Carter (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

The Farmhand Who Bought the Farm

1 (MUTTERING INDISTINCTLY) Oh, good, you're here.
Tell me what you think.
Well, I'd go with pants, but you know, I'm a prude.
I want to look good, you know, but not so good that the other cops feel bad about themselves, and what screams "official consulting detective"? I stopped listening after "other cops".
Okay, blazer and jeans for the win.
Um, all right, so when we arrive on set (LAUGHING) Oh, my God, we call it a scene.
Uh, scene, yeah, that's what I meant, the scene, um, you think it'd be cool if I dropped one of my catchphrases like, "The dead never lie.
" You know, I thought it'd be like a funny icebreaker, get all the guys laughing.
Girls, um, people, cop people.
So, you want to be one of the other guys by dropping a line from your TV show where you make more in one week than most cops make in a year? Are we gonna be bickering partners? 'Cause I always thought we'd be the wisecracking, "you and me against the world" kind of partners.
Anything but semi-nude partners.
Finish getting dressed.
Okay, these shoes gonna be okay? Perfect.
Where the hell are all the unis? We don't call them unis because that sounds like fancy underwear.
We call them cops.
There's one now! The lady he's talking to? A witness! Then, why aren't the unis protecting my crime scene? Whoa, not a crime scene, let alone your crime scene.
For now, this is the scene of a workplace accident.
We'll see about that.
It smells like murder.
Oh! Oh! Looks like you got some murder on your shoes.
So, victim is James Hinton.
He's 23.
Farmhand here for the last two years.
Estimated TOD of the vic? Estimated time of death is between 6:30 and 8:30 a.
All right, well, we should get some of these unis to start canvassing witnesses.
Okay, you're going to stop saying random words, and let Nicole finish giving us her findings.
Sorry, Nic.
So, prelim exam shows massive trauma to the head and internal organs.
- Run over by his own tractor? - Seen it before.
Guy takes a turn at high speed, gets knocked off, caught under the wheels before he knew it.
- Huh.
- All right, let's take a look.
(GROANING) You okay? Yeah, no, I just, um I just feel like a lot a lot of those bits should still be inside of his head.
Hey, Danny! Can you get me some water? We're going to take a moment.
Here we go.
- (EXHALING) I'm okay.
- Gotcha.
- Hi.
- Yeah.
So you wake up in the morning, you come outside, and that's when you find Jimmy? Yeah.
How well did you know him? Uh, not well.
He worked for my dad, and I've been away at college.
Anything wrong with the tractor, something that might explain how he got crushed by it? Uh, I don't know.
The hydraulic pump tends to suck air, and the steering was floaty.
Monica! I just heard.
I'm so sorry, sweetie.
What the hell happened? Well, we're still trying to figure that out.
Where were you this morning, sir? I was in town getting supplies.
Would you say that James Hinton was comfortable driving the tractor? Too comfortable.
He drove that thing like Formula One.
He's done all the safety training, but I can't keep my eye on the kid 24/7.
PERSHING: Carter! In no uncertain terms are you to conduct interviews, Carter.
What about certain terms? I'm-I'm sorry, I don't know what that means.
You want to be a real cop? (LAUGHING) Accident report? That's as real police as it gets.
It's all about the paperwork.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
No can do.
Something feels motive-y about this.
Oh, you think the tractor had an issue with the victim? (SIGHING) All I'm saying is that I don't think this was accident.
Detective? No, no, the real one.
No signs of foul play, and the victim had a history of reckless driving.
Come on, guys.
If we start with accident, there's nowhere to go.
But if we start with murder, we can move back to accident, or forward to murder! Harley, tell me specifically what you're basing this on, and you cannot use the word "hunch".
- Can I use the word "gut"? - No.
It's your choice, Carter.
Paperwork or nothing.
Unless you're feeling too woozy.
I didn't tell him! EMTs are serious gossips.
All right, fine, just point me to my desk.
Oh, oh, I get it.
My desk is in the mail.
Um, hey you know what? If you need me to, I can totally buy my own desk.
- You're not getting a desk.
Hey, Nicole.
Yeah, okay.
Got it.
Bruising shows blunt force trauma to the shin and kneecap before being run over by the tractor.
Which means We are looking at a possible homicide.
Yes! Yes, let's find this guy, and bring him to justice! Would you please get him out of here? - Yeah, yep, yep.
- Let's go.
How do you want to play this? Do people still do the good cop/bad cop thing? Yeah, I'll be good cop and you be "not cop.
" Stay away from my interviewees.
(SCOFFING) Pretty sure that's not even a word.
And how long did Jimmy work for you? Two years.
He came from out east.
He never mentioned his family.
So, he lived in your house? We got a spare room behind the kitchen, used to be my wife's sewing room before the cancer.
I'm so sorry.
Monica offered to leave college, but I said no way.
I quit my degree to help my dad, and I sure as hell wasn't gonna put Monica through that.
So, you really relied on Jimmy? Too much work to go around, but he put a dent in it, that's for sure.
He was a good kid.
(CHAIR ROLLING) You doing okay? Can't believe this is happening.
It's like I woke up in a crazy dream.
Sorry about that.
We're having a hard time tracking down Jimmy's family.
Any ideas? No, I really didn't know him well.
But you guys lived in the same house.
You were the same age.
I went to college.
He didn't.
We have totally different interests.
What was Monica's relationship with Jimmy? My daughter's an honor student.
She made the dean's list twice.
She was cordial to Jimmy, but I wouldn't say they were friends.
Did you ever meet any of his friends? Once, a couple of them came by the farm.
We didn't hit it off.
Why is that? I don't like bikers.
Yeah, it's really tough for small-scale farmers now.
The Winders, the Lorries, they've all called it quits.
My dad is stubborn.
And you came back from college for the summer to help.
Farm's been in the family for three generations.
You and your dad are close? I don't have anybody else.
My dad's everything to me.
Everything I do, everything I love, comes from him.
Is that weird? No.
My mom, after she disappeared, that's the whole reason I want to solve crimes.
You want to hear my theory? Don't ask if you're just going to say it, anyway.
It's always the farmer's daughter.
No! And I'd go so far as to say that it is rarely the farmer's daughter.
Monica really made light of her relationship with Jimmy Hinton.
So, here's what I'm thinking.
They're both young, good-looking, and shall we say libidinous? Why, Harley, are you insinuating that she is a saucy harlot and he is a wanton libertine? Fine, they boned secretly.
Monica goes off to college, comes back from college.
Jimmy wants to continue their relationship.
Monica does not, Jimmy gets upset.
So, she ran over her ex-lover with a tractor to avoid an awkward conversation with her dad.
Men have been killed for a lot less.
That may be fine for TV, but this isn't TV.
You know, it's not always gonna be exciting and dramatic, Harley.
You just have to accept that.
(LOUD RUMBLING) - (ALARM SOUNDING) - What the heck was that? There was an explosion downtown.
If every day's gonna be like this, I could totally accept it.
MAN: Yes, there was an explosion Fire's contained the blaze.
Nothing so far to indicate any fatalities from the explosion.
Hey, make sure those hose draggers - don't blab to the press.
- You got it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Not you.
Well, I want to see the explosion.
I want to investigate the explosion.
You already have a case.
Jimmy Hinton's murder.
Oh, okay, well, Monica's in the box.
I'll start sweating her.
You in the box? Yeah, that's no and never.
I'll handle the Emmorys.
You go finish the paperwork.
I'll get someone to bring you some crayons.
What if there's a connection between this farmhand thing this morning and this explosion? I feel like there might be.
Here's the difference between playing a cop and being a cop.
Your feelings don't amount to squat.
Just because two things happen on the same day doesn't mean they're connected in any way.
I have a hunch.
You got lucky with the first hunch.
Don't push it.
You know what? Let's make this interesting.
If you don't find all of this interesting, you might want to think about a career change.
I'll make you a deal.
If you're wrong, if there's no connection between these two cases, you're gone.
You tell the mayor "Thanks, but no thanks.
" And if I'm right When I'm right I get my own desk.
But you go nowhere until that paperwork's done! Roger that! Sorry, Ed, so just to be clear, there was one explosion and then, another much bigger one? Yeah, it's not uncommon.
But some of the guys said they saw the fire burning green in spots, which is strange.
- Okay, you'll run a chem analysis? - Yeah, it's already in the works.
Any signs of break-in? Yeah, we found the lock busted on the back entrance.
Oh, well, that is a way of making a fire look deliberate.
Now, the owner of the restaurant landed about 10 minutes ago.
His name is Colin Ray.
Okay, thanks, Ed.
- Say hey to Sue for me.
- I will.
All right.
Detective Shaw.
You got time for a couple more questions? Sure.
Sorry for your troubles, sir.
Were you the owner here long? Couple of years.
It wasn't doing great, so we thought a reno might jazz it up a bit.
Oh, whole bunch of hurdles to jump through now, huh? Yeah.
You got a business partner, or is it all on you? Just me.
Okay, 'cause you said "we"? - Guess I meant the wife.
- Ah.
Do you need anything else? I really got to get my daughter home.
Of course.
No, we have all your details if we need anything further.
Sorry, uh, one more thing.
Do you know if there were any unusual chemicals inside? You know, can't say I do.
I mean, it's a reno.
Contractors could have brought in paint thinner, Varathane, - who knows? - Of course.
Well, thanks again and we'll call if we need anything else.
- Sure.
- All right.
Hey, no one goes in there, especially any TV stars claiming to be my partner.
So, we're not going to a movie, are we? Unless it's a drive-in during the day.
Come on, man.
You don't want to sit in some dark movie theatre.
Sitting is the new smoking.
I was looking forward to some movie theatre popcorn.
I will buy you a movie theatre popcorn maker.
So, how exactly does this new gig work? Are there rules to being a consulting detective? Seriously, because knowing Sam, actually, no, check that, knowing you and knowing Sam, there has to be some boundaries.
Sam and I are in an open relationship at the moment.
Why is it always the guy that suggests that? We're exploring our boundaries.
She has no idea what you're doing, does she? Yeah, that's great.
If we help her out, she'll be happy.
But you know, when it comes to the whole asking permission versus begging for forgiveness thing Then, you're just gonna bat your eyes and say, "Sorry, I didn't know.
" Not having written-down rules comes in handy.
You know what? For most of us, rules have teeth and when you break 'em, they bite.
I have never once been bitten by a rule.
Well, why do you think I said, "for most of us"? DAVE: You know, if we leave now, we can still make the 1 o'clock show.
Relax, man.
The Emmorys are down at the station.
Now's our chance to find some evidence.
Oh, evidence to put you and me behind bars? No, evidence that will tell us more about Monica and Jimmy's relationship, or something that will link someone here to the explosion.
Let's try the back.
So, your plan is to just break and enter? My plan is to brilliantly accumulate evidence.
Okay, when we get caught, I'm gonna tell anyone who will listen that you swore you were a cop who had a warrant.
It's 100% believable.
Here we go, and Ugh, locked.
Doesn't anyone trust anyone anymore? Yeah, you got to do the breaking before you do the entering, bud.
Yeah, well, if you still had your little badass lock-picky thingy, we could get in here.
Okay, you enlist me as your chauffeur Chauffeur/sidekick, which is exactly what Bruce Lee was in The Green Hornet! Bruce Lee was dead at 32.
We got to do this old-school.
Oh, yes.
What? No, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on.
God, I got this.
Okay, now that's a little badass.
You're an idiot.
(THUDDING) Oh! (GRUNTING) Normally, there would be a crash pad right here.
Okay, here you go.
Stole some of these from the station.
Sure, they're the police.
They won't mind.
There we go.
Looks like Monica was studying organic chemistry.
What was the farmhand's name again? Jimmy Hinton, why? One second.
Well, he knew Monica well enough to trade emails with her.
Open that one, yeah.
"I got a way to use your school smarts and make your dad's problems go away.
" "School smarts" should be two words.
Well, whatever the idea was, they took if offline after that.
(INDISTINCT NOISE) (WHISPERING) We should get out of here.
Shh, shh, shh.
WOMAN'S VOICE: Pick up, pick up I can't tell if that's a crazy person or a repetitive ghost.
Those are both terrible options.
No, no, no, Harley! Come on.
Argh (STATIC, FEEDBACK) Pick up, pick up, pick up.
(FEEDBACK) Hello? Come in? - What the - Hello? Why would she hide a walkie-talkie? Why would a millennial even have a walkie-talkie? I saw your daddy's car leave and Nico's gone to town.
I'm just sitting here.
Well, your farmer's daughter theory just got a lot more interesting.
If you're trying to be discrete, a walkie-talkie leaves no trail of calls or texts.
No bread crumbs.
What is the range on a walkie-talkie? Hmm, with absolutely nothing around, a few miles, but with barns and other buildings, not that far.
All right, well now that we're warmed up, how do you feel about breaking into another farmhouse? See who Monica was being discrete with? So, that's our day? We're just gonna keep sneaking into farmhouses until we're caught? We're not gonna get caught.
So, that's a yes.
Bill Emmory's alibi checks out Cashier at the 24-hour grocery store saw him.
What am I looking at? Chemicals found at the explosion, the kind used in a meth lab.
So, the idiots blew up their own meth lab by accident.
I don't think so.
Candle on the scene makes it feel premeditated, as does a bunch of flour.
Are you thinking dust fire explosion? You'll find particles suspended in the air come into contact with the heat source, you get a big kaboom.
So, the candle was the fuse? It all fits, and background on our restaurant owner Colin Ray, who I interviewed at the scene, shows that he is a member of the Dark Rebels motorcycle club.
Here is some of his work.
Seems to favour the hunting knife.
That was a guy who tried to leave the club and Colin gave him a souvenir.
Are we talking rival gang? Well, here's the thing, Chief.
Our farmer said that our dead farmhand was friends with bikers.
One of the chemicals found at the scene was anhydrous ammonia, which is used in meth labs - Yes, I get the meth lab, Sam! - But also used on farms.
So there could be a connection between the two cases.
(SIGHING) I promised Carter a desk if he got the connection right.
I can't not pursue this, sir.
Well, do whatever you think is appropriate.
All right.
I don't know, man.
What if someone's home? I have a plan.
Yeah? I have a plan.
I get in my truck and I drive away.
- Ha, I like my plan better.
- What is it? (RINGING DOORBELL) Harley! Harley! - Good afternoon! - Hi.
How are you? Uh, sorry to bug you.
Uh, you know what? I saw on your sign that you grow organic food here.
Might I buy some organic food? WOMAN: Wait, aren't you the guy that owns that cute coffee truck in town? That's me, yeah.
Wow, great! So, you're looking to go organic? No.
Yes, no, yeah! Um, that's exactly what I'm going to go, organic.
So, more like a food truck, then? Yeah! Yeah, I'm thinking organic food truck.
(CAMERA CLICKING) Like, organic, on your sign.
Well, we usually deal mostly with vendors directly, but what were you looking for, exactly? Oh, you know, uh Organic vegetables, and animals.
Uh, yeah, your sign just said organic.
It wasn't very specific, so I was You know what? You can buy all of our produce at Hubbard's Natural Foods in town.
- Let me get you the address.
- No, no, no! No, that's okay.
Um, I, uh - Really not a problem.
- Yeah? It'll just take a moment yeah.
Oh, you are great.
I don't want to be a bother.
No problem! Get out here! - Get out! - You're doing great, buddy.
What? No, no, no! Ah, yes, here it is.
516 McMurtry near Willow.
Willow! Yeah, I know that.
- Yeah.
- That's perfect.
Pies, I'm gonna go hard on pies.
- (CAMERA CLICKING) - Uh, soups! You know, anything you can make organically.
- Thank you so much I appreciate that.
- You're welcome.
You know, I'm thinking sandwiches, - Uh, maybe a selection of salads.
- Mm-hmm.
Or something desserty? That's a thing, right? (DAVE TALKING INDISTINCTLY) You know, my mother used to make muffins.
Yeah chocolate chip muffins.
Do you guys do chocolate? Like, organic chocolate? Can I help you? Uh Hi, good afternoon.
Um No, no, your wife, I presume, just gave me an address (DAVE CONTINUING, INDISTINCT) (CLATTERING, CRASHING) - What was that? - Possum, maybe? Maybe like (CLATTERING) DAVE: Wait, wait, wait Argh! (DAVE GROANING) Hey, what are you doing? - (ELECTRICITY ZAPPING) - Ahhhh! (DOOR SLAMMING) Again, my apologies, Mr.
Belucci, and I just want you to know you did nothing wrong.
Cattle prod was a little over the top! Enough! I still don't understand why he was inside our house.
Sorry, we thought this was part of Emmory Farms.
Our bad! No, really, it's me who's sorry.
I saw some punk talking to my wife and another one leaving the house.
But Harley Carter! We're all good, man! How are things between you and Bill Hey, Sam! Ask them if everything was all good between them and the Emmorys.
What he said.
That guy's got no respect for his neighbours, - no respect for the earth - Nico.
We had some problems a while back.
Bill Emmory's pesticides were bleeding onto our crops.
It cost us a huge supermarket deal.
They're not bad people.
Bill's just old-school.
I wasn't surprised to see the police out here this morning.
SAM: Really? Why is that? Guy's got a temper.
So, are you saying that you think Bill Emmory - is capable of murder? - No! Ha, no, not Bill.
You never know what someone's capable of.
Yeah! Like one of your oldest friends arresting you! Well, I got to get these guys out of your hair, and again, thank you for your understanding.
And if I have any questions, I'll be in touch.
Thank you.
(CAR STARTING) See? See? Look at this.
Things were really bad between the two farms.
Why are you showing me pictures of you as Catwoman? Oh, that was for an audition.
Hey, man, will you just scroll a few? Just go, uh-huh, go.
There's a lot of Catwoman in here, Harl.
Just go, and stop there, stop there, and enlarge that.
There we go, read this.
You do know cops arrest people for distracted driving, right? It's a lawsuit naming both farms.
This wasn't just testy neighbours.
Belucci had a real beef with Bill.
So, what happened with the lawsuit? Uh, looks like Emmory settled.
So, the question is how does a farmhand end up dead in all this? I don't know yet.
But Monica was studying chemistry, and she and Jimmy had a plan to quote "make all her dad's problems go away.
" Wait, how did you know she was studying chemistry? Saw her books, got pics of those too.
I'm not stupid.
Okay, maybe just a little bit.
Look, Sam, I'm sorry.
How can I make this up to you? You, as well, buddy.
I had a front-row seat to your cattle prodding.
I'm good.
How about dinner, my place tonight? Dot will make her famous lasagna.
No, I can't tonight.
Okay, uh, breakfast tomorrow.
Dot will make waffles.
I'll make the cappuccinos.
Who are we kidding? Dot will make the cappuccinos, too.
I will consider breakfast.
Okay, so, uh we all good? She's really committed to the joke.
Yeah, it was kind of harsh.
I think we got off easy.
Come on, she threw the key somewhere around here.
So, your whole, uh, "Sorry, I didn't know, begging your forgiveness" thing, how's that working for you today? Yeah, my left leg is still tingling a bit.
See, that's exactly what I was talking about.
Actions have these little things called consequences.
Look, we're on an adventure, okay? - And we're not in jail.
- An adventure? I'm stranded on a backcountry road handcuffed to another dude.
Details, bro, details.
Okay, okay.
We have a little time.
So, let's game this out.
Let's say we break the law again.
But this time, everything goes south.
Angry farmer has a gun, or even worse, Sam has to arrest us.
But really arrest us! We're talking charges filed, brought up in front of the judge.
What are you gonna do? You just gonna bat your eyes? It's worked before.
What can I say? I'm lucky.
All right, and maybe it will again, for you, but Sam has to get up and testify against us.
She has to be a real cop, and her friends are gonna be the criminals.
Oh, suddenly it's not a game.
- Suddenly - There are consequences, I get it.
Okay, you're right.
I'll be more careful.
- Thank you.
- Oh! (LAUGHING) No, come on.
What'd I tell you? Lucky! - You have to be kidding me.
- Yes! That is That is so not fair.
There you go.
(LAUGHING) HARLEY: So, Dot says to my teacher, "I'll give you an F in the face!" DOT: That's not true! I have no idea what that means, but it worked.
Oh, my gosh, that was delicious, thank you.
No, relax, sit.
You spend all day serving the community, plus you're babysitting Harley.
It's like you're doing your job and ours.
You guys aren't my babysitters.
Why do you always go there? 1997, vandalism.
- Who bailed you out? - It was a little graffiti.
What kid doesn't do that? Not on cows! 1999, public nudity.
The guy told me it was a one-way mirror! Yesterday, breaking and entering.
There will never be enough waffles to thank you, Samantha.
(SAMANTHA CHUCKLING) Dot can still cook a mean breakfast.
Nothing says "I'm sorry" like one of Dot's breakfasts.
Well, except an "I'm sorry.
" Yeah, there's that too.
Sam, I'm sorry.
Look, I realize how tough your job is.
You know, when I'm on set, if I mess up, I can always get another take.
But in your line of work, there are real consequences.
And I will I do take that seriously.
Well, your hunch was right.
These two cases are connected.
I just, I know it.
I have a call into my buddy at OPP in the drug squad, so we should know a lot more soon.
Well, on my long walk home, I called up Monica's school, Elmsburg College, and it turns out they recently had a small theft of chemicals from one of their labs.
These were found at the explosion site.
And who knows how to rig a delayed explosion? BOTH: A chemistry student.
You know who we have to talk to? Harley? Sam? This is not how the world works.
My world does.
MONICA: I need your help.
Okay, this is gonna sound crazy.
You set up a meth lab to get money to save your father's farm.
Not exactly.
You stole the chemicals from your college so that Jimmy could sell them to the bikers to cook meth.
Yeah, but you have to believe me, I didn't kill Jimmy, and I had nothing to do with the explosion.
You said that you needed help.
Yeah, when I came out of a store today, there was a couple of these scary-looking guys on bikes and they started asking me questions about the restaurant.
It's okay, we'll get to the bottom of this.
(PHONE RINGING) Dad? BILL: Hey, hon.
Where are you? I'm at a friend's house.
In town? MONICA: Yeah.
What's up? Uh, nothing.
How about you make a night of it, huh? Go see a movie.
What's going on? Nothing.
Have fun.
What is it? Is everything okay? I think he's in trouble.
He isn't answering.
Your dad's gonna be fine.
We have officers on the way.
No matter what happens, this is gonna kill him.
All he wanted was for me to get the degree that he never finished.
You mean chemistry? Your father studied chemistry, didn't he? Yeah.
Why do you ask? Because he's the one that blew up the biker lab.
What? You shouldn't have messed with my daughter.
Argh! BIKER: Put down the bat, old man.
Ugh! Ahh! Everybody freeze! Drop the bat, Bill.
(GROANING) Do it, now! I'm not going to jail.
I didn't do anything! Is that the bat you used on Jimmy? (BIKER GROANING) Jimmy! (TRACTOR STOPPING) You discovered that your ammonia had been siphoned, and you blamed Jimmy.
And that he hooked your daughter up with the bikers.
What do you got her involved in, hmm? What are you Okay, yes, I set her up with them, but she stole the chemicals.
She was just trying to protect you and protect the farm.
Ugh! (JIMMY SCREAMING) You thought that he ruined her life, so you killed him.
- No! - Ahhh! I'm sorry, please! And what do you do? You blow up a restaurant.
But I didn't kill the boy.
He was alive when I left.
Stay away from my daughter.
(JIMMY GROANING) Put the bat down, Bill.
Nobody else needs to get hurt today.
(BIKER GROANING) Ahh! Oh, for Drop it! Now you're pissing me off.
You're not gonna shoot me.
You're gonna let me and my friend Bill walk out of here.
(GUNSHOT) Ahh! Ah, shit! You shot me! Well, I told you to drop it.
I totally want to be you when I grow up.
(POLICE RADIO, INDISTINCT) I swear on my wife's grave I did not kill Jimmy! I think I'm having one of your hunches.
Dad! Dad! I'm sorry, honey.
I believe him, too.
Hey, what's going on? Why weren't you surprised when the cops showed up at Emmory Farms? What? You said you weren't surprised when the cops showed up at Emmory Farms.
Well, I just I just meant, you know You weren't surprised because you watched the whole thing go down.
(JIMMY SCREAMING) You knew Karen was having an affair because you found their love nest in the attic.
So, you killed the kid that you thought was sleeping with your wife.
Please, call an ambulance.
You get revenge on Jimmy, pin the whole thing on Bill.
Two birds, one tractor.
You killed Jimmy? (TRACTOR STARTING) (JIMMY GROANING) Every time Bill Emmory would head into town, you'd make excuses to go across the road.
That's why you couldn't believe it when you saw some punk sneaking out of your house, because you thought you already took care of that punk.
I didn't plan it.
It just happened.
You never know what someone's capable of.
Right, Nico? You idiot.
I fell in love with Monica.
You killed an innocent kid.
Wait, what? Karen Nico Belucci, I'm arresting you for the murder of James Hinton.
This one's yours.
I hear you, but I think cheating makes people the craziest.
I know, you're talking to the guy who called out his wife on live TV.
Sam, I just wanted to thank you for letting me put the cuffs on Nico today.
Well, you did good work, consulting detective.
You too, partner! Yeah, don't push it.
- Oh, there you are.
- Oh, and I made sure that Chief kept his word about giving you a desk.
- Really? - Yeah, I thought I'd do you one better than a desk.
How about an office? I mean, it's nothing fancy, but it's yours.
Uh, yes! Yes, thank you.
You are good people, Angus! I mean, Chief! I mean, sir! Come on.
Here you go.
Yeah - Is this a - Drunk tank.
Pukey smell should go away in a few years.
I'm planning for my future (PERSHING CHUCKLING) I'm hoping to be leader from my state Have to say they treat me like a toy Because I'm just an eager boy I know I'm young, but I know I'm bright I like to help the weary ones to see the light I don't believe this world can pass us by I think we can succeed if we only try Have to say they treat me like a toy Because I'm just an eager boy Oh yeah Well I want to go to Washington to do my share I'll help out all my kind when I get up there