Cow and Chicken (1997) s01e10 Episode Script

Crash Dive

Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad was proud, ♪
didn't care how. ♪
Cow. ♪
Chicken. ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
See you tomorrow, Cow.
Ok. Bye-bye!
What you building?
Mom says never drive your
head into a wood plank.
"Mom says."
And I say you are a idiot, Cow!
So, what you building?
I cannot believe that you
do not see the oblivious.
It's a submarine.
A submarine? Ooh!
I have always wanted
to ride in a submarine
under the water.
First mate Cow, ready
for duty, skipper!
All aboard.
Move your butt!
You're mashing it.
This is what I get for
having a 600-pound sister.
This is strictly a
one-chicken vessel.
No room for two.
Especially no cow!
But--but cows are excellent
submarine riders
because we can hold our
breath a long, long time.
Watch this.
What are you, a imbecile?
You don't have to
hold your breath.
You breathe the air inside
the submarine, idiot.
Sheesh. Stupid cow.
You could stay
underwater for days.
And see octopuses and
spanish gallons and stuff.
And use the periscope
to spy on people.
And they won't even
know you're there!
Will you stop with the
breath-holding already
and help me get my
submarine to the water?
Hee hee hee!
Hold it.
Ok. Close the hatch.
Chicken, remember,
Mom said to never nail
yourself in a box
and drop it in the lake.
Shut up and nail.
And besides, this is not no box.
It is a submarine.
Now nail!
Ow! Ooh! Ow!
Hatch sealed.
Submarine ready
for takeoff, sir.
Not "takeoff." Shove off!
Shove the submarine
into the lake.
Bon voyage, big brother.
How come you're
not bon voyaging?
Nothing's happening.
Dive! Dive! Dive!
How come you don't dive?
'Cause I do not know
how to do that.
How about "up periscope"?
It is up, idiot!
Oh! Oh!
You're moving! Oh, yay!
Oh, my big brother is
driving a submarine!
Chicken, stop!
Come back! Reverse, full rudder!
Come about!
All engines stop!
¡Yo te salvare!
Come on. Come on.
¡Supercow al rescate!
Hermano chicken, ¿estas vivo?
What are you doing, Supercow?
You busted my submarine.
Ibas a estrellar en las rocas.
I was not crashing.
All submarines have
parachutes, Cow.
Me tengo que ir. Adios.
Tengo que ir. Adios.
Jeez! What a dope.
Cast off all lines!
All ashore who's going ashore.
So, Chicken, how did
your submarine work?
It leaks.
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