Cow and Chicken (1997) s01e22 Episode Script

Space Cow

Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad was proud. ♪
He didn't care how. ♪
Cow. ♪
Chicken. ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Ha ha ha ha!
And so, boys and girls,
in conclusion,
should you decide to pursue a career
in pig farming, always remember,
be good to your pigs,
and they'll be good to you.
Thank you.
I'd like everyone here
to write a short essay
on the job they'd most like
to have if they grow up.
The student with the best essay
will get to live their chosen
profession for one whole day.
Oh, boy! Ha ha ha ha!
Ooh! Hee hee hee hee!
Oh, I hope you
enjoy reading this
as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Read it and weep.
Oh, boy! Oh, boy!
I hope she picks my essay.
Oh, I would love to be an
astronaut and go to outer space!
Outer space? You?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
They'd never let you
in outer space.
There's no room!
I am going into marketing.
That is where the real money is.
Hey, Cow, you want to get that?
Remember our deal,
or I'll tell Mom and Dad
that it's you who crows
every morning at sunrise.
Morning, son. We're here from
NASA on official business.
We'd like to speak with a Miss
Cow concerning an essay contest.
Hey, Cow!
A couple of guys from NASA
are here to see youse!
I'll be right there.
Congratulations, Miss Cow.
You're the winner of your
school's essay contest.
I would like to ask
for your assistance
on a mission to repair the
stubble space microscope.
Oh! I would be honored!
Right this way, then, Cow.
Miss Cow.
Miss Cow.
Thank you.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Outer space,
outer space. Big deal!
Are you Chicken?
Congratulations, Chicken.
You won runner-up
in the school
Essay contest.
I'm here to take you to your
career-day experience in marketing.
Uh, sugar-frosted
wienies, $4.95
This is not the kind
of marketing I had in mind.
Googolplex demodulator.
Well, that about does it.
Cow, would you like to
take us out of here?
Oh! You mean it, Buzz?
You bet he does, Cow.
Go ahead. Fire her up.
All right, Cow.
Hit it!
Hee hee hee hee!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Well, there it is, Cow--
the stubble microscope.
Oh! Wow!
It's so big!
Come on.
Let's go fix it.
We've tried everything,
and it still doesn't work.
Hey, guys,
what is this thing for?
Chicken, assistance, aisle 5.
Can't be no worse than this.
Well, I've got
a softball game at 6:00.
What do you say we head home?
Oh, no!
We're out of gas!
- Oh!
- Oh!
Dang! We must have
forgotten to refuel
after our last mission.
We're doomed!
And up!
Ha ha! And down!
And up!
Ha ha! And down!
We interrupt this program
for a special report.
We've just received word that the
space shuttle has run out of gas.
These photos, taken from
an orbiting satellite,
would seem to confirm the rumor
that the space shuttle and
her crew are indeed in trouble.
Oh, no! Cow!
Don't worry, Cow.
I'll save youse.
Flem! Earl! Cow's stuck
in outer space,
and I need your help
to rescue her!
- Ok.
- Ok.
Ok, Flem. Let her rip!
Maybe we should get
a bigger tree.
This better work, you guys.
Are y'all ready for liftoff?
Yeah, yeah.
Just hurry up and light me.
Hang in there, Cow.
I'm coming.
I've got gas!
It's no use, Cow.
We're goners.
The manual says, "in case of no
fuel, pull emergency fuel rope."
Of course! The fuel for the
emergency steam engine.
Good work, Cow!
Looks like we'll be
going home after all.
Pardon me. I have to use
the little girl cows' room.
Supercow, ial rescate!
¡Yi yi yi yi yi!
I've never seen anything so
incredible in my entire life.
Oh! Hi, guys.
Did I miss anything?
Y-yeah! Th-th-this huge cow swooped out
of nowhere and rescued that chicken.
Cow, you missed everything!
Well, kids, it sounds like
you both had quite a day.
Cow, it seems
we have you to thank
for the space shuttle's
safe return.
And, Chicken, I understand
we have you to thank
for the meatloaf you
earned marketing today.
And for trying to rescue me
when he heard I was in trouble.
I thought that was
a very brave thing to do.
Yeah. Hee hee!
I guess it was kind of brave.
Hurry and suck
your meatloaf, kids.
I've got ice cream
con carne for dessert.
- Oh, boy!
- Oh, boy!
Where's the dessert?
Hey! How about mine?
Ha ha ha!
Hee hee!
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