Carter (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

The Astronaut & The Lion King

1 Officer Mailer.
Harley Carter.
Vijay Gill.
Here to see Detective Sam Shaw.
She expecting you? Well, she's usually one step ahead of me, so, yeah, she probably is.
You know what? We'll just let ourselves in.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Uh, no.
Excuse me, Mr.
No civilians allowed past this point.
I'm not sure if I'd call me a civilian.
I mean, I am a regular guy.
Blah, blah, blah.
But, uh I did help you guys crack a pretty big case recently.
We get assistance from many people in the community.
Okay, I'm sorry.
"Get assistance?" Uh, Mr.
Carter here cracked that case wide open.
And now, your mayor is asking him to join the police force.
Easy, big guy, easy.
I've been asked to consult, officially asked to consult.
I'm sure the whole station is buzzing about it.
Okay, um, you know what? Why don't you just ask Sam if we can take her to lunch? I'll see if I can track her down.
Can we talk about Bobby Sobelman? Please don't tell me this is about his son's bar mitzvah again.
Yeah, he'd really like you to be there.
I'm not flying all the way to LA just to kiss the butt of the head of the studio, okay? Plus, his son is, like, super weird.
Every time I see him, he yells "candy!" And then jams his hand in my pocket, starts fishing around.
It's totally inappropriate.
Okay, look, you know this is not about the bar mitzvah, right? Bobby is worried that you're going to spend your whole hiatus up here and not come back.
He just wants to hear from you, face to face, that you are committed to Call Carter.
I'm committed, okay? We don't have to seal the deal by letting some 13-year-old kid jam his hand down my pants.
Oh, uh, that's a that's a euphemism, like, Hollywood euphemism.
You're coming back, right? After the hiatus? Sure.
You have no idea how alarming the word "probably" is to me right now.
I'm coming back.
Yeah, you didn't say "probably" that time, but I heard it.
You're going to take the mayor's offer, aren't you? I have to talk to Sam first.
Okay, great.
That is a great idea.
But how do I talk to Bobby Sobelman? I don't know.
Figure it out, okay? That's why you're paid the medium sized bucks.
- Wow.
- What are you doing here? I was going to take you out to lunch and Vijay is going to drive us.
Hey, Detective Shaw.
Hi, Vijay.
Well, you should have called.
I have a thing.
A thing? What do you have a date or something? Not something.
You have a date.
No, a good friend of mine is getting an EMTy.
- An empty what? - No, an EMTy.
An EMT, Emergency Medical Technician Award.
It's actually a bit of a deal, an EMTy.
Yeah, that name is really working against them.
(CHUCKLING) All right.
Um, how about dinner? We could talk about your latest cases, swap theories.
I'd also love to talk to you about this offer from the Mayor.
Hold it.
You're not you're not thinking of taking her up on that, are you? Well, I want to talk to you about it first.
Okay, yeah.
Uh, we definitely need to talk, but I can't right now.
I gotta go.
Okay? Call me.
Hey, how about I use those medium-sized bucks and buy you lunch? Yeah.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, come on, come on.
All right, hey, this isn't the time, guys.
Thank you.
Welcome to Bishop.
Welcome to Bishop.
Was not expecting that.
(EXHALING SHARPLY) How does my hair look? - Oh, perfect.
Ten out of ten.
- Yeah? You sure? Yep.
You have a nice glisten.
I feel a little sweaty.
Am I too sweaty? Uh-uh.
Just the right amount.
HALEY: All right, we've gotta check those pics Detective Carter? Ooh.
Okay, it's always great to meet a fan, but Mister not detective I'm so sorry.
I'm late for a thing - with somebody.
I'm sorry.
- Well why don't you write to us and then we'll write to you, like they used to do? Wait, wait.
Please, please, look.
I have something for you.
Detective Carter, please.
(FLY BUZZING) That held me tight Are holding someone else tonight You'll lose in five if you do that.
And if I don't? You'll lose in seven.
You are losing your touch, Dot.
Hey, do you guys remember when you took me to Algonquin Park to go camping and on day three, you went all Old Testament on deer flies? Because on day two, you boo-hooing about bug bites.
Is it weird that every time I see a dead fly, I think of home? Of course it's weird.
You're a weirdo.
Great bonding time, guys.
Um, you really want that autograph, don't you? I need your help, Detective Carter.
It's my mom.
She's been murdered.
Okay, listen, um (SIGHING) Brett, right, you gotta go to the police.
I've seen every episode of your show, Detective Carter.
Yes, that's that's Charlie Carter, that's a character I play on TV.
I am Harley Carter.
I can see how that's confusing.
But, listen, man, you gotta go to the police.
No, no, no, no.
No, I can't go to the police.
They won't believe me.
You're the only one who can help me.
You say it's your mom? Yeah.
All right, come on.
Thank you.
What is your full name? Brett Johnson, Detective Carter.
- It's Harley, remember? - Right.
I have something to show you.
(GUN COCKING) Jeez! I'd be real picky what you pull out of that bag.
- No, no - I'll call the police.
No, it's only it's only for my protection, really.
Look, someone killed my mom.
I'm in danger, too.
All right, hold up, Koji.
What were you going to show us? He was going to show you a bullet in the face.
Dot, chill.
Show me.
It's, um It's my mom Mary Johnson.
You look just like her.
Also, this was my mom's and she gave it to me the day that she died.
It's beautiful.
Tell us what happened.
She was killed in a fire at the Hancock Paint Factory.
And you were there.
Yeah, I knew she was in there.
And when I saw the flames, I went after her, but it was too hot.
I tried, I really did, but I was too late.
We're so sorry for your loss.
But what makes you think this was murder? Well, the police said that it was arson.
So, whoever set the fire, killed her.
Please, Detective Carter sorry, Harley.
Harley, please please.
All right.
I can't make any promises, but I will look into it.
Okay, yes, thank you.
DAVE: You're doing what? I'm just asking around.
I think this woman was murdered.
Died in a fire at the Hancock paint factory.
Is this your idea of chit-chat? "Hey, good afternoon, Dave.
Uh, little windy today.
Check it out it's a picture of a dead woman.
" Her son gave it to me.
Harley, what are you doing? 'Cause you already have a job.
You sound like Vijay.
Vijay? Is that little Muppet still around? He is my Muppet sidekick.
You are the real deal.
Can I give you some advice? Referring to your friends as sidekicks isn't as charming as you think.
Does this mean you're accepting the mayor's offer? I haven't made my decision yet.
What do you think I should do? No.
I think no.
It'll tank your career.
Absolutely not.
All right, well, it'll be my decision.
In the meantime, I want to help this kid and I need you to ask around.
"On the street.
" Yeah, sure, Harl.
Let me just see if Jimmy the Weasel over there has heard anything from Old Man Blind Hobo.
I want to help this kid find out what happened to his mom.
Harley, is this about what happened to the kid's mother or what happened to yours? According to my therapist, everything's about my mother.
Hancock Paints rebuilt as Hancock Paint and Detail over on Lombard.
Maybe someone remembers her there.
Thanks, man.
All right, back to work.
You want anything? - I'm good.
- All right.
All right, bring it in.
(EXHALING SHARPLY) And we're in.
Okay Oh, hey, fellas, do you recognize this woman? She used to work at the other factory, - back before it burnt down.
- (SIREN SOUNDING) Oh, come on.
Seriously? (SIGHING) One afternoon, that is all I asked.
They could charge you with breaking and entering.
There was no breaking and I hardly entered.
Harley, this is serious.
If they press charges, there's nothing I can do about it.
I'm sorry I made you miss your EMTys.
Damn! It is him! Harley Carter! Hey you! We love your show.
We watch it every Thursday and then I record it.
I have watched the nudist colony episode a half dozen times.
I thought there had to be some kind of mistake, but damn! Chuck Hancock.
This is my wife, Bedelia.
We own the factory.
I know everyone says this, but I really am your biggest fan.
Well, word is you've seen the nudist colony episode six times.
and Mrs.
Detective Shaw.
Carter has made a huge mistake.
He sure has.
He shoulda called ahead.
We'd have rolled out the red carpet.
So, you're not pressing charges? No, no.
It's a misunderstanding, right? What are you doing here in the first place? Uh, well, I actually wanted to ask you a few questions.
That he will ask some other time.
What kind of questions? We really got to go, folks.
Has this woman ever worked for you? Oh No, no.
This is a woman whose whose body was found in my old factory.
Her son killed her and then, he set the place on fire.
It was a terrible tragedy.
CHIEF: Go ahead.
Take a look.
Brett Johnson did set the fire? Killing his mother.
Something you would've known if you'd asked.
Harley was just trying to help.
Brett says someone else killed his mother.
Someone botched this investigation.
It was my investigation.
- Get him out of here.
- SAM: Yeah.
Well, if Brett did do it, why did he only serve five years? Brett was never in jail.
It was determined he'd had a psychotic break.
Up until a few months ago, he was in a psychiatric hospital.
Harley, come on.
Now, if you continue to poke your nose in this or any other case, I'm gonna figure out a way to get you Brett's old room.
Sam, Sam, hey.
I got you an apology coffee.
Apology accepted.
It's actually an apology for what I'm about to say.
Something's bugging me about this Brett thing, the case the Chief said he cracked No.
No way.
If he did it, why would he ask me to investigate? Because, you heard the Chief, Brett's not well.
He isn't, but he's not dangerous.
And he needs our help.
I think he's telling the truth.
Okay, "Brett's truth" and "the truth" are two different things.
Right, and you are able to tell the difference, being a cop and all.
So, you want me to talk to him.
I made him a promise.
A Harley Carter promise? A promise is a promise.
Look, I I totally could have gone there myself this morning, but I was like, "I don't want to get Sam in trouble.
" Harley, I'm working.
Yes, but your shift doesn't start for, like, an hour.
Okay? You're the early bird.
Let's go get that worm.
The Chief does not hear about this.
Like he listens to me anyway.
All right, let's make it quick.
(EXHALING SHARPLY) MAN: Would you shut up?! This place is cheery.
FYI I tend to save my sarcasm for the idle rich and not the working poor.
Point taken.
(EXHALING SHARPLY) What are you thinking? I wouldn't be here if I was thinking.
Are you here for the suicide? What apartment? Uh, 405.
No signs of forced entry.
Nothing missing.
Kid named "Brett Johnson.
" Shot himself.
(SIGHING) Thanks for the lift.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
There's no way you could have known he was so fragile.
Hey, what are we doing here? I don't believe Brett killed himself.
He thought I was Charlie Carter.
Well, you never mentioned that.
He thought that Charlie Carter had taken his case.
He had hope.
Why would he go home and kill himself? Well, so what's with this place? Well, he worked here.
Used to.
Well, let's go see what we see.
But I run this.
Thank you for agreeing to see us, Mr.
PETE: Pete, please.
So, what was his name again? Brett Johnson.
Oh, young guy.
He was in a mental care facility.
Sure, I, uh I know him.
He was hired as part of our rehabilitation and re-entry program, doing custodial work.
When was the last time you saw him? I couldn't say, really.
Why? Is he in some kind of trouble? We found his body this morning and I just need to get a little more background on him.
We're treating his death as suspicious.
No offense, but why am I having this conversation with a TV actor? You're having this conversation with me.
Did you know Brett well? No.
I know he had troubles, but my policy here is to give people a second chance.
(PHONE RINGING) Well, thanks, Mr.
Nicole needs to talk to me.
I think you should come.
And if we need anything else, - I will let you know.
- PETE: Of course.
I'm no just a TV actor.
I was also in an independent film that was officially selected at the North Bay Film Festival.
NICOLE: Lack of gunshot residue confirms the gun wasn't fired by the deceased.
Someone killed him.
Preliminary ballistic reports show that the only fingerprints on the gun were Brett's.
Well, that's not possible because Koji also handled the gun.
When Brett came to my house, he had the gun and Koji took it from him.
So, how did it end up in his apartment? I gave it back to him.
A man repeatedly calls you "Charlie Carter" and you give him his gun back? As you're so fond of reminding me, I'm not a cop and didn't believe it was within my rights to confiscate his gun.
So, somebody shot him, wiped the gun clean and put the gun in his hand.
Hey, Nicole, where's that medallion that was around his neck? There was no jewellery on him when he was brought in.
And there's no mention of anything listed here.
But there is a slight abrasion on the side of his neck.
Maybe caused by someone pulling it off? The killer didn't take his TV or his laptop, but he did take his medallion.
Oh, it's personal, definitely.
Let me take this to the Chief.
No, no, no.
Sam, I feel like the Chief has already let Brett down once.
- Harley Carter! - Mayor Hamilton.
Oh, please tell me you're here to help out on another case.
Oh, just the opposite.
He was leading my department on a wild goose chase and I shut it down.
All due respect, Chief, I feel like we are really onto something.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
There's no "we" that includes you and me.
And civilians aren't supposed to be back there.
You know what? Forget about the due respect.
I feel like you you botched this case once and history is repeating itself.
Sam You're gonna leave this station house now or I will arrest you.
If I find out that you're still poking your nose around this case, I will arrest you.
- If you interfere with police - Angus I accept, Mayor Hamilton.
Pardon me? Your offer? I accept.
- Oh! - Grace Chief Pershing, we need to have a big picture conversation.
This is a bad move.
This is a big move, one Bishop could really use right now.
Perhaps you wouldn't be saying that if this wasn't an election year.
Carter, as of this moment, you are officially a Consulting Detective with the Bishop PD, and the police will extend you every courtesy.
You understand I had to do that, right? - Was it worth it? - Well, I'm official now, which means I'm officially his problem.
- It takes the heat off of you.
- (CHUCKLING) We both know that is not why you did that.
Look, my hands are untied and that is a good thing.
(SIGHING) So, let's go talk to Brett's roommate.
Nothing about that apartment said roommate to me.
Oh, well, except for this.
You took mail from Brett's apartment? Consultant in Season Two taught me how to jimmy open a mail box using a credit card.
Oh, come on.
I ruined, like, three credit cards to get this.
Plus, I thought maybe Brett had a relative that we should be contacting.
Well, that's not your responsibility.
But useful and thoughtful.
Well, I aim to please.
And a violation of Section 356 of the Criminal Code, so your aim is a little off.
Let's go see what this Greg Yates has to say.
I love stakeouts.
Have you ever been on a stakeout? I love sitting in cars and eating.
Hey, stay focused, okay? It's not like he's going to just pop up.
There he is.
Okay, here's here's the plan.
- Harley! - Hey, stop! Police! Oh my God! Harley, wait! Hey! Get back here! (PANTING) (GREG COUGHING) Hey, what is this? What's going on? We can talk all about that at the station.
(GREG GROANING) You might want to think about a gym membership.
Oh, sorry.
I didn't really get a chance to stretch out.
"Freeze while I warm up!" Let's see how that works.
I was out of town.
I didn't know Brett was dead till you told me.
Why'd you run? Let me guess.
You're on probation.
Actually I don't have to guess because that's what my computer told me when I typed your name in.
My computer also told me that you're not supposed to leave the city or steal Brett's pills.
What do you want? Brett said he was scared, that someone was after him.
Did you ever see or hear anybody threaten him? No, I mean, I thought he was making all that stuff up.
Look, I just crashed there a couple times, okay? And we weren't friends.
I really didn't know him that well.
Think I know someone who might.
The courts are clear in cases like Brett's.
Where there's no prison term mandated, the patient must remain in a facility like this until he or she no longer poses a threat.
Did anyone come visit him over the last five years? I'd have to look that up.
SAM: Thank you.
And what was Brett's diagnosis? Paranoid schizophrenia.
It was a very blurry line between fantasy and reality for Brett.
We helped him as best we could.
May I? SAM: Are all of these about the night his mom died? It's how he remembered it.
WATERS: He was found outside the factory with burns to his hands.
Smelling like gasoline.
But when a patient can't accept what they've done, they often try to create a fictional version.
Brett said that someone else started the fire.
Could that be this hooded person? Before we got him on the right combination of meds, Brett's thinking was disordered, sometimes illogical.
Nothing he said can be treated as fact.
Now I'll show you one more thing.
There was someone there that night.
It wasn't me.
It was the lion king.
He grabbed my mom.
He bit her on the mouth and hypnotized her so that she couldn't resist.
And then the castle, it started burning.
I ran in to save her, but I couldn't.
Ask the astronaut.
Ask him.
He was there.
He saw me.
(SIGHING) Lions and castles and astronauts.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
There's a lion-y kind of thing on the medallion that Brett's mother gave him.
It could be connected to this lion king.
Harley, Brett is just a kid suffering from psychosis.
His words aren't a series of bread crumbs that are gonna lead us to Mary's killer.
- I know, but - But.
That's all we have to go on for now.
"He bit my mom on the mouth and hypnotized her.
" To a kid struggling with reality, I read that as a kiss.
You think she was hooking up with someone at the factory? I don't know.
Uh, Detective? Got a call from a Dr.
Uh, Brett Johnson had no visitors.
But he did get packages.
Nice, Rafalski.
From who? Did we get any return addresses? Uh, all from the same address.
- I looked it up.
- Oh! Ugh, no name.
All from a numbered company.
Who would send Brett packages anonymously? A relative? Family friend? Someone who cared about him.
And, uh, Chief wants to see you.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Uh, just you, Detective.
Hey, Rafalski! Hey! How would a guy, well, not just any guy, a consulting detective, how would a consulting detective go about finding a corporation's name from their corporate number? Follow me.
DAVE: What are we doing here, Harl? For five years, packages coming from that address were sent to Brett Johnson.
I want to know why.
Hey, what do you know about Pete Conrad? Pete Conrad? Ooh, he used to raise hell back in the day.
I'll tell you this much.
I never expected him to become a good citizen, much less a successful developer.
- Did he go to school with us? - No.
No, I met him after.
During your dark years.
You know what? You don't talk about my dark years, and I don't talk about that hip-hop album you dropped.
No, Pete turned his life around a couple years back.
Got this business, does tons of charity work.
Wait, you you said he was sending care packages to this kid? Well, Pete said that he barely knew Brett.
Why why would he lie about that? Here's something that's starting to feel a little pertinent.
Pete Conrad used to be a firebug.
I have been talking about this paint factory fire all day, and now now you're telling me this? Hey, man, you're the detective.
I'm just his, you know, handsome streetwise pal.
Okay, he was a firebug.
What are we talking? Like, dumpster fires or full-on arson? Small stuff when I knew him, but don't arsonists always Jones for something bigger and better? Hey, I'm sorry! The drugstore didn't have any baby powder.
DAVE: Baby powder? Your little plan here doesn't have anything to do with a baby, does it? Because, for the record, that's where I draw the line.
- Stealing babies.
- Let's do this.
Do what? Define this.
We can't break into Pete's office.
We can't "not break in", okay? And, man, come on, it's it's the weekend.
No one's gonna be there, relax.
- What are you doing? - Come on, let's go.
Hey, hey! It's Bobby Sobelman's assistant.
They wanna talk bar mitzvah, now.
Right, so talk! You know what to do.
- Who's the man? - Me? - Who's the man? - Me.
- Oh, my God.
- Who's the man? - Me! Okay, yeah, yeah.
- Yes, yes.
- And I got your six.
- Oh, really? Uh, what direction is our six? I don't know.
I just thought that was a saying.
- Just - Dave, come on! Just keep an eye out.
Ah! (CHUCKLING) I did this on the show once.
(COUGHING) What the hell are you doing? The cinnamon is supposed to reveal fingerprints on the keyboard, telling me which numbers to push, but it's not working.
Hey, can you go back to the truck and grab some cocoa? - Harley.
- (SIGHING) Hey, what year was Pete born? You you actually expect me to know that? Uh, 1979? I don't know.
Okay, even if that was correct, there are, like, a hundred combinations of those numbers.
I oh, no.
Actually, 24.
Well, what are we waiting for? No, okay.
Third time's the charm.
(BEEPING) - Uh-oh! - Uh, Harley? - Uh-oh, okay, no, no.
- Stop! Stop! - Stop! - Harley? - Come on! - Harley! Um, you are under arrest! Look Bobby, no Mr.
Sullivan and yeah.
Uh, yes, I have.
And now it's your turn to listen to me.
Please? Yeah.
If you think that for one minute, my client is going to Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! This can't be happening! Uh, no, no.
Not you, sir.
- I um, I gotta go, bye! - (CELL PHONE BEEPING) You lied to me, Pete.
For five years, you've been taking care of Brett Johnson, sending him care packages, making sure he had a job when he got out.
And that's a crime? You know what, let's just take it easy here, all right? No, but killing his mom? - That is a crime.
- Harley.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Five years ago, starting dumpster fires wasn't quite holding the same excitement it used to, so you torched the old Hancock paint factory, but didn't realize that Mary Johnson was inside.
Which was an accident, I'm sure.
It was an accident, but you were racked with guilt and made sure that Brett got everything he ever needed.
Because Pete is a really nice guy with a real gun.
That's what this is all about.
Until Brett came to me, I reopened the investigation.
You panicked and killed him.
- Harl.
- Yeah, right, again.
It was an accident, so you make it look like a suicide, and I'll bet that there is a medallion sitting right there in that safe! I can tell you two things.
I've never killed anyone, and you are never gonna see what's in that safe.
(GROANING) Okay, okay.
All right, you know what? Let's let's l-let's just start over, yeah? Totally our bad.
TV guy here just got a little excited.
Brett just wanted justice for his mom, and for that, he died badly and alone.
So, what's it gonna be, Pete? The ball's in your court.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Harley, Dave? Outside, now.
You know what really pisses me off is the fact that if my phone rings, there is a 50/50 chance it's gonna be about getting you out of trouble.
I'm telling you, Pete was shaking.
We were on to something.
Did you just hear what I said? We were on to something.
We're not on to anything except leaving, come on.
- Hey, uh - Look, don't, don't.
Hey! Great work guarding our six.
Okay, I hung up on the head of the studio for you.
Are you waiting for me to say that's the bravest thing I've ever heard? I got fired, okay? I'm never gonna work in Hollywood again.
Just relax.
Harley will take care of it.
No, no, no.
Don't tell him, okay? This this is on me.
All right.
Come on, get in the truck.
I'll give you a drive.
Yes, I know the case is undercooked, but that's why we went to Conrad's office, to look for evidence linking him to the fires and to the murders.
Harley, here's what I'm thinking.
I was thinking about how nice it was to see you the other day, when you first came into town.
- Re really? - Really.
You know, I just had this quick flash of you and I sipping iced teas on that dock of yours and just talking about each other's day and Well well, this can be our day.
This is our day, every day.
And then and then, just now, when you said that, I had this flash of tying you to the back bumper of my car and just gunning it down Rankin Road.
Just windows open and I'm screaming.
Sounds like I'd be screaming, too.
Ideally, yeah.
All I'm saying is you should have seen Conrad's face when I brought up Brett Johnson.
Lay it out.
Means, motive, opportunity.
Okay, we already established that Conrad is a firebug, means.
Okay, and the file says that there's no security at the old Hancock paint factory, so that is opportunity.
So, if he started the fire, if, what was the motive? Someone paid him? How else do you explain the jump from small-time fire starter to respectable businessman? Inheritance, lottery, uh, prudent investments? But you're right.
Pete's acting guilty.
So, who paid him? Well, who would benefit from having the old, crumbling, - Hancock paint factory burn down? - (DOOR OPENING) RAFALSKI: Detective? There's someone here to see you.
My client is present of his own free will, and, as such, makes no omissions, presumed or otherwise.
Further, we ask your acknowledgement that there are no facts currently in evidence Is she charging you by the word? What was Harley Carter doing breaking into Mr.
Conrad's safe? Why don't you tell me why you're here, Pete? (CLEARING THROAT) I came here to come clean.
I've been carrying this for too long.
So, let's start over.
Did you burn down the Hancock paint factory five years ago? Yes.
Did you kill Mary Johnson? No, no.
I never killed anyone.
Brett was a good kid.
A hard worker, proud of his job.
So, yes, I-I tried to watch over him.
I figured it was the least I could do after what happened.
Before my client goes any further, I'd like your assur How much did Chuck Hancock pay you? It was supposed to be quick money.
I found out about the body the next day.
Same as everyone else.
I-I told Chuck that I was gonna go to the cops.
But her son became a suspect and he went down for a crime that you committed.
I knew he wasn't well and needed help.
This way he got it.
That make it easier for you to sleep all these years? (SIGHING) Not for one second.
I mean, if Pete didn't know that Mary Johnson was present when he set the fire, then what she doing there? Brett said that the lion king took his mother to the castle.
Yeah, but does Chuck Hancock strike you as the lion king type? I mean, yeah, he benefits from having his factory burn down, but what does that have to do with Mary Johnson and her death? - Or Brett's? - Let's go find out.
(GATE BUZZING) Hey! (GASPING) Oh, Harley Carter! Coming in the front door this time.
- Mrs.
- Oh, Bedelia, please.
Is your husband here? Uh, yes, he's out on the, uh, spraying floor, but you're gonna have to suit up if you go in there.
Um, let me wrap this up and I'll give you a hand.
If you're a scared kid, what does this look like? An astronaut.
If you're Pete Conrad and you're about to light a big ass chemical fire, you're gonna go full-on astronaut.
Wanna hear something else that's weird? I mean, not like Harley Carter moving back to Bishop weird.
Just interesting weird.
Is this gonna forever change how I look at you? Pete Conrad was the third man to walk on the moon, the third astronaut.
What does that mean? I don't know, but I'm really starting to like how the world is working again.
Okay-dokey, will you take a selfie with me? Let's do it! So, are you the receptionist here? Yeah, the receptionist, office manager - Great, thank you, yeah.
- In charge of hiring.
Bedelia, I can't help but notice when hiring around here, they, uh, tend to be a very specific type.
You don't miss a trick, do you? You got me.
I am the youngest gal for miles around.
Let's just say I know my husband all too well.
If I'm picking up what you're putting down, you and I are in the same boat.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
I saw the meltdown.
The key is to get payback.
Um, I got a kitchen with my husband's last affair.
Custom tile, Sub-Zero fridge.
May I? It's, um (CLEARING THROAT) It's very fancy, hmm.
What is this animal right here? Oh, that's the Hancock family crest.
Lots of people think it's a lion, but it's actually a gryphon.
We're just gonna take a peek back there, see if we can find Chuck.
Um, sure, hon, as long as you suit up.
Thank you.
Is this how good it feels, always, when you're closing in? Because this feels amazing.
Doesn't suck.
Right here! Not him, no.
Up there, Sam! Right there! I see him.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) No, no, no! There, Sam! - Look, - I can't - Go that side! - Okay, okay.
Sam, I got him! Sam, he's coming down the other side! (GRUNTING) SAM: Harley! (SCREAMING) SAM: Found this when we searched your office.
You took it off of Brett Johnson's body after you killed him.
You killed Brett Johnson because you also killed his mom.
She was gonna ruin me.
Well, you made her promises, and all she wanted was for you two to be official.
I was married.
She had a crazy kid.
And when she insisted you leave your wife, Mary had to go, and what better way to do it than a chemical fire where you would also get the insurance money to start up a new factory? CHIEF: You set it all up with Pete Conrad, leaving out the significant detail that there was a dead woman inside.
She was gonna tell my family.
You let Mary's kid take the fall for you, and after you ruined Brett's life and he was starting over, you killed him.
And if you hadn't taken this off of his body, we might not have caught you.
That's my family crest.
It's my legacy.
It's a hell of a legacy.
Are you sure you're gonna stay here? Yeah, I'm gonna stick around for a little bit, but, hey, you're more than welcome to stay.
We're always looking for a driver, stakeout caterer, senior or junior sidekick, but, uh, I can't offer you any benefits at this time, sorry.
Look, I am truly honoured and I've loved every moment of this, but I want to be an agent.
I thought I'd make a pretty good one, too.
You are a good agent, and someday, you will be a great agent.
Um, no.
Bobby Sobelman literally used the words, "You will never work in this town again.
" Well, "never" turned into four hours because I talked to Bobby and the agency, and you are wanted back at work in Hollyweird Monday morning.
- No, for real? - For real.
Now, listen, if I call you on the bat-phone, you've gotta come running.
Yes, of course! A hundred percent! - Okay, okay.
- Oh, thank you, thank you.
Okay, that's enough.
- Okay, thank you.
- Okay.
- You're the man! - You're the man! - You're the man! - I'm the man! Okay.
Okay! (ENGINE STARTING) You're the man! VIJAY: No, you're the man! HARLEY: Whoa! Whoa, whoa! Is this, uh, a week of celebrations? You going back to the EMTs? No, it's nice.
Just a normal, everyday date.
Good, you deserve it.
Well, thank you.
You must be feeling good.
About, uh, Vijay getting his job back? Yeah, and solving the case.
Oh, well, I'm actually, uh, I'm used to happier endings.
Harley, we put a bad guy away.
Yeah, but a good guy got caught in the middle.
Yeah, but you cleared his name and you found out what happened to his mom, and you did right by him.
This is gonna be interesting.
You and me.
Well, I like interesting.
We've always been interesting.
Harley (CLEARING THROAT) Um, you need a ride? - Oh, wow, uh - Hi! Um, oh, no, no.
No, I'm I'm good.
The Yasudas are gonna come get me, so I'm good.
Okay, well, you owe me lunch.
- Partner.
- I'm I'm a man of my word.
SAM: All right.
MAN: See ya! But tonight I've got a plan See ya.
Just to be a better man If I could exorcise all of these selfish dreams Maybe I'd recognize it all I thought if we could take our time Just to push it out And grow a little strong If I could exorcise all of these selfish dreams Maybe I'd recognize it all I thought if we could take our time Just to push it out And grow a little strong If I could recognize If I could exorcise