Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e21 Episode Script

Boogie Woogie Feng Shui

1 I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together OK, 3-2-1, let's jam This peculiar story began on a blazing hot day.
Out of the blue, I got an e-mail from an old acquaintance of mine.
There was no explanation, and the message was very terse.
All it said was, "Seek the holy beast of Anzan.
" "I am where the four gods meet.
" The message came from a guy named Pao, who I had lost touch with long ago.
I was leery, to say the least.
So I decided to look into his current whereabouts.
Pao's background was unknown, but he had a reputation as one of the three greatest feng shui masters on Mars.
But when I finally managed to locate him, it was not in this world.
I suppose you couldn't have sent me that message from here, could you.
The one who visits from the inauspicious door receives word from the heavens and will lead me to the sun stone.
Just like the pakua said! Look out! What are you aiming at? Heck of a place for target practice.
I found a way out! What? Hey! Whoa! - Idiot.
- Shit! This way! Earth chi! Well, that was a pretty close one, huh? Huh? I'm glad just you're safe.
Uh-huh What are you up to? Take a look over there.
Jet's got a friend.
Ohh It's a fine romance.
She's too young for that.
Hot dog bun, not too young! Maybe he's got a thing.
Nah, afraid she's too old.
Oldy and moldy, history, mystery! Pao's little girl, huh? I just didn't expect you to be this old already, Meifa.
I'm sure you don't remember this When you were this little, I met you when I was visiting your father.
Were you friends with my father? How did you know him? How? Well He was an acquaintance.
It's been ten years, you know.
But I sure am sorry he got killed in that transport accident.
He was on his way to Jupiter.
They told me it was very sudden.
There was a hyperspace fluctuation.
Here you are.
Oh, thank you.
You Jet's girlfriend? Does he have a thing for you? All is fair in love and war! Jet, why were you at my father's grave? No one outside the family knows about his accident yet.
Message: "Seek the holy beast of Anzan.
" "I am where the four gods meet.
" What's this? This is a message that was sent here by your father.
- When? - Three days ago.
Right before the accident It means he knew! Can you help me, please? Huh? It has to be! It's about the sun stone! Sun stone? What's that? The direction, the day, and the time you arrived were all the best combination for feng shui! Especially if you're on a quest! What kind of quest? For the sun stone! Please, Jet, help me! Yes.
Yeah, we'll have it soon.
R-Right, I understand.
- So how's the boss taking it? - Uh you know.
- That can't be real good.
- Not good at all.
Let's do it.
I didn't owe any favors to Pao or the girl.
I could've just blown the whole thing off, but something made me hang on.
Maybe it was all the dangling questions.
Why'd Pao send a message to me before he died? Four gods and the holy beast of Anzan.
What did all that mean? And who were the guys who tried to shoot us at the gravesite? And then there was Meifa.
With that gypsy scarf and all that spirit.
This universe is composed of the three chis.
One is the chi of heaven, the energy that comes from the sun.
And one is the chi of earth, the power that comes from the planet we all live on.
And the last one is the magnetic chi that comes from living organisms like us.
You mean human chi? Yes, from the human body.
Each body produces a magnetic field, which interacts with the magnetic field of the earth.
And that's what creates the energy we all use.
Universal feng shui is the science that reads these natural energies and applies them to everyday life.
- Ice cream.
- Huh? Universal feng shui Is that any different than plain old fortunetelling? "Fortunetelling," indeed.
Fortunetellers only predict and foresee.
But feng shui is active.
It has the power to turn bad luck into good luck.
For example, if you were a powerful feng shui master like my father What's wrong? I just realized that I never spent any time like this talking with my father.
Wait a minute! First of all, I'm not old enough to be your father, all right? Why, if anything, I could be your boyfriend.
No, wait, that would be bad, wouldn't it? Open foot, insert mouth.
I mean, I'd be more like your older brother.
- Ice cream.
- Ice cream? Ice cream cone! Let's go, big brother.
I believe "Anzan" refers to this building.
The Mountain Hotel.
Over there! Blue dragon! White tiger Snake and tortoise - Red phoenix! - What's that? The zenith cross.
It's the four gods.
It's here.
It's the sun stone.
You sure about that? Here they come.
They're right over there.
I finally found it.
This is it, Jet.
The sun stone.
A black rock? Jet, hey! - Get outta here.
- Hey! - Skeezers! - Stupid suits! A bottle of lao chu.
I don't need a glass.
Hey! Now, what are you guys up to? You think I'm gonna tell you that? Not a chance, baldy.
We're from the Blue Snake! We're on assignment! So you're syndicate scumbags.
What are you following us around for? I-I can't tell you that.
E-Even if you kill me, I can't tell you any more.
It's Pao! We were after him, but he got away.
We tracked the message he sent.
That's what led us to you.
I'm telling you the truth! We're on the low end, so that's all the information they gave us! Yeah, I believe you.
Look at these cheesy glasses! Jet My father He's alive? The words in Pao's message had led us to the stone.
But did that mean Pao was still alive? It seemed he wanted us to have this stone.
But why? What were we supposed to do with it? Every time we solved a mystery, it just led to new ones.
Darker and more unsettling than the ones before.
And our only clue was the stone itself.
I decided to run some tests.
So this is a piece of the moon from that gate accident fifty years ago.
Feng shui masters call it the sun stone.
You see, all the time-space fluctuations were absorbed by the stone, condensing a tremendous amount of energy which has been amplified by the sun.
Looks like a plain old moon rock to me, you know? Hey, how much is it worth if we try to sell it? All right You two smoke outside if you need to smoke.
What? Excuse me, but you always smoke in here, Jet.
This is now a non-smoking area.
Come on, you're joking around, right? Do I look like I'm joking to you? It's my ship.
So what are you gonna do with this sun stone? I don't know.
I have no idea.
My father had something in mind, but what? Hey, come here! Ein! What are you doing? The luopan - What is it? - It can't be It shouldn't spin like that, I took the magnet off.
I see I get it now.
So that's the point! Huh? We can do it! You see, my father has a sun stone as well.
The two stones resonate to one another.
If we follow the energy, it'll lead us to my father.
So that's why Pao wanted you to find this stone.
It's like a beacon.
Yes, but I don't know why he sent that message to you And not to me.
What do you think, Spike? They make a good couple.
I think it's a dangerous combination.
And why's that? The more righteous a guy was back in his youth, the more likely he is to fall for some young thing when he gets older.
Is that right Definitely.
Men are extremely predictable.
My father believed in universal feng shui, and in nothing else.
He couldn't believe in people.
So my mother left him, and she took me with her.
That was seven years ago.
The thing is, I'm sure that he could have found me.
It wouldn't have been all that hard, you know? But he never tried once in all those years.
I'm sure there's a good reason for it.
And what's the reason why those men were after my father? They're bad men! How did they know him? Please, tell me the truth, Jet.
I wanna know who my father really is.
Pao was a consultant for a major syndicate.
That's the real story.
He leaked some inside information to me back when I was a detective with ISSP.
See, he was looking for a way out, and he thought I could help him find it.
I tried, but it's impossible for someone to leave when they know that much.
Once you join a syndicate, they own you forever.
If you cross them, they take revenge on you and your family.
I'm sure that's what he was trying to avoid.
But you can ask him yourself if the sun stone leads us to him.
Yeah yeah yeah Here! Over this way! There's nothing here.
- And the radar? - Mm-mm.
That can't be.
I'm sure this is the right spot.
Hm? Wait, hold on - Got company! - These guys never give up.
Spike, Faye, deploy.
This is your little party, Jet.
Battle stations, or die with the ship.
Those are your options.
What the hell am I doing this for? It's called "giving," Faye.
Think of us as fairy godparents.
We're about to grant the princess a very special wish.
We are, huh? Robot ships? So these must be the evil stepsisters.
Shit! They're trying to scare us.
I got it! I got it! I got it! - Spike, come back in! - What's that? New plan.
Looks like if we apply enough energy to the sun stone, we can draw out the forces trapped inside it.
Yeah? Great, then what? Then we take our shot.
All or nothing.
Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast! I put it in.
All right.
Spike, hit it with your plasma cannon.
Right, I'm shooting a rock now Looks like you made it in time, Jet.
Pao! You're alive! Meifa It's been a long time.
Pao, you're in an unstable force field.
I can't get any closer.
Yes, I know.
There's no oxygen left here, anyway.
I sent you that message because I hoped you'd manage to bring my daughter out here.
In other words, you're saying you used feng shui to reach us and bring us out here according to your will.
That's right.
It's not right.
You weren't in control of this operation.
Meifa is here now because because she wanted to find you.
You might be right.
Perhaps I gave myself too much credit.
Meifa, it's so wonderful to see you one last time.
I hated you for all those years.
It's true.
It hurt so much.
But now I don't.
Daddy Now, I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that we brought her out there.
But that is how this peculiar case ended.
Meifa went back home to Mars.
Our no smoking area became a smoking zone again.
And life returned to the same daily routine just like before.
One thing has changed, though.
When I read the news, I never check the horoscopes anymore.
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