Call Me Kat (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Moving In

1 Hey, Pete.
Guess what I have.
Uh, an upbeat attitude that secretly annoys me? Not so secret anymore.
I have receipts.
20 of them in fact.
And per your Pet Perks loyalty program, I would like to redeem them for my free bag of cat food.
Sorry, my hands are shaking.
It's kind of a big day.
Oh, yeah, um, that promotion is over.
What are you talking about? The promotion and how it's over.
It takes a long time to amass 20 receipts.
Uh We have a new promotion.
Buy one snake, get one free.
That's not a promotion, that's a way to get rid of snakes.
A-And this isn't right.
I mean, I held up my end of the bargain.
I even made this fanny pack to house my receipts.
I took a lot of grief for wearing this fanny pack a few compliments, but a lot of grief.
What are you doing? Bathing myself in your tears.
Can you believe this guy? You know, Pete, I'm gonna take this bag of cat food.
I earned it, I deserve it, and I'm gonna take it.
Really? 'Cause it seems like you're just standing there.
Heart racing, finding my courage, and Time to take what's mine.
You're being recorded by security cameras.
Justice should be recorded.
It looks like this.
So I tossed the bag in the back of my truck, got in the truck, realized it wasn't my truck which is really problematic because I took a sip of the coffee got that all sorted out, and then, when I turned the key in my truck to high-tail it out of there, the perfect getaway song just happened to be playing on the radio.
Was it "Getaway Car" by Taylor Swift? No way.
You a Swiftie? Don't call it that, but yeah.
Anyway, it was "Bad to the Bone.
" - That's much better.
- Uh, debatable.
Kat, you have got to be careful.
The karma gods will make you pay for what you do not pay for.
Oh, I have no regrets.
Pete is a monster.
He tried to sell me two snakes.
That's how you end up with a hundred snakes.
I know snake math.
CJ keeps bugging me to get a snake.
But I said, "Not until you get your grades up.
And then still, no.
" What's up with his grades? They're not up.
Here's what it sounds like when I make him do his homework.
"CJ, stop playing video games and do your homework.
" Then he says, "I want to live with Mom full-time.
" Then I put on some T.
Swift and think about my life.
Wait, Max can help CJ.
I would love to help.
I was voted Teacher of the Year when I taught in that remote village in Burma.
I mean, I was the only teacher on that side of the mountain, but I still think I would've gotten it.
Ugh, you guys, Daniel has to go out of town for work again, so he can't help me move in tomorrow.
- Oh - And I have to be out of my place because I already told my landlord what I really think about his plumbing skills and his biker shorts, and no, he does not own a bike.
Oh, honey, I wish I could help you move, but I can't, and I have a pretty good excuse: I don't like to help people move.
And I don't think it would be fair for me to help you move in with your boyfriend when we haven't had our moment.
Yeah, we're never gonna have a moment.
Randi, look no further.
The answer to your moving problems is right here.
I've got a truck, a tape gun, and the calf strength of a longshoreman.
You're a weird lady.
Most people hate to help people move.
I'd rather get kicked by a horse.
Yeah, we got that, Phil.
So, Randi, I don't mean to state the obvious here, but a major component of moving is actually moving, and I can't help but notice you're not really moving.
I'm sorry, I just got stuck looking at these pictures.
I mean, I've seen them before, I just never asked him about them.
Like, like, who are these two dudes? Uh, well, that's Daniel, the guy you're moving in with, and the dude next to him is Barack Obama.
Well, yeah, I know those two, but-but what about these two? And who is that old lady? And what about this canoe? Like, does Daniel own a canoe or did he rent the canoe? What's up with the canoe, Kat? So, uh, first of all, that's a kayak.
And I'm sure that is not the most important thing for me to be pointing out right now, but, you know, I think you're just freaking out a little because this is a really big step for you.
I know, it's just hitting me that I've only known Daniel for six months and there's so much I still don't know about him.
Have you ever lived with anyone before? Well, just roommates.
And I did end up kissing one of them.
And then she got all Single White Female on me and I had to move out, cut my hair, change my phone.
It was a whole thing.
Well, has Daniel ever lived with anybody? Oh, I don't think so.
He told me I was the first person that he sees a real future with.
Which is also what Single White Female used to tell me, so maybe I'm just a really great kisser.
It's Oscar.
He sent me another picture of himself without a shirt on.
He wants me to send him a sexy picture of me.
Should I send him my professor headshot? Uh, no, girl.
I don't think that's what he means by sexy.
Well, I'm wearing glasses.
It has a certain something.
Just send him a quick nip pic.
I'll look away.
Wh I can't do that.
I can't even say that.
Come on, that is Old Kat talking.
New Kat robbed a pet store.
New Kat isn't afraid to send a nip pic.
You know what? You're right.
New Kat is gonna step outside her comfort zone.
- Okay.
- New Kat is gonna blow his mind.
- Right? - New Kat is gonna do that by showing one boob through the bra 'cause it's just her first time.
Now you're talking.
Just make sure you use the bigger one.
Wait How do you know I have a bigger one? We all have a bigger one.
It's your right one.
Oh Oh.
Well, that is a lot more alarming than a canoe.
I mean, Randi started spinning out from a picture of Daniel in a kayak.
I don't think she'll take very kindly - to one of him kissing a mystery bride.
- Hmm.
You were right to come to me.
Who else have you told? Just you and Buttons here, my emotional support cat.
I use her a lot when I get off the phone with you.
I told you to get your own membership to FindHisBackground.
It's very handy.
You know, my neighbor, to the east? Been arrested twice for petty theft.
That's why I won't put out lawn ornaments.
Well, you missed your calling, Mother.
You should have been in the CIA.
How do you know I'm not? Because you've never worn an outfit that blended into anything or anywhere.
Maybe Randi knows Daniel was married before.
You said he's a bit older than her.
No, I don't think so.
He told her she was the first person he could see a future with.
Okay, so he's a liar.
Or there's another explanation we haven't even thought of.
Yeah Maybe I should just let this go.
Not so fast.
Katharine, he could be a polygamist.
I mean, if Randi's gonna be a sister wife, she should know, and more importantly, what number she'll be.
You do not want to be number five.
All right.
Now, what's Daniel's last name? Waxmore.
There's no turning back now, Buttons.
Hold me.
What's up, big-ass hobbit? Have you seen Max? Oh, Max left the Shire.
He's on a great quest.
Might I be of help? Don't do that.
That's creepy.
Do what? I got these when I was reading Lord of the Rings with my students.
Found my old teaching bag.
Got some reward stickers in here.
Got ooh, my big red praise button.
Nice job.
You're awesome.
I wouldn't mind if that button was my next wife.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Thanks again for doing this, by the way.
Oh, no problem.
I'm getting excited to tutor CJ.
Well, that makes one of you.
He said he doesn't need school to become a professional gamer.
He's actually right.
Some of them make millions of dollars a year.
Whose side are you on, man? Hobbits don't take sides.
But we do take second breakfast.
Hey, honey, let's get kinky in the bedroom.
Great idea.
I'm-a put a ring on her finger.
Phil, is Randi in? And if she is, did she seem like she might be open to earth-shattering news? She's not here yet.
- What's wrong? - I can't say.
It's very, very personal.
I discovered that her boyfriend was officially married when he was 22 and there's no record of divorce.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
He's gonna kill her.
What? No.
I didn't discover that he's a murderer.
But once you start lying and having affairs, it's a slippery slope to stuffing somebody in a barrel full of acid.
- Hello, hello, hello.
- Oh, hi.
Wow, you look so happy and vibrant.
Well, that's because this morning, Daniel brought me breakfast in bed and he gave me a massage and ran me a hot bath.
So basically, I have been grubbed, rubbed and scrubbed.
You know, I'm a tub person, too.
People like their showers, but I like my tubs.
Anyway, I really need to use our facilities, because I haven't figured out the bathroom acoustics at my new place yet and I got a little potty shy.
Um, here's that popcorn salt you asked for.
Oh, thank you.
I don't know when they're gonna allow me back in that store.
I swear I thought that woman was choking.
So, what are you gonna do about Randi? Well, I am not gonna tell her.
What do you mean, you're not gonna tell her? - You didn't let me finish.
- Yes, I did.
Your inflection definitely implied that you were done.
Well, I intended it as an ellipsis.
I'm not gonna tell her dot, dot, dot just yet.
But you have to tell her because I cannot keep secrets.
When my brother Larry Bo told me that he stole that heifer, he swore me to silence.
But the police knocked on the door.
I said, "Larry Bo did it.
It was him.
- It was Larry Bo.
" - Did they arrest him? Yes, ma'am, they did.
But you know what? He found God in prison, and now my mama likes to say, "I wish the rest of y'all were more like Larry Bo.
" Ooh.
Pisses me off.
Well, I will tell Randi when the moment is right.
And I'm not exactly sure when that moment will be.
Might be today, might be tomorrow, might be on a long car ride after she's fallen asleep.
Ah, much better.
How you doing today, Phil? - Daniel's been married! - Phil! I'm sorry, it came out like a sneeze.
Wait, what is he talking about? Uh, when I was helping you move at Daniel's, I-I accidentally knocked a book down and found this.
What the hell? He never said he was married.
I know, so I did some research with my mom and he does have a marriage certificate on record.
He also has great credit, so, you know, good points, bad points.
Wait, so you told your mother and Phil about this before me? And I heard snippets of it.
I-I just didn't want to add more stress to your life.
Well, do you know what would be less stressful? You not snooping through my boyfriend's stuff.
Hey, I wasn't snooping.
I really wish I hadn't stumbled on that picture.
It's been really stressful for me, too.
Oh, so I'm supposed to feel sorry for you now? Hey, why are you mad at me? I mean, shouldn't you be upset with Daniel? Oh, I can be upset with more than one person at a time.
It's a special skill I have.
I told you that the universe would seek its revenge after you stole that cat food.
That was one heck of a karmic bitch slap.
This is not an admission of guilt, Pete.
I am returning this to remind the universe what a good person I am, so that the universe will remind my friend.
That'll be $23.
Hey, CJ.
How's it going? Have you gotten taller since I saw you last? Me, I'm great.
Got bit by a spider.
Now I have superpowers.
Probably use them for good.
Maybe not.
Hello? Dude, pay attention to the real world.
CJ, how did you get your phone back? I took his phone and hid it in my sock.
And he replaced it with a deck of cards.
I got it.
- What are you playing? - Island Hoppers.
I love that game.
I just paved one of my streets with gold.
No way.
How did you do that? Have a lot of free time for a man my age.
All right, tell you what.
Why don't you put your phone down, you give me 30 minutes, and then I'll invite you over to my island to go fishing.
- Cool? - Okay.
All right, so let me see your homework.
Awesome filing system.
Ooh smells like chocolate.
Ah, and there's the chocolate.
So, as I was leaving the pet store, I got a text from Randi, and I thought it was the karma gods answering my prayers.
But she just said, "I need you to give me some space.
" Like, what do you think that means? I think it means she might want some space.
But then she said, "I'm not coming in to work tomorrow.
" Like, what do you think that means? Ooh, that one's harder.
I'm not good at giving people their space.
You know, my instinct is to just casually show up at her door and, when she answers it, handcuff myself to her.
You have handcuffs? Yeah, I have handcuffs.
They came with my magic kit.
What else don't I know about you? I think the real question is, what don't I know about you? I mean, have you ever had a secret marriage? No.
But, cards on the table, I was arrested once.
Tell me more.
Am I dating a bad boy? A menace to society? I did about 35 minutes in mall jail once for swiping pennies from the fountain.
Those are people's wishes.
I'm not proud.
What about you? Any secrets? Well, I took a somewhat risqué picture for you, and I-I never sent it.
What? Why don't you send it? I just got distracted by the Randi stuff.
And, like, maybe I'm a little shy.
- Send it to me.
Please? - Oh.
Oh! Max sent me a picture of Carter's kid.
Oh, he looks just like Carter.
Will you stop stalling? I have to drive around and deliver packages for 12 hours.
I need that picture to get me through my shift.
Okay, okay.
I'll just I'm gonna do it from over here.
I'm still feeling a little shy, so I'll just I'll be over here.
Just down here.
Okay, it sent.
So? Speechless? That could be a good thing or a bad thing.
Which is it, good or bad? Neither.
I just haven't gotten it yet.
That's weird.
Maybe it's taking a minute to load 'cause the Internet can't believe what it's seeing.
- Okay.
- Ooh! I'll just resend it.
Did you get it? No.
How about now? Nope.
" continued growth of the electric car industry.
" Very good.
And fun fact, before Tesla was a car, he was a dude who invented a lot of cool stuff and had a very sharp-looking mustache.
- Really? - Yep.
Here, take a look.
That's not a guy.
That's a lady with no shirt on.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
Do not look at your phone! I saw it.
Actually, we saw it.
Hi there.
- Honey, that's hardly pornographic.
- Okay, thank you.
I feel so much better.
That bra you got on gives you more coverage than my mama's old bathing costume.
Okay, well, that was my sexy bra.
I remember it had snaps in the crotch so she could go to the outhouse.
- Hey.
- Hi.
So, obviously, that picture was meant for Oscar.
Yeah, I figured.
Lucky guy.
Did you think it looked like I was wearing a vintage bathing costume? Because I have one of those, and it's completely different, Phil.
No, you looked great.
But that picture wasn't meant for me, so that's all I'm gonna say about that.
And hopefully Oscar finally got one, because I got ten of them.
Yeah, I kept trying to resend it to Oscar.
Yeah, I figured that out around picture eight.
Does Carter hate me now 'cause I traumatized his son? No, he said you got CJ finally interested in learning again.
Actually, I came over to thank you for volunteering me to help him.
It just reminded me of how much I love teaching.
Did you use your hobbit voice? Not with CJ.
He wasn't ready.
- Well, you're welcome.
- Oh, by the way, I heard about what happened with Randi.
You did? How? Well, after she stormed out of here, she came over to the bar, took three shots, - and called you a few names.
- Oh.
Yeah, she's pretty mad.
I'm just trying to give her her space.
Well, that's not you.
You're more of a "chase them down, push them into a snowbank, and sit on them until they talk about it" person.
I only did that because you weren't answering my calls about going to see Celtic Thunder.
My silence was the answer.
Randi? Randi, open the door.
I've given you enough space.
I cannot believe you brought me here.
You know I'm conflict-averse.
My barber has been calling me Jethro for 20 years.
I just answer to it.
Well, she'll yell at me less if you're here because you have resting sad face.
Plus, you owe me for spilling the beans.
You put the beans in my mouth.
You know I can't hold my beans.
I'm not leaving here without talking to you.
Oh, I see your window is open a little bit.
I think I'm just gonna stick my head in here.
Maybe we can talk that way.
Come on, Phil.
We're going in.
Oh, Lord.
I'm gonna be sharing a prison cell with Larry Bo soon enough.
Oh! Oh, Phil! Help.
Oh, Lord.
I haven't been between a woman's legs since the day I was born.
It's like working a wheelbarrow.
Oh! That's my phone.
Can you grab it? - It's Randi.
- Oh, answer it.
Hello? Oh, hi, Randi.
It's Phil.
I'm with Kat.
Where are you? She's at your place.
It sounds like she's crying.
Oh, no.
Uh, tell her I'll be right there.
Randi, honey? She'll be right there.
Oh, and this may cheer you up.
I just had my first heterosexual experience.
So, does that mean you're breaking up? I think so.
And it's not even because he was married.
He said she was his college girlfriend and they got hitched at one of those 24-hour places at the last minute.
She was wearing an awfully fancy dress for a last-minute wedding.
It came with the package, and it was Velcro'd up the back.
Velcro is amazing.
Why do we use anything else? Anyway, they got it annulled after a month.
Records of annulment are not kept on file by the state or on FindHisBackground.
com, apparently.
And all of that I could have been okay with.
But what I wasn't okay with was him telling me that I was overreacting and that I needed to calm down and-and not worry so much.
And then suddenly, I start seeing an entire future of him telling me how to feel, and no one tells Randi how to feel.
Have I ever told you how to feel? - A couple times.
- I won't do it again.
But there is one thing that I do need you to do.
If you ever have a problem with me or find out something about me, you come to me first.
That's girl code.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
And I'm not gonna lie, I love that we have a code.
You can stay here as long as you need to.
We can hang out after work, booze it up.
We can share each other's jeans like that movie.
You are so weird.
But I owe you.
I love you, too.
I-I said I owe you.
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
I owe you, too.
Oh, geez, you're gonna go all Single White Female on me, aren't you? Here's the deal, Pete.
My girl Kat went through all the trouble of collecting 20 receipts in a fanny pack that she made herself.
Pretty proud of that pack, Pete.
And then you up and cancel the loyalty program out of nowhere, which was really upsetting for her.
I lost sleep, Pete.
And when my friend is upset, I get upset.
So let me tell you what's gonna happen, Pete.
Kat is gonna take that bag of cat food that you owe her, and in return, I am gonna give you a punch card to our café.
After ten punches, you get a free coffee.
And do you know why, Pete? Because we keep our promises, Pete.
So, here we go, taking what is owed to us.
And if I was you, I would stay behind that counter, Pete.
I learned how to whup a little ass in my cardio boot camp.
Oh! We meant that, Pete.

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