Chuck s02e17 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Predator

Okay, I have to say this.
We should never do that again.
Mission's over, Chuck.
The plan went just fine.
Yeah, except that your plan necessitated that we do actual plumbing.
And for the record, none of us knows how to actually plumb.
-We're gonna burn these jumpsuits? -I second Chuck's motion.
-No more plumbing on future missions.
-Are you going soft, Walker? Hmm? Ah, it doesn't matter.
Beckman got the intel she wanted.
Bunch of nancies.
You need to change at Casey's? Oh, no, thanks.
Actually, uh, Ellie and Awesome are out of town looking for a wedding site.
So I'm good to shower a couple hundred times.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Sarah, have you, uh, heard anything from Beckman about Orion? Uh, not yet.
These things take time.
She gets how important it is, though, right? If we find Orion, I could get all these secrets out of my head and go back to my life.
She gets it, Chuck.
We all do.
You want that too, right? Of course I do, Chuck.
-Of course, I mean, you deserve that.
CHUCK: Great.
Ha, ha.
Okay, that's great.
I've seen that little bit of Beckman's office behind her chair.
But, uh, I can only imagine she's got a whole crack squad of brilliant analysts working hard trying to find Orion in the next room.
Chuck, leave the search for Orion up to the team of brilliant analysts.
You need to get some sleep.
CHUCK: Why are you on? MAN [OVER SPEAKER]: All clear.
We're ready to go.
We're going in right now.
[GUNS COCKING] All clear.
Alert Fulcrum.
Orion's gone.
MAN 1: Ice.
He was just here.
Let's go.
Get the computer.
MAN 2: Incoming.
Take cover.
MAN 3: Down, down.
Get down! [EXPLOSION] CHUCK: When did this happen? LESTER: During the night.
Look on the bright side.
We don't have to buy TP for, like, years.
Why start now? MORGAN: Oh, no.
They defiled our home here.
This is our castle.
Why would someone do this? Who could do this? Finally.
Someone tried to clean up this store.
-Assistant Manager Barclay.
Beverly Hills Branch.
Or, for you, sir.
I should have brought my résumé.
So, Barclay, you guys did this, huh? Clever trick, Bartowski.
We admit nothing.
Although we are in Burbank.
That should be a crime.
[LAUGHING] Okay, Sir Barclay, hypothetically speaking, why would someone like yourself and your incredibly colorful and well-coordinated team do this to our store? -I know why.
BARCLAY: Hello, Michael.
MIKE: You see, Barclay here is upset that we're getting the new Roark Instruments laptop before they do.
We're getting the R-7 gaming laptop first? -No one's seen it.
-Bet your britches.
We're the flagship store.
We should get those computers.
Flagship of my ass.
Now get out of here, Barclay.
You think Morgan over there's tough, wait till you see this guy.
[GROWLS] How was that, Michael? We gotta work on that growl.
Uh, sir, what are we gonna do? We can assemble a counterstrike.
We need a couple kegs of Silly String and-- No retaliations.
Calm and collected, that's the Buy More way.
Now clean this place up.
[SIGHS] Huh.
You feeling okay, computer? Ah.
Yeah, okay, who's doing this? Your cleverness has been noted.
Why are we meeting? You can hear me? -Hello? Hello? Aah! SARAH: Hey, Chuck.
Hi, Sarah.
What? What is it? Um.
There's something that I should probably tell you.
What? What did you say? I found him.
I found Orion.
Or actually, he found me.
About 10 minutes ago in the Buy More.
He tapped into the Nerd Herd computers using, I might add, a very cool kind of hack.
How is that possible? I-- It probably has something to do with my search.
Your what? SARAH: Chuck put together everything about Fulcrum and Orion and then he built an automated web search.
I think I hit one of his security nets.
That's not how this works.
Don't conduct your own operations.
What did he say? Orion? He knows I'm the Intersect.
And he's going to send me a computer.
Where's the computer going? To me, I think.
I don't-- We didn't really nail down the details.
I want that computer under lock and key.
Orion's computers are next-gen capable of overriding military defenses, even hijacking computerized weaponry.
God help us if it falls into the wrong hands.
Delivery for Charles I.
What is it? Says electronics.
Computer? The Roark 7? Take that, Beverly Hills.
I'm Chuck.
-Just leave it with me.
MAN: Thanks.
Orion hasn't delivered the computer yet.
-You think he's gonna bring it? -No, he's gonna stay away.
Got it, cool.
So we wait.
Why didn't you tell me? Um.
Chuck, your search for Orion was a rogue operation.
Do you know how dangerous that is? Very.
-And I didn't tell you.
-And you didn't tell me.
Okay, you're right.
Completely and totally right.
But, Sarah, I wanna get this thing out of my head so I can go back to my life and have a real relationship.
You think the NSA and the CIA are gonna be cool with that? You should have trusted me.
-What am I doing here? -It's in Jeff's office.
Wait, no, no.
Jeff's office? -You gotta see this.
-You don't understand.
I don't want to go in.
It makes me feel uncomfortable.
I know.
Morgan, it's that good.
Long time no see, Morgan.
-Okay, I'm leaving.
Look at this.
MORGAN: What is it? LESTER: It's like nothing I've ever seen before.
Liquid cooled, titanium housing, over-clocked processor.
Gentlemen, this is a work of art.
We're trying it before we give it to Mike.
You're here in case we get caught.
Yeah, we figure Big Mike won't come down too hard on his boy.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Close it.
Mike will know we turned it on.
Say you can't identify.
-Should I? -Yeah.
Yeah, you better believe it.
It's a simulator game.
Who should we target? ALL [IN UNISON]: Buy More.
Orion's taken control of a Predator drone based out of Edwards.
The signal matches one he used in Hong Kong.
-On an armed targeting run.
SARAH: Is there a target? -Don't say Buy More.
-Orion sent you a computer.
It's inside a Predator drone targeted to kill you.
-How thoughtful.
-Why would he--? There's no time.
We gotta get everybody out.
Fire alarm.
Okay, Chuck, you stay here and monitor the drone.
My first impression, boredom.
Feels like we're flying an actual Predator.
-I give it three stars.
-Three stars? You're a cretin.
The details are incredible.
Graphics processor-- Wait a second.
Why are we trying to blow up our own store here? Shouldn't we be targeting a certain Beverly Hills location? Guys, guys, wait.
-The drone's changing direction.
-Where's it heading? Telemetry puts it at the corner of Wilshire and Doheny.
That's Beverly Hills Buy More.
SARAH [OVER RADIO]: Why would Orion target another store? He wouldn't.
But I know who would.
Look for Morgan.
I'm on my way.
Morgan, call me as you get this.
Don't think, just hit the callback button.
No sign of Morgan, Jeff or Lester.
Those morons have the computer? Which one dies first? Look, just go check the loading dock and I'll look somewhere else.
Go, now.
[PHONE RINGING] MORGAN: Hold on a second, guys.
-It's Chuck.
-Don't answer.
He's after my computer.
He's called twice.
Could be an emergency.
Why call me, I have no idea.
Morgan, no.
-Hey, Chuck.
-Hey, where are you? With Lester in Jeff's office.
It's actually very nice.
You have to listen to me.
Stop playing with that computer.
MORGAN: Why, Chuck? -Buddy, just trust me and do it.
-Yeah, sure, Chuck.
LESTER: We're almost at Beverly Hills.
-Time to pull the plug.
-Jeff, stop him.
JEFF: Really? -Yes.
MORGAN: Chuck is our leader.
-No, he is your leader.
MORGAN: Fine, then I have to-- LESTER: He hurt me.
Yes, yes, yes.
No, no, no.
LESTER: Ow! Prison rules, Jeff.
Prison rules.
Stop touching me there.
That one hurt.
JEFF: Get in here, mister.
Get into my office.
-Just one of them.
-No, wait.
You're in the little boys' room.
What the living heck is going on here? Is that it? Is that the Roark 7? No, uh, actually, this is-- MORGAN: Yes, it is.
We wanted to take a look at it.
I figured it'd be okay.
It's my fault, crazy me.
MIKE: Nobody touches this computer until it goes on display tomorrow.
We are being watched, people.
We can't screw this up.
Calm and collected.
Calm and collected.
Such ne'er-do-wells we have here.
Emmett, I want you to stand guard tonight.
-Nobody gets close to this laptop, got it? -Oh, affirmative, Michael.
MIKE: Barclay and the Beverly Hills boys will be gunning for it.
I want that computer back, Jeffrey.
It's calling me and I must have it.
An after-hours job.
No problem.
So I guess we know what our mission is.
-Rob the Buy More.
After the store closes.
At least nobody else know it's here.
MAN 1: Welcome, Vincent.
It's good to see you survived the Hong Kong incident.
We found Orion.
Picked up a signal matching the computer he used in Hong Kong.
It originated from a retail store in Burbank, California.
MAN 1: Is it a Buy More store? Yes, it is.
Would you like me to pick something up for you? MAN 2: Fulcrum has lost operatives there.
We believe it's a CIA substation.
WOMAN: The risk is too great for an operation.
Sir, madam you know me, I can't let this go.
If I don't have your support, I'll do it myself.
MAN 1: Then proceed, Vincent.
We appreciate your initiative.
It was a lawless town.
Shane, Marshal Dillon, Clint Eastwood.
[LAUGHING] Little girls in comparison to Milbarge.
Rah! Oh, God.
CHUCK: Okay, what's the plan? You got us into this.
Why don't you come up with the plan? Okay, all right.
You two distract Emmett with your super spy skills while I go hit Big Mike's office.
He keeps the combination in his desk.
-He keeps the combination in his office? -It's a Buy More, Casey.
Oh, no, no, no.
There are no guns in my plan, okay? As annoying as Emmett is you cannot shoot, tranq, or karate chop him in any way.
You put him in charge.
[GROANS] Let's go.
Hello? Ooh, that better not be a rat.
I'm hearing things.
Just like Fresno, just like Fresno.
He's gonna find us and we're gonna get fired.
I'll be turning tricks again by the end of the week.
-I can throw my voice.
-A diversion, good idea, go.
JEFF: Caw, caw! -Aah! Oh, my God, what's that? -Did you throw your voice? -I think.
EMMETT: Seven hours to go.
I almost got it, Casey.
I'm in the office.
Way to go, Jeffrey.
Throwing your voice turned out great.
Huh? What other tricks do you know? When you saw a woman in half, do you actually saw her in half? [GROANS] Lester, I thought I lost you.
Oh, I'm scared, man.
I think I wet my pants.
Just a little.
What are the chances? Two burglars robbing the same place.
-What a funny coincidence.
Give me the computer.
We gotta get out of here.
Lester, come on.
Let's go.
I've tried to help you over the years.
I've drowned myself trying to help you.
But you're a moron.
In the end, that's what you are.
You're a Buy More-on.
Do you get that? Do you? -Lester.
-Hang on a sec, Jeff, I just gotta-- Hi.
Who are you? Run, run, run.
-Die, intruders! LESTER: Mother! Mother! -Mother! Mother! -That's right.
Nobody messes with this Buy More.
You wanna mess with me in my store? Well, bring it on, bitches.
Oh! -That felt good.
I had to do that.
CHUCK: Guys.
You get one chance.
Drop your guns.
Um, sir, they don't have any guns.
I put this mission together and forbade them from packing.
Why would you do that? I don't know, I just, you know, I think that guns make things too easy.
And I like my spies to be tough.
Look, you're not gonna shoot anyone, right? It would be unprofessional not to.
-You had a gun? -I always have a gun.
Don't you dare move.
[GURGLING] I really didn't need to see that.
MIKE: Oh, Bolonia.
Sweet Bolonia.
I'm busy, Emmett.
What? Okay, be right there.
Morgan, wake up.
We got trouble at the store.
Beverly Hills made their move.
-Oh, thank God.
BOLONIA: Do we have time for a quickie? SARAH: I contacted Langley.
They'll send a team to dispose of the body tomorrow.
This was supposed to be the easiest mission.
How did a Fulcrum agent show up? -How did he know the computer was there? -Who else knows? Well, we got plenty of scary questions.
Now let's get some answers.
Don't touch that computer.
-Why? -You weren't contacted by Orion.
Uh, what? Wait, wait.
He knew that I was the Intersect.
Who else could possibly know that? Fulcrum.
My analysts believe you walked into a Fulcrum trap.
Are you certain? I didn't think-- No, you didn't think, none of you did.
And you put this operation in jeopardy.
But if it's Orion, this laptop is the only way to contact him.
-If I could just-- We can't take that risk.
My NSA technicians will inspect the computer.
Sarah, please.
Um, I'm sorry, Chuck.
We don't have time to send this computer to Washington and wait.
If this really is Orion, he may not contact us again.
You're right.
We don't have time.
That's why I'm taking over this operation directly.
-I'll be on site within the hour.
-What? You're coming here? BECKMAN: Hopefully I won't have to shut down Operation Bartowski because of one foolish mistake.
But if Fulcrum knows who you really are pack your bags, Chuck.
You're leaving with me.
Tell your family and friends.
Tell them nothing.
General, I implore you-- Don't use implore, only use words you actually use.
Here's why I think that Orion is legit.
I don't say legit.
SARAH: Chuck.
-Is Beckman here? -Uh, she's on her way.
-Okay, what about the computer? It's inside Castle.
Beckman has a unit en route to move it out.
Guys, look, I am certain that Orion is not Fulcrum, okay? This is the real guy.
If I get five to 45 minutes, I can convince the general.
No, she doesn't wanna see you.
Please, just wait in your room.
MAN: Secure the perimeter.
CASEY: Ahem.
-I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my search.
-It's okay.
I'll explain it to her.
Now go.
MAN: All clear.
Is the asset secure? Yes, ma'am.
It was a highly professional team, Michael.
There must have been 30-- Forty of them.
They stormed the store and they took the new laptop.
What do you think? Barclay? Whoever did this, broke some serious laws here, boss.
It's Barclay.
I can smell him all over this.
Hey, we came as soon as we heard.
Heard what? Nobody called you.
Correct, bingo.
Yeah, they closed the tap at Benny's.
-Saw the commotion.
Wanted to see.
-I'm calling the police.
-Put that phone down.
-Oh, God.
We can't let them get away with this.
We can't be calm and collected this time.
Let me see it.
[GROANS] No, Morgan.
We will remain calm and collected.
We will be calm and collected when we go to Beverly Hills tonight.
We will be calm and collected when we use my code to get into the store and then we will be calm and collected when we burn that mother-loving store to the ground.
-Sir, what exactly are we doing here? -Payback.
I see.
Does this payback involve illegal activities? It damn well better.
Hello, this is Chuck speaking.
ORION [OVER PHONE]: Hello, Chuck.
Where's my computer? Orion.
Orion? Um.
Uh, unfortunately, your computer is locked up in a top-secret government facility.
ORION: You have to get it.
-I can't.
My handlers think you're Fulcrum and to be honest, I'm on the fence myself.
ORION: I'm not Fulcrum.
Thanks, I'm glad we cleared that up.
-How can I be certain? ORION: Look at your computer.
How did you know that was in the Intersect? ORION: I put it there.
A long time ago.
You really are Orion.
Wake up, Casey.
The '80s are over.
[GROANS] I lied to Chuck earlier.
He's done what no one else could do.
He found him.
Chuck found Orion.
General, why lie to him? Orion is extremely important to this project and to Chuck.
Important? Don't think for a second that you can tell me what is important.
I've had an army of analysts and spies hunting for Orion since before you were in a training bra.
After the first cipher was completed Orion purged his personnel records and disappeared.
We've been looking for him ever since.
So has Fulcrum.
Neither of us has been able to lay a hand on him.
Until now.
Until Bartowski.
ORION: You need to go.
I have to tell Sarah and Casey what you did.
It's proof that you're Orion.
And on another note, I've got a small convention of agents in my courtyard and my team is in a meeting.
ORION: You can't trust them.
Who? Sarah and Casey? They save my life on a regular basis.
ORION: Go to your computer.
CASEY: We're dealing with the real Orion.
How dangerous is he? BECKMAN: When Fulcrum made a move on him he nearly destroyed an entire building with a Predator.
Beckman is tiny.
General, what if Orion can help Chuck remove the Intersect? Erase it from his mind? Yeah, yeah, good question, Sarah.
BECKMAN: That's exactly what I don't want.
Chuck Bartowski is absolutely vital to national security.
He can never meet Orion.
Do you understand that, Agent Walker? Uh.
BECKMAN: What? Sarah, no.
Yes, I understand.
ORION: You have 40 seconds to exit.
Their surveillance is down.
What about the agents? ORION: Leave the watch.
Go now.
What's happening? Aw, that's good.
Who did you think I was? ORION: I'm sorry, I had to make certain this wasn't a trap.
ORION: Hello, Chuck.
It's good to finally see you face to face.
Yeah, same here.
-Can I ask you a question? ORION: Of course.
The Intersect that's in my head right now-- ORION: You wanna get it out, don't you? -Yes, yes, I very much do.
ORION: We need to meet first.
-Okay, yeah.
-My calendar is pretty wide open.
ORION: When can we meet tonight? -Tonight? ORION: I'm in Los Angeles.
We have much to discuss.
Meet me in an hour.
Orion out.
Chuck out.
Don't scream.
I have a splitting headache.
Ho, ho, ho.
You're not dead.
It's called tetrodotoxin.
A modified poison extracted from blowfish.
Fulcrum agents are taught to survive its near-death state.
That sounds like a fun class.
Not really.
Now, I need you to do exactly as I say.
-Stand up.
-Stand up.
Sorry, sorry.
Let's go.
BECKMAN: I don't care what Bartowski thinks he wants.
I want Orion.
-What is it, Walker? I need to say something.
Chuck Bartowski has risked his life for this country.
But he's not a spy, and he knows it.
He's a spy until I say he isn't.
Chuck knows that Orion is out there and he is not gonna just sit in his room and do what we say.
He-- -What is it? -Where's Chuck? Watch has him in his room.
No, this is Chuck.
He would have come up with some excuse to meet the general.
-What? SARAH: Check his room.
Walker's right.
Chuck's a social butterfly by nature.
Checking the Castle.
[GUN COCKS] No, run the tape back.
There's gotta be something.
Chuck would leave us a clue, something.
I shut off the security cameras.
We're clear.
My God.
It's beautiful.
Oh, it's so clean and fresh, like.
-Oh, my God.
You know what? We could draw funny faces on them.
-How about that? -Nope.
-What's that? -My fiddle.
-We're gonna play music? -Oh, yeah.
No, no, no.
Hold on a second, wait.
Stand by here, everybody.
Can I have a moment of your time? If we could talk about what's about to happen here, okay? See what emotions start bubbling up and talk.
You and I will talk.
We'll just talk it out.
-This isn't you, sir.
-They hit one of my men.
Let Emmett have the bat.
Let him take his revenge out on the store.
That sounds vaguely sane.
I can be destructive.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
So, what to hit first? Ah.
Ha, ha.
How about that? Ha, Ha.
All right.
One more time, with feeling.
Oh, God.
Okay, team.
We should run now.
LESTER: Viva la Buy More.
How long have you known Orion? I don't really know him.
-You're CIA, right? -Sure.
-Name's Carmichael.
-I've heard of you.
Orion was coming out of the cold for you.
That's excellent work.
I've been after him for three years.
What's your secret? MAN [OVER RADIO]: Someone's approaching from the east.
I need you to stand by the window so Orion can see you.
Tell him it's safe.
Tell him it's safe.
Take him.
Take him to the roof.
Chopper's on the way.
On behalf of Fulcrum I'd like to thank you, Agent Carmichael.
[GUN COCKS] I wish I could give you a proper reward.
But unfortunately, I have to shoot you.
It would be unprofessional not to.
[GUNSHOT] -Hey, no.
-Orion, they're gonna take him to the roof.
-No, we're not-- -I can save him.
-He's my last chance, Sarah.
No! -What does that mean? -I don't know.
Yes, general, I read you.
Let's get out of here.
A Predator's heading toward us.
-He's trying to take himself out.
-We have to go.
I can do this.
I can reprogram the Predator.
Come on.
Come on! -We are leaving, Chuck.
I have to do this.
He can't die.
Chuck, you can't save him, okay? You can't fix this one.
BECKMAN: It's better that Orion didn't fall into Fulcrum's hands.
He knew what they would do to him.
He knew what they would gain.
You don't want the Intersect out of my head, do you? No, I don't.
Chuck has done everything we've asked of him.
Agent Walker, you want to protect him, but play time is over.
-Chuck, I hesitate to say this-- -Please.
Please, hesitate.
We are in the midst of a secret war with Fulcrum.
And I believe the outcome of this fight will rest squarely on your shoulders.
[GROANS] No, listen to the man.
He's right.
I'm no spy.
You know how many agents I've lost to Fulcrum? How powerful they are? Only this operation, only you have found a hole in their armor.
See, I can't lose you, Chuck.
I need you.
It's time for you to become a spy.
Yes! -Yes, yes.
LESTER: Good, good.
Love the smell of Burbank in the morning.
Smells like victory.
We know what you did.
Oh, do you, now? You went too far, Michael.
-I'm calling the cops.
-No, you won't.
-It ain't the Buy More way.
-What? MIKE: You know the rules.
They cut their prices by 10 percent, we cut ours 15.
They give away toasters, we give away microwaves.
They put their hands on one of ours, we find their assistant manager and-- You get the picture, don't you? We're leaving, but speaking for my store and the city of Beverly Hills as a whole we do not approve of your methods.
Well, you're not from Burbank.
Thanks for stopping me back there.
The store doesn't need any more trouble than it's already got.
What is it, sir? Rumors, mostly.
There's been some talk about a store in the area closing.
People being fired.
Times are tough.
I mean, we can't let that happen, you know? Don't worry, son.
We won't.
ORION: If you're watching this, something happened to me.
Probably something not so nice.
Well, I hope we were able to meet.
I hope I was able to tell you my real name.
The cards are the schematics for the new Intersect.
I stole them from Fulcrum.
Show them to no one, but study them.
You will need to understand that computer if you want to get the Intersect out.
And yes, it's possible.
If you can find Fulcrum's Intersect if you can get inside, you could get your old life back.
Goodbye, Chuck.
This disc will self-destruct in five seconds.
I've always wanted to say that.
She was wrong, you know.
I'm not a spy.
Look, Beckman is a soldier, and she sees things in black and white.
But she is right about one thing.
We're in the middle of a fight with Fulcrum.
Yeah, uh, I get that.
I do.
But this is not my future.
This is what I'm doing right now.
But I will get my life back.
Yeah, of course you will, Chuck.
We're still a good team, right? You still trust us? I trust you.
Of course I do.
I'm on your side, Chuck.
I know.
Well, I better go.
Yeah, I'm a little beat.
Is Walker on board with this mission, Major Casey? Yes, ma'am, 100 percent.
You have no reservations about how she feels toward the asset? No, ma'am.
I want everything you have on her and Bartowski.
Video surveillance and your unedited report.
Don't you trust me? I don't trust anybody.