Bob Hearts Abishola (2019) s03e08 Episode Script

Light Duty

1 Previously on Bob Hearts Abishola I am taking the day to explore new employment opportunities outside of MaxDot.
I feel I am underappreciated here, and would like to find a place that values me.
Christina has left.
Now you will need to replace her with someone qualified, who has great knowledge of the workings of the company.
That's exactly right.
I usually am.
Congratulations, Kofo.
- Excuse me? - Mr.
Wheeler, you said "Kofo.
" My name is "Goodwin.
" I know, but Kofo came up with the outlet store idea.
Plus, he worked with Christina rebranding our socks, and she left him a glowing recommendation.
You want Kofo? The Kofo that sleeps in my garage? Yes, Goodwin.
We need you down on the floor.
You're our guy.
Your floor guy.
Douglas, I need you to process some returns.
Well, since you asked so nicely.
It's weird not having Kofo working with us.
- It is fine.
- You guys were like Batman and Robin.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Bob went and promoted Robin.
Unless Was Kofo Batman all along? I am Batman.
We need more tape.
You should have been the one to get the gig, if you ask me.
- I did not ask you.
- You've been here longer than Kofo.
Hell, you've been here longer than Bob.
What's it been 20 years? Twenty-five.
I don't know how you do it.
People come, and people go, and you're always right here.
Year after year after year.
Please, stop.
It's comforting, really, knowing no matter where life takes you, you can always come back to this warehouse, and snap a selfie in front of Mount Goodwin.
- Where do I put these? - Put what? Hold them in the tunnel so I can see what you are referencing.
You okay? You don't look so good.
I'm fine.
Hey, check out the new marketing director.
- Looking good, Kofo.
- Thank you.
I hope you don't mind, Cousin, but I borrowed your suit.
That one is my favorite.
Make sure to bury me in it.
Goodwin! What happened? You passed out at work.
Is it serious? Maybe I should get the doctor.
Tell me.
Goodwin, there is no easy way to say this.
You had a - panic attack.
- No.
Surely it must be something more serious.
I'm sorry.
We ran all the tests.
Your body is fine.
The issue is psychological.
Nigerians do not have psychological issues.
What will I tell my family? I'm sure they'll understand.
Would you understand? No.
Do not worry, Tiwa.
I will do the right thing for you and the children.
What are you talking about? God forbid, you need a new husband, I will be happy to step into that role.
I will be happy to step off a bridge before marrying you.
Because I would always remind you of Goodwin.
Because you would always remind me of you.
Tiwa, hey.
I'm so sorry to see you again under these circumstances.
Tiwa, what a lovely thing to say about Mr.
Nice try, Kofo, but I got the gist.
That one I didn't get.
Just more pleasantries.
There he is.
So is he gonna be all right? I'll tell you later.
Let him finish lying to his wife.
Hello, Mother.
What are you doing here? I thought you quit the family.
I did not quit the family.
I quit the business.
Same difference.
Bob asked me to give you a ride home.
He's still at the hospital with Goodwin.
How is Goodwin? - He's gonna be fine.
- Good.
Because I care about the people that work for me, and don't betray me.
I didn't betray you.
But I did what I had to do for myself, and I'm so glad because it's really paying off.
You got a job already? Yes.
I have a job finding a new job, which really is a full-time job.
Got it.
You ain't working.
What are you doing? Saving you the embarrassment of asking.
Mom, I do not want your money.
Just take it.
- No.
- You don't have to cash it right away, but you'll feel better knowing it's in your purse, like ChapStick or a handgun.
Okay, that makes sense.
We should do this once a week.
Our own little supper club.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
That way, we can make sure that you are both - eating well.
- Mm-hmm.
Bob, you are looking very thin.
Oh, thank you.
I'm actually just doing smaller portions these days.
Uh, Abishola, a fat husband is a happy husband.
That no other woman wants.
So, Bob, how is work? Tell us tales of socks and glory.
Well, work's a little weird right now.
I heard Goodwin had an attack of the panic.
She did not hear it from me.
It's on Kemi's Facebook.
She heard it from me.
He's having a hard time with Kofo's promotion.
I tried to explain it to him.
Why would you do that? Well, because he's upset.
Why do you care? Bob wants his employees to like him.
Oh, Bob.
What? It's a family company.
I want them to feel like family.
- And you tell them this? - Of course.
No wonder they are so soft and panicky.
And happy.
It is a factory.
What are you, Willy Wonka? Can we please just talk about something else? So, Abishola, how is your work? Oh, yesterday, we had a three-hour mandatory sensitivity training.
Sensitivity to what? To each other.
The whole world has gone mad.
I'm just feeling a little rudderless.
I mean, I know I have a toolset, but sometimes I feel like I left them out in the yard and they got all rusty.
Does that make sense? No.
I've only ever had one job in my life and it was given to me by my mommy and I don't know what I'm gonna do next.
I understand that.
When my husband died and left me nothing, I was also rudderless.
What did you do? I grew a rudder.
I could not afford a caterer for his funeral, so I did all the cooking myself.
And of course I was amazing at it.
That's nice.
He helped you find your passion by dying and leaving you nothing.
Well, I'm not lucky enough to be poor and have a dead husband.
There is only one person who can tell you what you should do next.
- Me.
- No.
The Babalawo.
The baba-who? He's a Yoruba priest who ascertains the future through communicating with the spirit world.
Oh, my God.
That is exactly who I need to talk to.
There he is! Welcome back, buddy.
Hello, everyone.
I'm fine.
They were all worried about you, Cousin.
There was nothing to worry about.
It was just a mild heart attack.
I thought it was a panic attack.
Of the heart are you a doctor? - No.
- Then do not speak of this! Back to work, everyone! Hang on, hang on.
Now we're all thrilled Goodwin's back, but let his little episode serve as a reminder mental health matters! Oh, dear God.
Now if any of you are feeling too stressed, I want you to listen to your bodies, and take a break so you don't faint like Goodwin.
And while he's recovering he's going to be on "light duty.
" Okay? I see him lift anything over ten pounds, it'll be your asses.
I am not wearing this.
Look, I know it's a pain, but it's for your own good.
And insurance purposes.
I would like to be allowed to do my job.
Well, right now your job is to get better.
You start feeling shaky, you take a break.
I refuse.
It wasn't really a request.
It was an order.
I refuse the order.
Come on, man, don't be like that.
We're a family here.
What are you going to do, put me in a timeout, Papa? You know what? Yeah.
Grab your stuff you're going home! Fine! Can I go home, Papa? Not today.
Not today.
No! It is such an honor to be in front of a real Yoruba priest.
I am but a messenger for Ifa, our God of wisdom.
I'm also a notary, if you have any documents that need guidance.
So how do we start this? Do you need a lock of my hair? Also, if it helps, I am easily hypnotized.
Just take the divination chain and express any questions you have for Ifa to the Babalawo.
And I will place the chain on the divination board so Ifa can send his answer back to me.
Let me show you.
Is Chukwuemeka my soul mate? Kemi, you ask this every week, and the answer is always no.
Ask again! Ooh! Oh, this is interesting.
- What? - He says no again.
I should just go to the Babalawo by the airport.
He only tells you what you want to hear.
Christina, go ahead.
Oh, holy Ifa please tell me if I made a huge mistake quitting my job or if I'm on the right path.
Ifa says you cannot move forward because something is holding you back.
Some dark force.
Like a demon? Is Christina possessed? It is not in you.
But it is near you.
Is it me? It has hair of yellow.
And the voice of a crow.
Oh, my God.
- What? - What? The yellow crow is my mother.
Okay, my turn.
- Kofo.
- Oh! Hello, Cousin.
You startled me.
I am hiding from my wife.
Because she emasculates you and makes you feel small? Because I was sent home early and I do not want her to know.
Because she emasculates you and makes you feel small.
Just shut up! I'm going to stay here a little longer.
Take as much time as you need.
As long as you don't mind me finishing my jigsaw puzzle.
Why do you do these stupid things? They are very calming after a long day.
Oh, ridiculous.
It is called "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.
" You are good at this.
Yes, I am.
You are good at so many things.
And just because I am better than you at one thing, does not take away all the things you are good at.
Just shut up and do the puzzle.
And thank you.
Thank you so much for helping.
If the Babalawo thinks this will be good for you, then I do, too.
For the record, i-it's not that I feel my mother is evil, it's more like her hold on me is evil.
This will cover you either way.
Oh, good.
All right, let's do this.
Is there a chant? - No.
- Can I do one? It cannot hurt.
Ah, okay.
Um Sail away, sail away Sail away Sail away, sail away, sail What the hell are you doing? A spiritual cleanse so I can fully embrace my future.
Oh, for crying out loud.
Actually, Mom, since you're up.
- What's that? - The check you gave me.
So I can Sail away, sail away Sail away.
Did you put her up to this? - No, the Babalawo did.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, clearly I'm still asleep.
Mom, I love you, but I can't keep doing the same stuff and expect things to change.
I'm not taking back the check.
You need it.
Well, then, I'm just gonna set this right here.
So this is what I get for trying to help you.
Now you want to cut me out of your life.
No, that's not what I am doing.
All I ever wanted was what's best for you.
I know that's what you think, but it's done the opposite.
You may not want to hear this, but I think you turned out pretty okay.
You do? And I hate that you don't see that.
Me, too.
I'm sorry I want to take care of you, but you're my baby girl.
And I always will be.
All right, ladies, even though we are on light duty, that does not mean we take our duties lightly.
We are the last line of defense between this company and a substandard sock.
So grab your stickers and find those irregularities! Are you gonna be like this all day? - Like what? - Never mind.
What are you doing? Admiring my cousin's spirit.
He may be broken on the inside, but you would never know it.
How bad is it? Last night, we did a jigsaw puzzle together.
Ah, geez.
Found one! Very good, Shirley.
I would have never spotted that flawed gusset.
And I'm blind in one eye.
Excuse me, ladies, can you give us a minute? Uh, take some socks with you.
You know, you and I are the only two who can do every job in this company.
Clearly not every job.
All right.
I'm sorry for the way I handled promoting Kofo.
I should've talked to you first.
You are the boss.
You have the right to break the hearts of your employees.
Look, it was a tough call, but you got to make those decisions when you're in charge you'll see.
What do you mean? One day, I'm gonna step aside and you're gonna be the unfortunate soul that has to deal with it.
You want me to be in charge of MaxDot? Eventually.
Who else can I trust this place with, Douglas? Very funny, Mr.
And I am honored.
No, Goodwin.
- It's my honor.
- Ah.
So when? Huh? When will I be taking over? I don't know.
A few years, maybe.
I will need you to be more specific.
And put it in writing.
Big changes are coming, ladies.
You will see.
But do not worry.
After I come to power, I will remember those who stood by me.
Did you hit your head when you fainted? Okay, Rita is out.
Shirley, you are my new number two.
- What? - I said, you're my number two! Go to lunch, back at 2:00.
Rita! I have reconsidered.
Your future is once again bright.
Yes, indeed! Big changes coming.
You definitely hit your head.

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