Costa!! (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Zon, zee, sex en onbereikbare liefde

I will smoke you out!
Get lost! You're nothing, devil!
Mike. Hey, what the fuck? Mike!
Feeling better now?
Yeah, I saw that shit once
on Discovery Channel: cleansing.
What's this?
No, that was Kay's plan.
Full Moon Party.
That's not a bad idea. Let's go, dude.
-I did it once in Thailand.
-No, man.
That plan is poisoned. Snake shit.
Mike, it really sucks
Kay went to the Bonza,
but we promised Thomas
to work together as a team.
And to spice up the Costa a bit.
The Bonza has a sick lineup.
This is not a bad idea.
-That's thanks to Kay. He has connections.
-Fuck Kay.
-This can't be.
-Hey, stop crying. You're an adult.
Okay, I'll see if I can.
The full moon is on the 23rd,
so we really need to get on with it.
The 23rd. That's my birthday.
We won't be able
to get a lineup for the 23rd.
Of course we will.
-Or I can DJ.
-Yes, in a brainstorm anything goes.
I heard DJ Shy is in town.
-Who is Shy?
-That'll never work.
-Nice. Can you take care of that?
-Great. We'll need promoters on the beach.
I'll handle the bar. Mike, Duuk, location.
You guys do the shopping.
-Okay, so that's where the stage will be.
So you're going out with Essie today.
How are you going to tackle this date?
-Just chat a bit, that kind of thing.
-Essie is different. Crazy mood swings.
Maybe I like different.
Are you a psychologist?
Do you like a project? Pervert.
No, no, not really.
But Essie doesn't like dating,
I'm telling you.
You know, if it gets really awkward,
I can always talk about the crazy way
I lost my virginity.
You're weird, man.
What's the deal with the permit exactly?
-Kay used to handle that shit.
-Should I take care of it?
-What? No.
-If Kay handled it
No, I got this. I know those Spaniards.
-How's your Spanish?
-Molto bene.
Good one.
-Okay. Stage.
-There. And the bar.
Okay, fire pits. Streamers.
Don't touch that.
-Play something.
-Can we focus on this first?
What do we need?
I'm horny.
-We could do something with the full moon.
-I want sex!
I came to the Costa
after a stifling relationship
with a guy who sniffed after
every sentence. Every sentence.
So good.
I get it, but can we first divide
the shopping into categories?
Two sisters
seeking sexual freedom through
Please. I finally got rid of Mike
and you promised to be my wingwoman.
I know, but we promised
Thomas something too,
and I'm new here,
I can't afford to go out all the time.
Fuck that party. We have time.
Come on. How does that thing work?
-Yes, we're going to dance.
Okay, just for a little bit.
What are you doing?
Shall we order a bottle of wine,
or would you like a beer?
I only drink tequila.
So I'm Duuk. I'm 27 years old.
My passport actually says Duco,
but don't tell anyone.
-And you? Who are you?
-And what are you doing here?
-I've been working here for ten years.
-Do you like it?
What's your family like?
Where are the drinks?
Thank you.
I'll save the deeper questions
for the second date.
-There won't be a second date.
-So this is a date?
I usually save the story about my
absent parents for the third meeting.
Dad was never there
and Mom bribed you with stuff?
They're both dead.
-It's okay. It was a while ago.
That's rough.
It's okay, really.
How did they
We were returning from a holiday,
and a white BMW ran a red light.
You know, when I lost my virginity,
there was this really big
Meetings are not my thing.
It's madness, isn't it? It's nonsense
that a woman who enjoys sex is a slut.
It's normal to have sex.
But when a man puts his dick in something,
-it's: "Well done, man."
-No, I'm fine. I got it.
See that?
-That could be us.
-No, we need to take this to the Costa.
Funny, a cloakroom
in the middle of the dance floor.
Yeah, I thought it would be convenient.
Hey, you're
Yes, that's right.
Well, this is the place to be, isn't it?
-It's better than the Bonza.
-You're one of them now, it sounds like.
Yeah. Yeah, sorry. Out and proud.
Does your boss allow you to go out?
I was shopping.
That one loves to party, so
Okay. So if I were to get us two beers,
we wouldn't drink them?
No, sorry.
Too bad.
But a beer and a coke would work.
I don't know.
She was witty, intelligent, and funny.
-I haven't seen that here before.
-That's true.
-It's special when you click right away.
-Who is this about?
-She's flirting with that Bonza chick.
Mil, sleeping with the enemy?
Bonza chicks are a no-go.
-Come on, what are we, 13?
-Okay, see you later.
Touchy. What's up?
-Essie walked out on their date.
-A date with Es?
-He wanted to chat.
-Oh no.
That's what I said.
Essie doesn't like that.
-What does she like then?
-No one really knows her.
When I'm with a girl,
I always plan an activity.
I've gone LARPing,
cage fight, eating contest, dark room.
Black Friday at Lidl. They go crazy.
-Thanks, Mike, for the advice.
-You're welcome.
Oh, guys, I've arranged Shy,
for the Full Moon Party.
Really? Nice one, rookie.
Did you get that permit yet?
Working on it.
Honey. Es doesn't like talking,
she likes doing things.
Have a good day.
Hey, neighbor.
What are you doing?
There goes our Full Moon Party.
God, give me a sign.
Don't drown.
-Hey, Kay. Bro, you're back.
I don't know why you're touching me,
but you shouldn't.
Sorry, it was just a hug.
You saved my life.
That's what I do.
Life guarding, saving lives.
Sorry, man,
I thought you were someone else.
-No biggie.
-No, man. Pac.
-No, man. Cool.
-No, man. Nas.
-No, man. Smoke.
-No, man. Jay.
Drake. But the craziest is Ye.
-This is a sign. Hello, I'm Mike.
-You're struggling, aren't you?
-Yeah, man. Thug life.
I can tell. What do you need?
I need your help.
Stop it.
What the fuck is this?
Wait. I thought this was
a breathwork for two class.
-Lamaze. Breathing is breathing.
Sweetheart. How far along are you?
-This is not what it seems.
-Fifteen weeks.
-Darling, I can tell. You're glowing.
-Beautiful, right?
-Wonderful, baking in your oven.
-Gorgeous. Come, you'll love the session.
Yes. Allow the silence to come to you.
Think of your solar plexus.
Very good, sweetheart, let it all go.
No, this is not going to work.
It's a small gathering,
maybe with some live music.
-I think around 200 people.
-Two hundred people.
It's a charity event
for children and lion cubs.
Okay. When?
On the 23rd.
Name of the club?
Look at that.
Hey, bro. And?
Bad news. It didn't work.
-Didn't get the permit.
But then it's over.
-My life is over.
-Stay calm.
No way. You were supposed to help me.
You said so yourself.
-My life's over. I'm so young.
-I have good news too.
You have? What?
Hey, what is it?
-I got an authorization.
-A what?
It's basically a permit,
just spelled differently.
-So you did it.
-I thought it would be fucking difficult.
-That's insane.
-Fix-It Fatih can handle anything.
Look at this guy. He fixed the Full Moon.
It's a shame you work here, man.
We could've really used you.
-Yeah, man, for real.
But you got this awesome Baywatch job.
Watching girls in bikinis all day.
Bro, I have an idea. Come with me.
Listen Hey, hello.
-It's working again, guys.
-No, you're the Baywatch boy, man.
-Hello, how's it going?
-Who's this?
-Fatih. Madam.
Wow, temperamental. No stress.
-Calm down. He's going to work here.
-Did you come up with that yourself?
Someone has to replace Kay.
Take over his duties.
Right. Because what were
Kay's duties again?
Wait a minute.
Taking the spotlight and stuff.
-And he sorted out the permit.
-Wasn't that your job?
You're right. I just helped him a little.
He was feeling a bit down.
And he's a mental coach.
And he knows first aid.
Sounds good. You can cover for me.
Mila and I are leaving early.
I made plans with June.
Right, June.
You've known her for two seconds.
And she works for the competition,
but go right ahead.
-June from the Bonza?
-That's impossible.
Fine, I'll go by myself.
This is what I mean.
Everyone's self-centered.
Listen, we need this team player.
-Okay, show us what you can do.
-Let's go.
Hey, look at him go. Kay never did that.
-What's up?
-Hey, doing well?
-Great, man.
-Proud of you.
-By the way, Essie, how was your date?
-I'm done with dating.
Maybe dating is done with you.
-Sometimes it's hard to repeat something.
-Relationships are overrated.
So you could either get your diploma
or work at the Costa.
What do your parents think of that?
They think it's great.
My grandma even cried about it.
-Yeah, bro.
Family is number one,
no matter what I do.
Well, that's nice.
And you? What do your parents think
about you being here?
I'm actually traveling the world.
I'm here temporarily.
My parents are really happy I'm here.
Really happy.
-I love being on my own.
-Maybe a bit too much.
-Don't you have work to do?
-I see you looking at Duuk.
Is that your GF?
-My GF?
-Your chick.
-You haven't cursed all day.
-You're talking shit.
My chick? Oh.
-No, we're just colleagues.
-Is that what they call it these days?
You have to change the game, Essie.
What do you really like?
Talking? No. Fart yoga? No.
But what then?
I'm going back to work. Later.
So you're lugging glasses of beer
because you really want to DJ.
I thought being close to the action
would do the trick.
But there may be room for improvement.
-I think it's impressive.
-What is?
-That you trust everything will work out.
-Look there.
I need to be sure of everything.
Control freak.
-I have good qualities too.
What are those?
What are you most proud of?
That I'm the manager
of a successful club at 26.
-Or is that too work-oriented?
-Not if you like your work.
What about you?
That I'm here now.
That I've changed my life.
And in terms of music?
What do you like to play?
A bit of everything, really.
Mash-ups, and I also like old-school.
Would you play me something?
Would you like to try?
I'm as tone-deaf as a whale, but sure.
-What do I do?
Stop. Play.
Stop. Play. Stop.
Come with me.
What are we doing here?
Hey. Hey, honey.
Come on.
-I used to do this with my parents.
-You did?
Come on.
Mine is broken.
Come on.
-Are we home alone?
-I think so.
Why? Are you planning something?
Everyone's asleep.
Are you okay?
-Do you live here?
-Yes. In Kay's room.
Nice. Shouldn't you be in bed, toddler?
-How was it?
-Another unsuccessful evening.
-The sun will rise again tomorrow.
-Can I get by?
-Yes, good night.
Sleep well.
You're pretty good at playing.
Will you stay over?
Meetings can be fun.
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