Cow and Chicken (1997) s04e05 Episode Script

Cow's Toys

Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad was proud, he didn't care how. ♪
Cow! ♪
Chicken! ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Tea party!
Care for some tea, Crabs?
Oh, Crabs, you silly warthog!
Quit being such a pig!
Have some cookies, Piles?
Good Piles!
Care for some milk with your tea?
Cow! Get your butt down here for dinner!
Coming, big brother!
I'm Piles the Beaver.
Hey, I'm Piles the Beaver.
Another glorious day being played with.
Did you feel Cow's hoofs today?
As cold as ice!
And what is up with the milk?
Always with the milk!
What is up with that?
You know, there has got to be
a better way to spend our lives
than trapped in this living nightmare!
Piles has got something important
to add to the discussion.
Pull his cord, Manure!
This had better be good, Beaver.
I'm Piles the Beaver. Hey.
You okay, Piles?
Hey, Manure?
You got something back here.
No, no, it's a note.
But I can't make it out.
Reading isn't one of my strong points.
Hey, Piles?
Have a look at this note for me, will ya?
I'm Piles. I chew wood. Hey.
"Made in Hong Kong."
"A maiden named Hong Kong."
Hey, she sounds cute!
I'll bet my wheels
that this maiden Hong Kong gal
is our original owner!
Oh, if only we could find her!
I bet she wouldn't squirt us with milk.
Think about it, Piles!
With a maiden,
our lives would be so glorious!
Oh, what a noble quest,
to search
and find our magnificent maiden Hong!
Exactly! She's a maiden!
What's a "maiden"?
A maiden is like a princess, only longer.
We have to find her!
It'll be our most resplendent endeavor!
I don't want to do anything resplendent.
I got a rash.
I vote we go find her!
I vote "nope."
It's up to you, Piles!
You're the tie-breaker!
I like to beat mud with my tail. Hey.
I'll take that as a "yes"! Come on!
Follow me, toys!
If Cow sees us, our quest will be toast.
Let's go!
We' re free!
Now, it's off to find our maiden!
Hey, Crabs?
How do we know where we're going?
We don't! We use our instincts!
I know all about in-stinks.
Mine does all the time.
Okay, men. Let's thumb a ride!
Hey? Why aren't they stopping?
I saw this in a movie once.
I don't get it?
You know, Manure?
I'm starting to think that being a toy
is going to make it difficult to get around!
A bus!
Our search for the beautiful maiden
must be a divine quest!
Hey! Can I play with you toys?
Beat it, kid!
That stinky bear doll hurt my feelings!
We're looking for a beautiful maiden.
You're in luck!
I'm a "Maiden"! And I'm beautiful!
My name's Murray Maiden.
Oh, we will have so much fun together!
What was that all about?
How would I know?
You're talking to a guy named "Manure."
We made it!
We made it!
Our instincts have led us to our destiny!
Our instincts bite!
We're back at Cow's house
where we started!
Oh, man!
I'm starting
to lose my ever-present optimism!
What now, Crabs?
What is it, Piles?
What are you trying to say?
Don't pull the string, Crabs!
That's it! "Made in Hong Kong!"
Oh, we were searching all over the city,
when the glorious, wonderful,
beautiful "Maiden Hong Kong"
was living right next door!
You know, maybe in the big picture,
hoofs as cold as ice aren't so bad.
At least them four streaming jets
of milk are warm.
Let's go home to Cow!
All right.
This is your last chance
to say something useful.
My pelt
is amazingly thermally protective. Hey.
Nine out of ten Europeans like me. Hey.
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