Costume Quest (2019) s01e21 Episode Script

Deal With It - Sibling Showdown

1 BOTH: Trick or treat.
ROODY TOOTZ: Yo, kids.
Tired of begging for toothbrushes - and fun-sized candy? - Wee.
[both sigh.]
- Not anymore! - [both gasp.]
- Wow! - Awesome! Come on! It's the world premiere of Abe Lincoln Jr.
Inter-Dimensional Mega-Hero! BOTH: Oh, cool.
That's right, fam.
Opening this Halloween.
That's tonight.
Be there in your official deluxe, reversible Abe Jr.
costume, or be KIDS: The lamest kid on earth.
I am so there.
- Bad idea, kid.
- But I love Roody.
Listen, hon.
You know, I loved Roody once, too, but I learned that underneath that dreamy exterior, he's rotten to the core.
He'll break your heart, babe, just like he broke mine.
Oh! [crying continues.]
She'll thank you later.
There won't be a later if we don't stop Bob ASAP.
We got to grab some costumes and smash him to smithereens.
Let's move.
Again with the "gone fishin'"? If history can teach us anything and it can maybe this time we should go meet Norm at the lake.
Bob gets control of the factory today.
The Grubbins are probably packing up the nougat right now.
I'm going in.
[grunts, groans.]
Oh, looks like door number one is nailed shut.
On to the lake, then.
Come on, mama, one foot in front of the other.
Oh, hi there, Oona.
Long time, no see, huh? So, anyway, uh, I know you hate me and all, but to beat Bob, we have to put aside our past, um, differences, - and, um Huh? - [vehicle passing.]
Hey, Norm.
What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be running the junk shop? Jackie! Uh, yeah, but, uh, is, um is something going on at the factory? Not really sure.
Oona showed up in a dragon costume and told everyone to go home.
Weird, right? [laughs.]
[clears throat.]
Speaking of weird [clears throat, panting.]
Norm? Well, we're hosting a potluck Saturday.
He's not coming.
Norm! Norm! Norm! Norm! - Norm! Norm! - [groans.]
Enough, Reynold.
He's not here, all right? Let's go.
If you want to go, go.
But I'm waiting for Norm.
- Norm! - [groans.]
Norm? What are you doing down here [yells.]
He looks exactly like Santa, only without the beard, red suit and the elves.
Sound familiar? [seagull cawing.]
I'll take that as a "no.
" Hey, Luce, find anything down there? I don't want to talk about it.
I'm gonna send out a Norm signal.
Why don't you, um What can a game show host do? [grunting.]
It's showtime! Ladies and fishermen, welcome to the game we call: - "Help Us Find Norm!" - [crowd cheering.]
I'll be your host, and I need you to identify this guy.
He's not just a pretty face.
Norm I don't know his last name - is also husky.
- [crowd gasps.]
And kind of lonely-looking.
So, if you see him, send him our way.
We're located at the beautiful, uh, pole thingy.
- [horn honks.]
- Next to this barnacle.
So bring Norm here and win a-a date with that dude over there.
[applause, laughter.]
Ooh, you want that prize, don't you? Then help us find Norm! Please, he's kind of the key to this whole thing.
[crowd murmuring.]
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
What's going on? You can't hide up there forever, old gran.
Man, this election gets freakier by the day.
You're never setting foot inside this factory, Bob.
Not as long as I can help it.
Un-bunch your underwear, little lady.
I won the election fair and square.
You're not getting the nougat.
Uh, that's true.
The people are going to get the nougat.
Our wonderful new "non-crooked rainbow cursed" nougat.
Your smarm has no effect on me, Bob.
[crowd gasping.]
One blast of dragon breath, and you're through.
You-you can't.
In front of all these witnesses? I can.
Uh - [growls.]
- Oona! Norm? - Yoink.
- No! Now, this is just sad.
Don't you think you're a little old for dress-up? - Get her out of here.
- OONA: No.
[crowd murmuring.]
- She's too old.
- [gasps.]
Oona! Once again, Norm don't know his last name husky, lonely.
Come to the barnacle.
- BOTH: Norm? - Yes! - Uh - Oh, no.
I'm back! You're not Norm.
No, but I'm lonely.
I'll leave.
I can't take it anymore.
Let's hit the bricks now.
I think somebody needs to turn that frown upside down with some of my [grunts.]
nougat-y goodness.
Go eat yourself.
Probably tastes like wasting time.
Do not taste like wasting time.
You taste like bossy time.
Guys! I found Norm! KIMBERLY BUTTERWATER: It's been an intense day at the Nougatown factory.
A crowd of concerned citizens looked on as Bob and Oona were locked in a brutal standoff.
I knew there was something fishy about "gone fishin'.
" He tricked us.
Sent us here so he could go to the factory alone.
- He must have a reason.
- Reason-shmeason.
I'm grabbing a new costume and saving the world without Norm.
You in or out? Hope you know what you're doing, Norm.
Oh, what am I doing? Bob, I need to talk to you.
Yeah, take a number, bub.
It's about the kids, the costumed kids.
- Do I know you? - It doesn't matter.
I I want to make a deal.
I'm listening.
- Littering.
- [grunts.]
What is Jerry doing here? Do you think Norm might be in trouble? Forget Norm.
Our costumes might be in trouble.
Come on.
[Norm sighs.]
That's right.
All the kids' costumes came from me.
What a twist.
And they're all here in this dump? Yes.
A-And if you agree to my terms, they're yours, - every last one.
- [all gasp.]
You know, it sounds like a good deal, but there's one thing I believe you're leaving out.
What, m-my, uh, costumes are all I got.
I know, and I want yours.
What? But how? Come on, Norm.
You think I didn't recognize another monster hiding in plain sight? - [Wren, Everett, Lucy gasp.]
- NORM: I, uh Fine.
Just keep your end of the deal.
Is that Jeff? I thought you poofed him away.
I did.
Consider yourself lucky, Norm.
I've done far worse to other monster traitors.
I know.
Norm duped us! He's been duping us this whole time.
I-I-I know it looks bad, but Norm isn't a bad monster.
He's a good monster.
Yeah? And how would you know? Because he - [sighs.]
He told me.
- [gasps.]
How long have you known? [sighs.]
Since that time in the Fun Room.
Norm was Jeff.
We made the whole thing up to keep his secret.
You kept a secret? From us? Why didn't you say something? We could have handled it.
- [grunts angrily.]
- Well most of us could have handled it.
You knew this whole time? Wren, listen.
Norm promised me he would tell you himself.
He just wanted to wait until it was the right time.
Yeah, like right after he sold us out? Ow! That's for being a sucker.
Don't call me a sucker.
And this is for selling us out.
Whoa! I don't want to fight you, Wren.
Get up.
Guys, stop.
You don't have to fight like this.
Yeah, can't we just I don't know talk about it? I'm done talking.
[grunts angrily.]
[Wren shouts.]
Reynold, you don't need to do this.
She started it.
Why didn't you tell us that Norm was a monster? Because I knew you'd freak out.
I don't freak out.
- [grunts.]
- Whoa! Ow.
You guys, stop.
Both of you stop before you hurt each other.
She's right, Wren.
I don't want to fight you.
Truce, okay? Ah, the battle cry of the loser.
All right, that does it.
Come at me, bug-face.
Ow, ow, ow, ow! [grunts.]
You guys Elevator shoes, top floor.
[laugh track.]
- You lied to me.
- I had to.
- You're a traitor.
- You're a psycho.
- [grunting.]
- [screams.]
That's what you get, you you-you Reynold-ict Arnold.
Don't you dare use history against me.
- [grunts.]
- Whoa! [creaking.]
Oona? Why doesn't she just power up and break free? Maybe she's hurt.
We better find out what's going on.
What about Wren and Reynold? Uh, they'll be fine.
Siblings fight all the time.
You should see me and Benji.
- [yelling.]
- Hiya! [explosion in distance.]
I'm glad I'm an only child.
[clears throat.]
'Sup, y'all li'l skin sacks? It's me, Norm.
Totally nailed it.
Think that'll fool the kids? [chuckles.]
Oh, yeah.
Oh, come on, Bob.
I can do it.
I've wanted a human suit for the last hundred years.
Can it, Jerry.
That was garbage.
Norm, if you really want to save the dragon lady, - you got to do better than that.
- [muffled yelling.]
Okay, okay.
I'll do what you want.
Now, get to it.
Uh, well, for starters, I wouldn't call them "li'l skin sacks.
" Right, right, got it.
How about "mini meat bags"? [both gasp.]
No "meat bags.
" Just say "gang.
" And don't forget to smile.
[clears throat.]
I got this.
Hey, gang.
It's me, Norm.
Who's ready for new costumes? Have you ever seen a human before? - [chuckling.]
- Yeah, uh, all right.
Keep it like that and, uh, don't do this with your face.
It's weird.
Okay, now.
Channel your inner Norm.
Whatever that is.
Hey, gang.
- Lower.
- [clears throat.]
Hey, gang, it's me, Norm.
Want to try some new costumes? Yes.
Nailed it.
Ha! You did good.
I can't believe it.
Norm's totally playing us.
Maybe Wren was right about him.
That wasn't so hard, was it? You got what you wanted.
Now keep your end of the bargain.
Of course, of course.
Such a softie, Norm, giving up the kids' costumes, your store, your own human face, just to save the life of a dusty old spinster.
Let her go, Bob.
My word is my bond.
[snaps fingers.]
[muffled shouting.]
Oh, are you okay? Tell me you're okay.
He was saving Oona.
I'm so sorry.
- [growls.]
- [laughs.]
Double-cross! You should see your face.
Now, you got any last words, Norm? [screams, grunts.]
WREN: Admit it.
Admit it, Reynold.
Norm pulled the strings, and you danced like a puppet.
I'm not a puppet.
He told me 'cause you couldn't handle it.
Yeah, you're right, Reynold.
I can't handle a bunch of freak shows trying to take over our world.
You're not listening to me.
He's not one of them.
He's one of us.
Norm's clearly duping you.
It's so obvious.
Oh, like how Roody Tootz totally duped you? Do not bring up the "R" word.
Why? 'Cause he broke your widdle heart? I will end you.
Whoa Oof.
I don't want to Oh.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! You're out of control! And you're a liar, a traitor, and worst of all, a sucker.
Huh? [grunts.]
[stops yelling.]
[Wren straining.]
I wish you weren't my brother.
I wish you weren't my sister.
I don't need a costume to beat you.
Neither do I.
[both yell.]
No, no.
Stay back.
Nougatown is mine.
You're a monster.
Look who's talking.
Time to say goodbye, Norm.
Ooh, right.
The factory.
I guess I can't finish you off personally, but my associates will take real good care of you.
Ruben, Jerry, destroy him.
Destroy everything.
So, I guess I'm the new Norm now.
- LUCY: Never! - Huh? There's only one Norm.
And it definitely ain't you.
- [bell dings.]
- [audience gasps.]
You're too late, you li'l skin sacks.
[both groan.]
No one's gonna know the difference.
That is, once we tie up a couple loose ends.
Bring it on.
We beat you before, and we'll do it again.
- Kids, look out.
- Quiet, you.
[both shout.]
Yeah! Get them, Ruben.
Well, well, danger bike, baby.
Looks like this is your last ride.
Yeah, good one.
And just so you know, the ban on eating children has been lifted.
[bell tolls.]
No! - [shouts.]
- Whoa! Whoa, whoa.
Easy on the skin.
- [chuckling.]
- NORM: Hey.
- Eat this! - [screams.]
BOTH: Whoa.
Aha! - Got you, you little - [meows.]
[engine starts.]
[tires screeching.]
Norm, you can Grubbinize? [sighs.]
Look, um, I I-I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was a monster.
I just didn't want you to stop being my friends.
It's happened before.
Nah, come on, Norm.
- Of course you're still our pal.
- Yeah? Yeah.
You should have just told us the truth, you big goof.
We would have accepted you.
Well, maybe not Wren.
She kind of blew a gasket.
She knows? Yeah.
And she knows that he knows.
Who's "he"? BOTH: Reynold.
Hey! No fighting dirty.
That's what you get, you lousy backstabber.
I'm not a backstabber! [both yell, grunting.]
Hey! Time out.
Time out, time out.
Now you're gonna eat this dirt.
Eat it.
Come on, eat it.
- No.
- Eat it, you traitor.
Traitor, traitor Traitor! [growls.]
Reynold, get off of me.
Okay, okay.
Truce, truce.
Ha, ha, ha.
No truce.
Now you're gonna eat this dirt.
Ah, Reynold, don't.
- [growls.]
- Please.
Wren, what are we doing fighting like this? It's crazy.
For-real truce? Yeah.
For-real truce.
- What? - [shouts.]
Oh! [grunts.]
Yeah, that's better.
Down in the mud like the rat you are.
Norm's little rat boy.
I swear he's on our side.
Why won't you listen to me? [groans.]
Wake up, dink.
We just saw him give Bob all of our costumes.
How can he possibly be on our side? - How? - I I don't know.
Wren! No, Reynold.
I'm going off to save the world with Everett and Lucy.
Do us all a favor go home.