Chuck s02e16 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

CHUCK: I'm Chuck.
A few things you need to know: I'm not a Fulcrum agent.
I'm Ml6 working undercover.
BECKMAN: I want to apologize to you directly, Agent Barker.
We had no record you were Ml6.
Locked in this dungeon? It's like keeping a Botticelli in the basement.
No one can appreciate the beauty.
-I'm moving out.
-Yes! -Moving in with Morgan.
-No! -I'm the Intersect.
-No, he's not.
It's me.
If you know who Chuck really is, then you pose a security threat.
If I've proved anything to you by now, it's that I can keep my word.
Cole's been captured.
We have to go into protective detail.
-What's that mean? -We move in together.
-He's a tough guy.
Maybe he won't talk.
-Chuck, everyone talks.
[SHOUTING] What's your real name? Bond.
James Bond.
So how much does the CIA know about Perseus? Oh, come on, not the face.
DUNCAN: I'm only gonna ask you one more question.
You answer it and we're done.
Who is the Intersect? [ALARM CLOCK BUZZING] Morning, Chuck.
How'd you sleep? Fine, thank you.
Well, busy day.
Lots to do.
-So shower.
Do you wanna go first or? -I'm good.
You know, I know this whole 24-hour supervision thing isn't exactly great but when the CIA finds us a new apartment at least we'll have separate rooms.
-Sounds great.
-I mean, consider yourself lucky.
At least you didn't have to move in with Casey.
Lucky me.
-Mm, spearmint okay? -Yeah, fine.
Traditionally, I'm a peppermint man, but I'm living on the edge.
-Sarah, can I ask you a question? -About the toothpaste? Ha, uh, no.
Are you, uh, worried about Cole? Uh, of course I'm concerned about Cole.
But Agent Barker can certainly take care of himself.
I get that.
It's just, you know, you guys had this connection.
He saved your life, and you shared a bit of torture.
Uh, our connection was purely professional.
That's it.
Oh, okay.
DEVON: Thanks, honey.
ELLIE: Mm-hm.
Good morning.
-Oh, oh! CHUCK: Hey.
Sorry, I'm just-- I'm very excited for Chuck, for the both of you, to be moving in together.
That's still happening? -Oh, yeah.
Did you find a place yet? Not that I'm, uh, trying to rush you or anything, heh.
DEVON: Take your time, bro.
No pressure.
You two lovebirds need to find a nest where you can let the worm wiggle free.
Thank you, Devon.
Do you need any help packing or throwing things away? Sarah, please tell Chuck that not everything in that room has to survive the move.
-I'm making a list.
-Making a list, are you? -And of what, may I ask? -Oh, well, uh, where should we begin? Maybe the Tron poster that you've had since you were 12.
[CHUCKLES] Dad gave me that poster.
I know.
He loved that movie.
Have you had any luck finding his address for the wedding? No, not yet.
But, you know, I'm working on it still.
So, uh, how did Morgan take the news that he wasn't gonna get you as a new roommate? I didn't tell him yet.
I don't have the heart.
Morgan Grimes is so tired of listening to Big Mike punch his mama's time clock that he actually showed up for work on time today.
[ALL CHEER] Okay, okay, well, Morgan Grimes is so disturbed by what Big Mike is doing to his mama the thought of Jeff doing the same thing to Anna is actually sweet, sweet relief.
That's good.
Laugh it up, fuzzballs.
That's right, sure.
But guess what.
I just landed the whale.
Me and Chuck, we're gonna be roommates.
So yeah, have your fun.
Have at it.
But don't expect any housewarming invitations from me.
[ALL GROAN] -Don't give me that face.
-Morgan, buddy.
Hey, we gotta talk.
You're just the man I wanted to see.
Listen, I found a place, dude.
Two bedroom, one and a quarter bath, half a fireplace.
-About the apartment-- -I know, you and I, roommates.
We're living the dream.
It's what we always talked about.
-The thing is that there's one-- -Bartowski, my office, now.
When did you get an office, John? CHUCK: What's going on? Are we moving? -It's no-tell motel time for Chuck.
-Secure bunker at an undisclosed location.
-Seriously, what's with the boxes? Cole Barker was picked up by Fulcrum.
We spent the entire night looking for him and failed.
Langley thinks when he talks, they're gonna come here for you.
We're taking you off the grid.
-What about my sister? Awesome? Morgan? -First priority is to get you safe.
Then we're gonna come back and make sure everybody else is okay.
[ALARM BLARING] If we get that far.
It says 240-27.
We have a perimeter breach.
CHUCK: This is it.
I'm gonna die underneath a yogurt shop.
Back door, now.
Move, move, move.
Sarah, we need to talk.
If I knew this was gonna happen-- Later, Chuck.
Cole? Take this.
Did you miss me? Don't worry.
I didn't say a word.
Look at that.
Maybe you're not going away after all.
Lucky you.
Lucky me.
[ON SPEAKER] After that, it was eight maybe nine guys until the door.
CHUCK: Oh, come on.
We're supposed to believe that he took out nine guys and escaped a Fulcrum holding facility all by himself? -I don't think we can trust this guy.
-I've done nine before.
-You've taken out nine guys? -I'm just saying it's doable.
So when they questioned you about the Intersect--? I didn't tell them anything.
It's not my first dance, Walker.
If I talk, then Chuck, Casey, you all in the crosshairs.
Not an option.
Why come back here after you escaped? I wanted to make sure you were safe.
ANNA: You are the sexiest man in the world.
For you.
It's our 16-month anniversary.
Wait a minute.
We had a no-gift policy.
I didn't get you anything.
Morgan, you're the worst person at keeping secrets.
I already know what you got me.
You left the lease for our new apartment in the fax machine.
A life together is the best present ever.
And when we move in, I'm gonna show you your mother isn't the only one who can be noisy in the bedroom.
I gotta go call my parents.
-I thought you were moving in with Chuck.
-I am.
We are.
Anna misunderstood.
She found the lease, and now she thinks-- Oh, my God.
Oh, buddy, you are screwed.
I think if I tell her the truth, it'll end the sexual component of our relationship.
-And I'll be there to pick up the pieces.
-What? Shh, shh.
Relax, Morgan.
All you have to do is convince Anna that moving in with you is a bad idea.
-Okay, but how am I gonna--? -Shh, shh, Bubele you've come to the right place.
Repulsion is our business.
And business is good.
Thanks to information provided by Mr.
Barker we now know that Fulcrum is protecting a man that goes by the code name Perseus.
Perseus is the head scientist behind Fulcrum's effort to build their own Intersect.
Anything, Chuck? I spent the year trying to get close to him but only the inner circle is ever allowed contact.
Intel tells us Perseus is attending a formal event tonight at the Swiss Consuls office.
The State Department has arranged invitations for the two of you.
-Um, the two of who? -Agent Walker and Agent Casey.
[CASEY HUMS MOCKINGLY] COLE: Are you sure, general? -I'd be happy to accompany Agent Walker.
-I bet you would.
-Uh, I'd be happy to go too.
-Well, aren't you popular? I mean, you know, I am the Intersect.
Neither Agent Barker nor Bartowski will be going.
Fulcrum is still actively searching for the two of you.
Both of you will stay in Castle and monitor by remote feed.
If you recognize anyone, you'll have radio.
Well, at least no one's telling us to-- -You heard the general.
Stay in the bunker.
-And there it is.
MORGAN: Phase 1 of Operation Repulsion: the obscure and disturbing hobby.
[GRUNTING] JEFF: Take that, you chauvinist pig.
-Told you not to mess with Billie Jean.
Hey, Morgan, I'm done for the day.
You wanna take me over, show me the new apartment? Uh, you know what? I'd love to, hon but we're re-creating the best tennis matches ever played, and I'm up next.
-McEnroe, Stockholm, '84.
-You can't be serious.
JEFF: Yes! -Look on the bright side.
When we move in together, you can play too.
It'll be like a nonstop Wimbledon final in our living room.
[MEN CHUCKLE] -Seriously.
-Doubles, anyone? [GAGS] [MOUTHS] Thank you.
-No, man.
-That's 95 percent alcohol.
Don't touch me with that.
-Radio check.
Do we have a signal? -Yup, we got you, and you look fantastic.
[OVER RADIO] Is that dress CIA-issue or do you just make everything look that good? Ahem, let's stay focused here, people, huh? We are on a mission.
You do look gorgeous, Sarah.
This is Chuck speaking, by the way.
Okay, too many cooks in the kitchen.
You get in Casey's ear.
I'll get in Sarah's.
Okay, you two, split up.
Sarah, you've got an unsecured exit at 2 o'clock.
And the guy in the bad suit standing in front of the Swiss flag is packing.
Casey, you got a bogey.
Tray of crab cakes coming in on your 10.
I'm just trying to be helpful, okay? He works up an appetite on missions.
Grab that little one.
That looks very tasty.
-There's-- Or the-- Yeah.
The Italian minister for trade is headed your way.
[OVER RADIO] He can get a little handsy.
I am Paolo Giordano.
I saw you and couldn't help but admire your beauty.
His wife's name's Isabella, and he has three little bambinos.
Thank you.
How are Isabella and the children? [SPEAKING IN SPANISH] COLE: Nicely done.
-Not so bad yourself.
Thank you.
Just doing our job.
Me and Cole, Cole and me.
Take your victory lap later, Bartowski.
Who else haven't we seen? I don't know.
Look at the people by that ice-goose thing.
Ahem, okay, I just flashed.
The shorter, balding gentleman wearing the glasses.
-That has gotta be Perseus.
-I have a visual.
Moving in.
His name is Howard Busgang.
He's a research scientist with the Department of Defense.
Good job, Chuck.
Yeah, got a few skills of my own, now, don't I? Heh.
So nine guys, huh? Really? You're not fudging that number? It sounds harder than it is.
Always go for the knee.
You mean like sweep the leg? I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
-That's him.
-You're a little late to the party.
-I just flashed.
-No, not Busgang, him.
-Oh, no-- -The guy was torturing me.
He's Fulcrum.
You two have a nice evening.
Where'd they go? -Where'd they go? -Where? My guess is, if Fulcrum made them, then they just jammed the signal.
Oh, uh, Dr.
Busgang, I don't believe we've met before.
How do you do? -Your friends are in trouble.
-I gathered.
-We have to call General Beckman.
-For what? -So she can tell us what to do.
-I'll tell you.
We go to the consulate and we save them.
No, no, no.
Sarah and Casey specifically said for us to stay here.
Sometimes things don't go according to plan.
You have to improvise.
You can't just go run off and be the hero all the time.
It's not about wanting to be a hero, Chuck.
It's about needing to be.
Two guns, huh? Wow, you really are a badass.
No, Chuck, one gun.
The other one is for you.
Let's go.
So we're gonna need a cover.
Normally we stay in the service arena.
Waiter, busboy, maybe valet.
How about we mix it up this time? What about dentists? Dentists? At a consulate party? -Oh, you got a better idea? -I say we go as spies.
A little obvious, but I guess we can do it your way.
But the data acquisition problem in Minsky's Society of Mind theory was addressed in large measure by Singh's EM-ONE paper back in 2005.
-Sounds fascinating.
-Mm, yes.
-More champagne? -Please.
-Radio's still out.
Let's grab this guy.
-Now where was I? Telling me about the work you do for the government.
-That sounds fascinating.
I'd like to hear about that too.
You gonna knock him out too? There are civilians everywhere.
We have to find another way in.
Oh, we should've called Beckman, had her send a team.
And miss out on all this fun? Come on, get in the game, Chuck, before Fulcrum takes out your team.
I think they already have.
No, no, no.
There's gotta be a ground-floor option.
No, this is good.
We're going up here.
-Damn it.
-Cole, you're bleeding.
-No, I'm fine.
-You're not.
Get down.
-What are you doing, Chuck? -What do you mean? I'm doing this.
BUSGANG: Duncan, what's with the guns? Who are these people? Not your concern, Howard.
-We work for the government, Dr.
-So do I.
-Tell them, Duncan.
We work for the CIA.
-The men you work for are terrorists.
We're patriots, Howard.
You're a patriot.
You're spies that turned your back on the country.
You couldn't have it more wrong.
Who do you think we are? We do what needs to be done to preserve this nation's rightful place in the world.
Someday you'll thank us.
Well, not you.
You'll be dead.
I swear, I'm just a scientist.
They said I was helping the country.
Unfortunately, Howard, that was the wrong thing to say.
Duncan, please, I don't understand.
What's going on? Hey, Cole.
I found them, I found them.
The guy who tortured you is inside with other big goons with guns.
Give me 20 seconds.
Then you go in there, start taking guys out, okay? No, no, wait, wait, wait.
About the whole gun thing Casey and Sarah, they've never really let me-- I don't-- How do I say this? -I've never fired one.
-It's point and click.
-Point at the bad guys, pull the trigger.
-Yes, I get the concept.
Still-- -Twenty seconds.
[WHISPERING] We're dead.
Bartowski's got a gun.
DUNCAN: It's a shame, Howard.
-Five, six.
You really do have an incredible mind.
Uh, twenty.
Federal agent.
I'm hit.
-Man down.
Man down.
[GRUNTING AND SHOUTING] I'll take care of Chuck.
Get the doctor.
COLE: Sarah.
[COLE GRUNTS] Sorry about that.
I'm really not normally this aggressive with women.
Oh, my God.
You've been shot.
COLE: I'm fine.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, guys, I think I might need medical attention.
My ankle is seriously.
Cole took a bullet to save Sarah.
Wow, uh.
-Are you okay, buddy? What happened? -Nothing.
I'm-- I'm fine.
Really, never mind, I'm.
What is that, mahogany? SARAH: You don't look so good.
-I can't say the same for you.
Be gentle, now.
I bruise easy.
Well, then maybe you should consider taking better care of yourself.
This might hurt a bit.
[COLE GRUNTING] You know, I've been poked at by more spook doctors than I care to remember.
Nice to be looked after by someone who treats you as more than just a name, rank and serial number.
I know what you mean.
Okay, now just relax.
[COLE SHOUTS] Hold that.
Thanks, doc.
Well, thank you for saving my life.
What was I gonna do, not see you again? [CHUCK CLEARS THROAT] Hey.
How you doing in here? Right, absolutely.
Sorry about that.
I was just coming by to see if you guys need anything.
Cole, soup? A bisque of some kind? Or an Us Weekly? -I don't read it, but when you're sick-- CASEY: Walker.
Briefing in five.
Also that, briefing in five.
That was kind of a business today.
I'll see you in five.
It's like four and a half now.
MORGAN: What are you reading? Did you know IKEA sells 17 kinds of home shelving? I can only pronounce two of them, though.
[MORGAN CHUCKLES] Yeah, it's silly.
Listen, you know what? I wanted to apologize about last night and the whole Wimbledon thing.
I was trying to set boundaries before we move in.
And I realize there is a more mature way to handle this, you know.
So, well, here you go.
ANNA: A Morgannuptial? -Right.
I had Lester's cousin draw it up for us.
A little something to ensure there are no cohabitating conflicts.
"No pets"? What about Chico? Oh, that's right, Chico.
Guess you're gonna have to put him down now, huh? ANNA: The only cheese allowed in the house is string? -Or Gouda.
On weekends.
-Are you insane? Just a teensy-weensy bit particular.
And listen to me.
I would totally understand if you're having second thoughts.
Are you kidding me? Morgan, you're hilarious.
I'll sign whatever you want.
Maybe it makes me nuts too, but I love you, ridiculous quirks and all.
-I should have that framed.
Damn it.
I should've went with provolone.
Barker, I understand you were hurt protecting Agent Walker.
-I'm told you showed great courage.
-Just doing my job, general.
Actually, it was Chuck who showed great courage on this mission.
He was also injured in the line of duty.
He got clipped by a windowsill.
It's as pathetic as it sounds.
Is there any new intel on Busgang or his Fulcrum handler? We now know that the man Chuck identified last night, Dr.
Howard Busgang is in fact code-named Perseus.
He's a former DARPA scientist who worked on the original Intersect.
Uh, why was that information not in my flash? As a precaution anything about the creators of the Intersect was redacted from our files.
Did you say this guy created the Intersect? BECKMAN: He was part of the team that developed its underlying architecture.
He knows as much about how it works as anyone.
That means he might know how to get it out of my head.
BECKMAN: We don't know, Chuck.
But it's possible.
We gotta find him.
We gotta find this guy before Fulcrum.
We are putting every available resource on it.
Walker and Casey, prepare for a video link.
Brief our field agents.
Bring them up to speed.
-Good luck.
CASEY: Roger that.
SARAH: Oh, let me fix that for you.
Hey, what are you looking at there? CHUCK: Oh, just, you know, footage from the consulate.
Maybe there's something I missed.
I don't know.
You did great tonight, Chuck.
You were your usual superhuman self.
-You saved Sarah's life.
-It was a team effort.
-I get what she sees in you, you know.
The fearlessness in the face of danger, the imperviousness to pain the super-cool tank tops.
-Stop me whenever this is uncomfortable.
-The briefing is about to start.
I'll be right there.
On my way.
Oh, you meant him.
Of course you meant him.
Why? Heh, heh.
LESTER: My God, could she really be unrepulsable? -I'm beginning to think so.
-No, sir.
Not on my watch.
-What are you suggesting? LESTER: Mm-mm.
You're going to need a quart of peanut oil, some bubblewrap and as much yarn as you can find.
CHUCK: Hey, guys.
-Hey, Morgan, we need to talk.
What's going on, man? -What's with the limp? -Nothing.
No, I twisted my ankle.
Yeah, jogging.
Which I do occasionally.
I'm fine.
Uh, we need to talk about-- The Anna situation? Not a problem, Charles.
We are on it.
You're looking at three individuals gifted in the art of repulsion.
Anna doesn't stand a chance.
-Why are you trying to repulse Anna? -No, no, no.
Lester, that's ridiculous.
What I was trying to do was simply test her, that's all.
Testing her why? Because, Chuck, because she's trying to get all serious with me and I wanna make sure that she loves me for me and not other things.
Excuse us.
Are you crazy? What other things could she possibly be loving you for? I mean, honestly, you know that I love you but you're lucky to have a girl in your life who loves you for you even though you are, in fact, you.
-If you don't stop testing her she's gonna choose to be with someone else.
And then you will have realized, unfortunately too late that you lost the catch of a lifetime.
Counterpoint: She's not the catch of a lifetime.
She's a scheming tart who will harvest your organs and sell them to the highest bidder.
Chuck's right.
Lester, wrong.
Chuck, what happened? Nothing.
It's a flesh wound.
It's nothing, I'm fine.
Well, let's see.
Sit down.
-Up, up.
-Aah! Aah! -Sorry, sorry.
Devon, can you help? -Promise not to go all crazy doctor-sister.
DEVON: What's up, babe? -Oh, we need to get Chuck to the hospital.
-We gotta x-ray this leg.
-No, we don't, I'm fine.
Aah! -Pretty swollen there.
-I'm tougher than people think.
I know you are, buddy.
But it takes a real man to admit you're hurt.
That actually hurt.
-I didn't think anything hurt you.
Oh, no, there are some things.
The clinical disinterest of a beautiful woman, for instance.
-Any word on Busgang? -Not yet.
Casey and I are headed to the airport.
They think Busgang might try to leave the country.
All right, then.
Rest up.
You know, I meant what I said earlier about being around people who really care about you and who you really care about.
-Doesn't happen often for people like us.
-No, it doesn't.
And if we're lucky enough to find that person we're supposed to just walk away? Doesn't seem fair, does it? No.
Because it isn't.
Is the cast absolutely necessary? Yes.
It could be a hairline fracture.
Better safe than sorry.
I'm gonna go find you some crutches.
BUSGANG: No, absolutely not.
I wanna be released immediately.
DOCTOR: I'm sorry, sir, this is a gunshot wound.
We have to report this.
BUSGANG: This is outrageous.
I don't care about your rules.
I don't care about what you have to do.
I am leaving.
DOCTOR: I suggest you stay overnight in case your leg gets infected.
I can't do that.
I have to go.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] -Yeah? CHUCK: It's Chuck.
Look, I found Busgang.
He's here at the hospital.
Westside Medical.
You found him? Great work.
All right, we'll have a strike team there.
-No, no, he's leaving.
-Don't follow him.
It's too dangerous.
He might know how to get the Intersect out of my head.
Listen, do not go after him on your own.
Do not be a hero here, Chuck.
Look, I don't wanna be a hero, but sometimes you need to be.
Besides, this is doable.
[GROANING] I've got them both.
I'm looking for a Mr.
-Do you have an appointment? -No.
Yeah, well, uh, the thing is, see, I'm a computer tech.
Um, Nerd Herd? That's me.
And apparently, Mr.
Busgang has some major hardware problems.
-Constellation Science, second floor.
-Thank you.
RECEPTIONIST: Can I help you, gentlemen? [GROANS] [GUN CLICKS] BUSGANG: Turn around.
-You're the guy who shot me.
-It was an accident.
The first time I had handled a gun, and first time I had shot someone.
Clearly, those two things must be connected.
Hi, I'm Chuck.
Sit down.
And don't move.
-I'd hate to accidentally shoot you.
-I didn't come to hurt you or take you in.
I just want some answers about the Intersect.
What do you know about the Intersect? A lot, actually.
Who are you? Orion.
Did you just flash? Hey, cover the stairs.
You're the one they've been talking about, aren't you? I didn't believe it could be true.
A human Intersect.
[SIGHS] -Extraordinary.
-Maybe for you.
But you have to understand, for me.
For me, it's a nightmare.
Living with this thing in my head is ruining my life.
Is there any way that Intersect images can be taken out, you know? -Can a person be de-Intersected? -Can it be removed? Possibly.
I don't know.
-Only Orion would know.
Who is Orion? It was his idea, his vision.
Everything is based on his work.
He put the team together, he drove the research, until he realized-- DUNCAN: Put the gun down, Howard.
-Who's Orion? Where can I find him? Please, I need to know.
CASEY: Split up.
I haven't told him anything.
No! No, no.
[GRUNTING AND SHOUTING] -That's the second time you've shot me.
-Let's hope third time's the charm.
Sweep the leg.
-Hey, are you okay? -I'm fine.
The gun.
-What? -Chuck, the gun! CHUCK: Help.
[GUNSHOT] -Are you okay? -Yeah, I think so.
I think so.
Oh, you were talking to him.
You weren't-- You were talking to him because he's been shot again.
-My bad.
-No, I was talking to both of you.
-We're okay, right? We're okay.
We're okay.
Excellent work, team.
While we would've preferred to take Busgang alive by capturing his work, we've set back Fulcrum's ability to build their own Intersect.
Uh, what about that name, Orion? Busgang said that Orion could get the Intersect out of my head.
As of now, we have no leads, but our best people are on it.
Agent Barker, medical transport for you back to the UK has been arranged.
Thank you, general.
So it seems my work here is done.
Agent Casey, it's been a real pleasure working with you.
Yeah, likewise.
Let me ask you something.
When you escaped from Fulcrum, did you really take out nine guys? -The truth? -Professional courtesy.
It was more like 12.
I just don't like to boast.
[CASEY CHUCKLES] Eh, so, what's next? Wing back to London and jam with the Stones? I have to say, Chuck, you are truly the most special agent I've ever worked with.
Heh, heh.
" Good luck with getting that thing out of your head.
Thanks, but, uh, I'm beginning to think that's never gonna happen.
You know what? I got a not-so-secret secret for you.
You want something bad enough, don't ever take no for an answer.
And for God's sakes, man, carry a gun.
Maybe two.
Wow, nice cast.
-Ellie go to work on you? -Yeah, yeah.
I'm just happy it's not full-body.
-We gotta talk about the moving-in thing.
-I know we do, Chuck.
I just don't know how to say this.
-You should have a seat.
Sometimes things happen between, uh, two people who care about each other very much.
Um, and it doesn't mean that they don't belong together.
Belong together? What are you talking about? Oh, uh, no, no, no.
I can't move in with you, Chuck, because I'm moving in with Anna.
She loves me and she wants to move in with me, and I wanna make her happy.
-But I want you to understand, you know? -I do, buddy.
Seriously, I totally understand.
And furthermore, I think that you are absolutely making the right decision.
That's awesome.
Thank you.
Is she gonna be okay with your string-cheese habit? I know she will be, bro.
Hey, and, uh, you and I, you know, we'll still be friends.
-As opposed to what? -That's an excellent point.
Uh, my superiors agree that I need 24-hour, round-the-clock medical assistance.
Our jet awaits.
I'm sorry, I have yogurt to serve.
You'll have to find somebody else.
Oh, no, you see, that's not gonna work because no one else is gonna make me feel like you do.
Believe me, I've looked.
I'm serious.
Don't pack your bags, don't say goodbyes.
Just close your eyes and say yes.
Come with me, Sarah.
I'm sorry.
What's the matter? I thought you were a girl who liked adventure.
I guess I'm not the type of girl who cheats on her cover boyfriend.
-Is that all he is? A cover? -What do you mean? I saw the way you looked at him when his life was in danger.
Been doing this a long time, Agent Walker.
Well, who'd have thought it? Cole Barker loses the girl to Chuck Bartowski.
When you meet somebody you care about, it's just hard to walk away.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
How's your foot? Uh, throbbing, thanks.
Did Cole leave? Uh, mm-hm.
He's quite a guy.
Uh, yeah, that he is.
You know, I understand what you see in him.
He's a great spy.
He's one of the good guys.
Truth is, you two would make a great team.
-Chuck-- -Please, let me just finish.
[CHUCK CLEARS THROAT] Sarah, I'm not gonna move in with you.
Because I can't.
And you know why I can't.
I'm crazy about you, heh, and I've always been.
But having a fake relationship, that's one thing.
But living together is.
I mean, every day, being around each other and.
And that's why I can't do it.
And I hope you understand.
I do.
Thank you.
Oh, and, uh, just so you know I am gonna get this thing out of my head one day.
I will.
And when I do, I'm gonna live the life that I want with the girl that I love.
Because I'm not gonna let this thing rob me of that.
I won't.
Hey, how's the ankle? I picked up some boxes in case you wanted to start packing up.
Change of plans.
Not moving out.
Talk later.