Cow and Chicken (1997) s01e08 Episode Script

The Molting Fairy

Help! Help!
Mom, Dad, my feathers
is falling out.
Mom, looks like our son
has started molting.
He's becoming a man.
Well, the next thing you know,
he'll be shaving his wattle.
They grow up so fast!
Molting?! I do not want to molt!
Now, now, it's not that bad.
Remember when Cow
lost her baby teeth?
Oh, yeah. How could
I forget that?
She looked like a idiot.
But then she put them
under her pillow
And the tooth fairy
came and gave me a
dollar for each tooth.
A buck a tooth. Man,
that is good dough.
Maybe if you put your
feathers under your pillow,
the Molting Fairy will
pay you a visit tonight.
Ooh! A buck for each feather.
I will be rich.
Oh, yeah. There's one over here.
One over here.
Ha hee hee! One
plus one plus one--
Oh! Hold it!
Plus 2.
Want to play roll Chicken
up in the mattress?
No! I do not choose to
play no stupid cow game.
This mess of feathers adds up
to be worth $700 and no cents!
Pillow. There.
Now I will treat my good pals
Flem and Earl to the carnival.
Ooh! Mom says never go
to the carnival naked.
Aw, geez. Oh, Mom did say that.
Dad! Can I wear some
of your clothes?
Why, sure, son.
Come on, Chicken.
Oh, hold your horses.
Ahem. I am soon to come into a
large fortune, ticket woman.
Please accept my I.O.U.
For I and my companions.
Yeah. I got a chicken here
dressed in a sock, wants credit.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
It's your carnival.
Here you are, boys--
3 general admission.
Whoa! This I.O.U.
system is terrific.
Let's get cotton candied meat.
And for you, pal?
Allow me to help myself.
You busted my meat machine.
No problem, sir.
Just hold my I.O.U.
till tomorrow,
and you will be paid in full.
Hey, Flem. Hey, Earl.
Watch this!
I can steer with my eyeballs.
Left. Right. Spin.
Here's an I.O.U.
I'll pay you tomorrow when
I'm rolling in the dough.
Ice cream, please.
- What flavor?
- All.
You want all flavors? But
we have 5,000 flavors:
Chocolate, strawberry,
rocky road, asphalt road,
dirt road, road to ruin,
road apple, meadow muffin
Read my beak, pal. We
want all your ice cream.
Here's my I.O.U.
Yeah. Now for the big payoff.
Where is that Molting Fairy?
It's almost today.
Got feathers in my
sack, my name is Larry ♪
Feathers make me glad ♪
'Cause I'm the Molting Fairy ♪
Hey, fairy!
Where's my dough?
Oh, I'm so embarrassed.
I completely forgot.
Got change for a dollar?
A dollar?
I want $700.
Well, you'll never get 700
bills from me, Chicken.
Now, my brother could maybe
leave you that kind of cash,
him being the scab
fairy and all.
Got any scabs?! They
could be worth gold.
Got to go. Scab's are calling.
Bye-bye, Chicken!
Remember to put your
scabs under your pillow!
Uh, um, in lieu of actual money,
I am prepared to repay youse all
with extremely
valuable feathers.
Did he say feathers?
Yes. Feathers.
Anybody got any
hot boiling glue?
Right here.
Me, too.
Let's get him!
Chicken, who were those
grown men and women
coming out of your room
carrying boiling glue pots?
Friends of yours?
Oh, yeah. My best buds.
Ouch! That's going
to cause a scab!
Ooh! I'm going to be rich. Ow!
Rich! Ow! Rich! Ow! Rich!
Dad, you better
call an ambulance!
"You must be this tall to ride."
Aw, dang. I'm too short.
Ooh! This is great.
Right, Chicken?
Yeah, great.
I'm having the time of my life!
You don't need pants
for the victory dance ♪
'Cause Baboon
better than Weasel ♪
I.R. Baboon, big
star of cartoon ♪
I.M. Weasel!
I.R. Baboon reigns
king in his mind ♪
He's just as good as
the weaselly kind ♪
But round every corner,
he's likely to find ♪
I.M. Weasel!
I.M. Weasel!
I.M. Weasel!
Ah, him.
Very good. Classy.
My worldwide genealogical search
has finally located my
Weasel the Great.
He later died.
Hello. Hello?
Am I transmitting?
Queen of Yurp calling I.M.
Do you read me?
Your Majesty.
Why are you calling me
from the royal, uh
Commode. Yes. Well, Yurp is
a poor country, you see,
so we combine our
technologies whenever we can.
Fair enough. What seems
to be the problem?
Oh, well, uh, Mr. Weasel,
I have a bit of a problem
which requires your expertise
in the field of genealogy.
Our Duke of Cankerberry
has up and died, you see,
and we must find a suitable
heir to his estate.
We have reason to believe that a long-lost
Cankerberry may be living in America.
Oh, pardonnez-moi, your majesty,
but are you through yet?
You are not the only one in the palace
who needs to transmit, you know.
Keep your pants on! Yeah,
I'm almost through!
I shall locate your
Cankerberry, your majesty,
and deliver him to Yurp myself.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
Au revoir, mon kiki.
Let's see.
Close-set eyes, misshapen ears,
enormous nose, rotten teeth.
Yep. He's a royal all right.
I.R. move horsey to stomp
on castle thingie.
I.R. make checkmate
on king of I.R.
Ha ha ha! Checkmate! Checkmate!
I.R. beat I.R. ♪
I.R. beat I.R. ♪
What that?
I'm here to take you to Yurp.
You are a descendant of royalty.
I.R. royalty?
Fortune cookie was right!
I expecting you long time.
Well, then, let's be off.
Oh. I.R. sorry. I not
offering any for you.
I see we have some work to do,
and I know just the place--
my yurpean summer house.
Let's begin with
basic table manners.
Behold the salad fork.
Monsieur Baboon.
Monsieur Baboon!
Stop right there!
Let's review.
I sorry, but I.R. hungry.
Yes, of course,
but we must learn to
be gentlemen about it.
I.R. always wanted
to be gentlemans.
Then let's begin again.
Say it.
By jove, I think you've got it.
I.R. got it. I.R. got it. ♪
I.R. gentlemans. ♪
What "jove"?
Never mind. We're on a roll.
Ooh! Uh.
Monsieur Baboon.
I dub thee Duke of Cankerberry.
Now, get to work.
I'm afraid your uncle left this
world owing a substantial debt,
which you, the new
Cankerberry, must now repay.
You may begin by cleaning
the royal transmitter.
Take him away!
I.R. gentlemans. Not fair.
I gentlemans.
No! Wait!
I.R. want lawyer!
I'm a lawyer
And a perfect gentleman.
Shine it up, now.
I want to see my
reflection when I
I.R. gentlemans, too.
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