Chesapeake Shores (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Second Chances

1 Previously on Chesapeake Shores.
Dillon O'Malley.
Where are you now? - I'm Georgia, Kevin's fiance.
- Kevin's fiance? There is an investigator with the DOJ asking me questions.
O'Brien, when you see Kevin, please don't cry.
Accoustic guitar music - Hi.
- Hi! Do you mind me asking what that is? It's a lending library.
You take a book and you leave a book.
I've never seen one before.
Wow! hat's quite an eclectic mix.
Yeah, I read a lot.
And I write, so But when I read, I don't write.
I'm putting them all here so they won't distract me.
Which do you prefer? Reading or writing? Well, I know I don't like reading my own writing.
That's too bad! I bet you're amazing.
[Laughing] Um I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you.
No, that's okay.
It's alright.
So who are your favorites? Jane Austen, Shelley, Bronte, Eliot.
You know, the usual suspects.
Hemingway, F.
Scott Fitzgerald Right, have you read this? I haven't, but I love Harper Lee.
Actually, there's a lot of these that I haven't had time to read, and putting them here will relieve me of the guilt of not doing so.
Then, let me contribute this for someone who does have time to read.
Thank you! Would I have read anything of yours? I had a play mounted in Chicago.
- Congratulations.
- Yeah! It was good.
I mean, it was okay.
How many people get to say they write for a living? For the time being, I serve people food.
Yeah, actually that's my cue.
Welcome to Sally's.
I'm a regular! So I'll I'll see you there.
- And thank you for that.
- You're welcome.
- Well, see ya! - Okay.
Plane ticket already paid I'm gone but it don't mean nothing I'm close even though I'm far away I'm coming home soon We have to tend the weeds, because if we don't, they'll take over.
These weeds the weeds are ruthless! This is the last bag of mulch.
- It can't be the last! - It is, Dad's picking up more in town.
Now, girls, how about if you go and check this other garden up here and see if it needs more watering.
- Okay! - Okay? Alright, thank you! Look! Watch this! But don't go you spoilin' their fun.
Gran! I'm the only fun that this family has.
[Sarcastic laughter] [Typing on cell phone] Connor! It's okay Gran, this is his new thing.
He likes to pretends to throw my phone in the ocean.
Give it back.
I sure hope you have a waterproof case.
- You didn't.
- I did! - Connor! - [Laughing] It's probably in the shallows! Connor! Look, I might be just as upset with Abby being on the phone all the time, as the rest of you, but what you just did it's awful! Nana, nana! Come quick! Connor! I'm gonna kill you! Come on.
Come on.
Let me see! What! (Carrie) Look what we found! Ahh! Ahh! Oh Connor, look! It's a fairy garden! - Do fairies live in here? - They live in an old watering can? Erin go Bragh.
There's a stone bridge and a swing and a fence! - Where're the fairies? - Shhh, don't wake 'em up.
(Whispering) Nana, where'd this come from? For sure, the fairies built it.
How do you know so much about fairies? Your Nana was raised in Ireland, and when I grew up there, the fairies are as real as you and me.
Neat! [Phone ringing] Oh! You rat! You rat! What would you've called me if I'd actually thrown it? Abby! Phone's ringing! - Connor! - Shhhh! (Whispering) You're going to scare the fairies.
(Whispering) I'm sorry! Don't do that.
You're not funny.
Stop! Leave me alone! Hello? Wes? You just left.
Can we talk on the phone? Okay, okay, I will meet you at Sally's.
Yeah, I will leave in a minute.
Girls? I just have to run out and grab something for a minute.
- Come see the fairy garden.
- Please? I will as soon as I'm back.
I'm having lunch for your mother before she flies out.
I won't be long.
- Where you going? - You and I are not speaking.
- You wanna bet? - Yeah.
I win! [Laughing] Mick? Trace, how are ya? Heard you bought the property on Five Mile Road.
That's right.
Did you know I was interested in that property? Yes.
You and at least two others.
But you didn't think to say anything to me about it? Trace, I've had my eye on that place for a long time.
Since before it was abandoned.
Long before the for sale signs went up.
Yeah, well, I still think it would've been the decent thing to do Mick.
I'd love to hear what you had in mind for the place.
I was hoping to open a music venue.
Maybe build a recording studio on the top floor.
That's an interesting idea! I've heard "smart," "wonderful," and now "interesting.
" It's not an empty sentiment.
Maybe there's something we could do together.
You and I go into business together.
It's certainly worth the two of us exploring.
I don't want to just own the place, I want that building to be useful.
Good! I've got a few points to work out with your dad at the bank and after that's finished, we can talk.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
What a glorious view! It's always such a luxury staying here, Jess.
When you finally open, it's gonna be gangbusters.
I hope so.
I noticed that you named the bedrooms.
Who's Helen Thornton? My sixth grade teacher.
I've named the rooms after people who've helped me.
There're only a few rooms and I had to name one after Gran - Of course - Abby's invested Honey, it's okay.
[Tractor starting] I'm going to grab my suitcase and walk on up to Dad's.
- You coming for lunch? - Yep.
See you there.
- How's the French Dip au Jus? - Gesundheit.
Bad joke, but good sandwich.
I'm sorry.
Could you give us a minute? Sure.
Why did you want to meet me, Wes? An investigator from the Department of Justice might be contacting you.
He already has, Wes, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what's going on.
The SEC is looking into the failed merger between Playground Social Media and the Grayson Brothers.
You also had insider information.
That is why your girlfriend was pushing so hard for Capital to finalize the merger.
- Gabrielle and I broke up.
- I thought you were starting a family.
You know what? I don't care.
I don't care.
How could you do this, Wes? What kind of example is that for our girls? You're probably going to lose your securities license.
How are you going to support them? I thought maybe you and I could work something out.
You want me to support you? You are something else.
Abby, don't you understand? I lost everything except the girls.
My clients, my money, my apartment in the city.
I could go to prison.
Please, Abby.
I need your help.
[Horn honking] Hey! Want a lift? Do you think Jess would consider going to a family counsellor? With me? Well, I think you should ask her.
She was youngest when you left, you'd think she would be least affected.
Why am I always considered the parent who left? Uh because you did.
Mick, we both know it wasn't like I walked out on the kids.
You were the reason! [Truck starting] Hey! [Truck braking and turning off] I wanted to stay.
You know how hard I tried.
No, I don't.
We could've worked on things.
That's what people do in a marriage.
Mick, we did try.
And eventually, I had to make a choice.
How could I move the kids away from all this? Their schools and their friends? I didn't have the courage, or the confidence, or the money to fight you in court.
I was a mess, so I moved to New York where I had friends and I could get help.
I never wanted to stop being a mother.
I know you didn't and I did what I had to do, as a father, to hold my family together.
And under the circumstances, I think I did a pretty good job.
Did you tell Kevin he couldn't come see me after 9/11? - What? Of course I did.
- Why? He was, what, 14 or 15? He was a kid.
You coudn't get in or out of the city, it was on lockdown.
Of course I told him he couldn't go.
- He never mentioned it to me.
- Well, I suggest you talk to Kevin.
I don't know what else to say.
[Engine starting] - Grandpa, Grandpa! - What? Uncle Kevin has a surprise! He does? Well, let's go see what it is! Come on! Is it a good surprise? - It's a big surprise! - Really big? Oh boy! I know it hasn't been very long since he's been home, and there were some unsettling moments, but as his doctor - and his betrothed - What does that mean? Well, it means they're gonna be married! - I am so happy with his progress! - Alright, come on, let's go.
He didn't come back from the grave or anything! Mark time.
Hey, there's my guy! Way to go, bro! [Applause] Sweetheart! Georgia.
Thank you! Trace? Abby! This is a nice surprise! Can we talk? Okay And just Don't interrupt.
Let me speak.
Wes and Kevin and you, for one reason or another, have all had to stop doing what you love.
But you are the only one who has a choice in it.
Don't don't stop playing music.
It's what makes you happy.
It's what gives your life meaning.
Truth is, right now I'm not playing because I broke my guitar.
I smashed it on the rocks and threw it in the Bay.
It's probably half way to Cuba by now.
You must have other guitars.
I sold a few before leaving Nashville, gave a couple away.
I just want you to be happy.
And I'll do what I can to help, but don't give up what you love unless you absolutely have to.
Also I was jealous the other day when I saw you at Sally's.
- Abby, it's not what you think - I have no right to be but I was.
- Ma! - Mommy! Hello my girls! I love you more than anything! [Phone ringing] I missed you! Oh! Hang on.
- Who is it? - It is "busy-ness," and I am "busy" with you two.
- Let's go see the fairy garden! - Yes, please, let's! [Laughing] - So, have you see any fairies yet? - No, not yet.
We're going to soon! You're going to soon? Yeah! Hard work'll do you good.
I just finished three years of law school, you know.
And not breaking a sweat.
Yeah, that isn't the case now.
Gran, I want to play in the fairy garden.
Yeah, me too.
Thank you.
I managed to get my shifts covered.
But we should talk about getting back.
We've only been here a couple weeks.
You have a month of vacation time.
No, we're saving that for the honeymoon.
What if we moved up the wedding? Uh What is it? I know we imagined getting married at Sea Island But, being home, even considering the circumstances, I like being around my family.
A big wedding could be fun.
I feel a little silly.
Why? I barged in here, loaded for bear, having heard all the stories about the family drama That doesn't change anything.
Babe? I have to admit, some of what you'd told me about your family, especially your mom, isn't squaring with what I've seen.
I still don't see the problem.
I'm going to go for a walk, because it's beautiful and I haven't gotten out much.
Ugh! Bree! As if finding out he had another girlfriend isn't bad enough, she had to be an actress.
I just wish I hadn't found out in such a public way.
I'm sorry no one told you.
Just shows they're Martin's friends, because he's the director.
Why are you trying all these scarves? Because it might be chilly and I don't want to be all bundled up in a coat on my first date.
So he can offer to keep you warm? Okay, I'm going to cancel.
I can text him and reschedule.
No, no, no.
You having a boyfriend does not affect me.
Okay? I'm happy for you.
Okay, good.
Because honestly? I'm so excited to have met a guy that I haven't known since Kindergarten.
I was setting up the lending library yesterday and this really cute guy came and asked about my writing.
He encouraged me.
He made me feel better about myself than I have in a long time.
How pathetic is that? Some perfect stranger can make me feel more worthwhile than Martin has in all of seven years.
What? I was going to wear that one.
Oh no! It's okay.
Can you wait till it comes back from the dry cleaner? Yeah, yeah, it's okay.
Do you want to know the most embarrassing thing? I still care about Martin.
- You don't.
- I do.
- You can't.
- I can.
What is wrong with me? How do I fall for the Martins of this world when there are good, decent men like that Harper Lee guy from yesterday? "By the time you swear you're his, shivering and sighing, and he vows his passion is Infinite, undying.
Lady make note of this.
One of you is lying.
" Whoa! You should write that down.
It's really witty and smart It's Dorothy Parker.
You can check out one of her books in the lending library.
Lay back.
If I had a nickel And it is lie back.
Occupational hazard.
You can't have swollen eyes.
Maybe you should put these directly on my heart.
Do you have any other scarves? Bree? Let's go to lunch.
Trace! [Knocking] [Talking over one another] [Loud banging] There's far too much squabbling going on in this family.
Goading, barking at one another, accusing, with your brother sitting here? What more reminder do you need that life is precious? For once, I would like to sit at this table in peace.
Bring the children in.
I have one last thing I have to be telling you.
I'll be leaving soon.
Going home.
Going home to visit Ireland.
(Together) What? Let's say grace.
Father, bless these children.
These ones I love.
Humming [Laughing] You haven't been to Ireland in what? Too long, son.
You started to tell me about someone earlier Dillon? It's not important.
You're going to be in want of someone to help you while I'm gone.
You don't like anyone in your kitchen.
Not just anyone.
And I'm going to invite her to stay here while I'm gone.
Oh no, not here, this is my house.
And might I remind you, we've been divorced for 16 years.
And might I remind you that you made a mistake.
[Laughing] Listen, son You know the whole family is still topsy-turvy.
And you and Megan and the children all need to help fix it.
And still, the litle irish lass will be leaving soon.
Now, let's just see how you do and get along without me.
You know, I won't be here forever.
Mom are you Oh! Son, I'm as healthy as a horse.
[Laughing] Alright, I believe you.
It's the truth.
C'mon boy! Most ex-wives would jump at the chance to see their ex-husband in jail.
If I testify against Gabrielle Whoa, wait.
Whose Gabrielle again? She was Wes's girlfriend.
She was the point person who knew everything that was going on with the Playground deal.
And that is why she was pushing so hard for it to go through.
Well, good luck proving it in court.
It'll be her word against yours.
[Phone ringing] After what Gran said at lunch, I'm a whole new man.
Trace, hi! Thank you.
You're welcome.
Where'd you find it? It's been in the back of my closet, forever.
You used to leave it here, remember? Yeah, I remember.
Abby, um Would you want to come over? Um yeah.
I'll be right over.
Hey, you looking to go AWOL? I can't take another minute of forced labor and you should not be driving.
Since when do you play by the rules? Who said I did? Hop in, we're gonna make a break for it.
We are gonna take this thing for a rip! - How long's Gran had this thing? - I don't know, but it goes like a bat.
Kevin? Should you be doing that? We can't hear you! [Laughing] Were they like this as children? Yes! Upbeat music [Laughing] [Water splashing] So when you getting married? I'm not sure.
It's your life, well until you tie the knot.
Whoa! Alright, maybe we should just dial it back a notch.
Aye-aye, Sarge! That's the Navy, dipstick.
Hey, go that way.
Over there.
I have an idea.
I've heard there's more sea glass on the eastern shore.
Oh my gosh! A red piece! That is so rare! Wow! How about this one? The color is good but the edges are still a little sharp.
Okay, then back you go.
Nice! Jagged little pieces of glass that get tossed and tumbled in the surf until they come out smooth.
Just goes to show, no matter how hard life gets, things can always turn out to be beautiful.
That's very poetic.
That's what I thought.
Let's talk about you.
What do you want to do? Open your own restaurant? Yeah, I mean I wouldn't mind working under someone if I could learn.
Sally's great, but cafe food isn't really on my menu.
Do you bake? A little, but baking's a science.
The measurements have to be exact.
But cooking it's an art, and there's room for interpretation.
Would you cook for us? Is tonight too soon? - We can invite my sister! - Okay, weanies and beanies? - Weanies and beanies! - Alright! Alright! Weanies and beanies! (Together) Weanies and beanies! [Knocking] - Hey.
- Hey! Come on in.
So, how'd it hold up? One of us was out of tune.
I can't believe I had forgotten about it.
You remember why I used to keep it at your house? No.
When I would practice my father would slam the door to his den.
For some reason he did not want me playing music.
My mother taught me to ignore him.
Your mother always supported you and your music.
And so have you.
It's my pleasure.
I hadn't been competely honest with you.
I almost cost a man his life.
John Rawl, my bass player.
I was driving us to the next gig and John was asleep in the back seat.
It was late, and raining.
I was probably going faster than I should've been.
I just I just wanted to get to the hotel.
I took my eyes off the road for a second, and I hit an oncoming car.
Everyone walked away with a few scrapes and bruises except John.
He was in and out of the hospital, multiple surgeries, he may never walk again.
Abby he has a family.
A wife, kids It's okay Trace.
It's okay.
[Crying] You're going the wrong way, Duck.
I'm telling you.
I know where I'm going! Hey, it's back there.
Oh yeah? What was that, Tokyo Drift! Stop, stop stop! What? What? We're here.
Oh yeah! - If I slip, you gotta spot me.
- I always do! [Struggling] Keep moving, sluggo.
[Fast breathing] Someone's been up here.
You're right.
Place is in good shape though.
Better than us, anyway.
I love this place.
It was a blast building it.
Yeah, for you.
I almost caught a hammer when Dad dropped his tool belt.
That's why it was a blast.
You liked that did you? "Duck!" Only because it was so typical.
Putting yourself in that position.
What d'you mean? To lose.
It's like when you played hockey.
Goalie doesn't win the game.
Doesn't have a chance to score.
Goalie can only lose the game when someone scores on him.
What are you talking about? I loved playing goalie.
I never thought that your skin was thick enough to handle the pressure.
Oh yeah? You were wrong "brah.
" You weren't trying to prove a point? That just maybe you didn't deserve to be called "Duck"? I got smashed in the mouth, and lost my front teeth, it wasn't my best moment, but it got me past the terror of slapshots and fastballs.
Maybe, maybe I don't know.
What do I know? What happened in Afghanistan, man? Our convoy hit an IED in the road I I don't want to talk about it, okay? Yeah, no stress.
I understand.
Hey Jess.
- I tried you earlier - Oh, my phone died.
Is that what you're wearing? Uh, yes.
Do I need to get dressed up to come over? I was calling to invite you to a cookout.
- David's going to cue up the grill.
- Oh, that's nice.
Who's David? My date.
David? You must be David.
We met earlier Jess told me how you guys met at Sally's.
Yeah! Right.
It was my first day.
Ha! Well, I'm Bree, I'm Jess' sister.
She usually looks much prettier.
- Glass of wine? - Yes! Okay, I don't understand.
Jess likes you.
I like Jess.
So, do we have a problem then? Well, I might have told Jess that I bumped into um You know what? Never mind.
- Red or white? - Yes, uh red.
You guys are so quiet.
Get to know each other.
Gran! - Were you not going to say goodbye? - I didn't want to make a fuss.
I do not like this idea of you going all this way by yourself.
Abby, sit.
In all of my years, what I've learned is that no matter how hard you try, we find out that life has it's own plan for us, doesn't it? Yes, I'm starting to realize that.
But you know, the more I see how little control I actually have, the more free I feel.
That's faith.
Faith that life's unfolding just the way it should be.
I have something for you.
Here we go.
Oh Gran.
It's the ring from the church, where did it come from? It's a long story, but someday I'll tell you.
Right now just know it's meant for you.
And it's a reminder to always follow your heart.
Whoever gave this to you must've loved you very much.
They did.
I love you so much, and I want you to take care of all our loved ones 'till I get back.
- I love you.
- Love you more! - [Laughing] - Love you most! You know what we should do? We should stake this place out.
We should see who's been using it.
You're a goof, you know that? Alright, careful! No, no, no! What time's your flight? I've got a few more hours.
Guess I should start thinking about calling a cab.
Hey! Dad! Hey Mom, where's Dad? - Is it Kevin? - Yeah he fell.
He's hurt.
Where is he? He told said not to move him, just to come and get you.
- Where is he? - He's at the treehouse.
Dad knows.
Mick? Mick! Jump on! Mick! Come here! Accoustic guitar music As I wake up to the morning sun and gaze out on the sea I can't help thinking 'bout what could've been and what is meant for me Kev! Kev? As time pases by we try to hold on tighter We dream of the days when our hearts were much lighter Do you remember me? The person I used to be When we were young and free please don't give up on me Should I keep running from the past? Or let it catch up to me? And if the memories are all we have does that mean it's all we'll ever be No one knows what life will bring or how this story ends Maybe with the help of our family and friends our love can begin again