Bridgerton (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Forces of Nature

[bright music builds slowly]
[exhales] Colin.
Thank you for meeting me.
I apologize for the late hour,
but I had to see you immediately.
What is it?
Pen, I, uh
I have not been able to sleep,
not been able to eat.
I can I can barely speak these days.
My entire thoughts consumed by
By what?
By our kiss.
- By you.
- I
I feel the same.
You occupy my every thought.
[bright music rises]
[Penelope moaning, panting softly]
[Penelope whispers] Colin.
- [panting]
- [music stops]
Was it worth the glimpse
of the balloon? Hmm?
I fell off the roof
before I could even see it.
- Aw
- Stop.
Tell me one more time what precisely
the queen said to you, dearest.
Again, Mama?
"She was splendid. She sparkled. Brava."
I ask because it is important.
If the queen has truly granted
Francesca her favor,
she shall have her pick of suitors.
It changes everything.
Who shall you dance with first, sister?
Perhaps I shall go alphabetically.
- Morning, family.
- You slept late.
- Did I? Hmm.
- [Benedict] Something keep you up?
Not at all.
I slept peacefully.
No sooner did my head touch the pillow
that I was met
with complete and immediate darkness.
Not even a dream.
Brother, I know we are not
supposed to mention it,
but I thought it was quite a kindness
that you did for Penelope the other week.
She waits for the maids
to throw out last week's Whistledown,
as she knows
she is not allowed to read it.
It was unfortunate Whistledown
wrote what she did, or that she
found out about it in the first place.
Uh, excuse me.
Well, I think Penelope is quite fortunate
to have you as a friend.
She is, um
Well, a very good acquaintance
of the family's, of course.
[pensive music playing]
- Are you all right?
- [chuckles]
Never better.
[pensive music ends]
[light classical music playing]
[Lady Whistledown] Dearest Gentle Reader,
humankind has accomplished
extraordinary feats
in its attempt to compete with nature.
Built ships to travel the globe,
castles nearly to the clouds,
and now, great balloons
to traverse the skies.
But no matter how many accomplishments
our debutantes have displayed
for Queen Charlotte,
it seems Her Majesty
is interested in only one.
The suitor Miss Francesca marries
must be rich, must be handsome,
and he must be of high rank.
What of Lord Debling?
I hear he is eager
to take a wife this season.
Lord Debling spends half his time
devoting himself to nature,
and the other half talking about it.
- He is a bore.
- Mm.
You must throw it
like you mean it, Lady Danbury.
Ah, forgive me, Your Majesty.
My mind is elsewhere.
I've received word of an unwanted visitor.
Do you wish your queen
to banish this guest
to the far reaches of the kingdom?
No. It is not worth your time.
[breathes deeply]
Let us throw it from our minds.
[Lady Whistledown] And though
other young ladies may scramble
for Miss Francesca's leftovers,
they would be wise to remember
the higher one flies,
the further one has to fall.
I do not think I will grow a belly
when I am with child.
I've always kept quite an elegant figure.
It's not weight that produces a belly,
it is the child itself.
What? Do you mean its little
head and body inside me? [chuckles]
- Are you sure?
- Do not work yourself up.
I am certain your baby boy
will be delivered by a golden stork.
What makes you certain they'll have boys?
A week sequestered in your room,
you come down, and you say this to me?
- Varley, a word.
- Uh, yes, ma'am.
But first, there is a visitor
for Miss Penelope.
[light instrumental music rises]
[music fades out]
I noticed you have not been seen
in society for some time.
It is not pleasant to have
Whistledown write about oneself, is it?
No. It is not.
It was quite harsh
what she wrote about you.
Unnecessarily so, I think.
It would have looked strange
if Whistledown had not commented.
I fear it may have been my fault
the rumor about you and Colin got out,
but you should know
it was not intentional.
- I would not reproach you if it was.
- It wasn't.
- Would you like to come in?
- [gentle music plays]
- I have a few new books that may be
- No.
Thank you.
I'm meeting a friend.
But I do hope you find
what you are looking for this season.
With Colin's help or otherwise.
- [door opens]
- [gentle music fades out]
[upbeat instrumental music plays]
Good day.
[indistinct whispering]
[woman 1]her.
[woman 2] Agreed, dear. And where
[upbeat music slowly turns pensive]
[Colin and Penelope sigh softly]
- [Colin] Good day.
- [Penelope] Good day.
It's good to see you.
Yes, it is it is good to see you as well.
And I apologize
for not coming to see you earlier.
- Oh. It is for the better you did not.
- Is it?
Isn't it? [chuckles]
It is.
[both chuckle lightly]
[inhales] Uh
[inhales] We cannot continue our lessons.
Uh, I agree.
- Yes
- Good.
[Colin] Hm.
Uh, just so I am clear,
what is your reasoning, exactly?
Is it because of what happened between us?
No! N No, um
But I assure you,
nothing of the kind will happen again.
- Of course. And I apologize for the
- No. I apologize for asking.
- Please do not apologize.
- You apologized.
Yes, but I
The lessons.
You said they cannot continue.
They cannot. [chuckles softly]
Whistledown has written about us.
I have embarrassed myself and my family,
and if we're to continue,
I'd embarrass yours as well.
Yes. That is very sensible.
In fact, it may be best
if we keep our distance for now.
Oh, of of course.
I must become serious about my prospects.
Prospects are important.
Prospects which have gone from very little
to even less, but I must do my best.
Yes, you must. Uh
Well Um
- I will go and leave you to it.
- Oh.
- I will go.
- Uh, Penelope. I
I hope
Well, I I wish very much
for your happiness.
Thank you.
For all your kindness.
If I secure a proposal,
it will be because of you.
[music fades out]
[soft classical music playing]
[Lady Malhotra] I think he might turn out
to be most eligible lord of the season.
And personally, I find his concern
for the wilderness endearing.
Concern is one thing. Fixation is another.
Apparently, he only eats vegetables.
Lord Debling has made his intention
to marry this season quite clear.
And I hear his estate is rather vast.
The man who talks to birds?
Cressida, do you know what people will say
if you do not marry this season?
If you do not find a husband soon,
your father and I
will be forced to find one for you.
How vast is his estate, exactly?
[clears throat]
Are you enjoying the evening, my lord?
More than they are, to be sure.
I would certainly
rather be predator than prey.
It is a pity your sisters
are otherwise occupied.
If they were here, you would have
more people to hide behind.
I cannot stay in my room forever, Mama.
Some new scandal
will distract them soon enough.
Very well. Just keep a low profile.
[soft classical music playing]
I think I see a corner
in which to hide myself.
If anyone asks for me, I am not here.
Oh [sighs, chuckles]
[clears throat]
You should know. I spoke to Penelope.
Did you?
What did What did she say?
Well, I apologized
for revealing the story about you two.
Oh, I see. Um
- Thank you for that. Excuse me.
- I was
[scoffs softly]
It seems the queen's favor
is weaving its magic.
Indeed. Our drawing room
has been full all week.
[Lady Danbury] Oh. With whom, exactly?
The Baron Harvey, Lord Godwin, Mr. Ford.
Just as I expected.
The lower-ranking lords
always show their feathers first.
Once they have had their fill,
the higher-ranking lords
inevitably descend.
But it is likely,
when she feels you are ready,
that Her Majesty will introduce you
to the highest-ranking lord of all.
Perhaps a close family friend.
That's just as it was
with Daphne and the prince.
But as with Daphne,
you do not have to marry
whoever the queen selects for you.
You must simply follow your heart.
[Lady Danbury chuckles]
I did wonder if there might be
some kind of introduction from the queen,
and I am inclined to think
he shall be the best suitor for me.
Because it is easier?
Because I trust the queen.
[man] Lady Bridgerton. Lady Danbury.
Miss Francesca, how delightful to see you.
I am Lord Cutbill, the earl.
[Lady Danbury and Violet chuckle]
- Miss Featherington.
- My lords.
Are you enjoying your evening?
Are you in search of a new prospect
to help you find a husband?
Good luck in both endeavors.
[both chuckle]
[both continue chuckling]
[Penelope sighs]
[uplifting music playing]
Mrs. Mondrich.
Mr. and Mrs. Mondrich.
What a strikingly noble figure
the two of you both cut.
- Don't we?
- Mm.
Are you assessing your pupil?
I see that,
with good fortune and good taste,
gossip has made
its way into your home as well.
You cannot blame me,
for Whistledown
proves to be quite an education.
But unlike the rest of the ton,
I do not find what you did shocking,
but rather considerate.
Gallant, even.
It is the mark of a good man
to help a friend in need.
And I am sure
because of your kindheartedness,
she will find herself
a husband in no time.
That is, of course, the hope.
- I'd be delighted, yes.
- Um
[woman] Excellent.
Lady Danbury. How ever are you?
Are you Are you quite well, or
[woman] In a moment.
[Lady Danbury] You are
quite transparent, Mr. Bridgerton,
using me to repel
the unwanted attention of hungry mamas.
You have my apologies. But, uh
It does seem to have worked,
so you have my gratitude as well.
Then I shall have you
express your gratitude
by taking me for a turn about the room.
I, too, could use the distraction.
- It will be my honor.
- Mm.
Good evening, Miss Featherington.
Good evening.
Are you enjoying the party?
Immensely. And yourself?
Besides the fact that
I am feeling a little like well, prey.
So you've come to my hiding place.
Although, typically, only abject failures
and social outcasts are allowed.
You'll not take pity on a hunted man?
I require all pity for myself.
But I can offer you
social contagion in exchange.
You must've done something truly heinous.
I've foregone eating
the flesh of dead animals,
and they barely tolerate me
for that great sin.
You do not read Lady Whistledown?
I do not.
Has she written about you?
- She has.
- And of what did she write?
That I enlisted an eligible male friend
to help me find a husband.
I say.
- Well done.
- For being a fool?
For stepping away from the herd,
even though you risked becoming a target.
Just like him.
He is dead.
- But at least he got to come to the party.
- [chuckles]
A rather dull one, if I am honest.
- Forgive me. I should not have said that.
- Do not apologize.
In fact, I find your frankness
immensely refreshing.
[chuckles lightly]
[indistinct chattering]
[music fades out]
[Cressida] I have come to a decision
as to who shall be my husband.
Splendid. And does this man know
he is to be your husband?
Lord Debling.
The naturalist?
You say that with such surprise.
It is only
you do not seem to care for nature.
Or for animals. Both of which
are apparently his great passion.
I care very dearly for animals.
- I love a good fur.
- Oh, I would not tell him that.
Do not trouble me with the details.
Was he not
speaking at length
with Penelope last night?
[chuckling] Penelope? Come now, Eloise.
I am as resolved as you are
to be kind to her,
but I am certain Lord Debling
simply sees her
as yet another wounded creature
in need of defense.
Proof only of
the kindhearted husband he will be for me.
Perhaps. But I should warn you,
Penelope is not
as defenseless as one might expect.
And neither am I.
We are not all so lucky to have
the support of our families as you do.
Marrying may be my only way
of feeling such support.
Lord Debling is good-natured
and most of all, my choice.
Will you help me?
I do have a few books
on natural history I could lend you.
[chuckles] Perfect.
[Varley] My mother had five boys.
Took this every time.
Except for when she had me.
[pensive music playing]
[sniffs] Ugh.
Go on. Drink.
You cannot be in earnest. It smells of
Ugh! Rotted egg!
Do not be so ridiculous.
You both wish to have a boy, yes?
You might feel
a little pressure in the belly.
Ha. It is actually not so bad.
- Unexpectedly sweet.
- Mm.
[music fades out]
[both] Mm.
Chamber pot! Chamber pot!
- [bright music playing]
- [distant chattering]
[laughter and chattering]
- [music rises]
- [indistinct chattering]
Come one, come all!
Watch man attempt to take flight,
soaring to heights never before seen!
I did think it would be bigger.
It is enormous.
And now that you're feeling better,
ready to fly at a moment's notice.
What are they talking about?
Apparently, they are
great balloon enthusiasts.
- Who knew?
- [both chuckle]
I want to be a balloonist one day.
- I believe it is called an aeronaut.
- I believe you are called a know-all.
You are going up later, yes?
- Excuse me.
- Right.
[announcer] Come all!
Watch man attempt to take flight
Pretend to be loitering for sweets,
so no one suspects we are speaking.
Of course.
[man 1] Tiresome.
[man 2] I fear it is rather sweet.
[light music playing]
How are you?
I am well.
Surprisingly well.
Colin, Lord Debling has shown
an interest in me.
It looked that way at Stowell House.
Your lessons worked.
I was feeling low.
In fact, it somehow allowed me
to stop caring so much
about how I am perceived,
and I was simply myself.
Do you feel some attachment to him?
It is early.
But he does seem to have
a strength of character.
- He is not unpleasant to gaze upon.
- Hmm.
Thank you.
Do I have sugar on my face?
No. Um
You removed it.
Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
- [music ends]
[man] They're taut now.
I've prepared my thoughts
on that silly-looking bird
in that book you lent me.
It's actually quite charming.
A shame they are in danger
of becoming extinct.
- The great auk? A word to the wise.
- Hm.
Lord Debling may not appreciate you
calling his life's work "silly-looking."
I do hope he wants to talk
about birds and not balloons.
- Although they do both fly.
- The great auk does not fly.
Miss Cowper. Miss Bridgerton.
Good day to you both.
Magnificent balloon, isn't it?
[chuckles softly]
Have you ever ballooned before?
I have not.
The places I favor are so remote,
there will be no prospect
of returning by the same means.
No civilization whatsoever, really.
Mm. [chuckles lightly]
Is there some reason you are trying
to escape civilization, my lord?
Oh. The pursuit of natural beauty.
Magnificent creatures.
A place where my family
cannot possibly find me.
Do you not get on with your family?
Trying to fit in with my family
is like trying to force a camel
through the eye of a needle.
Rather than shrink my sides,
I decided long ago to forge my own path,
far away from them.
If that makes any sense.
It makes perfect sense.
[light classical music playing]
[Lord Debling] Miss Featherington.
Over here.
[clears throat]
My lord.
I do not wish to intrude.
I am about to embark on another trip
with no one but my crew.
Surely you will not deny me the company
while I have the pleasure of it.
Of course not.
- Eloise?
- Mm-hm.
What is the name of that bird
I was telling you I adore?
[clears throat] The great auk.
I am making every effort to prevent
the great auk from being eradicated.
It is in danger.
I know. It is so dreadful.
Did you know they mate for life?
- I find that so touching.
- Touching.
[both chuckle]
I love birds.
As well.
But do you not think
the most beautiful birds
are sometimes the most common?
One should not overlook the sparrow.
[chuckles lightly]
I suppose one should not.
- [chuckles]
- [chuckles snidely]
[announcer] Yes,
ladies and gentlemen, it is here!
The Hawkins Balloon!
[announcer continues indistinctly]
[children laughing and chattering]
I should have known we would find you here
today, marveling at man's ingenuity.
You do love the fanciful.
Is that what inspired you to take up
the occupation of marriage whisperer?
- [both chuckling]
- I am done with all that.
It is good to be back.
Go up there and grab that one.
[pleasant music rising]
[laughter and chattering]
- [chuckling]
- What was that about?
Well, I have just been
invited out on a hunt.
You are in your element, my love.
I suppose I am beginning
to feel more at home in this world.
Although, I do miss the club.
I've been in and out, but it is not
the same as spending an evening there.
With all these events,
I actually miss spending time at home.
Must we attend tonight's ball?
What is the rule?
We can do whatever we want.
[both chuckle softly]
They're most tempting.
- Good. Thank you.
- Thank you.
[announcer] Bring the children closer,
so that they may get a good close look
at this wondrous spectacle of science
[man 1] It has to do with
heat and combustion.
- [man 2] That's what makes it move?
- [man 1] Yes, inflates
As I have found
a more durable and lighter fabric,
it should enable me to stay aloft
for over two hours!
[Lord Remington] Two hours?
You know, a sailing ship
can last all the way to the Americas.
And you can actually steer them.
[men chuckling]
Steering or not,
they might make for useful vehicles
to escape the eager mamas present outside.
My apologies.
I thought you you were a, um
- A man?
- Uh
Because a lady could not possibly
have an interest in engineering?
[Lord Cho] What is the use
of such a balloon, Lord Hawkins?
I am sorry, but is this tent a balloon?
Because you all
are certainly filling it with air.
This man's ingenuity
will drive forth practical progress.
I came here to listen to someone
who thinks differently,
not to hear the familiar chorus
of what cannot be done.
[light music playing]
Thank you, my lady.
[man] Ah, well. Yes
Did you have another comment, or
Not at all.
I am simply excited to hear the lecture.
I do so enjoy learning
about the passions of others.
[Hawkins] Now, as I was saying
[music ends]
Miss Francesca, Your Majesty.
Miss Francesca.
I should like you
to meet a great friend of mine.
Lord Samadani has been living in Vienna,
but I asked him to come to London
specifically to meet you.
He is a marquess.
My lord.
Miss Francesca.
I have heard a great deal about you.
I hope I do not disappoint.
I am confident you will not.
[soft music rises]
The first spark of affection.
It is electrifying, is it not?
[music fades out]
[wind gusting]
[Cressida] I spend all the time
I possibly can outdoors.
In fact, I find myself quite adaptable
to the natural world
in all of its splendor.
Do you, Miss Cowper?
I do.
As well.
I much prefer the natural world
to the unnatural one.
There is nothing I love more than grass.
[pensive music playing]
What about grass
do you so love, Miss Featherington?
[Penelope] Uh
How it is so green.
It is quite green.
[indistinct conversation continues]
[Lord Stanton] Right.
And how long ago was that?
It would be about
six or seven months ago, I'd say.
That Debling fellow,
he is a little odd, is he not?
He has singular passions, to be sure.
But I do not believe there
to be anything untoward about him.
Besides his untoward love for vegetables.
[both chuckling]
True. But with the kind
of fortune he possesses,
he can afford to be
as singular as he wants.
[wind gusting]
He reminds me
of horticulturalists I met in France.
- [wind gusting]
- [indistinct chattering]
- I believe you did not
- Do you think that is normal?
- [man 1] Tether it here.
- [man 2] Gusting up something terrible.
- [man 1] Mostly from the wind.
- [man 2] Grab hold. Grab the guide rope.
- Right. Steady it as much as you can.
- Move it across.
- What do you see?
- I see
[man 3] It's kicking up a bit, innit?
[wind chimes clinking]
It's just a shilling.
[light music playing]
Don't mind if I do!
Are you certain we should do this here?
It is rather windy.
I must feel your lips upon mine.
You have never looked more windswept.
Is that a compliment?
- [chuckles]
- Wait!
- Mm!
- [gasps, grunts]
[whimsical music plays]
[sighs, gasps]
How is my ensemble?
[hesitates] Uh
- [wind howls]
- Whoa! Steady!
- [man 1] Hold!
- [man 2] I can't! It won't stop!
[tense music builds]
Jump out!
[dramatic music rises]
Help me! Now!
- [man 1] Give us a hand!
- It's blowing over!
[man 1] All men on deck! Come on! Come on!
[men grunting]
[dramatic music continues]
[woman] Oh God!
[panting, gasps]
[Penelope panting]
Miss Featherington!
[man] Heave!
[all grunting]
One, two, three! Heave!
[all grunting]
- [whimpering]
- [creaking]
[indistinct overlapping chatter]
[Penelope panting]
[Hawkins] Hold it steady!
- Lash it down.
- Let it go, sir.
- [Hawkins] Let it go!
- [sighing]
[exciting music playing]
[announcer] And Hawkins
is off to the skies!
[attendees applauding]
Well done, Bridgerton.
That was good!
[exciting music fades slowly]
You're a hero!
- It was everyone, honestly.
- You were so strong.
Very impressive, Mr. Bridgerton.
[woman] That was incredible!
that was a thrilling distraction,
was it not?
It was a good thing no one was injured.
Who says I wasn't?
- [whimsical music playing]
- Oh! Ow!
- [groans]
- What happened?
My ankle.
I think it was hit by one of the ropes.
[Lord Debling] Here.
Let us find you a seat.
[classic rendition of "Cheap Thrills"
by Vitamin String Quartet playing]
[indistinct conversation]
Are you escorting me tonight?
More like using you as a shield.
- [Francesca chuckles]
- [Eloise sighs]
Thank you.
Are you still upset with me?
No, Eloise. We are well.
I am simply in my own thoughts.
A man can be pensive, can he not?
Mm. I believe this is yours?
Thank you.
[song ends]
[bright classical music playing]
Thankfully, everyone will now be talking
about Mr. Bridgerton and the balloon,
and not Mr. Bridgerton and you.
Yes, Mama.
Lady Featherington, may I present
what Sir Humphry Davy calls a lamp.
You must secure a dance with Lord Debling.
I know, Mama. I am trying.
You may think me harsh, Cressida, but
if you knew the ways your father
is trying to put me under his thumb
He has reduced our allowance by half.
We may have to wear these very dresses
a second time this season.
Mr. Bridgerton.
I am in awe of your heroism.
Are you just as heroic on the dance floor?
[women laughing]
Lord Debling, I must thank you again
for saving me in my time of need.
You are most welcome, Miss Cowper.
Are you well now?
My ankle hurts a great deal.
But I can certainly
still dance on it. [chuckles]
Have you all thought
about your wedding day?
- What you shall wear?
- Oh, yes. I have it planned in detail.
[women chuckling]
I am so pleased
Her Majesty made our introduction,
for you and I have
the greatest thing in common.
Seven brothers and sisters.
Seven is quite a rare number, indeed.
You must not get a moment's peace either.
[chuckles] I do not.
I love my family dearly, but
it can be rather lonely
to be among them all at once, can it not?
I believe it to be quite the opposite.
In fact, I wish to have
eight children of my own,
so my home will always be filled
with constant chatter.
[chuckles lightly]
If you will excuse me a moment.
[man 1] You are a cad. [chuckles]
[gentle music builds slowly]
Excuse me.
[man 2] Yes, indeed.
Looking for your other glove?
Uh, no. No. But thank you for earlier.
- Well, some cannot help being heroes.
- [both chuckle]
I am looking for my daughter.
I remember that feeling.
Mine have all since flown the nest.
Do they ever, really?
- No, I suppose not.
- [Violet chuckles]
Well, a nest is just twigs and leaves.
It becomes a home
when your children are near,
which is always,
as you carry them with you
wherever you go.
I do not believe I have seen you before.
[Lady Danbury] Ah.
- Marcus.
- [Violet] Oh.
- You are here.
- Mm-hmm.
I see you have met my brother.
[hesitates] Your brother?
Lord Marcus Anderson.
It is a pleasure to formally meet you.
Violet Bridgerton.
Lady Bridgerton, the dowager. Formerly.
Yes, Marcus has just arrived in town.
He's only visiting.
I was not aware you have a brother.
- Hm.
- Ha.
Uh, well, welcome
to Mayfair, Lord Anderson.
Thank you.
I am quite enjoying my time here already.
[all chuckle lightly]
[woman] It was rather close in there.
[man] Yes, very well suffocating.
[exhales deeply]
Good evening.
Good evening, sir.
Forgive me. I was simply
In need of some quiet?
I have been in search of it all night.
Perhaps we can enjoy the silence together?
[soft instrumental music plays]
Please, excuse me.
[bright instrumental music playing]
Hello again.
I am surprised to see you here.
After all, a ballroom
is a mama's favorite hunting ground.
Well, in fact, I braved this nest
of mothers and vipers to find you,
and I had hoped to be able
to properly receive an introduction.
Benedict Bridgerton.
Oh, I know your name.
It is on everyone's lips,
as you and your brother
were amongst the heroes of the day.
I was quite impressed.
Are you telling me
you have softened towards me
because I simply tugged on a rope?
I am surprised.
I took you for a woman
who values ideas over brute strength.
Well, then you have misjudged me.
I am all for brute strength.
In fact, I much prefer it
to aimless talking.
Lady Tilley Arnold.
Lady? Are you married?
I was married.
He died.
Oh. I I am so sorry.
Thank you.
I have had seasons to mourn,
and I am in no hurry
to find another husband,
so you do not need to fear me
plotting to ensnare you.
I am not afraid of you.
That is a mistake.
[stirring instrumental music plays]
[music fades out]
Mr. Mondrich.
This is still your establishment?
Lord Garrett. It is, indeed.
Come. To the upcoming hunt.
I am very much looking forward to it.
Mr. Mondrich,
if you are going to be a part of society,
you must know,
you cannot continue to run this place.
Members of society do not work.
Does being a part of this world
not mean freedom to do what I like?
Everything has limits.
If you shoot as well as you pour,
I do hope to see you on the hunt.
[mid-tempo classical music playing]
- and brave.
- [chuckling]
[indistinct conversation]
[exhales sharply]
Indeed, Mr. Bridgerton,
wherever did you find such courage?
Well, I believe that
[soundscape muffles slightly]
[heartbeat thumping faintly]
Um courage is within us all.
As long as we are honest
with ourselves and about our feelings,
it is possible to do anything.
[heartbeat thumping faintly]
[normal soundscape resumes]
Pardon me, ladies.
Lord Debling.
Miss Featherington.
Any more encounters with wayward balloons?
[chuckles softly] Not at present.
If you'll excuse me,
I am fetching Miss Cowper a lemonade.
Lord Debling.
I am afraid
I have not been honest with you.
Pardon me?
About grass.
I do not love it.
I I do not hate it,
but I much prefer being indoors.
I see.
The person I was earlier today
I was pretending to be someone I am not.
And I do not wish to do that anymore.
The person that I am,
I'm someone who enjoys society and gossip,
even if I do occasionally hide
at a soirée.
I am someone who enjoys a good book
more than exploring
the natural world, someone
who does enjoy watching birds,
but specifically from the windowsill, I'm
someone who is
overexplaining themselves at the moment.
How many yous are there, exactly?
- And where do you hide them all?
- [chuckles]
It does not bother you
that I do not wish to spend my time
exploring the wilds of nature?
Heavens, no.
If I only ever talked about nature,
my dinner party invitations
would cease altogether.
I do not wish
to court someone exactly like myself.
I want to be with someone
who knows who they are
and embraces
their own peculiarity, as I do.
As I believe you do as well.
[light instrumental music playing]
[chuckles softly]
- It was a fortuitous endeavor.
- Oh, yes.
[background conversation continues]
Finally, you are unoccupied.
I've been utterly wearied all night.
He shall return at any moment.
I am certain of it.
Perhaps it is for the best.
A diet of vegetables does not suit you.
[chuckles lightly]
Have you seen Francesca?
I have not.
May I ask you a question, Mother?
Anything, dearest.
As you consider
suitable matches for Francesca,
what do you hope she finds?
I wish for Francesca
the same thing I wanted for myself,
for Anthony, for Daphne.
Passion, excitement,
a love that is thrilling.
I thought you believed the best foundation
for great love was friendship.
Indeed, I do.
It is how your father and I began.
But it is rare to begin as friends
and for both parties to then feel more.
Mm. And how did you and Father
know it was reciprocated?
Because he gathered the courage to ask.
[music ends]
Uh Well
I hope if Francesca finds it,
she is brave enough to ask the question.
[softly] I hope she is as well.
[quick, pensive classical music plays]
[Lady Whistledown] This author believes
that all of man's greatest inventions
are nothing more than a distraction
from what is most natural to us.
Finally free from your admirers.
Are you well?
There is a question
I have been needing to ask you.
[Lady Whistledown] Our instincts.
The innate animal impulse that is inside
even the most sophisticated of us.
For when all is said and done
our nature will always win out.
- I
- [Lord Debling] Miss Featherington.
I believe it is time for our dance.
[pensive music intensifies]
[Penelope] Of course, my lord.
Mr. Bridgerton.
[Lady Whistledown]
It seems Lord Debling's instinct
has led this man of nature
to the most surprising pick of the season
in Miss Penelope Featherington.
[pensive music peaks and fades out]
["Happier Than Ever"
by Vitamin String Quartet playing]
[Philippa] Is that a hallucination?
I feel sick.
As do I.
No, truly, I feel sick.
But I thought you'd both
stopped taking the potion.
- We did.
- Well, then
Oh! Ah
["Happier Than Ever" continues]
[Lady Whistledown] Suffice it to say,
this author is captivated.
For in the battle between man and nature,
it is quite clear
that the battle is, in fact,
between man and himself.
[song ends]
[theme music playing]
[music ends]
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