Cow and Chicken (1997) s04e09 Episode Script

The Big Move

Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad was proud, he didn't care how. ♪
Cow! ♪
Chicken! ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Hey, kids! Start packing your crud!
We're moving out!
Whoopee! Come on, kids!
Load up your gear! We're leaving!
Moving out?
Did you say
we was moving out of our home?
You got it!
Yeah, but Dad?
Gang way!
Moving is so sad.
Yeah, tell me about it.
I liked this house. It's like our home!
And everything in it is like a memory
from the only home we have ever known.
Oh, lookie, Chicken!
It is our baby pictures!
Look how cute you were.
This was even before your wattle came in.
Yeah. Adorable.
Just look around us!
Every square inch of this place
is simply dripping with memories!
Oh, lookie, big brother!
It is our growth chart!
how dad always kept track of our growth
by carving notches in the doorway?
Oh, yeah!
Oh, just look at how I have grown
over the years!
Oh, Dad would chop a notch
in the doorway to measure us.
Remember how much it hurt
when he missed?
Oh, lookie! There is your growth chart!
Oh, my! Lookie how you've grown?
Yeah, I'm all choked up.
Can we just get this packing over with?
Oh, jingle balls, jingle balls. ♪
La la la lala la. ♪
Oh, remember, big brother,
it was in this very corner
that our Christmas tree stood
on our very first Christmas.
Oh, yeah!
It's morning! Santa's been here!
Hey, Cow! Wake up!
A Christmas present for me!
Oh, boy!
Oh, look how excited they are!
Oh, goodie, goodie, goodie!
It is just exactly what I wanted!
A battery powered woolly
strap-on udder warmer!
What do you think of your present?
Oh, it's just grand.
Just what I always wanted.
A battery powered woolly
strap-on udder warmer.
Hey, Cow? Where you at?
You gotta help me move your stupid
milking machine to the truck!
Look what I found!
I'm in the attic!
And I found a treasure!
Really? A treasure?
Heads up!
Oh, it's all our old stuff!
Goodie, goodie, goodie!
A whole chest full of memories!
Oh, my gosh!
Oh, yes, yes, I think
Our first Puppy's collar!
You sure did love that little old Puppy!
Yeah! I remember the day
they brought him home.
I was happily playing,
and then I heard his cute little barking.
And then I saw him.
Every day you would take him for a walkie.
And then you taught him tricks.
Yeah, I taught him to rollover,
and then I'd always give him,
you know,
like that little bone as a reward.
Hey, boy! Want a bone?
He sure did love those bones.
What was his name, now?
Oh, that's it!
Day after day, year after year,
you would walk with the Rabid.
You'd get him to do his little trickie.
And you always remembered
his little reward.
Don't you remember how great
it was having our first puppy?
Yeah. And I also remember how great
it was having twenty-one days
of rabies shots in my belly!
Hey, kids, come on!
The truck's loaded! It's time to go!
I guess this is goodbye.
Goodbye, Mr. Toilet. I will miss you.
Goodbye, Mr. Closet.
Mr. Knothole in the wooded floor!
Goodbye, steps.
I have always liked you
Step number six
Number seven.
You are very special, too.
All right, all ready! Let's blow this joint!
Goodbye, Flem and Earl!
Yeah, see yas.
I'm so sad to see y'all go, I am.
We was always like the five Musketeers.
Yes. We three were quite the duo.
Please, don't go!
If you move, I will have no one to bother.
Who will be worthy of my scams?
Oh, please,
don't leave me with those three guys!
All right, let's move them out!
Take a last look.
Goodbye, house.
Hey, Dad?
How come we didn't stay in our old house
instead of moving to an identical
one next door?
The answer's simple, really.
Our old house is infested with ants!
Wouldn't it just be easier
to get rid of the ants?
Oh, you two!
Maybe when you're older you'll understand.
It's like my father said to me,
"Sticks and stones will break my bones
"every time!"
Oh, boy.
Hey, Cow? Look.
It's our old ants
headed right for our new house!
I think I'll just wait in the truck.
You coming?
I wonder where we'll move this time?
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