Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e16 Episode Script

Black Dog Serenade

1 I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together OK, 3-2-1, let's jam All right! You do all that by yourself? Not bad, amigo.
Hey, come on, let's be friends now.
No reason to waste what our whimsical God has given us.
Our God? Well, for these guys, it's more like the devil.
Want a hit? It's Dom Perignon.
To the ship that charmed the devil.
What the hell's going on with the showers in this place?! This is the fourth time! The fourth time! Even Buddha gets upset after three times.
Hey, I'm talking to you! The shower's broken.
We've only got cold water.
And the faucet fell off.
Well, if you know about it, then why don't you fix it? - I'm busy right now.
- You can do that anytime.
He's busy right now.
Don't just hang up! What if it's an emergency? I get it, Faye.
I promise I'll fix the shower.
Hi Yeah, he'll call you back.
Who is it? OK, Fad.
I'll tell him.
What's that? Did you say Fad? Don't you feel that? It needs to be repaired.
Faye, I told you I'd fix it.
I mean your arm.
Reconstructive surgery.
It doesn't cost that much these days, you know.
This ship is my ship.
And this arm is my arm.
I don't need instructions.
Attention, all death row inmates.
I'm sorry to announce that the cruise to the prison on Pluto has been canceled.
The ship will now embark on a highly mysterious tour-- And where will you go? Do you really think you can get away in a ship like this? I wasn't talking to you, was I? You'll never pull it off, you know that.
If you turn yourselves in, you can make it! Man, I told you to shut up.
Hey, don't get so hotheaded.
Yeah, right.
You just blew away our only hostage.
The guy was valuable.
You trying to tell me what to do? If you got a problem, then step right up! You! I know who you are.
Yeah, I heard about you.
You're that assassin from the syndicate.
Caught you red-handed.
That's a 2,000 Woolong fine, my friend.
Then I'll need to collect on that loan I gave you with seven years' worth of interest.
And penalty fees.
And when did you buy me that cup of coffee? It's way past the statute of limitations.
So you still think you're a shooter with an old gun like that.
ISSP sure can waste tax money.
On the gun? No, on your salary.
Oh, yeah, right - Want one? - Nah, I gave it up.
- You're kidding.
- Tenth day.
This is not a world for smokers anymore, you know? Hm.
Never thought you'd quit.
So what do you wanna tell me? There was a riot on a prison transport ship that was on its way to Pluto.
About six hours ago.
Apparently, there was an electrical malfunction.
The prisoners saw their opportunity and took it.
I don't know all the details.
- And? - Udai is on the ship.
They got through the Ganymede gate.
After that, we don't know where they went.
ISSP is going ballistic.
Hold on.
You're not getting any stupid ideas, are you? This is not your beat.
Are you sure it's a stupid idea, Jet? That's the reason you quit the police force, isn't it? Because of that? Past the statute of limitations.
If he gets free after what he did How you gonna feel about that missing arm, partner? It's just old news.
It doesn't interest me anymore.
Jet, I'll go around the back! All right, do it! Udai Taxim! You're under arrest! A setup So what do we do? You know the boys from ISSP are gonna be here any minute.
And our dear pilots are very dead.
We're gonna break through their lines.
Easier said than done.
We've got just enough firepower for defense.
So how do we handle that? I'm sure they've set up a barricade.
And the best defense is a good offense.
We find their weakest point and hit it hard.
You mean you can pilot this thing? I used to be a police captain on Venus.
An ex-cop, and they gave you life in prison? Cops are human too.
We make mistakes.
You came back.
I'm leaving again.
And don't stay there, you're in the way.
Bring Edward some souvenirs this time.
Edward If I don't come back, water the bonsai for me, OK? All right! Bonsai, bok choy, wise guy, water boy, Lights shine bright in the old town tonight! Team leader, do you copy? This is Group D-7.
We've located the prison transport ship.
They're sending a distress signal.
Apparently, they're experiencing some dire mechanical failure.
We're releasing one emergency shuttle.
On it are four officers and twelve inmates.
We're requesting an immediate pickup.
Vehicles 12 and 13, no response.
Request emergency backup.
Repeat, emergency.
We have lost sight of the transport.
Current location is 7-4-5.
Group D-7, initiate code 10-8.
Repeat, we request emergency backup.
No luck.
Apparently, the police don't have a clue where the ship went either.
And where do you think they're heading for? Well, they could try to hijack another ship.
Maybe find a good hiding place near their original route? - I don't think so.
- Then what? Europa.
Europa, really? Why go there? If I was Udai, that'd be my move.
Yeah, but Udai's been out of the uh Well, it's been a long time since he worked for the European syndicate.
He's old-fashioned.
Very old-fashioned.
The kinda guy who doesn't really belong in this day and age.
He'll go straight back there.
I'm certain of it.
The Black Dog who bites once, and then never lets go OK.
Europa it is.
If you're wrong, you're paying for the fuel.
W-What the-- Yeah! What are you doing in here? Jet's gonna have a fit, Edward.
He asked Ed.
Jet's never coming back here.
Never mind that, just get a mop or something.
All right! What's up with Jet? Leaving his precious bonsai trees to Ed? Hey, Jet! What is going on?! It's me.
You've gone way over the line.
We need a new ship.
There is no further relationship between ourselves and Udai Taxim.
A betrayal? If you want to think of it like that.
I have information.
That threat doesn't work anymore.
While you were in prison, things changed.
New rules.
You were right.
He's there.
OK, let's split up.
I'll come around from the other side.
You're crazy! Come on, the weapons on that ship are worthless! This is the way I work.
You know that better than anyone, right? Oh, Jet Why don't you give up this bounty hunter thing, and team up with me again at ISSP? I'll think it over if we make it back home.
- It's a heat source.
- They're after us.
ISSP wouldn't send one ship.
They'd send a squadron.
Check this out.
I found some new toys.
We've got the perfect target to try them out on.
All right, Jet, we'll use this ice field for cover.
Don't take off until I give you the signal.
Jet! Hello there, my friend.
Welcome to hell.
This guy's got guts, coming in here by himself.
Who the devil is he? Hey, where you going? This one's mine, understand? He's insane.
I'm not sticking around for this.
You came all the way here to see me? I wasn't really looking forward to it.
Don't say that.
I came all the way here just to say hello.
I didn't wanna come here - but something else insisted.
- What? The arm I lost because of you.
What a clueless chump you are.
You never figured it out in all this time.
Figured what out? I'm not the one who fired the gun that day.
It was your own partner.
Jet, I'll go around the back! All right, do it! It was all planned out from the beginning.
To get rid of you.
Because you were a threat to the syndicate.
And your partner was on our payroll.
Udai Taxim! You're under arrest! He led you like a lamb to slaughter.
You were used.
A setup Why'd you blast him? Because he was telling the truth? You came here to shut him up for good, didn't you.
Well? No answer? How about it, "partner?" You brought it on yourself, "partner.
" You just couldn't play the game like everybody else.
But people who go against the syndicate lose, Jet.
They lose big.
Either they give up like you did, or they die young.
This is the real world.
There's no place for pretty ideals.
And that's why you betrayed me? That's why you lied and took me out here? You were the best man.
I wanted to team up like back in the old days.
Sayonara, partner.
Fad! Hey Jet One bullet? You knew I'd take you out with your gun like this.
Can you hand me a cigarette? I guess I couldn't quit smoking after all.
Aishiteta to nageku ni wa Amari ni mo toki wa sugite shimatta Mada kokoro no hokorobi o Iyasenu mama kaze ga fuiteru Kawaita hitomi de dareka naite kure The real folk blues Hontou no kanashimi ga shiritai dake Doro no kawa ni tsukatta Jinsei mo waruku wa nai Ichido kiri de owarunara Let's kick the beat This time, the three of us will do the previews for the next episode.
Gee, uh, do you think we can do it? We only have thirty seconds! If you're too slow, it'll all be over! You sure are antsy, ol' buddy.
Bah! What kinda story is it next time, anyway? Hell, I don't know.
We're already runnin' outta time! Title! At least tell them the title! Next episode: Uh What was it? I forgot.
Can we try this again?