Casual (2015) s04e02 Episode Script

The Missing Piece

1 [Sharon Van Etten's "Peace Signs"] SHARON: I woke up, I was already me I was somewhat afraid I was something Peace signs No lie, I was no longer wrong I had questions in mind While you were strong Hit back, it was already too Hit back - It was already soon - [laughing, chattering] Hit back, it was already too Oh yeah RITA: Hi, Val.
You see this? Die alone, week later, they ship your memories to the dump.
Life's final indignity.
Her family didn't want any of this? Seems like they couldn't be bothered.
I'm gonna take some of it to Goodwill.
Hey, did that little dog ever come back? No.
That dog's, like, halfway through a coyote's small intestine by now.
It's a lot of stuff.
I may need to borrow your courtyard.
I mean, she's just been collecting stuff in there for, like, 40 years.
Did you see how many dining chairs there are? There's also a cat carrier and no cat.
I mean, where's the cat? [bird cawing distantly] That's really pretty.
If you don't want that, I'll take that.
You want Daddy to make you some pancakes? No, thank you.
Has she been staying in your room? [whispers] Uh-oh.
Come on.
She was concerned about some monster activity.
No, I wasn't! No? Are you sure? - CARRIE: Yes.
- ALEX: [laughs] - BOTH: Okay.
- ALEX: The truth is, Daddy was concerned about monster activity, and Carrie said she'd protect me, and she did a great job.
Well, I'm gonna get her ready, funny guy.
- Okay, bye, sweet pea.
- Oh! She's a pretty special kid.
She is, isn't she? I noticed you two have the same hands and feet.
Thank you? Kind of a weird compliment, but I'll take it.
Oh, hey, uh, production called, and they switched the scene order, so I can't pick her up from school today.
Okay, well, I have that video conference.
Yeah, I know.
Jeff said he'd do it.
It's really no problem.
Oh, no, man, I wouldn't want to impose.
I'll, um I can probably do it.
Or I'll call Zadie.
No, we're not hiring Zadie for an hour.
Jeff's got the car seat, and I already told Debra he'd be at pickup, so it's all good.
Cool, yeah.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
[printer whirring] [light quirky music] [knocking at door] - LAURA: Hey.
- Hey.
I was in the neighborhood.
Can I come in? Yeah, sure.
You're giving me your china? Yeah.
I could wait till I'm dead, but by then you'll probably have all your own plates, and these'll just end up in a dumpster.
- Thank you? - [chuckles] Oh, wow, that's a cool coaster wall.
Oh, yeah, lot of drunken memories.
Actually, this place is very alive, very eclectic.
It's the eye of a fashion student.
Is Tathiana here? I could take you two for a coffee or a breakfast Um, she's still sleeping.
We've kind of been on different schedules lately.
- Sorry to hear that.
- It's fine.
You know, it's not gonna be a honeymoon all the time.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- It's good.
- Thanks.
So how's the restaurant? It's good.
I like it.
It's very friendly, very egalitarian.
- Hmm, yeah, like America? - Exactly.
Or was that every other modern democracy on the planet? I can never remember.
Well, at least it pays terribly.
- Mm.
- The restaurant, I mean.
Worse than signature collecting? Nothing is worse than signature collecting.
Right, that's But um, I should really get moving 'cause I've got some stuff to do before work.
Oh, right, yes.
Me too.
- Thank you.
Uh - Oh, sure.
Of course.
Hit the spot.
- It's great to see you.
- You too.
- Just love that hair.
- [chuckles] - Bye.
- Bye.
Well, we use a standard two-factor authentication process, but the IDP is really the main line of defense.
- IDP? - Intrusion defense protocol.
The second someone tries to go where they're not supposed to, the system locks them out, and we're alerted.
This company is my baby.
I carried it to term in a garage in Sarajevo and breastfed it in a formerly besieged office park.
That's some very vivid imagery.
I need to ensure my baby is protected.
You understand? Uh hmm? Oh, yeah, absolutely.
And if you need testimonials from any of our other clients, - I'd be happy to provide those.
- WOMAN: I would like that.
[phone buzzes] I've heard the horror stories.
Hackers and friendly viruses that mimic code, infiltrate, and destroy what was once a perfectly working system.
- We can't have that happen.
- Of course not.
What questions do you have for me? At this moment, I can't think of any.
You'll let me know if you think of anything? And please, with the testimonials.
Thank you for your time.
Ova, text Jeff Kamiyama.
[chiming] Hey, comma, man.
It's Alex.
Meeting ended early.
Period, period, period.
Don't worry about grabbing Carrie.
OVA: Auto-response from Jeff Kamiyama: Hi there.
I'm currently driving.
- If this is an urgent matter - Oh, God.
Ova, call Jeff Kamiyama.
[line trills] JEFF: Hi there, you've reached Jeff Kamiyama.
- Please - Ova, hang up.
[chiming] [sighs] Ova, pull up Jeff Kamiyama's Facebook.
OVA: No Facebook found for Jeff Kamiyama.
[sighs] Um Instagram? OVA: No Instagram found for Jeff Kamiyama.
Good grief.
Twitter? OVA: Twitter is not provided in your current internet package.
If you would like to pay to activ - Fuck off.
- OVA: Alex, that's hurtful.
I am only trying to help.
[car alarm chirps] - Hey.
- Hey.
- Jeff just left.
- Fucking Sarajevo! I'm sorry? [sighs] Never mind.
It's fine.
Well, it's great that Rae found someone.
God, if only it were that easy What was your impression of him? - Did he seem weird at all? - Jeff? No, uh no, he seemed fine.
But you know, it's kind of hard to tell when you only see someone for a few minutes at pickup.
It's really better over, say, drinks or dinner, don't you think? Yeah [chuckles] Oh, and I'd love to.
Um, but I'm sort of committed to an uncommitted relationship, so Oh, sure.
But rain check.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[sighs] Oh, hey.
You look so cute in that little outfit.
I didn't know when you'd be up.
I made some food.
It's in the fridge.
Oh, thanks, babe.
Maybe later.
Right now I really need coffee.
Hey, hey.
I missed you last night.
Me too.
So I have the day off tomorrow.
I was thinking maybe we could go for a hike or something.
I promised Brian and Marigold I'd do this overnight beach thing.
You should come.
We're gonna build a bonfire.
- Tonight? - Yeah.
- I'll be exhausted.
- So? Sleep in.
What's all this? It's just some stuff my mom brought over for our place.
Will I see you later? Yeah, just text me.
Why is it my fault I didn't want to shake her hand? Who invented that convention? I mean, I meet a stranger [overlapping] No matter how many times I tell him, - he won't pick up his clothes.
- They're not wearing some - see-through acid-dipped glove? - He's deliberately defiant.
I know he's only three, but he's very advanced for his age.
- He knows what he's doing.
- The ghastly things that are in the world, and there are so many ghastly things.
Socks and toys and all in primary colors.
You know how I feel about primary colors.
I'm a very clean person.
I don't know where he gets it from.
Hello? Are you even listening to me? Hey, did you hear back from Aetna on the Dockery claims? I will call again.
- Thank you.
- VALERIE: Hi, Leia.
Oh, my God, what happened? Are you okay? Well, I'm not dead, so that's something.
- Hey, can I ask you a question? - Okay.
Would you say you're happy? Elliot says he's not.
ELLIOT: Not at all.
Um, lately I feel like happiness is a general concept used to describe the indescribable.
Am I content? Sometimes.
Depressed? Not really.
- Do I experience joy? - Yes.
[groans] What brings you joy? [laughs] Uh, my husband.
- You actually like this job? - I like helping people.
Making small differences in a world that needs small differences.
Yeah, okay.
That makes sense.
I just don't know if I like it anymore, but I don't know if I like anything anymore, which is kind of a problem for someone in my stage of life.
ELLIOT: Have you ever tried just giving in to hedonism? Oh, that sweet boy.
I also get joy from going to weed bars, getting stoned out of my mind, and doing jigsaw puzzles.
I didn't want to be distracted while I was with Carrie, so I had my phone on silent.
No problem.
Yeah, I try to limit my phone time in general.
I noticed you don't do much social media.
I used to, but it kept me from truly connecting - to the people I love.
- Yeah.
My life is much fuller without it.
- Good for you, mate.
- Yeah.
- That's a unique perspective.
- JEFF: Yeah.
But I am on LinkedIn if you ever wanted to do some light stalking.
[chuckles] Speaking of stalking, I like your grill.
Oh, yeah, thank you.
I'm thinking about upgrading, myself.
- You like the green one? - I do.
- I really like the green one.
- Cool.
Guess I got to make a trip to the ol' barbecue store.
[chuckles] You know, you can try it out if you want.
We could do some dinner, maybe have a couple drinks? - Like, tonight? - Yeah, sure.
Give us a chance to know each other a little better.
Leon? - Hmm? - ALEX: Dinner tonight? - [toys clatter] - Oops.
Um, uh, yeah.
Leia said she'd be home late, so sure.
Then it's settled.
Hey, girl.
Is Princess Leon taking care of you? MAN: Two out on the bass! MAN: 27 needs that branzino.
WOMAN: How's my carpaccio coming? MAN: Right away, Chef.
[orchestral buildup] [light classical music] Where are my little gems? I'm still waiting on a beef tartare.
30 seconds on the salads.
Why are there fucking walnuts on this? Shit.
I'll remake 'em.
Waiting on you, Chef.
- How we doing, Toby? - A-okay, Chef.
- Thanks.
- Move faster.
[soft music] - Hi, Rita.
- Hi, Val.
So I know I said that you could use my courtyard, but it's kind of starting to feel a little like hoarding, and it's giving me hives.
Sorry, the truck didn't show.
Hey, what the fuck is wrong with men? [laughs] Um I don't is this a serious question? Mm-hmm.
This guy I was seeing texted earlier, "I'm done.
" Two words.
"I'm done.
" I appreciate brevity, but that's, like, so cold.
Uh, maybe he's been conditioned to run away from his feelings, and instead of internalizing and facing them He spent a year in prison.
That could be a survival mechanism.
Yeah, well, that's, uh yeah, that's possible too.
Oh, my God, I just wish I could turn my brain off for, like, an hour, you know? Yes.
I do, actually.
[indistinct chatter] [coughs] [mellow music] - Yeah, it's a thing now.
- I'm into it.
- Hey, Kinto.
- Hey, Leia.
Okay, so we'll take the 500 no, 750 piece.
And I'll take my usual.
- Rita just got dumped.
- Over text.
So something strong for her head.
And, Val, what do you want? Oh, I want to feel like I just, uh, drank an entire bottle of Napa Valley pinot noir.
Got canna-bernet and pinot ganja.
Okay, um, whichever is less fruity.
It's all from the same strain.
There's this sweet little farm up in Mendo that grows specifically for vintners.
Really chill dude.
I've met him.
- They're on a mission - Canna-bernet is fine.
And I got just the thing for you, little lady.
Oh, my days.
JEFF: [laughs] - Which one is this one? IPA.
Man, you should have seen the first few batches.
It tasted like blue cheese wrapped in urine.
So stank! LEON: Well, this one is delicious, mate.
Very, uh, hoppy.
Well, thanks, man.
Yeah, it's not bad, right? - LEON: Yeah.
- All right.
Ribs are looking good.
Getting that nice bark on 'em.
So uh, Jeff, you're a film editor, is that right? - Uh-huh, yeah.
- LEON: A great film editor.
Oh, stop.
And that's how you and Rae met, through work? That gets kind of complicated, huh? Actually, I, uh I picked her up at a bar.
Oh, cool, cool.
Very old-fashioned.
How's that film of yours coming along? Has the director regained his sanity? Currently no, but I have high hopes for next week.
- [both laughing] - And uh, how long have you guys been together? What is it, three months now? Uh, going on six.
- Wow.
- Yeah, wow.
Can't believe I haven't heard more about you.
Oh, Rae talks about you all the time.
It sounds like you live quite the life.
Ah, well, I try.
So listen So, Leon, you you work out of here too? I do.
Alex set up a studio for me in the back.
- That's cool.
- Yeah.
Hey, do you want to check it out? Sure.
- LEON: You coming? - No, I'll, uh I'll stay here.
Man the grill.
It's a little finicky.
- Right, okay.
- Okay.
TOBY: Hey, I need cucumbers! [phone buzzes] [sighs] [phone buzzes] Fuck! RITA: Have you ever seen a happier cat? VALERIE: Huh? Than that cat? That cat's in space, and he's so happy.
If I was in space, I would be so unhappy.
So unhappy.
Space is empty, just a prison of blackness.
VALERIE: Well, in a way, we're all in a prison.
You know, trapped in the lives that we made, doing the same moments over and over again until it all just stops.
No, that was actually stupid.
[laughter] This wine is terrible.
How does a place only have two options? I mean canna-bernet? Give me a canna-break.
[laughter] How does this piece not go here? - Spin the table.
- Oh, spin the table.
Spin the table [all harmonizing] - Oh! - Ah, look at that! Isn't that great? How just nothing fits, and then all of a sudden [smacks lips] Bam.
- I have to pee.
- Bam.
[smacks lips] Okay, what's next? I just realized what "puzzled" means.
Does it mean something I I don't know? I can't promise anything, but send me some temp score, and I'll try to work it into a rough cut.
- It's a good first step.
- Yeah, thank you.
- Yeah.
- That would be incredible.
Of course, buddy.
Um, bathroom is - Uh, just around the corner to the right.
- Okay.
Did you, uh, drink the entire bottle? - What do you think he wants? - Jeff? Yeah.
Like, what's his angle? Well, his angle is to date Rae.
- Leon, come on.
- What? Like, I don't know.
Doesn't something seem off? No, he seems perfectly normal.
Yeah, exactly, he seems perfectly normal.
A perfectly normal guy with no major personality defects.
That's a red flag flying in my face.
I am truly struggling to come up with something that I think you'd find satisfying.
We had a good thing going here.
Me, Rae, Carrie, Annie.
That was working for me, and then he comes in here and ruins it, like a friendly virus.
You know, you could just be happy that Rae is happy.
But I'm not.
I'm not.
Not even in the abstract way where you say you're happy for someone but don't actually care.
I'm actively unhappy.
- LEON: I'm sorry? - Me too.
[floorboard creaks] - I should probably head out.
- Oh, God.
Uh, yeah, um Leia will be back by now, so Thank you.
I can just pick up the growlers later.
Or that's fine.
That's cool.
- Uh, thanks for having me.
- Yeah, sure.
[mellow music in background] [urinating] [exhales] I don't have it.
Do you have it? No, no, no, no.
- Seriously? - No.
Okay, this is this is this is not acceptable.
Hi, my puzzle is missing a piece.
Val, I got to go, but this was great.
This was so much fun.
What? Bye? Bye? Hi, I'm missing a puzzle piece.
Did you check inside the box? No, I didn't check inside the box.
There's your problem.
Do you want another canna-bernet? What? No, I want the piece.
I want the the piece that finishes the puzzle.
It's right on the space cat's mouth, so it looks like it's howling into a cold, dead void right now.
- If you look at the box - Mm-hmm.
You can see the cat's face.
- Yeah? - It's a smiling cat.
Thank you.
That is not the point.
Right? The point is that the point is finishing the puzzle.
The point is the joy that comes with watching the image unfold and just going, "Hey, I did that.
" That's the point of the puzzle.
You're a puzzle bar.
Where's the fucking puzzle piece? [exhales] Maybe try under the table? [doorbell rings] - Annie.
- Alex.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come on in.
Uh, welcome to my world.
- Very nice.
- Thank you.
You want a, uh you want a drink or something? Pinot grig? Watch out, it's fuckin' "Jurassic Park" in here.
Oh, boy, okay.
Oh! No wine.
Whatever you're drinking is great.
Um, so I've been thinking a lot about you, and, um, is that a new jean jacket? That's cool.
- This isn't our night.
- No, I know, exactly, and that's why I, um, called, because, um, I I just the "schedule two night a week" thing is, like, kind of old, right? I mean, is that, uh I want more nights with you.
Wouldn't it be nice to wake up next to each other and spend the day together? And you should totally meet Carrie.
She she's great.
You'd love her.
[stammers] I really like what we have.
I don't need these things.
Well, yeah, it's not about need.
I mean, I'm talking about want.
Don't you want a relationship at some point? Don't you want love? Oh I'm sorry, I don't.
I really like what we had.
I should go.
Just kid stuff everywhere.
[mellow music continues] Fuck.
- [door closes] - LEON: Hey.
What's that face? Nothing.
How was your night? Good.
I'm pregnant.
Really? Yeah.
Yeaaaah! [both laughing] [quiet guitar chords] [whispers] What happened to your finger? Nothing.
It's fine.
Um, I'm kind of tired.
[chiming] FEMALE VOICE: You have reached your destination.
What? No.
No, I haven't.
This is not my house.
Please exit the vehicle.
This is not my house.
This is not my house.
Can you take me home? To my address, please? Take me home? Take me ho what the fuck? Can you take me fucking home, please? Take me What the fuck, you stupid fucking car? Home! Please exit the vehicle.
[light, quirky music] Can we talk about yesterday? Yes.
Please, God.
Ugh, I'm sorry about those texts.
It's just I was having a really bad day at work, and all I wanted was to come home to you.
And I know I've been spending a lot of time at work, but I'm gonna be better about balance.
Yeah, I want to spend more time here with you in our home.
[sighs] Fuck.
This is so uncomfortable.
Um, I Can you not call this home? Or our home? I mean, maybe it could be someday.
I just We just haven't had that conversation, and it's been a couple weeks, and I thought you'd be getting your own place by now, or at least looking, but it's pretty clear now you're not, so Do you not want to live with me? We've been dating for two months.
Can we just slow it down? [quiet music] [groaning] Oh, God.
God, you look like a corpse in the middle of a steroid cycle.
Thank you so much.
Think you're getting a little old for boys' night out, hmm? I'll get it back.
Yeah, it is long gone, my friend.
[laughs] Stop looking at me.
- Stop looking at me.
- I can't help it.
You're like a flaming car on the side of the freeway.
- I love you too.
- Okay.
That's great.
Um, uh, it shouldn't be an issue, but I can stop at the bank as a contingency.
[knocking at door] Uh-huh.
Right, but I I do have all that cash on hand.
- Hi.
- [softly] Hi.
Yes, um, okay.
That sounds great.
Thanks, Tim.
And um oh, well, we'll talk soon.
Very good.
- Oh, my God, Laura.
- What? Okay, so I go to this puzzle bar last night, which I don't recommend, and my puzzle was missing this piece, so I tried to go home, and then I got waylaid, and so I anyway, long story short, I'm gonna open a wine store.
[laughs] I know! - It sounds totally insane.
- Wow.
I'm aware that I sound insane, but you know what? A lot of people change their career late in life, right? Grandma Moses.
That's one.
[laughs] And you know what? I just really want this.
Like, I'm very excited about this, more excited than I've been about anything in a really long time, like like, really excited.
That's great, Mom.
[laughs] Hey can I move back in? Yes! [Case/Lang/Viers' "Delirium"] WOMAN: I kissed you in the morning But only in my mind's eye The sun, it rolls along Your sleeping dunes CHORUS: Sleeping dunes WOMAN: Delirium Delirium Kaleidoscoping in Could you love me too In my delirium The lions of the lambs come filing in Pacing through the still around the bed Halos of their royal breathing Break like waves [orchestral music] [soft jingle]