Bob Hearts Abishola (2019) s03e09 Episode Script

I'm Not Edsel

Yeah, don't worry, Tunde, she doesn't suspect a thing.
Yeah, I know it's 6:30.
I'll get her there as soon as I can.
Well, if you're hungry, have a snack.
I don't know, cheese.
She's coming.
What happened? Why are you wearing your pajamas? I don't feel like going to Auntie and Uncle's tonight.
Well, we can't always do what we feel.
Let's go.
I'm tired.
I'll call and reschedule.
I forbid it.
- (LAUGHS) Very funny, Bob.
- Come on.
You can't cancel.
They're elders.
I thought you had to follow their commands like little Nigerian robots.
Well, this robot is sleepy.
I'm sorry.
The last thing Tunde said to me was, (IMITATING UNCLE TUNDE): "I order Abishola to be at dinner.
" Fine.
But do not ever do that voice again.
Go, go, go.
Why are they having us over on their bingo night? It got cancelled.
- Why? - Because there was a fire.
Fire? Everyone's fine, just all the little bingo balls melted.
Can't they just get new balls? Factory's closed.
The factory is closed? Yeah, another fire.
You now, they haven't said, but I think they're connected.
What is going on? Nothing.
I'm just excited to get to Olu and Tunde's as soon as possible.
Welcome to dinner, and only dinner.
She knows something's up.
What could be worth going through all this nonsense for? E kasaan, Mum.
- Dele? - Surprise! Oh, Dele, my baby boy.
- I've missed you so much.
- I've missed you, too.
I don't understand.
How did you get here? Abishola, I see you have gained weight since the wedding.
("IFANLA" BY SOLA AKINGBOLA PLAYING) How is the stew? So hot it could strip paint.
My sister will still say it is bland.
Add more pepper.
Don't worry, Auntie, - everything is going to be delicious.
- It better be.
Otherwise, she will blame me, and I will blame you.
(CHUCKLES) I've missed you.
I missed you, too.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, enough.
Put this love in the food.
I still cannot believe you're here in Detroit.
It was nice to finally be invited.
You're always invited, Mummy.
Well, this invite included a first-class ticket.
- Thank you, Bob.
- You're very welcome.
Although, it would have been nice to know you were coming ahead of time.
- That would've ruined the surprise.
- Yes, it would have.
Mummy, would you like to visit the hospital and see where I work? - Are you a doctor yet? - No.
I will visit when you are a doctor.
(MOUTHS) But I would love to see Bob's sock empire.
Well, I wouldn't call it an empire.
It's more of a kingdom.
Happy to have you visit.
Tunde, that was your second trip to the bathroom.
Ah, too much ginger ale.
Or it could be your prostate.
Nonsense, Ebun.
My prostate is strong.
My stream is mighty.
She knows about my prostate problem.
How? She sniffs out our weaknesses like a bloodhound.
She is all-knowing, and all-judging.
The worst part is, I have to pee again.
- Welcome, Ebun.
- Thank you, Dottie.
I've brought you a gift.
Yes, Granny? You are the gift.
Hug your grandmother.
Come here, Dele.
- Nice to see you again.
- Do I get to keep him? No.
Mummy, I'm sorry the house is such a mess.
No need to apologize.
Just clean it.
Bob, help her.
The cleaning lady was here this morning.
Are you talking back to your mother? I was, but I'll stop.
Oh, this is gonna be fun.
Can I get you a drink? Please, allow me.
Abishola, get us drinks.
DOTTIE: Bring them out to the hot tub.
Ebun and I are gonna soak our tootsies.
I hope you are enjoying your surprise.
- You better make this a hell of a visit, kid.
- Yeah.
And we put your desk by the window.
I hope you like it.
It's great.
Um, what are these? Oh, whenever I read an article that made me think of you, I saved it so you could read it, too.
Oh, there's so many.
I thought about you a lot.
This one is about a dance troupe in Ghana.
And this one is about how terrible the Detroit Pistons are.
Did you know they were so bad? Yeah, I knew.
You should think about following a team that wins.
I think about it every season.
I'm so glad you are here.
Even if it is just for a little while.
- Me too.
- And remember, no matter how far you go or how long you are gone, this is your home, and it always will be.
All right, Dele, scram.
Granny wants our room, so we're sleeping in here tonight.
Enjoy the couch.
You can visit your room tomorrow.
Welcome home, bud.
Everyone, we have a special guest today.
All the way from Lagos, Nigeria, my beautiful mother-in-law, Ebunoluwa Odegbami.
Give her a big MaxDot welcome.
What the hell's a MaxDot welcome? Clap and bow.
Clap and bow.
- Clap and bow! - (APPLAUSE) The workers are very obedient.
I like it.
Yeah, we got a good group.
We got Detroit's Top Garment Manufacturer five out of the last six years.
What happened in 2018? You know, that's the same thing Abishola said when she first came here.
Mummy, Bob also got Businessman of the Year.
Only one? Oh, I'm sure it'll be the first of many.
Thanks, kid.
Now, if you'll all wait here, I've got something special for Mama Ebun.
He is a good man, Abishola.
Thank you.
Also, you should know my bed was very uncomfortable last night.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- Would you like some different pillows? - No.
I just wanted you to know your bed was a failure.
BOB: Special delivery.
Mama, you remember my brother Douglas? I do not.
I was the other white guy at the wedding.
Oh, yes.
The drunk one.
I think it was the altitude.
And, to be clear, I was high.
And-and Kofo here just got moved up to head of marketing.
Ah, I see you are smart enough to have promoted a Nigerian man.
I thought you'd like that.
I think you're gonna like this even more.
A bouquet for you.
Notice that each sock flower is a women's medium.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you, Bob.
My family back home will be jealous.
Well, that's who those other boxes are for.
If I give them socks, how would they be jealous of mine? - You're right.
They're all yours.
- EBUNOLUWA: Wonderful.
Thank you for such a lovely greeting.
Should I expect more surprises at your other factories? What's that? Mummy, this is MaxDot.
Yes, I know this is the original building.
Surely, after 25 years, Bob has expanded to other factories.
Well, I haven't really needed to.
Wh-What Mr.
Wheeler is saying is we do not have enough business to justify other warehouses.
Thanks for helping, Kofo.
I like being a tourist in our own town.
Did you hear all that stuff she was saying about MaxDot? - She likes your company.
- You mean, my teeny, tiny company? Bob, look.
Now, here is a businessman.
As if cars were not enough, Henry Ford also built airplanes to help his country.
He also hated unions and was an anti-Semite.
Is that on there? - Bob.
- Just asking.
EBUNOLUWA: Well, do not worry.
In ten years, with an improved mindset, you could be the Henry Ford of socks.
(CHUCKLES) In ten years, I'm gonna be on a boat, on a lake.
You are planning to retire? Oh, yeah.
So, you are satisfied with what you have accomplished? I am.
I assumed you were a more ambitious man.
I'm plenty ambitious.
I met your daughter because I worked myself - into a heart attack.
- And it was nearly fatal.
Thank you.
Ford had several heart attacks and a stroke.
Mummy, Bob is a very hard worker.
He kept a small business alive in Detroit when so many others went bankrupt.
- That's right.
- Of course he could work harder, and his business could be more successful, - but he's fine with it.
- Wait, what? You thought you were marrying Henry Ford, instead you get Edsel.
- Who is Edsel? - Henry Ford's son.
He inherited the business and didn't really do much with it.
I'm not Edsel.
Says here he loved boats, too.
See? Edsel.
I'm not Edsel! It's only two weeks.
We can survive two weeks.
This is who I am.
- What? - William Clay Ford.
Clay took over when Ford was on the ropes and kept it afloat, just like me and MaxDot.
Bob, do not listen to my mother.
Well, what about you do you think I could have done more with the company? Bob.
Do not listen to my mother.
Got it.
Edsel hears you loud and clear.
You are not Edsel.
You are Bob Wheeler, my husband.
A brilliant and talented man who can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.
You have made your choices, and I'm happy with it, as long as you are.
That was very nice.
Thank you.
But the headline is I could've done more! Ah, good morning, everyone.
ALL: Good morning.
You're all up early.
Well, when you sleep on the couch, you get to wake up when everyone else does and make them breakfast.
I'm still adjusting to the time change.
And I had a cup of coffee four days ago, so I'll never sleep again.
Don't get old, kid.
You are not old.
Oh, what a sweetie.
Go get five dollars out of my purse.
- Where's Bob? - Still in bed.
I'm surprised a company president can sleep in on a weekday.
Because Bob trains his employees well, and they can take care of anything that comes up.
EBUNOLUWA: That's wonderful, so he can sleep in and dream of his little boat.
DOTTIE: Big boat.
He's already got the name picked out, Socks to Be You.
(LAUGHS) Get it? No.
Bob works very hard, Mummy.
Of course he does.
Just not today, apparently.
Mummy, please.
What? Am I telling lies? Bob does not deserve to be spoken about this way.
And I do not deserve this tone.
Am I not still your mother? Yes, you are.
You are also insulting my husband in our home, and I will not have it.
How dare you speak to me this way? Dele, pack your bag.
We are going back - to Nigeria.
- Dele.
Stay right where you are.
Go pack.
Do not move.
How are you not nuts? (UNCLE TUNDE SIGHS) I think this is the last one.
Thank you, Tunde.
You have rescued me from a nightmare.
We are all in the same dream.
I could not spend another minute in that house.
I'm sure Abishola is sorry for what she said.
It is too late for apologies.
I will never speak to her again.
I'm just worried that Abishola will not be able to see how furious you are if you are staying here.
- She knows.
- Ah, oh, but wouldn't it be more clear if you were at Bob's house parading your anger in front of her? Sister, this is your first time in America.
Do not spend it fighting with a daughter you barely get to see.
I do not want to, but she has given me no choice.
You insulted her husband.
- She was just standing up for him.
- Eh, eh! Are you saying this is my fault? (STAMMERS) Tunde, get my things, I am leaving.
Where will you go? Uh, perhaps to a hotel.
You can use my Hilton points.
You are right, Olu.
I will stay here.
(SIGHS) But, until everyone apologizes, I am only speaking to Tunde.
- Fine.
- Fine.
And I told her to never speak about my husband that way.
Did you say that in your head or out loud? - Out loud.
- Oluwa mi o.
You spoke up for your husband, good for you.
Not good for her.
Husbands come and go, mothers are forever.
And now she's not speaking to me.
- Have you tried groveling? - No.
I would start there.
Hold on, maybe she should see where this goes.
What are you talking about? She just created a boundary with her mother.
That's every daughter's dream.
How did it feel? In the moment, exhilarating.
Like jumping out of a plane.
(CHUCKLES) But you do realize you are now plummeting towards the earth with no parachute.
Come on, it's not that serious.
Have you ever talked back to your mother? Hell no.
That's why I want to see where this thing goes.
Thank you all for coming.
Happy to be here, Bob.
Wait a minute, I thought you don't work here anymore.
I don't, but as a stakeholder in this company, Bob requested that I be at this meeting.
Wait, we don't have to work here to have a stake in the company? In that case, I also have an announcement.
I've done this company a disservice.
All these years I've been settling for staying in business, instead of pushing us to live up to our full potential, and I'm sorry.
You're apologizing for keeping us afloat? Apology accepted.
Look, I'm serious.
We had chances to expand, open more factories.
I was too scared to take the risk, but not anymore.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying let's make some moves, push our chips all in, and see what happens.
(SIGHS) That is really bold, Bob.
I'm out.
I haven't even told you my plan.
Why don't you just push your chips in, and if it goes good, then we get some of your new chips.
Oh, my gosh.
That's a great idea.
We can do this.
We could take MaxDot global.
Honey, what's going on? I just feel like I could do more.
You've done plenty.
You took over a business that was barely hanging on, in a city that had already let go, and you made it work.
No layoffs for 25 years, and that was through two recessions.
That's an achievement.
No, that's just the beginning.
- I'm not so sure about that, Bob.
- I don't know.
- You're sounding really strange - Okay, can I just say something? Please.
Motion to freeze company assets and suspend any new business.
You need three-quarters of the board to do that.
Oh, my God.
You're the Edsels.
(MUTTERING): I don't know what that means.
(SIGHS) Tunde, ask my sister if she wants more stew.
Ebun, would you like more stew? Tell my sister, no, thank you.
The stew was inedible.
She said, "No, thank you.
" Please ask my sister why she devoured two bowls.
She said "You seem to like it.
" Tell her I did not, but our parents raised us to be polite.
She obviously has forgotten that.
(SIGHS) - Tell her.
- Yes, tell me, Tunde.
I am done with this.
- That is not what she said.
- If you need me, I am taking a walk to the Downtown Hilton! What is wrong with him? He has been very moody lately.
I think it is his prostate.
I knew it.
More stew, Sister? Oh, yes, please.

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