Darker Than Black: Kuro no keiyakusha (2007) s01e07 Episode Script

The Scent of Gardenias Lingers in the Summer Rain Part 1

1 You're late.
Who are you? It's always raining.
What a miserable country.
Are you the one who called me out here? You already know why you deserve this.
Well, just give up.
What an unpleasant season.
Damp and stagnant.
Well, it sure fits the image of this grimy town.
My name is Kurasawa Gai, private investigator.
I've been making a living by observing the damp, stagnant nature of people.
I don't trust anyone.
My only love is tobacco.
It stinks! What do you mean by "funyuu", you flat-chested girl? I don't believe it.
Those kinds of insensitive remarks could be considered sexual harassment.
This is the worst! The stench of tobacco, athlete's foot medication, and something else mixed in for good measure Yeah, the smell of my armpits.
Drop dead! Hey, this isn't the time to be slacking off.
The TV station came to collect the subscription fee yesterday.
They'll really block the feed these days.
You can still see network stations.
I can't miss Bara no Maurice! An anime? Why are you watching anime at work in the first place? Wasn't that part of the conditions we agreed upon? I wouldn't be working in a dump like this if it wasn't for that.
Hey, you Excuse me.
It's a woman, and a beauty at that.
How do you know? Investigator's intuition.
How many times have you gotten in trouble because of that intuition? Don't be deceived, boss.
I don't care if I'm deceived.
No, more than that I want to be deceived.
So this is a genuine request? Um, what else would it be? Well, debt collectors, for example Nothing! A search for a missing cat, though? Yes.
My husband Yuzuki and I loved her as if she was our own child.
If Mii-chan were gone, it would cause Yuzuki grief.
So you haven't told your husband yet? Oh, I'm sorry.
My husband passed away quite some time ago.
Oh, I'm sorry about your loss.
Although I understand your feelings and the circumstances If it was only a search for a missing person instead of a cat.
It was disrespectful of me to ask a private detective about something of this nature.
No, it's not that.
Maybe a dog, but a cat is somewhat out of my hands.
How about five hundred thousand yen? I'll pay half in advance.
You don't have to return the money, even if she isn't found.
No, that's not the issue We'll find Mii-chan! You Who said I'd Leave it to the Kurasawa Detective Agency! Here you go! Thanks.
Competitive eating contest or something? Unbelievable.
I can't believe you don't like cats.
First of all, you're not in a position to be picky.
Huh? "Former cosmetics employee falls to his death"? Something like this happened the other day.
"The police are still investigating on the premise of a suicide.
" We have to make a missing cat poster, you know.
We need to distribute fliers and trick local kids into looking for it.
There are tons of things to do.
It's the same company, as I thought.
Isn't it suspicious? Were you listening to me? Consecutive suicides, you know.
They were both former employees of Fiore Cosmetics.
Fiore Cosmetics? What's the matter? Oh, I just remembered! That perfume It's the really expensive one from Fiore! The widow who was looking for the cat.
You could smell it a mile away.
I sure remember that scent.
No, I mean More importantly, there are things we need to do, right? Thanks for the meal.
Thanks, as always.
Hey, did you get a look at that guy? Are you talking about that glutton? He'll definitely get fat after he turns thirty.
He's hot! He's cool! Especially around the collar bones.
Is it tasty, Hernandez? Rika, where did you go? I'm busy.
Where the hell are you? Bye, Hernandez! Oh, thanks again! Is it any good? Well, I can't let good intentions go to waste.
What did you want to talk to me about, Hernandez? This one is pretty close, but the nose is different! The nose isn't black.
Sorry, but here's a reward for you! Onee-chan's cosplay picture! Here.
Thanks, nyan.
I don't want this! Hey, where were you while I was diligently looking for the cat? That's a job for women and children.
Those kinds of discriminative remarks aren't politically correct these days! I bet you're just afraid of cats.
I found out about something interesting.
That widow's deceased husband was an executive of Fiore Cosmetics.
So? The consecutive suicides were committed by former employees of the same cosmetic company.
Don't you think the pieces are starting to fit? Not at all.
You're an idiot, Kiko.
Discovering clues from subtle connections is part of what being a detective is all about.
A man's job.
Hi, boys and girls! Can you show your cats to Onee-chan, nya? Yes! Episode Seven The Scent of Gardenias Lingers in the Summer Rain (Part One) A gardenia, huh? Who is it? It's Kurasawa.
Um, I have an appointment with the madam today, and Please come in.
It looks more like a grandfather and his granddaughter.
I bet you overexerted yourself.
Does it smell? I apologize for making you wait.
N-No, it's You have a wonderful collection.
Oh, the perfume? It was Yuzuki's hobby.
Oh, your late husband, Yuzuki Sakutarou-san.
I heard he was an executive of Fiore Cosmetics, who started his career as a perfumer.
Is that why He was sensitive to fragrances.
As expected of a detective, you've deducted nearly everything.
No, this was nothing My, how surprising, Chanel-chan, for you to sit on the lap of a stranger.
Chanel-chan You like cats, don't you? Yes, I do I pissed my pants a bit.
Oh, excuse me.
I made a wrong turn.
Huh? You're A part-time worker? Yes, to sort the bookshelf.
Is he an acquaintance of yours? No, it's nothing like that.
What about Mii-chan? I'm sorry.
She hasn't been found yet.
I see.
To tell you the truth, madam I mean There are several things I'd like to inquire about.
That's right.
Perhaps it was Toshiko's doing.
No, it probably was Toshiko! T-Toshiko? You already knew I was his second wife, didn't you? Well, yes.
Have you also heard the story about how I took Yuzuki away from his first wife? Well, yes.
It's all right.
Those rumors were bound to be exposed.
I wonder who was the one who actually took anything away, though.
A huge amount of consolation money, the mansion, and Mii-chan, to top it off.
Hold it right there.
Are you saying that his ex-wife took the cat? It must be! Mr.
Detective, conduct a search of Toshiko's mansion.
Huh? She's an anti-social person who lives alone in that mansion.
I hear she's frequently away.
That is Mr.
Detective, please But Mr.
Detective? Yes? You have some wax in your ear.
You mustn't.
Hold still and don't move.
Madam! Madam! My, what waxy ears you have! Sorry for making you do this for me.
It's okay.
I'm doing it because I want to.
Amazing! I've never experienced such wonderful ear cleaning! You're exaggerating.
It's been a hobby of mine for a long time.
Speaking of which, do you know what they say? People with waxy ears have strong body odor.
Isn't that an old wives' tale? Is that so? How about yourself, Mr.
Detective? Hey, wait G-Give me a break As I thought! I have waxy ears, too.
Yuzuki wasn't pleased with that, which is why I started wearing stronger perfume.
Does that bother you? No, of course not.
But this scent is like a gardenia, isn't it? Yuzuki told me it fit the present season.
To be honest, I never liked strong perfume.
I guess I was completely persuaded by Yuzuki.
Oh, sorry about earlier.
I heard you work part-time at the mansion.
This is my business card.
I saw you earlier at a ramen shop in the neighborhood.
That's why I asked about you.
Sorry about that.
A coincidence? No, I don't think so.
A man working part-time as if he was waiting for an opportunity like this.
A beautiful widow.
A suspicious maid.
There's definitely something going on in that mansion.
Are you getting on? Huh? Are you going to get on? Yes, I am.
Why are you suddenly interested? It's work, after all.
It's a crime to sneak into other people's homes.
Don't make it sound like an appalling thing.
I'm just going to look for a cat while the tenant is out.
That's definitely a crime! Well, I don't really care.
For your information, I'm on paid vacation starting tomorrow.
I already told you I had an important event to attend at Aoto tomorrow.
Are you saying that I'll have to look for the cat by myself? Of course I am.
It's work, after all.
Is he around here? Yin was only able to track him up to here.
Over there? Is that the remuneration for your contract? A cat? A homicide disguised as a suicide, huh? What an elaborate plan.
Hei! Why did you interfere? Be grateful.
He was about to possess you.
Possess? Your body, that is.
He has the same ability as me.
The possession of other people.
Although I can only do it to animals, he can move from person to person.
Geez, why does the weather have to be so hot when the sun's out, for once? Thank you for waiting.
Toshiko-chan's not home, huh? I don't know whether that's a good thing or not.
Sir? Huh? Your order, please.
Oh, I mean Oh, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Forgot something Forgot something Forgot something Forgot something Forgot something, see? Scary guy.
It's him.
What's he doing here? What? Mao, we have company.
Don't lose sight of the contractor.
Mao, do you read me? Mao? Why was that guy here? Does he know about the connection between the widow and the ex-wife? Regardless of everything, Toshiko-chan's house sure is huge.
What is this smell? Hey, you! Oh, I'm not a suspicious person.
Nice shot! Huh? Do you know the person who lives over there? No.
You don't? That house is causing problems.
Problems? It's that, the garbage mansion.
I've been complaining to the ward office, but they aren't handling it properly.
Garbage mansion? Fore! That'll be four hundred and twenty yen.
This isn't my jacket.
Don't tell me This looks pretty bad.
How careless.
What is this? Geez, why are things like this? There it is! Damn! Outsmarted by a stupid cat.
I did it.
Literally written as "the rain in May" in kanji, its meaning is "early summer rain".
The cold rain seeps into my heart.
The sweet fragrance of the gardenia tickles my nostrils.
Widow The sweet sound of the word.
Oh, why must you be a widow? Every time I recall your superb ear-cleaning skills, my heart goes Get a hold of yourself, boss.
If you're seduced by that woman's pheromones, she's going to take everything you have, right down to the hairs on your ass.
Even a girl like you shouldn't say something like that out loud! Episode Eight The Scent of Gardenias Lingers in the Summer Rain (Part Two)