Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e05 Episode Script

Red Giant over Eastern Europe Part 1

1 Are you alone? I always keep my promises since I'm a businessman.
That's a good attitude, Mr.
I'd like to start discussing the deal now.
Is that okay with you? Before we begin, please refrain from smoking in my presence.
Second-hand smoke contains a higher amount of toxic substances than direct smoke.
The amount of the carcinogen dimethylnitrosamine present in direct smoke is between 5.
3 and 43 nanograms, while there are between 680 and 823 nanograms in second-hand smoke.
As a matter of fact, the amount of quinoline from second-hand smoke is eleven times greater than direct smoke.
A staggering eighteen thousand nanograms.
In other words, the health risk of people exposed to second-hand smoke is greater than those who actually smoke.
Hold your breath, then.
Let's pretend we never met.
Hey! Sit down.
This is only a down payment.
Once I've confirmed its authenticity, I'll pay double.
What are you going to do with it once it's in your hands? I'll start by killing off about three thousand employees from our rival company.
I'm kidding.
I'll resell it.
Bastard, don't screw around with us Is it really that valuable? Of course.
The deal is off.
Why? If the boss says the deal is off, the deal is off.
I suppose it can't be helped.
Get out.
My arm Boss Hey, get a hold of yourself.
Don't tell me you're a contractor Stay away! Stay away! Monster! Hey, my feet I can't move my feet! Don't come any closer! Stay away, monster! Its location.
I'll talk I'll talk, so don't kill me! 2220 Pier Drive it's there! That's a good attitude.
Your remuneration is anything but impressive, as always.
Shall we get going? You're Havoc, correct? You'll be accompanying us for the next several months.
From your right: April, July, and myself, November 11.
We're from MI6.
Tokyo International Airport She goes by the alias of Havoc.
She was feared by people as the most diabolical contractor in history.
It was said that the number of lives she claimed during the Third South American War, also known as Heaven's War, was anywhere between several hundred and several thousand.
She has the ability to create a vacuum at any location, but the details are unknown.
Her ability has not been confirmed as of five years ago.
She is currently considered a regressor, as indicated by a spectrum analysis of her star.
Regressor, huh? You don't hear much about them.
Cases like that aren't only rare.
Once their activities become untraceable, the subject is usually removed from further investigation.
And moved into research, right? Exactly.
What else? It was reported that the subject admitted to being partially involved with the CIA during the MI6 interrogation.
The CIA has bluntly denied those allegations, of course.
I am Eric Nishijima from Pandora.
I'm here to ask you several questions.
When you disembarked from the airplane, did you experience any physical abnormalities? No, I didn't.
How about mentally? Nothing.
From this point forward, you will cooperate with Pandora, the U.
-led research institute, in conducting various experiments within Hell's Gate.
Do you have any problems regarding this arrangement? You're the ones who have a problem with it.
The downfall of a contractor, perhaps? Five years ago, after the disappearance of Heaven's Gate in South America, how did she wander about and arrive in Romania? Um, excuse me, but Oh, pardon me.
I am Jack Simon of the British Foreign Ministry.
I've been informed about you, Mister Please call me Jack, Misaki.
My name is Kirihara.
Episode Five Red Giant over Eastern Europe (Part One) Is this your first time in Tokyo? No, I've been here twice before on assassination missions.
I'm kidding.
Simon, I also have something I'd like to ask you.
Ask away.
Upon capturing a valuable subject such as Havoc, why didn't the MI6 conduct research of their own, instead of deferring her to the U.
-led Pandora? Isn't it the same in Japan? Although new international laws were established after the war, I can't believe nations have given up on researching supernatural beings and the gate.
Japan included.
In the U.
, there is very little public support for research on supernatural beings, especially after the impasse that occurred in South America.
In order to avoid risk and efficiently obtain information, we have concluded that it is in our best interests to follow standard procedures.
I did advise them to have her killed off for her own sake or have her return to her life as a prostitute, though.
It's me.
What's up? Yeah.
Yes? Kouno? Boss, it seems like there's an organization trying to approach the helicopter transporting Havoc.
How do you know that? They're talking about it in the back of the car.
My, my.
We transferred it to Pandora to prevent it from becoming proprietary property, yet the CIA It doesn't matter.
Kill them.
I'll have Inspector Kirihara take care of the paperwork.
I'm going to stop the car.
Kouno, Matsumoto-san, confirm the current situation.
Saitou, contact the division manager.
Tell him to issue a warning to the CIA through diplomatic routes.
Now! I want an explanation.
Explanation? The CIA came to retrieve her at the very last moment, unaware that they fell for our bluff.
Bluff? Yes, she's in there.
It can't be! How cruel.
That aside, since when It's not that I don't trust you.
I just wanted to know how much information would be leaked.
My sincere apologies.
Where are we passing by now? Rest assured, we're heading toward Pandora headquarters.
What's wrong? That is a person just There isn't anyone around here.
I'm sure there was It's me.
It's here.
H-Hey Mr.
Simon We're still in the middle of a convoy.
Apparently we fell into a trap.
Trap? It's here.
Boss! That's the person who ran by the car.
That's The black Grim Reaper.
What's the matter? Boss, they're contractors! Headquarters! Headquarters, do you read me? Call for assistance immediately! I'm terribly sorry.
Focus on retrieving the abducted Havoc for the time being.
Yes, sir.
Do you think you can resolve the issue that easily? I didn't expect the additional information would be leaked as well.
Japanese police have no administrative control over confidential information, just as November 11 said.
November 11? Jack Simon's code name, the diplomat who accompanied you.
Then he's the The top agent from MI6.
In any case, as stated in Pandora Law, Article 22, you are to retrieve Havoc according to our instructions from this point forward.
Is that clear? Yes.
Public Safety Division Foreign Affairs Department 4 I don't care if he's a triple A agent.
He was outsmarted as well.
He's not that great.
Isn't there a possibility that they let her be abducted? Why would they do that? If I knew why, I wouldn't be asking! Boss, a notice from the Division of Astronomy just came in.
Activity from BK201 was detected at the time you were attacked.
BK201 Contractors sure have a troublesome life.
They have to smoke tobacco and drink liquor against their will.
I like alcohol though.
Did you know everything was going to turn out like this, November 11? If I had known, I would have taken all precautionary measures.
However, my measures were insufficient.
In other words, the answer is no.
However, from this incident, one thing's for sure.
No diplomatic route can dissuade the organization that abducted Havoc.
In other words The enemy isn't the CIA.
Shinjuku Torino Theater.
Parking available.
Shinjuku Torino Theater.
Parking available.
Well Next time, it'll be our turn to hunt him down Mr.
She's calm.
I don't see anything out of the ordinary.
Got it.
We'll deliver her to the syndicate tomorrow morning.
It seems that they want to keep Havoc away from the gate at any cost.
Even I don't want to keep a monster like that around for too long.
Monster, huh? Hey, where the hell is Havoc? I don't see Hei either.
Yin, where are they? They left.
Left? Where? I don't know.
Who would have thought you'd still be alive, Carmine? It's been a while since someone called me by that name.
What happened during that time? Where's my sister? Where's Pai? You call out your sister's name.
It drifts into the air and disappears into the crimson sky.
A regressor, deprived of power in exchange for momentary peace and a fragment of hope.
However, sins take their toll and deny everything.
The cold blade cuts proof that the corpse from that day once lived, and the gates of hell have been knocked on.
Episode Six Red Giant over Eastern Europe (Part Two)