad you guys handled everything.
I mean, I didn't even think to do any of that, so Why didn't I think of that? I am the mom.
Why isn't she getting any better? She will.
She's gonna be okay.
Are you sure? She put sunscreen and a steak knife in Diane's lunchbox today.
Turns out I needed both at recess.
I swear to God and sweet black Jesus, y'all put a lock on one more damn thing in this house, and I will whip all four of your asses at the same time! [Sighs] Oh, he's sleeping.
How'd you do that? I gave him a little something to eat, knocked him right out.
[Stammers] Wait.
Why Why is all of this still here? Yeah, I gave him some formula.
What? Ruby he's never had formula.
I-I'm just breastfeeding.
Well, I thought your milk might be keeping him awake, - on account of the medication.
- Oh, my God.
And from the looks of it, I was right.
Are you kidding me? What the [bleep].
Okay, just calm down.
No, I'm not gonna calm down, Ruby.
You know what? I put up with so much from you.
You make fun of my hair.
You make fun of my clothing.
You make fun of my cooking.
You make fun of my blackness.
- It's more your whiteness.
- I'm not joking! You walk all over me, and I let you.
In my home! But you've crossed a line.
- Hey, I was just trying to help.
- No, you weren't.
You're never just trying to do anything, Ruby.
You were trying to make me feel bad.
- Oh, come on.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- No, stay out of it.
Stay out of it, Dre.
- What's going on? Do you think this is easy for me, Ruby? Do you? Motherhood is the most natural thing for a woman.
And I've had four kids, and somehow, I am struggling right now.
I cannot seem to make enough milk.
I feel filled with anxiety.
I feel weak.
I feel embarrassed because of all the things that I can't do.
And you are making me feel so much worse! Okay, now, it was just a little formula.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't you think maybe you're overreacting? [Voice breaking] I'm not.
I'm just not.
I'm not.
And you need to get out of my home, because there's no way I'm gonna get better while you're here.
So you need to leave, and you cannot live here anymore.
You need to go.
Andre, she's acting crazy.
And you need to talk to her, okay? No, Mama.
Not this time.
You got to go.
- [Cries] - It's okay, baby.
It had been a little while since we saw the doctor and things in the house were still messed up.
My mother was gone.
My kids were freaked out about their mom Everything's gonna be all right.
because Bow still wasn't herself.
I felt like I was the only one holding it together.
Can't handle a baby gate, son? [Chuckles] What happened to your hand? [Groans] Damn! I was gonna sweep it up, but I couldn't get into the pantry.
You're looking at me like you want to say something.
You might as well go ahead and spit it out.
Look, I would usually talk to Bow about this, or Moms, but I can't.
I have nobody else to talk to, obviously, which is why I'm talking to you.
Oh, and I'm a bad choice.
I'm just worried, Pops.
We really doing this? Pour me another drink.
All right.
I feel like I'm in this alone.
You know, the kids are scared.
I'm trying my best to comfort them, but I'm just as scared as they are.
I barely recognize my wife.
What if she's never herself again? Well, why are you borrowing trouble? All you can do is support her now and give her a little time to get back on track.
Everybody says that "Give it time.
" I want to do something.
I feel so powerless.
You've been doing everything you can do.
I've been watching you.
You've been holding it down.
That's dangerously close to praise, Pops.
Well, I lost a lot of blood.
[DeVonté cooing] [Whispering] Why is there so much broken glass in this house? [Sighs] Ruby, what are you doing here? I hope it's okay I used my key to get in.
Look, I just felt like I really needed to talk to you.
I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I realize you were right.
I overstepped with the formula.
What are you saying? [Sighs] I crossed the line.
I would've thrown me out, too.
You listen to me, Rainbow.
You've got nothing to be ashamed of.
- You're a good mother.
- Unh - I do not feel like a good mother.
- Well, you are.
And you're not weak, because you got help.
I'm weak for not being there to help you get it.
So I'm sorry.
[Voice breaking] I'm sorry.
I don't think you've ever said that before.
Me, neither.
Well thank you, Ruby.
That means a lot to me.
It really does.
I hope I can earn your trust again.
Oh, Ruby.
I never trusted you.
[Chuckles] Smart lady.
[Chuckles] Can I have my key back? Hey, babe.
How are You know what? I'm not even gonna ask you that.
Nor pry into your personal writings.
As a matter of fact, I don't even know why I came out here.
My therapist is making me write in this journal.
It's actually helping.
Especially after the first 10 pages of writing, "My therapist is stupid for having me write in this journal.
" [Laughs] - Well, I'm glad it's helping.
- Yeah.
It's nice to see you smile again.
Hmm? [Sighs] I really appreciate how you've been there for me, especially with your mom.
Of course.
You think I'd ever take her side over yours? That's exactly what I think.
You're my wife the most important person in my life.
But you're gonna let my mama move back in, right? Eventually.
I'm not gonna let her stay in that hotel forever.
Yeah, well, they're not gonna let her stay long, either.
She's already been banned from the hotel pool for sunbathing topless.
What? Ugh.
The restaurant, too.
Same reason.
Rainbow: Where's DeVonté? Where's DeVonté? [Gasps] Where's DeVonté? Oh, God! Mom lost the baby.
Don't worry.
We'll find him.
There he is.
Oh, hey, guys.
Hey, Mom, do you want me to take him? No, that's okay.
Keep your shirt on.
Thank God.
He keeps trying to latch.
So [sighs] guys, I really appreciate everything that you've done.
I know it's been really hard around here and maybe a little scary, too.
But this is just something that sometimes happens to moms.
It's a part of life.
It's a really crappy part of life.
And I'm gonna be okay.
I promise.
And, Diane maybe we should take a little break from the "thank you" notes.
You've burned a lot of bridges.
You're welcome.
Oh, okay.
Dre: Oh, hey, guys.
There you are.
So I didn't have to ask Bow how she was feeling anymore.
I could see she was on her way.
Diane: "Dear Josh, thank you for the baby blanket you made by hand.
We will hold it up to DeVonté to show him that sometimes trying isn't enough.
Best, Rainbow Johnson.
" "Dear Mr.
Stevens, thank you for the soul food delivery.
You really know black people.
" I really do.
"Hello, Charles.
I now have your home address.
It's the last mistake you'll make.
Soon, Diane Johnson.