Chesapeake Shores (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Georgia on My Mind

1 Previously on Chesapeake Shores.
Something's happened to Kevin.
You're both asking for full custody.
This isn't going away Abby.
I want to open a place to hear music, and a recording studio upstairs.
- Where are you off to? - The bank, to see my father.
Taking out a loan? So you found him.
He's on his way to Craig hospital.
Oh, good morning? Abby? Yes I had a one out of three shot of getting it right.
I'm sorry, who are you? I'm Georgia.
Hello Georgia.
Kevin's fiance.
- Kevin's fiance? - Mmm-hmm! Uh okay? You should come meet my father, and grandmother.
I stopped in Fayettville last night.
You must've had an early start.
Truthfully? I couldn't sleep.
I just showered and got back in the car.
I would've called to say I was coming, but it was so early No apologies necessary.
How about some breakfast? Just coffee, thank you.
How long have you been engaged? Since May.
I haven't even told my parents.
Kevin didn't say anything when he was home for the Fourth.
That our Kevin.
Ever since he was little, the boy's kept to himself.
Why don't you come in and sit down? Mom will bring the coffee.
When did you two meet? On his first deployment.
We were unloading supplies in the Swat Valley.
Not terribly romantic.
Kevin was on his way into Afghanistan, I was on my way out.
I told him what to expect, we talked into the night, and after that he and I started writing each other, comparing notes, and things just grew from there.
Were you part of a Forward Surgical Team? Thank you.
I'm retired now, but yes I'm a trauma doc.
I just took an E.
job at Daytona Beach Hospital.
Is that where you live? Where we'll both be living.
After Kevin finishes his recovery here.
Here? Right here? In this house? He and I spoke before he was transported and agreed, rather than admit him to a hospital nearby, this is the best answer.
Plane ticket already paid I'm gone but it don't mean nothing I'm close even though I'm far away I'm coming home soon Excuse me.
Pardon me.
When did you get back? Never mind, it doesn't matter.
What was so important you couldn't tell me on the phone? Abby called.
Kevin's coming home.
- Now? - And he's engaged.
- What? - I know! - No! - Yeah! Why Give you a hand? Hi! What are you doing in town? I stopped by the real estate office.
Any news? The building's still for sale, if that's what you're asking.
- Mr.
O'Brien - Yes? Would it work for you to turn your dining area into Kevin's recovery room? Uh well uh sure! Absolutely.
Let's get started.
Thank you, follow me.
I went by the bank last week.
Oh? I applied for a loan.
How much do you need? No.
- Maybe I wasn't offering.
- No, thank you.
You know I can find out.
I know that we agreed a long time ago that banking was his business It's fine, I can handle it.
But I think that having some place in town where people can listen to music is a wonderful idea.
Yeah well, banks don't deal in wonderful.
Well they should.
You're not going to get an argument from me.
All my paperwork's in order, I got money coming in from Nashville.
Are you finally recording a new album? Now you know what to give Dad for Christmas.
[Laughing] It's nice to hear you laugh, Mom.
So, do you want to come in? No, I gotta get to work.
Hey! Would you want to have dinner tomorrow night? I'd love that! Great! Abby! Del, I'm so sorry I'm late.
I was waiting for you, there's someone in your office.
Okay? I've seen these guys who wear off the rack suits with brown, longwing brogues I don't understand.
He's a Fed.
He won't say what's up, just that he'd like to ask you some questions.
It's okay, I'll answer his questions.
Christopher Whitcomb.
Investigator with the DOJ.
The Department of Justice? I'll try not to take up too much of your time.
Please have a seat.
Miss O'Brien, you recently Oh! I'm sorry, I just moved into this office and they insist on using these stability balls.
I've asked for a chair We can stand.
Alright, okay.
You recently shipped a number of boxes from your New York office.
Can you tell me what those boxes contained? Mr.
Whitcomb, would you mind telling me what this is about? I'm conducting an investigation concerning possible Securities and Exchange Commission violations.
Whose violations? Could you tell me what those boxes contained? Mr.
Whitcomb, would you excuse me for a moment? Is there a problem? I think I would like to speak with my attorney.
- Do you think you need an attorney? - I don't know, do I? Excuse me.
He's with the DOJ and he is investigating an SEC violation.
It was not the best time to fall off the stupid stability ball.
Excuse me.
[Phone dialing] [Phone ringing] - Hey Abby, what's up? - Hi, I need your advice.
That's a first.
Connor, this is serious.
There is an investigator from the DOJ asking me questions - What did you do? - Nothing that nothing I know of.
Lawyer up, but nobody from Capital Management.
Just tell the investigator you decline to answer any questions.
That's it? Yeah, that's it.
I gotta go, the line's moving.
What line? Me and 6.
000 of my closest friends are about to take the bar.
Oh, I completely forgot.
Good luck! Yeah, thanks.
Luck's not going to cut it though.
[Phone hanging up] Hey.
This is my third time taking the bar.
Well, third times a charm? How come you're taking the bar? Excuse me? You're already a lawyer.
I heard you on the phone.
Oh, no that was nothing.
Danielle! Let's hope all those weeks in study group pay off.
Yeah, we'll see.
Good luck! - Good luck.
- Thanks.
Okay! I can do this.
You can see Fort McHenry from here.
I know that.
Unless you can give me more information on what this is about, I'm declining to answer any questions.
That's your right.
I'll be in touch.
Wow! O'Brien General.
This is throwing your home into complete chaos, I know Whatever Kevin needs.
We're just all glad you say he's doing so well.
This really will be best for him.
Hello? Hello! Hey! What's going on? I was on the way to the hospital and - Gran called and said to come here.
- Yeah.
- Is she okay? - Oh, yeah, Gran's fine.
She didn't have time to explain before she left.
Kevin's coming home he's coming here.
Why? Dad? Georgia? The ambulance is here! Mrs.
O'Brien? I'm Georgia.
Pleased to meet you.
Kevin's fiance.
O'Brien, when you see Kevin? Please, don't cry.
- There he is! - Kevin! - They take good care of you.
- I'm so grateful.
Hey Kev! Ta-da! Hi, baby.
We're going to be taking down this driveway right here.
Hi! Alright, here we go.
Okay, alright, we're going to go right there.
No one knew she was coming? Or that they're engaged.
I get it.
Kevin's always helping everybody else, he's asking about everyone else.
He never talks about himself! And we don't ask! Do you think he should be here? You know as much as I do.
Georgia's his doctor and his fiance.
You have to believe that she and Kevin know what they're doing.
Thank you for your patience while I got him settled.
Hey buddy! Hey Kevin! How you doing? Hey!, you look great.
You really do, sweetie.
I did good, right? Of course! You survived! No, I mean Georgia.
Oh! Yeah! Yes you did, yes.
My sisters' said I'd never find someone to marry.
That I was too picky.
I hope you can look past the way I stormed in here You outrank us all.
I told her to do whatever she needed.
- Family comes first in this house.
- Absolutely.
Of course! I know you're excited but I need to give you something to rest.
I'm not that tired.
You had a long flight, a bumpy road They carried me the whole way.
I also need to check your leg.
- Better listen to the doctor.
- Yeah, we'll be back.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
Careful! Ow! My back is going out.
If I had my Cobra [Phone ringing] Oh, hold on.
- Hey! - Jack.
I don't think this is the best time to talk right now.
I'm about to tee off.
An investigator from the DOJ just left my office.
Someone came by my office yesterday.
What is going on? I don't know, he wouldn't tell me.
I just answered his questions.
You actually spoke to him? Abby, these guys do not fool around.
Okay, well What kind of questions did he ask? Random questions.
That's why I don't know what he wanted.
He was all over the place.
But then, I hear that's what they do sometimes, to trip you up.
Who else did he talk to? I know he had questions for Millie.
Millie used to be my assistant.
Why wouldn't she give me a heads up about this? I don't know.
Maybe she was afraid of losing her job.
Jack, if you hear anything at all I'll give you a shout.
Okay? I promise.
- Jack, you're up! - I gotta go.
I hope you can make sense of this I've worked on plans roughed out on napkins before.
This is practically a blueprint.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Um, how long do you think? A week, or Tomorrow okay? - Really? - Yeah! That would be amazing! Now, how much do you think I'll put it on Jess's tab, since I've pretty much written it off, anyway.
No no.
You're not doing this for free.
Bree we'll work it out.
Thank you.
You're the best.
Kevin's home.
You should come by.
Though you're gonna have to be pretty careful.
His fiance runs a pretty tight ship.
Fiance? Yeah, we just found out.
What does Abby have to say about that? Are you guys not speaking? She ran into me and Leigh Corley.
A singer in my band.
I think she believes there's something between us.
- Is there? - No, nothing's going on.
You know what? That is none of my business.
You're Abby's sister, you're looking out for her.
Bye! - [Dog whining] - Hey boy.
Hey, yo.
- I'm running out of battery.
- Sorry, I can't help you.
- I'm gonna lose my work.
- Raise your hand! Ask the proctor! Oh, man.
This cannot be happening.
[Typing] Okay.
Just come home when you finish.
Mom has been volunteering at the rummage round for 20 years.
She's the Cal Ripken of that church.
Never mind.
- Would you like to see Kevin again? - (Together) Yes! He's a little sedated, so don't be surprised.
Thank you.
- Hey, Kev! - Let me know if you need anything.
- Hey.
- Hey bud! Hi.
Settling in? Yeah, pretty much.
It hurts.
That's for sure.
- Do you want me to go get Georgia? - No, Mom.
She's done everything that she can.
Pain management is just staying ahead of the pain I just I'm I'm playing catch-up.
Where is everyone? I don't know about Jess, but Bree's off running an errand, Abby's at work, and Connor's taking the bar today.
- Today? - And tomorrow.
What about Bree? Wait, you said she's uh.
on an errand.
Georgia and I we were talking [Deep breath] What'd you say? Why don't you get some sleep? No, I'm awake.
Uh what? There'll be time to talk later.
- Georgia? - I'll get her.
- Georgia! - Honey, what can I do to make you Mom, please stop! Don't! - Georgia! - What is it? Sorry, my leg's cramping.
It hurts! It's cramping.
No, higher.
Megan, would you mind stepping out? How's that? [Knocking] Yes.
May I come in? Your chair finally arrived.
It's just a chair! No, I know what it means.
No no.
Abby, I'm a good judge of character.
I don't for a minute believe you did anything wrong.
Thank you.
Actually, Del I was thinking of taking the day.
My brother just got back today as well and I'd like to clear my head.
Of course.
Del Do you know anyone who's been through an SEC investigation? My cousin.
He worked at the Chicago Mercantile.
In hindsight, we realized that by the time DOJ started asking questions, they already had a good idea about the crime and who they were investigating.
Then why all the secrecy? They try confirming what they know while getting witnesses to say something they can use against them in court.
I think it was smart of you not to talk to him.
Now go home.
Enjoy your family.
What happened to your cousin? He's doing 12 years in FCI Greenville.
[Motorcycle accelerating] Hey.
Do you want half? I couldn't finish.
No thanks, pop, I'm good.
How you been feeling lately? Nothing to worry about.
I got a voicemail from Maggie Ferguson.
She didn't mention how much the property sold for.
You know, it would've been nice to hear that from you.
It wasn't my place.
I put in a loan application at your bank.
Trace, the bank doesn't inform applicants I get it.
I know how it works.
For what it's worth, your plans for the property were smart.
And wonderful? Forget it.
It would've been irresponsible for the bank to approve your loan given your current employment status.
And what about as my father? That would've been even worse! Your application was top-heavy.
With the mortgage on your house, the money you send to Nashville every month, - your financial burden - Who doesn't have a mortgage? And as far as the money I send is concerned.
It's not a burden.
Do you mind my asking why you send that money? It's just something I have to do.
Yeah, well it adds up to a substantial amount of your current income, doesn't it? Look, I filled out an application to keep things impersonal.
But I was emotionally invested in the property.
Can you at least understand that? I'm sorry.
I didn't run outta battery, after all.
Good, I'm happy for you, dude.
Yeah, this old workhorse kept chuggin', chuggin', chuggin'.
Chuggin', chuggin', chuggin'! Well charge it tonight.
Don't forget! Hey! - What are you doing? - I'm rescuing you! Well, thank you.
Who was that guy? I don't know, he was going about his charger or something.
I've been thinking about doing that since study group.
Wow! Whoo! How's Kevin? He's in some pain.
More than some pain, Mick.
Georgia seems on top of it.
And tell me again, why is the boy not actually in a hospital? Exactly! I don't know.
We've been through this.
Georgia's explained.
Kevin's wounds aren't life threatening and putting him in a hospital increases the chances for infectious complications.
That doesn't even make sense, Mick.
Alright, you two.
This is the last thing we need.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
You doing okay? I was in such a rush to get down from New York.
I completely forgot to make any reservations.
Would it be ok with you if I stayed at the B&B again? Please? Take the same room.
There are no other guests.
How do you like Georgia? I haven't spent much time getting to know her, so I can't really say.
I don't like her.
I think she's cold.
Shouldn't we just be glad Kevin's alive? - How's Kevin? - About the same.
- Can I see him? - Well, he's sleeping, I just peeked in.
Are you worried? I'm concerned.
But a good friend of mine, a surgeon at Johns Hopkins, says that having Kevin recover at home might not be as crazy at it seems.
You're home early, why? I need an attorney.
Are you having problems with Wes again? No, the DOJ's asking questions.
- About? - It's find dad, I [Phone ringing] - Wh - Hello? Oh yes, thank you for calling.
Gotta take this Mom, business.
Wha [Door opening] Hey, can I borrow something warm? Yeah, sure.
Go ahead.
I left my favorite cozy sweater in Chicago.
How was Martin? Not so great Hey, I saw Trace.
He's doing some woodworking for me.
I guess nothing is going on between him and Leigh Corley after all.
Oh, okay.
What are you doin'? I'm trying to figure out what I might've done wrong.
It's probably something you had no clue about.
Don't you hate being blindsided? - When you should've seen it coming? - You feel stupid.
Missing something you should've caught sooner.
When all the warning signs were right there.
Probably right in front of your nose.
Then when you finally realize what's going on, you can't but help wonder "Did I do something wrong?" I think might be talking about two different things.
Martin has another girlfriend.
Come here.
Oh sweetie.
It's okay.
I feel so stupid.
It's okay.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Black? Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
You and I didn't get off to a very good start.
But I appreciate the honesty.
This must be hard for you, almost losing your son.
And gaining a daughter-in-law.
I appreciate the honesty.
Why'd you tell me not to cry when I saw Kevin? He needs us all to be strong right now.
You think crying is weakness? Kevin has always felt responsible for you.
I would never do that to him Kevin was 15 during the 9/11 attacks.
When he called you in New York, you were crying, uncontrollably.
- I had friends who - What about your son? While that horrible tragedy was going on in lower Manhattan, you were safe on the Upper East Side while your son was fighting with his father telling him he had to get to you to protect you.
It made Kevin feel like he had to save you.
I'll always tell you the truth.
You may not like it, but that's who I am.
I love your son.
Trust him enough and believe that his love for me isn't misplaced.
No! No, no, no, no! Hold on! Just give me a second, hold on! Hold on! I just need a charger! I need a charger! Please, please, please! - You finished? - There was nothing to it.
The painting is what'll take you time.
Wow! You did such a great job! This is exactly what was in my head! - I'm glad you like it.
- No! I love it.
- You have to let me pay you.
- Bree, forget it.
I even had the materials.
You still haven't told me what this thing is Well, you'll have to wait and see.
Alright! Let's get it in the car.
If you won't take money, I do owe you an apology.
For sticking my nose into yours and Abby's business.
- It's fine.
- No, it was none of my business.
Like I said, you were just looking out for your sister.
Okay, thanks.
I'll probably do it again.
- Bree? - Yeah? - This thing is getting kind of heavy.
- Oh! I'm sorry, this way! - Hello? - Danielle, it's Connor.
Was that you freaking out in there? No, but you heard him? Well, I was in the other room, but I think everybody heard him.
I know, it was crazy.
I guess the guy's not cut out to be a lawyer.
- Hey, where are ya? - Here.
Where's here? - Hey! - Oh, here! Let's celebrate.
I'd like to, but my brother just came back and I want to see him.
You are not making this easy I like you.
Um so Call me when you're back? Sure.
[Deep breath] You giving me last rites? Quiet.
I was giving thanks for having you home safe.
If you want to know, I wish my return home was a little safer.
You're home in one piece.
More or less.
I'm thankful, Gran.
I am.
I was watching you sleep.
You're very restless.
I'm having all kinds of dreams.
About what happened? No.
About Connor and me when we were kids.
And Grandpa.
I haven't dreamed of Grandpa in years.
He was telling me that he was going to die but it was all going to be ok.
Would've been nice if he'd paid a visit to me and got my opinion before he did so.
[Coughing] I miss him.
Me too.
I think it's because Dad's been talking about him - Oh, here.
- Where's Georgia? I made her some lunch.
Do you want me to go get her? Give her a break.
She sat up with me all night.
Do you know Dillon O'Malley? Am I supposed to know this Dillon O'Malley? It's just in my head.
Grandpa said he needed to speak with Dillon.
Isn't that funny? You get some rest now.
Dillon O'Malley.
Where are you now? [Coughing] - Fever came on fast - I know.
You're not due for your next round of antibiotics.
Feeling any better? Or is that a stupid question? No and no.
[Coughing] - That sounds deep in your chest.
- I'll go.
No, stay.
If that cough gets worse, I'm gonna piggyback your IV.
In the meantime - This'll dry out my nose.
- You need to wear it.
I'm sorry baby.
How did you get through it? I came home.
This place Chesapeake is healing.
I didn't understand that growing up.
It's why I'm still here.
First thing? You need to know you're safe.
I don't feel safe! [Fire crackling] Mom, I may have to fly to Boston.
The project in Sudbury's a total mess.
Kevin doesn't look well to me.
Georgia said that he'd get worse before he got better.
But whatever you do, I'd like you not to talk like this in front of Megan, okay? She's the boy's mother.
And I'm the boy's father.
I know she's understandably rattled by all this.
We all want Kevin to be up and dancing.
That boy never could dance What's all this? I wanted to finish the fairy garden before I left.
Where're you going? I'm thinking of taking a little trip.
There's someone I want to talk to you about.
His name is Dillon O'Malley, and I knew him when I met your father.
[Phone ringing] I'm sorry Mom, Sudbury.
I've got to take this.
You invited Dad.
That's why you wanted me to come here.
He eats a brown bag lunch every day in the park, he buys the same model car every five years, and if it's Friday, it's meatloaf at Sally's.
Don't be angry with your father.
I'm so sorry about your loan.
- You talked to him about it? - Of course.
- After I asked you not to? - Honey, I'm your mother.
How did you two end up together? When people hurt us, we have three choices: We can hurt them back, we can avoid them, or love them.
So - what're you gonna have? - Hey, Steve.
- Not the meatloaf.
- Arthur! Oh, good, you haven't started.
Last minute haggling on a loan.
I don't like that.
Excuse me.
Abby's father.
Mick's usually a straight shooter.
Not this time.
That property you wanted? He's the one buying it.
Shine the light Guide me in I can't just sit here, I have to do something.
I'm going to start dinner.
We should order take out.
[Laughing] What? Who wants more, Connor of the shore! (Together) Yeah! - You made it! - I made it! - I missed you! - I missed you too, sis.
Hey! So, how's Kevin? He's sleeping.
- Yeah? - How was the bar? - I aced it.
- I knew you would! I won't find out till October, you ding dong.
How was it anyway, was it scary? It was good, except this guy totally freaked out - in the middle of the exam.
- What? - He went nuts! - What do you mean? He didn't have a charger, and then a security guard threw him out.
What? [Typing] [Crowd cheering] I think it's time we ask Leigh to step forward and join us on keys.
- What do you say? - [Crowd cheering] Leigh Corley, everybody! How's it going, Louisville? I know your heart's broken you're keeping to yourself and I know that it's scary to try with someone else I know that you can stand up on your own two feet but I'm right here if you need to leave Don't ask me I'm not ready.
My heart's still on the mend If you need to leave Can't even think about love, right now I need a friend If you need to leave I ain't ready to fall (Together) But I could leave